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in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

You're a Lester, Danny

Summary: In which Dan attempts to piece himself into the seemingly complete puzzle that is the Lester family on the first night of the Orlando holiday.

Word Count: 889

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: none

A/N: I have no apologies for the title, it was too funny not to use. Also, I wrote this on a whim last night after being inspired by pseudophan’s mega feels-inducing headcanon. I hope you enjoy!!

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Centuries in the Making: Part 6

Prompt: Description: An average human, an Original Vampire, and a bond so strong no magic can break it. New Orleans is in for a hell of a ride.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You move around the kitchen as quietly as you can, painfully aware that you’re in a house full of vampires. Despite this fact, when you turn around to find a woman watching you, you nearly have a heart attack.

    She gives you a small smile, “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

    You place a hand over your heart, “It’s becoming the norm.” That’s when you notice Hope in her arms. You give her a small smile, “You must be Hayley, Hope’s mother. Rebekah told me about you.”

    She smiles back, “And you must be Y/N. Klaus gave me about three sentences of information on you.”

    You shrug, “Not much to tell, to be honest.”

    She takes a seat, Hope still fast asleep in her arms, “Soulmate to one of the original vampires, Rebekah’s roommate for eight months, my daughter’s babysitter? There has to be something else there.”

    You shrug, “Sorry to disappoint.”

    “What about your family?”

    You smile, and slide the plate of food you’d made in front of her, “Woefully normal. They run a small business, in a small town, in Georgia.”


    You nod, “Three older brothers, all married with kids.”

    “So, you’re the youngest?”

    You nod, “I go back about twice a year, spoil my nieces and nephews rotten, fill them up on sugar, and then run out of town.”

    She lets out a laugh, “So slightly diabolical. You’ll fit in well.” She takes a bit of the eggs with her free hand and lets out a groan, “This is amazing.”

    “Mama made sure all her kids knew how to cook. My brother Lionel is the best. Owns a small restaurant in town. It’s always packed.” She simply takes another bite of food and you start fixing more. The kitchen remains quiet except for the sound of eggs in the skillet, right up until Klaus walks in.

    He’s wearing a grin that you know means trouble, “Good morning, all.”

    Seamlessly, Hayley passes Hope to her father, and you can see the suspicion on her face, “And why are you in such a good mood?”

    “The planning of a murder always puts me in a good mood. As the mother of my child, you should know that. What doesn’t put me in a good mood is finding out that you left our daughter in the hands of an elderly wolf while you went and saved a traitor with a man who is apparently my biological father raised from the dead.”

    You move the food off the heat, and move across the kitchen. You take Hope from her father’s arms and you’re more than a little surprised to find that he simply passes her to you. Fully awake now, the baby snuggles into your chest while her parents argue. You bounce her, and when the first punch flies, you immediately head up stairs.

    You take her into your room, and find Elijah there. He’s awake and dressed, and he smiles at the sight of you. “I see we have a visitor.”

    You pass the baby to Elijah, “Hayley and Klaus are fighting, apparently his father is back from the dead.”

    He nods, “That’s what my brother was confronting my mother about last night. It’s her bribe to get him to accept her deal.”

    You sit at the end of the bed “To become human?”

    He nods, and sits next to you, “Indeed… you seem to be handling this all very well.”

    “Surprises me, too. I imagine a freakout will come at some point. Just not yet.” There’s the sound of crashes down stairs, and Hope’s lips start to pucker. Your hands immediately go to your face for an impromptu game of peekaboo. It keeps the baby calm until the crashes stop, and her mother comes to the door.

    Her clothes are tattered, and her hair is in disarray. She smiles at you, “Thanks for getting her out of there.”

“No problem.” She takes the baby from Elijah’s arms.

“Klaus and I are taking Hope to the Bayou for the day. It won’t be long before word starts to spread, and we might have come up with a way to gain her more protection.”

Elijah’s hand covers your own, “Good luck.”

She smiles, “Thanks, we’re going to need it.”

You watch her go, and when she closes the door, you turn to Elijah, “Does this mean we have time to ourselves? Like normal time? No werewolves chasing us? No witches coming straight for us? No psychotic parents?”

He lets out a laugh, “Not at the moment.”

“Then what are we going to do with ourselves?”

He pulls you onto his lap, “I thought we could go shopping. Replace the things you lost when your home was attacked.”

You pause at that, “Speaking of which, have you heard from Rebekah? It’s been a few days.”

