you know, one of my favorite things about isak posting about 21:21 is that for us it’s just so obvious, like oh! of course! 21:21, his birthday, his mother mentioning it after he came out to her, to let him know that she’ll always love him no matter what, the night of their first kiss, the o helga natt scene. but the people in isak’s life don’t actually know about all of this like we do. in the skam universe, only isak (and even, and his mother) know

this was isak looking at his phone and without a doubt smiling, isak remembering and being appreciative of all these moments he experienced and wanting to put it out there, in the universe. there is so much love in isak valtersen, sometimes he just has to express it 💝


katshoob:  turns out @liampayne is really good at @familyguyfox impressions too 😂 @bigtop40 #nailedit #liampayne #familyguy #onedirection #1d                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

what a beautiful day to remember that bellamy loves clarke, raven is going to space again (and not to die this time), roan is alive, monty loves harper, mackson exists, and marcus kane saved abby griffin.