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Y'all will not believe what just happened at 3am. My step dad forgot to lock our chicken coop before he went out earlier so it was wide open. A raccoon got into the coop and chased one of the chickens out. So at 3am my brother, mom, and I were walking around our yard with flashlights and baseball bats prepared to battle this raccoon and looking for our missing chicken. My neighbor came out to help us AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. So the four of us are walking around the yard making a variety of whistling and cooing noises to try and find the chicken. After like half an hour, we finally found her and she was too scared to be picked up so we had to basically chase her back to the coop. Fucking wild, I tell you. Wild.

I’ve been walked on, used and forgotten and I don’t regret one moment of it because in those moments, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned who I can trust and can’t. I’ve learned the meaning of friendship. I’ve learned how to tell when people are lying and when they’re sincere.

dear unnamed,
fuck you. I should have known. You make me feel so dumb. I’m done.
Sincerely “your baby girl”
Dear daddies with/without littles,
Make your little feel amazing. Don’t talk/flirt with others. Let them be your #1 besides family and yourself
Sincerely a hurt little

iamhalsey: Music is meant to heal, not hurt. Music is a language of peace and love and understanding that the whole world speaks. We love you Ari. My heart goes out to the victims and their families and I hope sincerely that music lovers do not have to live in fear of the thing they love the very most.

As a Man the most honest piece of advice I can give to younger girls trying to figure *life* out is to completely ignore men. I’m not being quirky or funny when I say that, I mean it seriously. Ignore men’s judgements of you, ignore their insincere compliments, ignore their half-baked romance.Focus on developing yourself. Study and implement your religion, memorise Quran, excel in your academics, practise your arts, play sports, volunteer, be an active member of your local community, spend time with your family and sincere friends, but do not put substantial effort into pleasing men. Your time will come through the pure process of marriage. But nothing will waste your youth more than fighting for male acceptance.
—  Abu layth
Bad Boy x Princess AU

“All I’m saying is that you lend me your wand for one second and-”


“C'mon, princess! Do you have any idea how funny using that… syrup… tsunami thing… in the hallways would be? Janna and Oscar would kill to pull off a prank like that!”

Star rolled her eyes at the boy, picking up her pace as the two headed towards the school. “Your immature prank would have quite the punishment from your administrators.”

Marco scoffed. “And when has that ever stopped me before?”

“You do understand that another large scale prank would result in you leaving the school permanently, yes?”

“Gee, since when did you start to care, princess? Are you finally starting to like having me around?” he asked teasingly, nudging her arm.

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And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 3

Hey loves! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get this out to you! And thankyou for being amazing people who are reading my fics I love you all! xx I hope you liked this chapter and I will start on the next one very soon xxx

the link to part two is here which gives the link to part one as well :)

“Can I see him?” Betty asked the doctor. Her tone was hopeful, exhausted and desperate all at once. 

The doctor hesitated.

“Immediate family only at the moment.”

Her heart dropped and her nails dug into the skin of her palms. She blanched, her lips quivering as the too white walls of the waiting room closed in on her. Her breath was starting to leave her again and the anxiety filled knots in her stomach only coiled tighter as the cracks in her heart that had just closed up a little gaped wide open again. 

“We understand you have regulations Doc, but ah, Jughead’s family aren’t here.” Fred mediated. Betty eyes flitted either side of her suddenly realising she wasn’t alone before the surgeon. Archie and Fred were on one side of her while her mother stood on the other. 

The doctor hesitated again before them, eyes straining and mouth set. 

Her brain kicked into gear and Betty squared her shoulders preparing for a fight. If nothing else Betty Cooper fought for the people she loved and she would undoubtedly fight for Jughead Jones forever. Because that’s what people like them, who had gone through what they’d gone through did. 

“Look I don’t want to be rude but I watched my boyfriend get shot in front of my eyes, bleed out in front of me and die in an ambulance. I’m not taking no for an answer.” Her voice was hard, the darkness giving it a cutting edge that almost scared her. Any other day she would have been terrified to unfurl that part of herself in front of so many people- anyone that wasn’t him- but today she didn’t care. Today she had to embrace her darkness so she could get to the love of her life in the darkest time of his. She needed him, and he needed her and nothing was going to inhibit that.

The doctor’s eyes softened a little after the initial shock of the broken girl’s stone words wore away, sympathy leaking through his professional exterior for the girl who had been through hell and back in less than 24 hours. 

“We’re all he’s got. We are his family.” Archie added sincerely and Betty spared a moment from glaring at the older man before her to shoot a grateful smile at her best friend. 

“Okay,” the man relented “But two at a time please." 

Betty moved with a new energy, one that should not have been possible in her current state of distress and fatigue. The doctor had barely managed to move aside before the determined blonde was pushing through the double doors that led to the ICU rooms. She heard a call of “Room 106” from the distance but she was too far gone to really acknowledge the doctor apprehensively warning those left about the shock of seeing him in such a state.