Elijah kisses you, “Your concern is touching, but I assure you the matter has been taken care of.”

You look at him, “Taken care of how?”

He kisses you again, and you can feel your stomach fill with butterflies, “I sent an old friend of hers to locate her. He’s quite capable, I assure you.” You stare at him for a moment, before standing up and going to get dressed in something other than pajamas.

Elijah had always had a bit of a problem with spoiling the women he loved and cared about. He’d always been willing to buy Rebekah whatever she wished despite his sister having assets of her own. The same could be said of Katerina, and later Celeste.

But with you he found it was different. You searched for practical things, instead of high end places. You were used to a budget, and you shopped with the eye of a bargain hunter. The two of you had argued for ten minutes when he’d laid down his credit card.

You’d argued that you had a modest savings and that you were not going to mooch off of him. He had argued that the two of you were connected for the rest of eternity and what was his was yours. In the end, you had compromised. He had let you buy the clothes at your chosen store, but he got to buy at his chosen store.

You’d been willing to humor him, until you saw where he was dragging you to. You’d turned around and started walking the other way, but he had captured your hand and led you in with all the confidence of someone who regularly bought nine thousand dollar suits.

It hadn’t been everyday wear, instead it was party dresses and ballgowns. The kind your mother had bought for homecoming court and the annual county pageant. On the other hand, Elijah had better taste than your mother. He was also very smart, he refused to let you see the price tag of anything he bought. You decided to let it go. Relationships were about give and take, and you’d both won a little something today.

Still, by the time you got home you were more than a little exhausted. Shopping had that power over you. Your mother had been the queen of all day shopping trips. “Well it’s about bloody time you got back.” You eyes stop on the blonde in sitting in front of you, “Elijah please tell me you didn’t let her pick her own clothes.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you watch him smile, “Y/N is a big girl, I assure you, and more than capable of picking out her own outfits. Welcome home, sister.”

Rebekah simply rolls her eyes, “Three days I wandered around that town with a werewolf bite, and instead of coming yourself, you send Marcel?”

Elijah sets the bags down, “I’m afraid I’ve been a bit busy.”

Her eyes narrow, “With what, exactly?”

You watch as a small smile takes over his face, “She said my words Rebekah, and I said hers. They match.”

You watch her eyes go wide, and in the blink of an eye she’s in front of you, “Show me.” It’s a demand if you’ve ever heard one, and you briefly consider asking her what the magic word is. Instead, you pull your shirt down and slightly over to show her Elijah’s words on your skin.

The smile that takes over her face is one of joy, and a second later she has her brother in a hug, “You are forgiven.” She squeezes him tight, “I am so happy for you ‘Lijah.”

He kisses her cheek, “Thank you, Rebekah.”

She turns to you, “That makes you my sister, and me a matchmaker.” You open your mouth to contradict that statement but before you can the sound of bickering hits your ears. As Rebekah walks out to see what’s going, on you smile at Elijah, and he smiles back. In three long strides, he’s in front of you, and then he’s kissing you. You sink into the kiss, and smile.

When a window breaks, you sigh, and follow him out into the courtyard. As you watch him break up the spat between his siblings, you can’t help but realize that this is your new normal, and despite the craziness of it all, you know this is where you’re supposed to be.

Piece by Piece #1

There was a certain mourning throughout the castle of lions after a huge battle on the planet XER-167. They had all landed and there was a silence over the comms as all of the paladins made their way to the clearing in the centre of the lions. All but one, Lance was gone. They had searched for him for hours, hunk stayed in the blue lion in case he came back, but the others went and searched. It wasn’t until the 3 moons were high in the sky did coran call them back to the castle with an urgent message.

“Greetings paladins.” Coran welcomed them all into the meeting but wore a look of distress. “We’ve received a video message from the galra.” He looked away from them all.

“It’s lance, they’ve captured him.”

A wave of gasps fell over the group. And Shiro stepped forward. “Let us see the video.”

“Shiro, perhaps you’d like to view this on your own before with everyone.” Allura cautioned, stepping up to the black paladin.

“We’re a team, more importantly we’re a family and one of our family members is gone, we all have equal rights to know what happened.” He said, calmly. Everyone nodded in agreement and Coran and Allura shared a glance. The princess nodded and Coran pulled up a holo-screen. Lance was sitting on a chair, blind folded. There was a loud crash and he looked up, glancing around, trying desperately to see. He scowled.

