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Villa Rosa (Montego Bay, Jamaica) - Here is our newest modern villa, brilliantly designed for an extraordinary indoor-outdoor lifestyle with a full complement of impressive luxuries for the upscale traveler. Tall walls of glass create seamless transitions between chic uncluttered rooms and lush tropical surroundings. Anticipate the best of everything. The main house consists of four (4) spacious bedrooms, glamorous en-suite bathroom and terrace.

Here’s the thing, Lard World was on the Brulee’s accidental vacation route and it’s probably not all that close to Swamp City, so I’m pretty sure Zack and Melissa ended up joining the Murphys on their vacation after all. 


Afterglow Villa (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) is a lovely 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom oceanfront villa, beautifully maintained by the owners and offers full ocean views from most of the rooms.

Afterglow is set in a tropical garden with 180 degree views of the Caribbean. The lower terrace has a gazebo for relaxing by the villa’s own private beach and jetty - great for swimming and enjoying the calm ocean waters. There is also a kidney shaped, fresh water private pool with adjoining [heated] hot tub, two double seat kayaks, and lounge chairs for guests total relaxation!

“Missing Milo” Drabble

Martin, Brigette and Sara looked up as Zack suddenly burst into their living room, leaning on the doorpost and gasping for air.

“Milo—is gone! Melissa and I can’t find him anywhere!”

The Murphys stared at him for a moment, before Sara said “Oh” and they turned back to their TV and phones.

Zack gaped. “Didn’t you hear me?!”

“Don’t worry, Zack,” Martin said with a casual wave. “This sort of thing happens a lot.”

“On our last vacation he found up getting into the wrong RV,” Sara agreed.

“Last month he was gone all night because he got locked in a bank vault without his phone.”

“He usually finds some way to get home eventually.”

“No, but I’m pretty sure somebody kidnapped him this time.”

“Oh. Well, that does sound serious,” Brigette said, taking a remote control out of her pocket. “I guess we better try the tracking device.”


Martin suddenly winced and grabbed the back of his neck. 

“Whoops! Sorry dear, wrong button.”

“No problem.”


Canoe Cove Villa (Old Fort Bay, Ocho Rios: Jamaica) - Canoe Cove on the Beach on Old Fort Bay encourages a relaxed, un-fussy vacation with an abundance of sporty options balanced with as much pure relaxation as anyone could want. The location is amazing. The service is excellent. The villa itself is stylish without pretense or overstatement, uncluttered and totally livable.

So get your friends or family together, pack your bags and get ready for a vacation you will never forget!

Photographs Copyright Nigel Lord 2015