family room design


I’ve had some people ask me about the layout of the Specter lot in my story, so here it (finally) is. I hope it will be interesting or useful to some of you. I’ve changed very little about the layout, closing off one doorway for a secret room, and adding one wall to make a nursery adjacent to Ophelia’s bedroom. The stairs go up to the attic, which is just a floor under the roof. Most of the original furniture and objects were either re-purposed (usually in a new colour or pattern) or are stored in the attic.

I won’t be uploading it, because it’s been occupied by many sims and many ghosts, and trust me you probably don’t want anything from this ancient (circa 2007) and decidedly not fixed version of Strangetown.


My Dressing Room at The Real

 “Instead of pops of color, my entire dressing room is very subdued and romantic. Silvers, creams, and pale pinks are my accent colors. However, what the space lacks in color is made up by textures, from these gilded candle holders to a cozy knitted throw and faux fur stool. It’s all about being cozy and warm… No matter what room I’m decorating, my goal is always WARM.”