“Who’s there?” There was a sense of demand in his voice and Shiro felt slightly proud of the mans bravery. “Show yourself.”

“Shut it.” A cool voice rang through the speakers.

“Lotor!” The blue paladin hissed. “I’m far from surprised, I thought it smelled like rat!”

The lanky galran stepped onto camera, it shifted from Lance so the paladin was no longer on screen. “It’s a new cologne, I’m touched that you noticed.” He spat, turning to the camera. “Greetings, paladins.” He smiled at the screen.

“Are they here? Go away! Don’t trust him!” Lances voice tried desperately to warn his friends, who he thought were in the room. “Get out while you can!”

Lotor rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers and there was the sound of electrical currents and Lance shrieking in pain followed by heavy breaths. Everyone in the room watching the video gasped and Hunk and Allura covered their mouths. Keith’s mouth hung open in surprise.

“As I was saying, my salutations.” He pushed a stray hair behind his ear and continued. “As you can see, I have your Comrade here with me, what was it? Lance?” He turned to the blue paladin who remained off screen and there was the sound of someone spitting and a visible drop of saliva shot at Lotors face. He sighed and wiped his face, snapping his fingers again and again there was an electrical shock to the blue paladin, and again a shriek of agony. “Lance.” He confirmed and paused, looking back at the camera. “You can have him back when you bring me voltron, all 5 lions, for one defender of the universe.” He bent over slightly to pick up something, it was revealed to be a sharp piece of metal. “For every day that passes, he will be put through excruciating torture.” He clicked his tongue and tested the dullness of the knife. “a shame really, he is quite pretty.”

“Don’t… don’t give him the lions!” Lance was breathless, trying to plead with his family, lotor let it slide.

“Tick tock paladins,” he smiled at the camera, looking directly into it, his hand raised above his head and flew down into something off screen, thunking into what sounded like flesh. Lance screamed loud enough to make someone go deaf and lotor just let himself smile bigger. “The countdown is on.”

The screen died and all of the paladins had crowded closer to the screen, hunk had ended up with Keith brushing shoulders with him, pidge was hugging Shiro and Allura was right next to all of them. The black paladins face was pale and he looked as if we’d seen a ghost. “We need to give him the lions.”

“Shiro are you crazy?” Allura’s voice was sharp and she turned to him. “We can’t just-”

“They’ll kill him.” He turned to her and his eyes were sharp. “I know what they do to people, Allura, Lance won’t survive, I barely did. It’s… it’s sick, the things they do for answers.” He closed his eyes tight and let himself hug pidge tighter. “They’ll kill him.” His voice cracked and all paladins looked to him, Shiro was always so certain and strong, this was new, the crack in his tone made them all uneasy, even Shiro wasn’t sure if they’d get their friend back.

And that was terrifying.

…to be continued…

Right I don’t normally do this sort of thing but someone is going around fucking shit up for Bara Bendy and I love that blog and their Mun is a huge sweet heart and I am absolutely furious that disgusting low lives who have nothing better to do than tell people to kill themselves, delete their account and bull shit like that...

This is why I am against #saveBendy this is the kind of shit that those people support but that’s not what this is about this is about spreading love to someone who badly needs it.

This is them. That is their tumblr. Please send them love. Anon love, non-anon love, in character, out of character I don’t mind and I’m sure they don’t mind either. I care a lot about so many blogs and many of them are starting to disappear and it breaks my heart to see them go.

I’m drawing a line in the sand, this is my line, these are my friends, acquaintances, peers. These are my family, everyone in this BATIM community is my family and I will not tolerate this kind of shit in my household.


Bara Mun we love you, clear out your inbox as many times as you need too, take a break from Tumblr if you need it, please stay safe.

David fostering another kid who is exactly like Max was at ten, with all the hatred towards David included. 

Max is torn between the idea of talking to the kid like ‘Look, kid, I get it, but come on, David’s not that bad. Usually. And he’s probably better than the majority of parents out there, so go easy on him.’ and feeling disgusted because gross, it’s like looking at himself at the age of ten and that’s awful. Calm down, you angry little shit.

