family portraite

“It’s time to reclaim your stolen century.”

can I just say how freaking proud i am of griffin?? honestly what a good episode? i cannot wait to see what’s next for them i love them all so much.

Animated stereoview portrait of a family in a house near Newport, Rhode Island, c. 1850’s/1860’s.

Source: New York Public Library.


A painting of my cousin and her fiancé, who met while studying birds in Australia, commissioned by another cousin as a gift. Rosellas are their area of expertise, but I couldn’t help going all out researching and adding Australian birds until the drawing was packed with them - they’re just too amazing *__*

As a little extra gift I made the little ink and watercolour bonus images below; one for Leonie & Raoul with rosellas and fairy wrens, and one for tea-expert Marjolein - thanks so much again for this sweet commission <3

So I basically googled “Christmas family portrait” and picked the first one with a dog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A very rough sketch of Harry and his three kids :D

This is supposed to be a draft but I just want to post it today, in order to say thank you all for the notes and for the lovely messages I’ve received in 2016! It wasn’t easy, but I am very thankful for tons of things that happened this year, especially the accomplish of graduating. I hope 2017 will be better, even though I’m a little insecure about future and stuffs. All I know, after years, I’m glad Harry Potter is still part of my life in many creative ways - and for bringing me amazing friends. I couldn’t say goodbye to 2016 without at least a Potter Family fanart.

Happy New Year! <3</p>

I wanted to finish that yesterday, for Naruto birthday, but it seems that start something at the last moment and then just go to sleep for “five minutes” wasn’t exactly a smart move. But, hey, its finished! (Damn light effect, at the end Kushina hair are so- Pink, sigh. Next time I’m going to try a darker base)