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Gone Pt. 8

Previous Parts

Aaron Hotchner x Reader

Recap of Part Seven: Aaron and his former team are keeping a close eye on the kids, knowing their only option is to wait for Scratch to make a move.  Meanwhile, at an unknown location, Y/N wakes up to find JJ unconscious and Scratch decides to tease Y/N, letting her know that he’d been stalking her whole family long before Aaron grew suspicious of it and that he plans on killing her lover.

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Enma, Tsuna and Dino falling in love with someone they greatly underestimted? I love you guys so much and excited for the new admins!!


admin adelheid


Enma stared at you some more and honestly thought you were a prank, a joke, a twisted little trick designed to insult him. How can you possibly help with finding the embezzler who was robbing him blind right under his nose when you were so frail and fragile looking? You weren’t even a hitman! You were nothing but a glorified pencil pusher! How could you possibly help with this problem?

Still Tsuna recommended you and his best friend knew this incident needed to be kept discreet of the Shimon will be a laughingstock. Spurning you would be similar to spitting into his best friend’s eye so he allowed you to do as you will. He decided to give you everything you asked for even as he swore to keep an eye on you at all times.

Luckily you didn’t ask for much. You were quite content working in a tiny little table in the corner or Enma’s office poring through the ledgers he had personally hauled for you and dumped on the floor by your feet. He was a little hesitant when you asked for a computer but he shrugged and gave in eventually after a few terse warnings to not steal any of the information.

You were never offended his subtle little accusations and as the days pass by Enma noted how you treated him and his Family with sincere respect and not just out of fear or duty. You had ever gotten fond of Rauji and even Kaoru was becoming quite protective of you. Shittopi approved of you by floating by your workstation with food whenever you forgot to eat because you were working so hard since you weren’t judgmental nor cirtical and Adel found you quite likable. Enma had caught his right hand woman conversing with you pleasantly or dragging Julie off by the ear when he came by just to flirt. Hell even Koyo was opening up to you by showing off.

Enma was quite convinced you had his whole Family in a magic spell.

On the other hand he could not help admiring how dedicated you were. He found you working on that same corner as soon as he entered his office and left you there still working late at night. It was as though were working like a machine.

It had gotten so bad that he had to carry you to bed a few times when he came by in the middle of the night to check on you when he couldn’t sleep and saw you sleeping on the table.

You asked for nothing but the barest of necessities and had been sincerely grateful for anything extra they provided. It made him wonder how you could be so happy over something so small.

He couldn’t help but be amazed at your dedication and the strength of your will and determination even though you possessed no Flame. He couldn’t help but watch you and take note of the fact that you were… beautiful. And most of all he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have all of that intensity and dedication focused on him.

The day you found the culprit you approached him with no joy on your face despite your success. In fact there was only sadness there and sympathy as though you knew this betrayal would hurt him. And it did. Because the embezzler they were after was one of the first captains who have sworn loyalty to him when the Shimon started gathering power again.

The night after Enma had to kill his subordinate and stayed inside his office to get drunk and brood you came to him and offered your condolences. And the genuine compassion in your eyes did him in. Before he knew he was in your arms and he was clutching you to him desperately as you welcomed his sadness. As you shared the burden of his pain. You refused to let go of him till morning.

You triggered something needy in Enma’s heart and before he knew it he had grabbed you around the waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck as he made you sit on his lap, seeking comfort in your scent. And then he was kissing you, ignoring your surprise.

When Enma woke up to find you wrapped around him and stared at your face he only had one thought in his mind.

He called Tsuna as he stared down at your form sleeping on his bed to tell him you won’t be coming back to the Vongola anymore.


It had been a complete puzzle to him that Reborn would even allow you to be a part of his personal set of bodyguards. Guards that would be with him when his Guardians can’t be. It was supposed to be an elite group handpicked by the greatest hitman himself to shield him from any sort of harm.

So why in the world was someone so small and frail included in this handpicked group?

He fought the urge to ask his old tutor because the way the hitman cocked his brow at him basically dared him to ask so he didn’t. He chose to ignore you existence altogether thinking he might have to protect you instead when the time came. It was a troublesome thought.

He bonded well with his other bodyguards. They were all very confident and easy going people who were all fond and loved their Decimo. As with everyone who came close to him they were all drawn to him like moths to a flame. He ignored your existence but you never seemed to mind. You always stood in the outskirts of the group like an oddly placed thumb. But you never complained. Never.

Tsuna kept on ignoring you until one particular incident.

It was a Don meeting, supposedly peaceful. This Boss was supposed to be a long-time ally so Tsuna was prepared for a few laughs and drinks. He had been joking and laughing about it with his other bodyguards when suddenly, the men this other don brought slowly brought out guns with a few more men hidden in the false walls carrying more fire power.