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 HC: kara wants to go play in the snow but lena prefers to stay warm inside and watch. finally kara’s pouting gets to her and she agrees to go out. it starts as a serene walk through empty streets/a park where families are sliding down the hill. kara wants to build a snowman, make snow angels, everything. she’s like a puppy in the snow. lena giggles and helps. when kara is wrapping her scarf around the snowman they made, taking a pic for alex, a snowball smacks into her shoulder and she turns to see lena, grinning, and packing another. kara runs after her, (gently) throwing snowballs in return until she catches her and they tumble into a snowbank. they can’t help but steal a few kisses there before kara realizes lena is shivering, even under her warmth. she picks her up and flies them back to kara’s apartment, where she insists that Lena change immediately into comfy warm clothes while she makes hot chocolate. they cuddle under a blanket together and turn on a movie neither really cares about. lena’s cheeks are still rosy. kara can’t help but kiss them between sips. they watch the snow falling out the window, and decide never to leave the house again.

OHMYGOSH! Thank you for writing that out! It made me smile while I was at work! It’s funny because @lena-lipbite-luthor and I were coming up with headcanons as well and it seems that everyone thinks Lena would be the one who doesn’t necessarily want to go out in the snow! I just like the idea of our ladies in the snow. Snow makes for a nice romantic setting. 

To Have and to Hold

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky


WARNINGS: FLUFF Dad!Bucky Mom!Reader, basically family fluff! 

So I’ve been obsessed with the thought of Bucky as a Dad and this idea popped into my head a work one day. I’d like to make it a series possibly? But it wouldn’t be in chronological order so I’m not sure if it would make a lot of sense? But anyway enjoy this little family one shot!

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

It was quite, blissfully quite. You moaned softy, slowly working your muscles after the late and rather strenuous night with your husband. Speaking of the man in question you turned your head to watch his sleeping form. Seven, no eight years of marriage and the two years of dating on top of that and he was still beautiful. You smiled to yourself only imagining what he would say to that. Despite technically being well over one hundred years old he was still as handsome as the day you met him. Apart from the few wrinkles around his eyes and the slight smattering of grey hairs in his beard when he let it grown out he hadn’t changed a bit.

“Stop staring at me and get over here” you smirked at the deep raspy voice muffled slightly by the pillow. Taking his word you slid under the metal appendage nestling yourself into his chest.

“Can’t a wife marvel at her husband?” you teased playfully.

“Depends on what you were marveling at doll, it had better have been my ass” he emphasized this with a playful tap to yours, earning a soft squeal.

“No you sex crazed manic, I was just thinking how great you look, despite the wrinkles and the grey hairs”

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Derek + Casey + a Fake Baby (Part 1)

What if Derek and Casey were forced to take care of one of those robot baby things together for school?

And what if they were disturbingly good at it?

Like, they bring the thing home and Lizzie and Edwin are preparing for armageddon and Nora and George are trying to estimate how much it’ll cost to replace this fake infant that will inevitably be used as a projectile weapon.

But then they get up the next morning after a surprising full night’s sleep to find Derek feeding the baby its ‘bottle’ and Casey making pancakes because apparently the baby woke them up an hour early and she’s ‘making the best of it’. She makes one plate for herself and one plate for Derek, leaving the rest in a stack for the whole family. She slides Derek’s plate in front of him and he hands her the baby, which she quickly burps before sitting down with it in her lap.

They bicker about baby names as they eat, and they don’t seem to notice that the rest of the family is silent and watching them with rapt fascination as they debate the merits of their chosen monikers. It starts like you’d think it would, with Derek throwing out joke names to make Casey mad and Casey retaliating with ridiculous fairy tale names, but eventually they run out of nonsense and start making actual suggestions and it gets weirdly real.

Casey vetoes Hannah because it’s too generic. Derek shoots down Penelope on the grounds that when she gets to pre-school (which, um…) all the little boys will call her Penelopee. Casey rolls her eyes and makes a comment on Derek’s juvenile mindset, but concedes. His next suggestion, Samantha, Casey turns down just because she doesn’t like the sound of it, but she likes the idea of a possible gender neutral nickname ‘in case she doesn’t identify as traditionally feminine when she grows up’ (which, um??) and throws out Alexandra, which they both like.

They finish eating breakfast and naming their pretend offspring (Alexandra Lauren Venturi, because Venturi-McDonald is too long and Alexandra McDonald doesn’t sound as nice) just as it starts to sound a pre-recorded cry. Derek points his fork in her direction and says it’s her turn. Casey rolls her eyes and says she knows, and Derek tosses her a diaper from the bag that no one noticed was beside his seat until just then. Casey gets up and changes the doll at the counter, since it’s just water. It stops crying and Casey and Derek leave for school like it’s any other morning, besides the part where Casey is carrying an electronic newborn while Derek carries the diaper bag and argues that they shouldn’t have to go to school because they should be on parental leave.

