family time is the cutest


it’s ok Jaehyun, he knows it’s your way of expressing love❤️️❤️️

true feeling of home is when you are with someone you want to cherish your life with.

Stanuary prompt week 4 : Family

the Pines family taking a break from all of that trip down the memory lane, and now the younger twins lean on their grunkle like a teddy bear

i hope there is still time for Stanuary seems here in my country is still feb 4 while theirs is…still feb 3??? hop’so… gonna making prompts for Fordruary but then i’m gonna be busy for the whole month… goddamnit aaaaa 


Go ahead and take that photo while it still last, Ford. Your niece will surely be happy when she sees it.

(my Stanuary prompts)

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Headcanons for Hibari having a cute, hyperactive little sister. I'd say a social butterfly but having Hibari as an older brother would probably make that impossible, because everyone is afraid of him


This is such a cute ask! Gahh~

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  • Hibari’s little sister is the type to go up to others and greet them. She will start a conversation about the weirdest of things, but once Hibari catches up to her, the people run off. She hasn’t realized why though.
  • The sight of this bubbly and smiley little girl next to the dark and intimidating Hibari. The contrast is so strong, people have to take pictures to show others.
  • Hibari honestly gets so worried that his little sister is going to be kidnapped by someone for her being so friendly. He always follows her around, making sure no one touches her.
  • I feel like Hibari would be such a siscon. He values family so much.
  • Random hugs all the time. She does such the cutest things that Hibari has to just glomp her out of nowhere.
  • No man shall ever date/marry his sister. No one is good enough for her.
  • His sister tries so hard for Hibari to become like her. She’s worried that he won’t ever have friends, so she tries her hardest to make them for him.
  • Hibari would do anything to keep her light from going out. She’s one of the only sunshines in his life, so he treasures her so much. 
  • His sister would be the one to get Hibari and his s/o together. She was the one who set them up, and got them to become a couple. She has to remind them of that fact whenever they are together.

I was watching parts of Advent Children and that part when Zack and Aerith are joking that Cloud is too old for them to adopt so they send him back to his friends, his family, Tifa, is the cutest and at the same time so emotional!!
But then it got me thinking just how amazing parents Aerith and Zack would’ve been for their kid - or kids! - and have effectively made myself cry ;_;

SophiaBush: You’re still my favorite guy, Daddio. Thanks for being my father and my friend. And for being excited to pick up the phone even when I call you at really weird hours from Africa. #HappyFathersDay 📷 my awesome Mom

Ok, imagine BTS Christmas

× Tae waking up as soon the sun is up and running to Jimin’s and Jungkook’s rooms to wake them up

× Them getting up as soon as they realise what’s happening and running downstairs to see what they got

× Namjoon and Jin following soon after because they were woken up my their cheers of excitement and see them unwrapping their presents and showing what they got to each other

× Hoseok woke up first but hide in the kitchen and ate the cookies that were for Santa and then joined the unwrapping party

× Namjoon and Jin taking their presents too and showing them to other members

× Yoongi leaning against the door are watching them with fondness before they pull him in too

× Them laughing and telling jokes while sitting in front of the tree (Namjoon maybe breaking one of the ornaments but shh nobody saw that)

× Jungkook taking pictures to have a memory of this

× Jin making a Christmas dinner and others complimenting it and eating every last bit of it

× Them singing and dancing to Christmas songs

× Them running outside to play in the snow that fell over night

× Jungkook pushing Jimin in it but only to end up in the same way

× Tae making a snow angel

× Snowball fight

× Yoongi complaining about the cold but joining the fight (and kicking their butts in it)

× Sipping hot chocolate to warm up after hours of playing outside

× Watching Christmas movies together that they saw a hundreds times before but that doesn’t really matter

× Imagine them falling asleep

× Namjoon and Jin leaning on each other one one side of the sofa

× Jimin, Jungkook and Tae squished together in the middle of the sofa (you choose who’s in the middle)

× Hoseok in other corner of the sofa with Yoongi in his lap and his head leaning on his neck

× Them sharing blankets and hugging in their sleep for even more warmth

× Imagine them spending time as a family

× Just imagine the most fluffiest, cutest and full of love Christmas

“(Woman) As our child started to talk to the degree that we could have conversations, I would time and time again have moments where he surprised me.”
“In what way has he surprised you?”
“(Woman) Once, I was standing still and he came up to me quietly and said, ‘mom you’re having a hard time, right? I will help you’.”

“(여자) 아이가 말을 시작하면서 대화가 가능해지면 깜짝 깜짝 놀랄 때가 많아요.”
“어떤 경우가 있었나요?”
“(여자) 제가 가만히 있는데, 애가 조용히 저한테 와서 ‘엄마 힘들지? 도와줄게’ 라고 하더라고요.”