Drunken Mess

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Pairing: Eugene/Reader

Request: Eugene imagine taking care of drunk reader after Deanna’s welcome party

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Eugene watched as you stumbled drunkenly around Deanna’s living room, an arm thrown over an equally drunk Abraham and a bottle of beer in the other hand. The two of you laughing loudly over something the man had said, your head thrown back as Abraham continued to make jokes. If this had been a year ago, jealousy would have been raging through him but Eugene knew you two were just good friends and that you were in love with him. That thought brought a small smile onto his lips as he continued to watch you and Abraham make fools of yourselves. It wasn’t long until you came stumbling over to him, a large smile on your face.

“Eugenie!” You cried plopping down onto his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

He flushed at your nickname, having never heard you call him that before, and greeted you back quietly. You started placing sloppy kisses over his face, causing him to turn even redder which made you giggle softly.

“I love you, you know.” You slurred your words. “You know that right? Because I do lots and lots and lots.”

“I’d say the probability of it is very high yes,” Eugene rambled. “Just like the probability of me loving you is also very high.”

“You could just say I love you too.” You chuckled pulling him closer.

Eugene just shrugged then held onto your tighter, loving the feel of you sat on his lap. The two of you sat like that for a while, your head laid on his shoulder as you watched everything happening around you. Things changed though when all of a sudden you shot up, a horrified look on your now slightly green face that concerned Eugene immensely.

“(Y/N)?” He asked alarmed by your sudden behaviour.

You shot up and covered your mouth with your hand, running off in the direction of the toilet. Eugene followed after you and immediately cringed when he reached you, seeing you hunched over and throwing your guts up.

“This is not within my skill sets.” Eugene mumbled then stepped forward to lift your hair away from your face.

You groaned as you continued to be sick into the toilet; Eugene placed a hand onto your back and rubbed it softly. It carried on for a few more minutes until you finally leaned back and wiped your mouth.

“Fucking Abraham,” You growled weakly. “Challenging me to try and drink more than him.”

Eugene just shook his head and continued to rub your back comfortingly.

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curse me for puking out OCs like a jitterbug but i cAN’T HELP IT CAUSE THIS FANDOM IS BEING SO INSPIRIN ATM so 

So remember Sammy had an actual package squad of 4 bagels before he flew the hell out? I GAVE PERSONALITIES TO TWO OF THEM

They’re Sammy’s bros. Benjamin or just Benny is Sammy’s troublemaker twin and Naftali is the oldest son, a serious nerd who is hard to impress

(actually Benny isn’t a new oc, if you remember that post where I humanized the Woody Allen bagel and chick peas can from the orgy, I just made that bagel Sammy’s bro)

(they’re teenagers in this one but even as grown men Benny likes to tease the hell out of him)


and I recently decided they’re all Kareem’s annoying cousins. I got also requested to humanize all of them so

tag yourself I’m Ali


KYARY PAMYU PAMYU ― Music Videos (May 2013 – March 2015)

Set 2 / 2 (Set 1)

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Do you think fahc Geoff still has the gavin nose tattoo?

ABSOLUTELY. Oh yes absolutely; the penance for some drunken bet the two of them made, which Geoff swears up and down Gavin must have cheated in, knows he saw that sly shark grin out of the corner of his eye, but it doesn’t matter. When he loses the whole crew drags him to the parlour anyway, press him into a chair and don’t let him up till it’s all over. A very bemused artist has to contend with the whole of the Fake AH Crew laughing and jeering for the entirety of the session, but it would take a special kind of idiot to attempt throwing them out. Geoff moans and complains but no one is even slightly sympathetic, if anything they just think he should be glad they let him get it somewhere easy to cover up. Now every time Geoff finds himself in the middle of a firefight a little part of him hopes to catch a bullet to the leg just to wipe that monstrosity off his skin.