Meanwhile, Marti is smiling ear to ear, Edwin and Lizzie are whispering to each other with their heads bent together, and George and Nora are left with the distinct feeling that they’re missing something very important.

Donut Surprise // a.i.

Summary: You and Ashton tell his family that you’re pregnant in a unique way.

Requested: Yes, thank you, anon!

Word Count: 2,150 (probably the longest thing I’ve written so far tbh.)

Warnings: none, however, the past is in italics.


“So, we agree that we’re definitely telling your family today, right?” You ask, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom you and Ashton share. You let out a huff when you see him still lying on the bed, in his boxers. He glances up from scrolling on his phone and flashes his dimples at you.

“That’s right.” He replies. You put your hand on your hip, raising an eyebrow at him. His eyebrows furrow, as if he’s confused. “Ashton, you have to get ready. We have to leave in twenty minutes if we don’t want to be late.” You tell him as you return to the bathroom. You’re applying foundation when Ashton comes strolling into the bathroom ten minutes later. He wraps his toned arms around you from behind and smiles at you in the mirror.

“You look gorgeous, baby. How’s our little one doing today?” He murmurs, placing his hands on your stomach where, just recently, a baby girl has started to form. That’s the reason for going to meet Ashton’s family for lunch. You two agreed that since you were starting to show slightly (you say it’s only from a certain angle, Ashton disagrees), that it was time to tell his family. You finish your foundation and grab his hands. You place them lower on your stomach, where your baby is kicking up a storm from hearing her daddy’s voice.

“There she is.” Ashton grins, his eyes lighting up. “She only kicks when you’re around. Go away.” You joke, wincing when the baby places an exceptionally hard kick to your diaphragm. Ashton frowns, turning you around and kneeling down until he’s face to face with your tiny baby bump.

“You shouldn’t kick mommy so hard. She’s the one feeding you and keeping you warm and making up your nursery so it’s super pretty for when you arrive.” He whispers, placing a light kiss to your stomach. You smile softly as you watch your husband interact with your baby. (Nobody really knows if she can hear him, but Ashton insists that they can communicate. You’ve learned not to question it.)

Ashton stands up fully and that’s when you remember the time. Luckily, Ashton’s already dressed and is pulling you out of the bathroom before you can say anything about being late.

“I’ll grab my shoes and the keys and then meet you in the car.” Ashton tells you, placing a kiss to your temple before moving to the kitchen to grab his car keys. You walk out of the house and to the car, thinking back to the day you first told Ashton you were pregnant.

“(Y/N)?” Ashton calls out, as soon as he and the boys walk into the house. Laughter and load voices signal that you’ve got company. “In here!” You yell from the kitchen. The boys come bounding into the room, grinning widely as a chorus of “hey, (Y/N)!” rushes through the air. You smile at them from over your shoulder as you wash dishes. Ashton kisses you hurriedly on the cheek before grabbing a beer out of the fridge.

“Cal, you want one?” He asks, looking back at the Maori boy. Calum nods, catching the beer in mid-air. Two more beers fly through the kitchen for Michael and Luke, who catch them both with ease. This was a normal occurrence for your household. When the boys finish up writing a good song or find out they’re nominated for an award, they come to you and Ashton’s house to celebrate with beer and video games. Ashton holds up a beer for you, but you deny the offer. He shrugs and opens it for himself.

“Hey, Ash?” You ask, after finishing up with the dishes and turning toward your boyfriend, who’s telling Michael about something they should do tomorrow. Ashton instantly looks to you, his eyes lighting up. “We’ll clean up before we leave, don’t worry, (Y/N).” Luke tells you, smiling. “Oh, yeah, I know you will.” Ashton walks back over to you and wraps his arm around your waist.

“What’s up?” He asks. You glance at the boys and bite your lip. Calum catches your unease and winks at you. “Hey, boys, let’s give them some space.” He mumbles. The boys head into the living room, all plopping down on the couches. Ashton’s eyebrows furrow a bit.

“I’m confused. What’s wrong?” He asks. “You know how we’ve been talking about having a baby?” You ask, your voice low. “Oh, that wasn’t me being serious. Maybe in the future, but I wouldn’t push for a baby when you’re just about to get promoted at work.” He tells you, taking a sip of his beer. You feel your heart drop slightly.

