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The Doctor + The Master - last and first looks.

I’m so sad because Prince Henry Frederick’s last words were “Where is my dear sister? My dear Elizabeth? Has she forsaken me?” and then he DIED thinking that his adored little sister hadn’t tried to see him on his deathbed and didn’t love him enough to say goodbye. But he was wrong because in fact, Princess Elizabeth had tried to get to him, she’d even dressed up in disguise and attempted to slip past the palace guards but they recognised her and told her she wasn’t allowed to see him and she begged and wept bitterly but they didn’t let her.

It’s even sadder because Henry’s fever had put him into a state of delirium, he kept singing religious songs and shouting about his rapier, saying he could not stay here, he had work to do and this was God’s punishment for him considering a Catholic princess as a bride, but even in his delirium, he remembered his sister and how close they were and I ABSOLUTELY WANT TO DIE HISTORY IS SO SAD


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

Concept: Lance gets into the habit of talking about his feelings with the people he meets during missions, so there’s like this group of people scattered all across the universe who don’t know each other but are connected by the fact that they all occasionally take a minute out of their day to wonder how that chatty blue kid’s doing


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 12

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hi everyone!! my name is Tyler Oakley, & i make stuff on youtube. this month, i’m launching “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - an eight part series on to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, where i hope to amplify disenfranchised voices/stories within the community, honor our history, & have open and honest discussions. (watch the trailer here)

to celebrate the launch, i’m doing an Answer Time here on tumblr, on Tuesday, June 6th at 3:30pm PT / 6:30pm ET!! so ask me anything here & i might answer your question!!


Favourite McCree headcanon: Gabriel (or/and Ana) bought that BAMF buckle for Jesse as a joke, but the boy liked it so much it became his favourite buckle.

And of course he started a collection. (allimagesarefromPinterestandGoogleImages)