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Real Talk: Star Wars Kissy Kissy Time

Alright, hear us out. There are totally serious and important matters to discuss: kissy kissy time predictions.

Traditionally in Star Wars trilogies we have observed the following pattern:

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The first movie of each trilogy has the family kiss on the cheek or forehead:

Episode I:

Episode IV:

Episode VII:

The second installment of the trilogy has the sexual tension kiss between the eventual canon couple:

Episode II:

Episode V:

Ergo, Episode VIII:

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In conclusion: 

  • REYLO.
  • Familial FinnRey is best FinnRey.
  • There will totally be a sexy kiss in episode 8, and since Rian “two halves of a whole” “I was interested in their fascinating dynamic in TFA” Johnson is a total Reylo the odds are definitely in our favor

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I mean, why mess with a proven formula? It’s science. It’s math.  it’s tradition. u_u

Updated: we removed a gif of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker that was used in the first version of this post at the creator’s request. We apologize for any offense. ✌️

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dammit, your heart is 2 sizes too small! Santa's gonna put u on the naught list >:c what about watching A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil! ???

Oh look, another one of Jane’s love interests has to leave the show for her to end up with Rafael.

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hmmm what about if during the final Hunger attack the IPRE members had to fight black opal versions of themselves from the worlds where they lost? (and i hope it's okay if i keep randomly sending headcanons and shit to you because i have Quite a Few)

oh hell yes

so…here are my thoughts on this, and bear with me, it took a little while to collect them all. because on one hand we could for sure have a, like, taako-v-taako and magnus-v-magnus and merle-v-merle, but that would just be standoffish? and probably not get anywhere. 

but here’s the crucial difference - the hunger is indifference, manifest. shadow!taako wouldn’t lift a finger to help shadow!magnus, whereas the real versions of our beloved characters totally would.

i think it would be…awkward? and funny, in retrospect (”hey merle remember that time you tried to get revenge for your arm by warhammering my shoulder” “that wasn’t me!”) but i think eventually, our boys would win. also, there would be some super sweet parallels between our boys being able to actually ask for help and deriving strength from that willingness

(and yes, please send me headcanons. as like a general thing, to everyone. i love them and i love talking about our boys. any time. askbox is always open)

being trans and chubby is so hard especially when you don’t have the will to get out of bed in the morning so therefore ever losing weight feels impossible


Annual family girls trip to Charlottesville, which as always is full of good food and weird finds in adorable shops, and coffee, and making Very Pointed Eye Contact with my sister whenever anyone starts talking about their diets like we’re on The Office.

But like, the light here is SO GOOD. And our room is perfect. So.

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but honestly on an unrelated note, I'm late on Stranger Things 2 but Hopper vs Eleven had me SO emotional like, wow I can't believe they invented a true father/daughter relationship

honestly i am still crying about this like the second they showed eleven in that house with him i was waterworks and the fuckngfdg BRACELET HE GAVE HER !!!!!!! from his daughter i am,,, truly i am not over this and never will be

why you should NEVER skip class in college

ok story time.

so my ethics & morals philosophy class has about 45 students. however, on a typical day only the same 17 of us show up. on rare occasion a group of 5 others will show up, and when they do it’s clear that they didn’t do the reading and don’t care about the class because they just talk and use their phone all class. now this really started to piss of my teacher. so my teacher decided that at the start of each class we will have a mini extra credit assignment: 1 point for just showing up and putting your name on it, 3 points for writing a few sentences that “prove that we did the reading”. he’s asking us to not tell any of the people who don’t show up about these to wait and see if they figure it out one day if they actually show up to class. and here’s the thing: there’s so little assignments in the class that if we do all of the extra credit assignments our grades will go up by two whole letter grades. JUST FOR SHOWING UP.

moral of the story: unless you got a damn good excuse, ALWAYS SHOW UP TO CLASS

i feel like i need to add: this is extra credit. it’s not like the teacher is punishing the people who don’t show up, they aren’t going to get failing grades or anything, they just aren’t getting the opportunity to get extra credit to raise their gpa. it’s simply a way to say thank you to the students who actually show up and do the homework, he’s not punishing the other students in any way. 

also, when i mean they don’t show up i mean they literally never show up. some people have only shown up once since august. there’s a difference between missing a week or two because something happened and not showing up at all for 3 months yet still being enrolled in the class. and it’s a philosophy class so a lot of the test is based on the lectures and our class discussions. there’s no slides or anything he posts online so there’s no way for them to know what we’re doing in class other than the syllabus. 


Just so you guys know, there is no ‘if’! They do eventually adopt a lil girl (she was about 7 when she joined the family), and here she is! Her name is Eric/Erica but they love to call her Sunny <3 

Also extra doodle: Garrett is still a nerd