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Allison Holmes from my story Secrets Revealed. Allison is loyal, compassionate and very generous. She grew up in state and foster care, so she longs for a family/is very family oriented and loves children. Allison is also irrationally jealous when it comes to her husband, extremely stubborn when she wants her way, and she holds deep grudges. Allison rarely forgives anyone who wrongs her.

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sorry if you've posted it before but what are rylan's traits and aspiration?

his aspiration is nerd brain and his traits are mean, family oriented, and neat… i know neat makes no sense but i’m thinking maybe after living a squalor he would be like triggered by dirty dishes and want to live in a clean home…

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Can you write something about Hanni, Will, and Abigail altogether after The Fall but like Abigail is actually alive and they're all being so fuckin cute and shit I don't know something family oriented and fluffly? Will and Hanni kiss and Abigail giggles and tells them that they're super cute but also dads you need to stop. (this is @masochisticlecter by the way the thing said it was coming from my first blog but it's embarrassing lmao the fannibals would roast me)

[Sorry this took so long !!!]

Ugh I wish they would stop…

Will blushed as Hannibal leaned over to give him a brisk kiss on the cheek.

Ugh…but I guess they’re cute…

Hannibal turned around from the kitchen counter. “Abigail, would you like to chop the vegetables?”

Abigail perked up from her thoughts. She was leaning on the other counter near the dining room, watching her adopted fathers cook together. Will was tasked with slicing the chicken into smaller pieces…which he was getting better at, especially after Hannibal gave him the correct knife and should him how to properly slice the meat.

Hannibal walked over toward Abigail with a plate of vegetables and the sharpest knife available. He was smiling at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. She was so happy to be with your adopted family, together and safe.

“I guess I could give it a shot.” She smirked. Abigail knew she was fully capable of handling a knife. She and Hannibal would often chuckle at Will and his knife handling skills, especially when they cooked together. Will would take it lightheartedly though, and would often quip back some sassy remark about having to show the two of them how to cast a lure the proper way.

Hannibal set down the plate of vegetables and gave Abigail the knife. He winked at her before she started chopping the vegetables. Hannibal wiped his hands with the towel tucked into his apron as Will came up from behind him.

“I’m finished, what should I do next?” He asked as he wrapped his hands around Hannibal’s waist and gave him a quick kiss.

Abigail giggled slightly before rolling her eyes. She thought they were cute, but they had been super lovey dovey ever since their family was reunited, and it was getting a little annoying….just a little though.

“Ugh, please stop. I’m trying to chop the vegetables.” She sighed, but really did think it was cute how much they loved each other. She finally had the family she had always dreamed of.

Hannibal and Will both grinned at each other. Will walked around the counter to give her a half hug. He pointed to the zucchini she was currently chopping.

“You have to chop the slices this way-” he made an opposite angle with his hand than Abigail was slicing the zucchini, “not that way.” He smirked.

Abigail playfully bumped into him. “I know what I’m doing. Just make sure you don’t butcher the chicken.”

Hannibal laughed at the two. “Well it looks like we have a new master chef.”

Abigail smiled. “Well, I only know what I’m doing when I have the two of you with me.”

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This ‘flashfic’ has entirely gotten away from me and is now really just a fic rather than a flashfic. Still writing it. Still expect it up today. It’s longer than some oneshots already and has a few thousand words to go. Expect teenage!Bethany, established!Ameliam, and lots of feels both romantic and family-oriented. 

Also, I have a few asks in my inbox, but I won’t be getting to them until I’ve at least finished and posted this as well as finished final edits for tomorrow’s update. I’ll get there! Promise. 

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17, 19, 22, 38, 43

17. OH YEAH. As you all might know, I have lots of OTPs with my OCs. I ship my characters Steele and Kale together, but more of a philia-type of love than a sexual one (though I soooo welcome art and stories of all types xD). I also ship Chase and Gwyn (who I hope you guys will get to know soon!!)