By the time Tsuna noticed something was wrong he was almost too late.

And then suddenly you step in front of him and the other bodyguards calmly, shielding them all with a thick, dense, Cloud Flame that neutralized all the bullets shot at them. Tsuna’s eyes widened at the sight of your Flames coming out of your back like a par of wide, purple wings shielding him from harm.

The sight of your power made you stunning but the fragility of your face and form made you look like an angel. Tsuna was stunned at your utter beauty.

And then chaos ensued and the other bodyguards made short work of the enemy. After interrogating their Don it seemed as though the man was forced into it by an enemy Famiglia who had kidnapped his heir. His initial refusal was met with the delivery of his son’s hand the next day.

Tsuna sent Yamamoto and Ryohei to search and destroy and eventually rescue the hostage.

After that Tsuna found his eyes following your every move. He made a point for you to always be by his side and talk to you more, curious about uncovering everything there was about you.

You weren’t exactly talkative and the more you answered it seemed to Tsuna that you became more mysterious as you did so. Every day he discovered something new about you. Every day you became an obsession.

He started bristling every time someone even came near you. Your non-existent presence became his whole world. Afterwards he didn’t care if you were an elite. The thought of you being hurt had become unacceptable to him.

You try to keep things professional between you but Tsuna wanted none of that. And you couldn’t do anything about it when he took you to bed and claimed you.

He should know that there was no way you could deny your Sky.


The first time Dino saw you he had thought you were nothing but a misinformed fool of no consequence or power.

For sex, Dino uses a paid, professional escort. He never uses a Family member for sex because he didn’t want internal disputes coming up.

This professional escort turns out to be your sister and she falls in love with Dino despite the waiver he had her sign about never becoming emotionally involved with him. When she starts making demands of his time he pays her a significant amount of hush money and discards her.

Heartbroken, your sister comes to you claiming she was pregnant by Dino and that he paid her money to get rid of the child. You react with furious righteousness, takes the money and doubles it with your own savings to throw all that cash at the Cavallone don’s face when you found him. “We don’t need your money. I will raise her child myself.” To which you earn Dino’s interest. Your protectiveness and the strength of your will attracted him.

Dino had Romario hunt down your personal info and casually bullies your Boss into calling you in his office before kicking your Boss out. You come in surprise at finding him and your sister in the office. Moments later he makes your sister tell you the truth that the pregnancy was false and what her job really was.

At first you thought he was just forcing your sister to tell you all this but then your sister bitterly tells you the truth before walking out in a bad temper.

“I apologize for the accusations, Don Cavallone, I’m sorry if I offended you,” you look him directly in his golden brown eyes staring steadily right back at you making you shiver because it felt like he was stripping you down on the spot. “But she’s my sister. I will take full responsibility for her wrongs.”

Dino then tells you the only way he’ll accept an apology is if you become his new paramour.

Seeing your hesitation he exploits your sense off honor and family until you give in. He makes you sign the same waiver your sister signed but you added a time constraint on the clause that you would only agree to be his sex toy for a year and that you will be allowed to keep your present lifestyle. After the contract then you will be allowed to sever all strings with the Cavallone don. Dino agrees in amusement thinking it wouldn’t matter.

Dino’s sex was surprisingly tender. It took time before you allowed yourself to enjoy him. Your hesitation only fed his interest in you. You would never know that, while he had had only paid your sister a visit once every other month, his visits to you were as often as every other day. And if he found he could afford to do so, he would never let you leave his side. You have had to remind him that he agreed to let you keep your job.

He becomes obsessed with you and frustrated that he couldn’t pin down your will other than when he had you beneath him. It led him to making sure he knew where you were and who was interacting with you.

When he finds out that a coworker had asked you out on a date and you agreed thinking it would be better to build a real relationship other than the contracted one purely physical one you have with Dino he goes coldly berserk and finds the bar the coworker took you to. You stare in shock when he wordlessly punches the man’s teeth in and drag you away.

The sex after that bordered on violent but thrilling in the way that he placed you under a crippling amount of foreplay before shoving himself inside you so deep all you could do was scream out his name.

He is now trying to get you to sign another contract. A marriage one.

The death of King George VI, on 6 February, 1952, brought to a close a life unsurpassed during the last thousand years of English history for quiet heroism and selfless devotion to the royal duties laid upon him. […] At the news of his passing there was sorrow everywhere for the loss, not only of a king, but of a brother; for in a quiet unique degree King George was at one with his people. No exceptional brilliance set him apart; while the happiness of his family life, the unaffected sincerity of his Christian faith, the friendliness and ready sympathy he showed to everyone, regardless of class or wealth, kindled in them a feeling of intimate fellowship. He was no remote potentate, but their brother King. And while they mourn, they thank God at every remembrance - Malcolm Thomson, The Life and Times of King George VI, 1895-1952.