family portraite

Totally inspired by @keiid‘s beautiful design of Shinsou’s mom (like god she’s amazing I need to draw her asap!)

Headcanon that Shinsou’s mom and Mitsuki went to the same high school and Inko was their senpai/ a college freshman who sometimes gets bullied. They’re very protective over Inko and would help whenever they could. Mitsuki was always the one using force to chase bullies away after Shinsou’s mother attempts to reason with them. 

I imagined Mitsuki liked to fight a lot and would never back down from a challenge. It was later after maybe high school when she becomes more reserved. 

didn’t have much time so coloring is the super rough style 

Fifth part of the family portraits! De La Iglesia family is difficult to fit in one selfie, but Daniel is always ready ♥

Leo and Guang Hong’s children are five. Daniel is the eldest and he’s 19. He WAS AN ACCIDENT AFTER A GPF GALA. But a very much loved and spoiled accident. He loves to bake and hamburgers.  Second in line is Kevin, 14. He’s a figure skater competing in the junior division. Somehow I feel like Lilia would fall in love with him when they get older… then we have the two lovely girls, Cristina, 10 and Bianca, 8.They are very close and sometimes people mistake them for twins. The youngest one is Adrian, 6. He loves aliens and mini 4wd.

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU | Family Portraits

This is the print I did for Harry Potter 20th anniversary, and also Happy Birthday Harry 7/31~~
You can find this at Fanexpo~~ HARRY POTTER FOREVER

I might extend the image later on to include more characters like fred&george, luna, hagrid, etc when I get the time


Also, get special early access to the extended version of the image, and later on the second part of the image.

Concept: Sirius convinces the Marauders to do a “Family Portrait” in their animagus form.
  • Except for Remus, obviously.
  • So Remus is the one human who has to go into the photographer and ask for the picture.
  • Remus is a mixture of embarrassed, exasperated, and amused.
  • “Hello, yes, I’d like to take a picture with my, er, pets.”
  • And this photographer is just astounded that Remus has these very manageable and obedient pets.
  • In all fairness, it’s a VERY good picture.