19. An OC who means a lot to me: Steele Phire. (You guys knew this was coming xD) He’s the character who’s the main lead in my novel Frozen Fire, and he’s a great guy, when he’s not super cranky. I can’t tell you all TOO much, but he is very family-oriented and sweet once he learns to trust. Though he rarely gets along with many people, he only has one best friend, and that’s his counterpart in the book, Kale.

22. A few tend to get mischaracterized, like Feyri. He IS a sweetheart, but he has his dark sides and his different aspects of personality. Feyri has a slightly unsteady personality sometimes, and suffers from moodswings when those he loves are severely threatened. He also is VERY surprising, since I used to use him in DnD games, he tends to be a bit of a small badass xD

38. Ruka, Luka, or Feyri would probably be the best dancers xD

43. I DOOO… I have a habit of putting what I call ‘hair tassels’ on a lot of my OCs. :)

I genuinely don’t care if someone thinks George Michael was ‘really’ bi. I don’t. He identified openly as gay, so respect that. We want people to respect our orientation, we need to respect the repeatedly-spoken orientations of others. And it really, really bothers me that we’re having this conversation right after he died. Please, just… don’t. 

He may have been ‘really’ bi by your standards, and yes, the media may have covered him poorly, but he said he was gay, and that’s what matters. 

Please, respect as you would be respected.

This isn’t a callout or something I’m interested in debating. I’m genuinely distressed by seeing ppl who want their self-declared orientations disrespecting the self-declared orientation of the recently deceased. 

The Signs as Dogs

* Requested

Aries : 

 A German Shepherd Because They Are Associated With The Police, /Good/ Police Are Associated With Protection. Aries Are Good Protectors. 

Taurus :  

A Pug, Just Because I Felt Like It.

Gemini : 

 A Chihuahua  Because For Some Odd Reason Chihuahuas Receive A Lot Of Hate For Absolutely Nothing, And Y’all Be Yapping Non-Stop.

Cancer :

  A Golden Retriever Because They Are The Typical Or Ideal Family Dog. You Guys Can Be Very Family Orientated And Homebodies;

Leo : 

A Pomeranian Because In Movies Pomeranian’s Are Usually Associated With Those Rich Girls , And You Guys Usually Love The Pampered, Luxurious Life.

Virgo : 

 A Beagle Because I // Personally//  Associate Beagles With The Elderly, And Some Of You Guys Can Have Such An Old Soul, Or Are Very Mature.

Libra :  

A Poodle  Because Poodles Are Associated With France, France Is “The City Of Love“ Libra Is Ruled By Venus, The Planet of Love. /Most/  Libras Love The Idea Of Love.

Scorpio : 

A Rottweiler Because You Guys Can Seem Really Intimidating Or Unfriendly But, Once You Actually Get Past That Part They Are Sweet.

Sagittarius : 

 A Dalmatian Because They Are Very Friendly And Energetic Dogs, Like /Most/ Sagittarius People. Plus, They Always Seem Fun.

Capricorn : 

A Husky Because Husky’s Are Associated With The Cold, Or Alaska, And You Guys Can Have One Of The Coldest Hearts.

Aquarius : 

 A Great Dane Because You Guys Literally Have To Do Nothing To Stand Out And Grab Others Attention.

Pisces : 

A Labrador Because They Are Associated With Being Guide Dogs Who Help People.  /Most/ Pisces Like To Be Kind And Help.

The signs as sims 3 personality traits

Aries: athletic, daredevil, hot-headed

Taurus: good, couch potato, great kisser

Gemini: genius, schmoozer, excitable

Cancer: family-oriented, over-emotional, never nude

Leo: party animal, brave, friendly

Virgo: neurotic, perfectionist, frugal

Libra: charismatic, flirty, snob

Scorpio: hopeless romantic, dislikes children, evil

Sagittarius: lucky, good sense of humor, inappropriate

Capricorn: ambitious, bookworm, grumpy

Aquarius: computer whiz, light sleeper, commitment issues

Pisces: absent-minded, artistic, easily impressed

Signs as religion/beliefes

Aries: Atheist/Agnostic - Analytical, rebellious, skeptical, powerful, free-thinker, self-reliant

