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Headcanon #5 (kinda a weird one)

Okay I’ve had this one on the back burner for a while. This ties into the AUs were Eddie and V decide to keep V’s spawns.

Together they decide to give the goo babies less aggressive names. But Eddie’s a author and V is a space romantic so the names are still pretty robust. But still not as angry sounding as their old ones.

Carnage = Castor/Comet?

Riot = Rigel

Lasher = Leo

Phage = Perseus

Scream = Stella

Agony = Aurora

Sleeper = Saros

I’m going to be completely honest these aren’t my favorite names but I was trying to keep them space themed and match their first letter for some kind of consistency.

If you have ideas for names please share!!! I’d love to hear them!

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Ibuki is adorable! I wonder how some people react to Pro Hero Deku and Pro Hero Shoto and Ibuki at their doorstep on halloween trick or treating!

hello again @oxyphara you’re always kindly give me questions when I ask…! thank you! (I’m glad you think Ibuki is adorable!!)

SHOCKED is the one word I would describe it LOL

Thank you for looking! If you’d like to see Ibuki and more Tododeku, please look here: (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Just BornPokemonGO! Wedding Teen!Ibuki Fem!Ibuki w/Coco Ibuki and PapaTeamwork Ibuki&Shouyou RECORDING T!Ibuki&Friends SUPERMAN?! )

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Your Leandro is so cute omg! :3 And I loved that you did him a bilingual <3 Not just because Lance clearly loves his homecountry, but I also always thought about Lance's mom wanting her grandchildren to learn it and that she'd get a little pissed if they don't (a little pissed with her kids, course) XD


Lance is too prideful of his own country (and loves his mom too much) to not teach his children Spanish. I’m sure Pidge would be down for him to raise their kiddos bilingual too. <3

I hope I wrote it correct, sorry in advance if I made a mistake! Will try to fix it if any native speakers points out an error!

Strangefamily as Villains

Tony: The mad engineer - doesn’t care how about the risks his robots pose to the people. Wants to watch the world burn so mass produces weapons. He is the real merchant of death. Only cares about his family and anyone else is a minor nuisance. Stephen is one of the only humans he can stand who understands his views. They are only content when they are together. They genuinely love each other their violence towards others. Tony intends for Peter to take over his work when he’s old enough. After all Peter has a mind for explosives and robots.

Stephen: the wicked wizard- doesn’t waste time protecting fools(everyone). What matters to him is his studies and his human test subjects that foolishly thought they would get help from him. They are just animals to him. Tony however isnt an animal he’s the most human anyone can be, because he’s fucked up in a way everyone is and embraces it. He embraces the ugly and impurity that is his humanity.Who else could love a man like that more then Stephen and raise their own fucked up spawn with. Part of him does wish Peter would take more interest in his work like he does either Tony, but he has dissected a few subjects with his son.

Peter: Spider-theif - A runaway taken in by insane people. He has kleptomania and steals whatever isn’t held down. He like his fathers doesn’t see people as humans but as objects. He doesn’t use what he takes but just enjoys possessing them. Gadgets, gems, clothes, toys, people, he wants all of it. He kidnaps people if he wants them bad enough and if he doesn’t he’ll just toss them with Stephen’s test subjects. Tony spoils him rotten and buys whatever his boy wants with no thought but he knows Peter will steal again. From the hope diamond to secret codes of foreign governments he’d sell them to the highest bidder just to watch nations crumble.

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Hi I’m looking for a lost Fic it is based on gossip girl season two but there is no Dan anyway, Betty and Jughead are friends with benefits, FP and Hermione get married and Betty invites jughead to Paris for the summer with her sibling, her dad and his girlfriend. Also if it helps I think Chuck is Jughead, Betty is Blaire, Veronica is Serena, and Archie is Nate (or the other way around) sorry if that’s not enough I don’t want to spoil it for anyone ❤️

I think you’re referring to this one? I’m not up on my Gossip Girl (except the fact that Chase Crawford is a beautiful human being) - but I *think* this is the fic you’re looking for. <3 Jandy

High Society by @my-broken-bones-are-mending90 (5/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  A year in the life of the privileged lives of Upper East Siders. Riverdale/Bughead reimagined.