“You idiot!” Calum yells, appearing in the kitchen doorway. You and Ashton both jump a little, turning to look at Calum. “She’s pregnant.” Calum announces, grinning.

“What?” Ashton asks, his eyes widening a bit. “Calum!” You scold, causing Calum to hold his hands up in defense. “You denied drinking beer with us. Plus you’ve had a little pregnancy glow to you lately. It’s about time you told him.” You turn to Ashton, who’s staring at you. “Is it true?” He asks softly, reaching out to touch your stomach. You sigh.

“Yes. It was supposed to be a cute surprise, but Calum just had to ruin it.” You tease.

“Does that mean I get to be the godfather?”


“But, (Y/N)-”

“I said no, Calum. You don’t even have a girlfriend. Who would be the godmother?”

The Maori boy pouts a little, before turning to look behind him. “Luke! Will you be the baby’s godmother?!” He yells. “Sure!” Luke calls back, then pauses. “Wait, will I be the baby’s what?” He asks. Calum turns to you and smirks. “We would make very good godparents.” He tells you, before walking out of the kitchen to tell Michael and Luke the news.

You laugh and look at Ashton. “We’re having a baby.” He whispers, smiling. “We’re having a baby.” You confirm, wrapping your arms around his neck. He kisses you softly. “I love you so much.” He murmurs.

Ashton took the news better than you thought he would. He already can’t wait for the baby to arrive. He goes to every doctor’s appointment, every ultrasound, and every shopping trip for the nursery. He and the boys have done practice drills at three in the morning to make sure everyone is 100% ready and at the hospital when his baby girl gets here. Ashton has been timing himself on how fast he can get the car seat in the car so he can put it in the night you go into labor. Last you heard, it was 48 seconds.

You smile as Ashton hops into the driver’s seat. He glances over at you as he pulls out of the driveway.

“You’re in a very good mood today.” He notes, reaching over to hold your hand as he drives with the other. “I am.” You agree, squeezing his hand. He smiles over at you when he stops at a red light. He honestly can’t imagine his life without you. Now, his life just gets better because he finally gets to start the family he’s always dreamed about with you. He refuses to tell you how much he spent on your engagement ring, although you know it was a lot since management called to yell at him for spending so much. The wedding isn’t for another year, since both of you agreed that you wanted your little girl present.

“I have a plan on how to tell my family.” Ashton tells you, as he pulls up to the small café a few blocks away from your house. The café is adorable; quaint and usually quite full inside. “What’s your plan?” You ask, getting out of the car. “You’ll see.” Ashton takes your hand in his and kisses the back of it as you head inside the café. He seems to spot his family right away, at a small booth towards the back. Anne Marie nearly jumps out of the booth when she sees both of you.

“You made it!” She says, smiling from ear to ear. She envelops Ashton into a hug first, and then you. “We arranged for this lunch. Of course we made it.” Ashton teases. “We were almost late, though.” You admit, smiling. Lauren moves out of the booth to stand next to Anne Marie. “It was because of Ashton, wasn’t it?” She jokes, smiling at you. “Actually, yes.” Lauren and you giggle softly as Ashton frowns. He instantly perks up when he sees his brother.

“Harry!” He says, going over to the booth to ruffle Harry’s hair. Harry grins at him. “Hey, Ash.” He replies. Ashton notices the phone in Harry’s hands. “Don’t get too into that thing, its toxic.” Ashton advises. You suspect that’s why he’s taken time away from social media lately. He feels addicted to it and needs to focus on things that matter in his life right now.

Harry puts his phone away and you watch as they start talking about guitars and drums, since Harry’s been taking music lessons. “Why don’t we sit down?” You ask. Ashton nods in agreement, but stops a waitress nearby and whispers something in her ear. He slips her a ten dollar bill and then slides into the booth. Ashton and you sit on one side of the booth, and his family slide into the other side, across from you.

“So, like I said on the phone, (Y/N) and I wanted to meet with you guys for a reason.” Ashton starts, reaching over and taking your hand on the table. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous; you and Ashton have only been together for two years and you’re worried his mom might think having a baby right now is too soon.