Taurus: Muslim - Aims for peace, comforting, supportive, persistent, modest, strong

Gemini: Taoism - phylisophical, transformative, seeks, intellectual, adventurous, duality,

Cancer: Heathenism - Traditional, sheltering, family-oriented, motherly, misunderstood, interesting

Leo: Hindu - Prideful, Egotistical, variety, depth, looks-within, attractive, radiating, structured

Virgo: Paganism - Earthly, helpful, health-oriented, grounded, artsy, organised, beautiful, growth

Libra: Buddhist - peaceful, balanced, enlightened, tolerant, forgiving, community, compassion

Scorpio: Anything Spiritually uplifting - Intense, deep, mysterious, open, experimentalist, fearless

Sagittarius: Greek - Freedom, expression, variety, differential, popular, independent, royal

Capricorn: Spirits/Ghosts - Curious, reserved, hidden, loner, determined, dominating, territorial

Aquarius: Astrology - Creative, knowledgeable, oddball, sociable, understanding, fun, interesting

Pisces: Christianity - Healing, formal, intimate, follower, accepting, forgiving, protective, empathy

*This isn’t what each sign believes; it’s just a close representation of the personality for each sign*

For many nonbinary people, the New Year is the time when they remember all the things that didn’t come to fruition or ended in the previous year.

You may not have come out like you wanted to. Your transition may not be as far along as you’d hoped. You may remember that this year loved ones aren’t here to celebrate because they don’t accept your orientation, gender, etc.

But the New Year can also represent possibility.

There are possibilities of a new family made up of friends, greater progress toward transition, more freedom to be yourself, or even just maintaining a skill a bit longer, thereby gaining more experience.

You have a new chance. You can embrace it.

Happy New Year

  • Aries Juno: you need a partner who is competitive, outspoken and youthful
  • Taurus Juno: you need a partner who is thoughtful, mellow and composed
  • Gemini Juno: you need a partner who is active, knowledgeable and inquisitive
  • Cancer Juno: you need a partner who is empathetic, gentle and family-oriented
  • Leo Juno: you need a partner who is affectionate, silly and ambitious
  • Virgo Juno: you need a partner who is humble, deep-thinking and reliable
  • Libra Juno: you need a partner who is clean-cut, financially stable and well-informed
  • Scorpio Juno: you need a partner who is protective, intense and lowkey
  • Sagittarius Juno: you need a partner who is lively, carefree and restless
  • Capricorn Juno: you need a partner who is mature, reserved and polite
  • Aquarius Juno: you need a partner who is funny, unpredictable and cordial
  • Pisces Juno: you need a partner who is faithful, imaginative and easygoing
Neighboring Sign's Similarities 😽