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LAH!Izuku: *cluching every traumatized person he meets, staring dead-eyed into the camera* I've only had them for five minutes, but if anyone so much as looks at them wrong, I will stab that person. Repeatedly. In the face. (I know he wouldn't, but I was reading that part of the new chapter, and suddenly remembered the conversation about LAH!Izuku meeting Nomuzuku a while back, and... Yeah.)

Sdfjksdjfklsdf oh my gosh

LAH Izuku whenever he meets a traumatized person: “This one here? Yeah. This one’s mind now. Nothing bad is ever happening to them again mark my words–”
Moment of Truth - Fanficismything - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/13
Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou
Characters: Kaminari Denki, Sero Hanta, Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, Kirishima Eijirou’s Family, minor other character appearances
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Quirks (My Hero Academia), Fake/Pretend Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Original Character(s), mostly sfw, Mutual Pining, Happy Ending, Slow Burn, Aged-Up Character(s), Bakugo has Anxiety, The Proposal AU, Minor Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako, DID I MENTION FAKE DATING
Series: Part 1 of Proposal AU

Faced with deportation from Japan, high strung Bakugo Katsuki accepts a marriage of convenience with his partner and co-worker, Kirishima Eijirou. A suspicious immigration officer has him playing along on a trip to Kirishima’s family home for his birthday, and is suddenly thrust into the middle of many, many eager friends and relatives, all delighted to know Kirishima’s fiance. The longer he stays and sees Kirishima in his element, the more Bakugo unpacks his own feelings on the matter, and on Kirishima himself.

A fanfiction based on the 2009 movie The Proposal that turned into its own storyline and lovingly stuffed full of cliches.
The Pink Ghost - Chapter 3 - SierLeAn - Mystery Skulls Animated [Archive of Our Own]
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“Hi, my name is Paprika. Is anyone here with me?”

There was white noise, and then-

“..-llo? I’m…-ere..”
Chapter 11: To the Stars | Archive of Our Own
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“T-minus 60 seconds to burn, Astronaut Wilde.”
The foxy space-explorer looked down at his rabbit co-pilot.
“Spacefox Spiff! We talked about this, Judy.”
The younger mammal just rolled her eyes.
“Okay, okay. Spiff. T-minus 45 seconds.”
“We could come up with a cool astronaut name for you, too.”
“Judy’s fine. What’s wrong with Judy?”
“Nothing! I was just offering.”
“T-minus 30 seconds.”
The rabbit fidgeted in her seat.
“Is there something wrong with Judy?”
“No! Judy’s a great name. One of us has to be non-threatening to all the cool aliens out there. Fifteen seconds.”
“You’d tell me if it wasn’t cool, right?”
“Of course.”
Judy sighed in grateful relief.
“Burn in five. Four… three… two… one… geronimo!”
They started moving, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed.
Their ship rattled, but Judy’s grip was strong and their course remained steady.
Until a heavy impact nearly shook them out of their seats, and then it wasn’t.
The controls jerked wildly in Judy’s paws as she tried to keep the bucking craft under control.
“What did we hit!?” Nick demanded.
“I don’t know! Something big! I don’t think I can–”
Another heavy impact sent the Dreamer hurtling end over end.
Nick reached out for his best friend, to keep them together until the bitter end, and then their canopy failed and they were sucked out into space.

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Railroad just fuckin. Goes out for a walk one day and they get dogpiled by 7 curious synth children while deacon tries to tell them to say hi inbetween unstoppable giggle fits from the side.

i love this ask bc it implies the railroad finally gets to have a break and relax. i fully endorse that. and i also fully endorse the synth dogpile.


finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

part two