The waitress from earlier returns to the table with a medium sized, hot pink box. “We have news to tell you, and the news is in this box.” Ashton continues. You have the urge to giggle at the whole situation, since it’s all a little over-intimidating. He opens the box and shows you the inside first. Inside, are six assorted donuts. On the inside if the top part of the box, is a note that says, “Eat up, family. Mommy doesn’t want to be the only one getting fat. -baby.” You grin at Ashton and kiss his cheek softly. Honestly, you’re in love with a genius. He turns the box around so his family — who have been very patient this whole time — can see. You and Ashton watch as they all read the note.

“Wait, does this mean-” Lauren starts, but Harry cuts her off with an exclamation of, “I’m gonna be an uncle!” Ashton chuckles beside you. Anne Marie looks up at the two of you and you almost panic because there are tears in her eyes.

“I’m so happy for the two of you. This is all I’ve ever wanted for you, Ashton, ever since your dad left. I wanted you to start your own family and be there as an amazing father and husband. And now that’s happening, and I’m so incredibly happy for both of you.” Anne Marie says, reaching across the table to put her hand on top of where your hand is still being held by Ashton’s.

Lauren suddenly gasps. “The box is pink. The baby is a girl, right? Tell me it’s a girl!” She says excitedly. You giggle. “It’s a girl.” Lauren grins so wide as she turns to Ashton. “Name her after me.” She demands jokingly. “What? No way.” Ashton chuckles, shaking his head. Lauren laughs and winks at you.

“I’m happy for you both. But I’d be happier if you named her after me.”

“Lauren, it’s not happening.”

“But, Ashton-”

“It’s not happening.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll just have to happy as an aunt.”

You look at Harry, who’s been silent the whole time. “What do you think, Harry?” You ask softly. Harry fist-pumps the air. “I’m not the youngest anymore!” The whole table bursts into laughter, causing a few heads to turn, but nobody says anything about the commotion. Ashton wraps his arm around your shoulders.

“I’m so happy that your mine and that you’re having our baby.” He murmurs in your ear, since his family has started arguing over which baby names you’re likely to choose. “I love you, Ashton.” You reply, grabbing a donut from the box. “I think those were supposed to be for us, (Y/N).” Harry tells you, chuckling. Your eyes flicker to him as you bite into the donut. Ashton shakes his head at his brother before leaning forward to give him some advice.

“Shut up, Harry. If you’re smart, you will shut up and let her eat the donut before her pregnancy hormones attack you.”

Pluto in the Fourth House

Pluto in the houses is individual to the person, unlike the sign it is in which changes every 14 - 30 years. For this reason, the area Pluto effects can often feel more personal and prevalent than how it effects them (the sign).

Pluto’s Lesson
Pluto serves as a lesson and transformation. Not every part of its meaning will relate to you all at once. In fact, as we grow through life, we experience different journeys and lessons of our Pluto placement!

🖤Pluto in the House House🖤
This placement can often struggle with their home life. When Pluto is placed in the fourth house, their home situation and atmosphere is always changing. The individual may feel unable to be happy and content within the home or family, or may slide in and out of feeling like they fit in at home. It’s key to note they may not be the immediate change and transformation of the family - it could be a family member or situation causes chaos and destruction for them. You may find one day they are at peace with their family, and the next they’re barely seen at home.
With this sense of renewal being placed over their life behind closed doors, it can - when matured and expressed positively - make them excellent parents and family members, as they know hardship and instability, and thus can learn security and stability. Having been exposed to situations of conflict, they can later feel comfortable and assured when they learn how to harness a peaceful home life within the changing dynamic Pluto creates.
When in retrograde, this lesson becomes harder because they cannot connect the internal turmoil they feel within the home for change and renewal to their outer interactions with the family. It may be that they feel they cannot talk to their family about their need for change, especially as this retrograde creates an internal change within a house of privacy.

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Gabriel sighed softly, relaxing half atop Sam. “I’m sorry…I had no intention of being gone that long…I also had no idea how much time passed while I was there.” He kissed Sam softly. “But don’t ever apologize for hunting, I’m so proud of you & Dean & Castiel. You make a difference, all of you.”
He smiled sleepily, playing with the ends of Sam’s hair. “But it would be nice to have you to myself more often. I love you, you know.”

Malibu Pt. 1

“I must get back to the sea.”


The shrilling sound of the school bell rang as the hot, crowded classrooms erupted into screams and giggle. School was finally out for the summer and you couldn’t be happier. The long nine-month school year had dragged on long enough; three months of freedom was finally here.

