I’m sure someone already sent this to you. I saw this on twitter, not sure it is real but it might explain the voice-over thing.

- Thank you for the submission @whatfallsaway! It seems legit, I just looked up and there’s many many characters from tv shows and movies in the game, so I guess we found out what David was doing. I wonder when Gillian did her part.
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1  Online Free HD

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Animation is in a really dark place right now isn’t it?

Shows like Steven Universe or Wander over Yonder are either being cancelled or thrown into endless hiatus’ while absolute garbage like Teen Titans Go are constantly putting out new episodes with no break in the slightest

‘Adult’ animation has become an absolute joke with Mcfarlen-style humor cornering the market and now we’re getting a food orgy movie.

Established properties like Powerpuff Girls are given horrible treatment and the bare minimum of effort in order to get it out as fast as possible and ‘cut and paste’ style on the rise

Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents have been dragged out way beyond their time despite it being obvious they ran out of ideas years ago (Thank god Gravity Falls ended on it’s own terms)

Storytelling is practically dead at this point because it ‘doesn’t sell’ (Despite the fact we grew up with shows like Batman, Gargoyles, The Marvel series, ect)

It feels like everyone has just sort of…given up

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