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Okay but what should I do once I get down Izuku. Honestly I really wanna work on Inko as well and have like Proud outline of Dadmight in the background and Izuku lifts her up high. Look at his son. Look at his wife. They're so great. He loves them very much.

OMG Yes. 

Like Just work on whoever you’re heart desires and put whatever you want to into the world! I’d love to see that.

He loves them so much??? Like it’s a physical ache in his chest if he thinks about it too much. Because really they are everything to him and it scares him how much they mean to him and he knows why Nana did what she did with here family, he can see the reasons now but he doesn’t know if he’s stronger or more selfish to have kept them???

So he keeps them ever close and loves them so much and hopes his love for them won’t ultimately destroy them….  GOD THIS GOT SAD

But I’d love to see you bring this piece to life! 


HANNIBAL HISTORICAL AU: While Abigail Hobbs is visiting her godmother, Alana Bloom, her parents are both killed in a carriage accident, and they receive the tragic news via letter. With the help of her friend and secret lover, Margot Verger, Alana offers to take Abigail in as her own. Meanwhile, Alana and Margot plot to do away with Margot’s abusive brother, Mason.

A Normal, Family Holiday

Rating: General
Word Count: 16,846
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: After dealing with Bill and his idea of fun, the Mystery Best Friends need a relaxing and fun holiday to spend being thankful and together.

Set between parts four and five of “Mystery Best Friends.”


“So as soon as the parade is over I want you in your room getting dressed, Gregory.” Amy addressed the group of three teens, one child, and one frog gathered in front of the television, though the focus of the conversation was more on the child in particular. “I already set your clothes on your bed for you.”

“Do they match Wirt’s?” Greg asked without tearing his gaze away from the TV.

“That depends on what Wirt decides to wear,” she replied, heading for the garage.

Wirt glanced at his younger brother, nudging him with his foot for his attention, then winked at him, much to Greg’s delight. “Just show me what Mom picked out for you and I’ll see what I’ve got.”

With that settled, Greg snuggled up to Mabel and resumed watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The four of them plus frog were sprawled on the floor, the couch having been moved the night before to accommodate the larger table that had taken over the dining room and encroached on the living room, too. They didn’t mind though. Mabel and Greg were both lying on their stomachs closest to the TV, with Wirt leaning against the armchair while Dipper laid his head in his lap, the former idly petting the latter’s hair with his good hand, the pine tree cap elsewhere for the time being. The calm and easy enjoyment of casual commentaries on floats and dance numbers - oftentimes getting shushed by Greg or Mabel or both - was a relief and more than appreciated by both boys.

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