You wrapped your arms around your two best friends’ shoulders as the three of you exited through the front doors of the school. “Ahh, we’re finally free.” Grayson grinned, opening the passenger door of your car. Ethan sat in the back as you hopped into the front seat. “I’m ready for Malibu.” He continued as you pulled out of the school parking lot for the last time until the next school year.

Ethan played absentmindedly with your hair as you drove, “I’m hella excited to be spending the summer in Cali.” He exclaimed. You glanced at him in the rearview mirror and smiled.

You pulled into the twins’ driveway, turned your car off, and climbed out of the front seat. Graysons arm snaked around your waist as the three of you made your way to their front door. You were greeted by their mom, pulling the three of you into swift hugs, “My babies! You’re going to be gone for three months.” She sobbed.

When she finally let go of you, you smiled at her. “I’ll take good care of them. Make sure they stay out of trouble, right boys?” You nudged Graysons shoulder, earning a grunt and eye roll from the both of them. They headed up to their rooms to retrieve their bags. You bid Lisa and Sean goodbye, but not without one last reassuring conversation with Lisa. “I promise, mama L.” She gave the three of you one last bear hug before you tucked yourselves into your car and left.

You drove the airport and boarded your plane a few hours later. You didn’t arrive at LAX until five the next morning. Grayson hailed a cab, and you gave the driver the address of the beach house the three of you would be staying at. You bit your lip as you watched the palm trees outside your window.

Ethan grabbed your hand, “Calm down, Y/n. You’re fidgeting and it’s making me nervous.” He chuckled. You smiled apologetically at him.

“I must get back to the sea.” You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. Your family and the Dolans had gone on vacation to Malibu most summers since you were little. Always staying at the same house, partying on the same beach; the only thing that would be different this summer was the lack of parents and Cameron. It was just you and your two best friends.

You finally arrived at the beach house, hurrying out of the cab, grabbing your bags from the trunk. You stood in front of the house, listening to the waves crash against the shore. The house was exactly the way you remembered it; bright turquoise exterior, white window shutters, tall grass and sand surrounding the sides of it.

“What are you waiting for, Y/n?” Grayson yelled, hurrying to take his bags to his room. The three of you had debated sharing one big room but decided against it in the end. “We’re seventeen. We don’t need to share a room.” Ethan had scoffed, but you knew most nights the three of you would end up in the same room anyway.

You grinned at him, grabbing your suitcase and rolling it towards the front door. You made your way to your room with ease, almost as if it were your real room. It looked exactly the same. The walls were still painted a pale yellow, light wood floors, the same pale yellow duvet on the queen size bed. You threw yourself onto your bed, staring up at the ceiling fan. Memories from previous summers flooded your mind causing you to smile. “Y/n? We’re gonna unpack our bags then head down to the beach, you in?” You hadn’t noticed Ethan standing in your doorway until he spoke.

“Of course. I’ll be done unpacking and changing in a few minutes. I’ll meet you guys downstairs.” He nodded at you then turned around and headed down the hall to his room next to yours. You began to unpack your things; multiple swimsuits into a drawer, shorts and tank tops in the closet, pictures of the three of you placed on the white wicker vanity. When everything was arranged the way you wanted, you changed into a black bikini and grabbed an oversized t-shirt that was most likely one of the twins. You tied your hair into a pony tail, grabbed a pair of flip flops and glasses, and headed out of your room and down the stairs.

As you’d suspected, they were both waiting for you in the family room. The sliding glass door that led directly to the beach was already open, a salty breeze circulating through the family room and kitchen. Ethan grabbed the beach bag and started down the path, you and Grayson following happily behind him.

You laid out on a beach towel most of the day, switching from your stomach to your back every so often. The twins’ played in the ocean like children until sunset when they joined you in the sand. “I’m so glad we’re all here.” Grayson gushed, poking your side.

You turned to him and brushed a patch of sand from his forehead. “I’m glad, too. I wouldn’t want to spend my summer with anyone else.” Ethan wrapped one of his arms around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. Resting your head on his shoulder you watched the sky change colors, the bright orange sun casting its equally bright reflection onto the still ocean water.

Grayson grabbed a few water bottles from the beach bag and distributed them between the three of you. “To an amazing summer, the best friends anyone could ask for, and the beautiful Malibu beach!” You clinked your bottles together, cheering in unison.  

Your summer had only just begun and you were already having the time of your life. It didn’t get much better than spending three long months with your two best friends in a place you loved more than anywhere else.


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