Aries and Taurus:
Stubborn, temperamental, honest

Taurus and Gemini:
Sarcastic, fun, quite outgoing

Gemini and Cancer:
Family oriented, love to laugh, secrets

Cancer and Leo:
Emotional, passionate, passive

Leo and Virgo:
Leaders, achievers, quite prideful

Virgo and Libra:
Patient, perfectionist, peace-loving

Libra and Scorpio:
Oh gosh their death stares, humble, generous

Scorpio and Sagittarius:
Adventurous, mysterious, dark secrets

Sagittarius and Capricorn:
Work, protective, secure

Capricorn and Aquarius:
Patient af, goal achievers, deep secrets

Aquarius and Pisces:
Dreamy, creative, lives in their head

Pisces and Aries:
Funny, child-like, never really grows up

signs as introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts
  • aries introvert: has many goals and aspirations under the surface. they tend to much more calm than a "typical" aries.
  • aries ambivert: quick and sharp. may not enjoy parties or dinners, but may enjoy socializing in general.
  • aries extrovert: sharp-tongued, hard-driven, a bit of a chatterbox. may be quite competitive.
  • taurus introvert: practical, lowkey loves love, reliable and trustworthy.
  • taurus ambivert: comes off as moody and cautious. has trouble choosing between doing the right thing and doing whatever
  • taurus extrovert: more open-minded to breaking away from routine activities. could be quite inconsiderate with words.
  • gemini introvert: prefers social media platforms. intelligent and lowkey manipulative
  • gemini ambivert: communicative and witty, but really enjoys taking time to unwind
  • gemini extrovert: best storytellers, are dramatic and tell it like it is. curious.
  • cancer introvert: loving and quiet, hides in the shadows and loves family-oriented activities
  • cancer ambivert: soft-spoken and asks more questions than statements, curious.
  • cancer extrovert: wants to be in the know. thrives on social contact, especially with close friends and family
  • leo introvert: probably lowkey extroverted, otherwise usually embodies more of the loyal side rather than the royal side
  • leo ambivert: likes to make statements with their appearance more than their words. loves going out with friends
  • leo extrovert: confident, a little sassy, and believes they should be treated like a princess. stands up for themselves
  • virgo introvert: quiet, reserved, and extremely analytical in the real world that surrounds them.
  • virgo ambivert: will initiate a conversation sometimes but dislikes small talk and still prefers to lurk in the shadows
  • virgo extrovert: sociable and communicative. likes to be in touch with your goals and understandings.
  • libra introvert: doesn't like to show off, not as flirty, extremely generous and caring
  • libra ambivert: likes to daydream, loves having slumber parties and doing their friends' makeup and hair
  • libra extrovert: flirtatious, willing to volunteer, bubbly, and romantic
  • scorpio introvert: mysterious, observant, quiet, a more intimidating persona
  • scorpio ambivert: the kind to throw a party but can't be seen throughtout the party
  • scorpio extrovert: talkative but not as open about feelings, competitive.
  • sagittarius introvert: philosophical, open-minded, looks at a bigger picture
  • sagittarius ambivert: enjoys traveling, witty and sarcastic but sometimes may have dry humor
  • sagittarius extrovert: outgoing, bubbly, carefree, and loves to have crazy adventures
  • capricorn introvert: very reserved, shy, hard-working, and determined
  • capricorn ambivert: may have a love for nature, and can be affected by weather.
  • capricorn extrovert: enjoyable, sarcastic humor, laid-back, and chill
  • aquarius introvert: quiet, mystical, a bit mysterious, lurks around, kind of nerdy
  • aquarius ambivert: usually more shy in public and then more outgoing around family and friends. fun and very humorous
  • aquarius extrovert: friendly, approachable, unique, and marches to the beat of their own drum
  • pisces introvert: shy, quiet, reserved, and clearly emotional. very cute and smol
  • pisces ambivert: sweet and caring. likes to introduce you to new people. spaces out easily,
  • pisces extrovert: seems less sensitive than they really are. bubbly and weird.
Zodiac descriptions based on people I know

Aries: Stubborn. Very independent, glamorous, makes everyone jealous. Kind of reserved when it comes to feelings but values family. Headstrong and kind of stubborn. Simultaneously mature and childish.

Taurus: Reserved. Kind of dopey but in a good way. Enjoys life, pretty lenient up to a point - after that point they will take no shit. Confident and down to earth. Simultaneously aggressive and laid back.

Gemini: Emotional. Very social, especially with strangers, but gets tired of people sometimes. Impulsive, makes rushed choices, changes their mind a lot. Prone to up-and-down emotions. Simultaneously needy and detached.

Cancer: Protective. Very loving and forgiving. The best at making you feel safe and comfortable. Hides emotions from people they aren’t close to. Makes jokes about stuff that’s hard for them in order to get over it. Family oriented. Caring. Simultaneously loving and hot-headed.

Leo: Confident. Fashionable, funny, not a bad bone in their body. Makes close friends and lasting connections, is very good at keeping friendships. Understanding and non judgemental. Becomes annoyed quickly but is accepting anyway. Simultaneously forgiving and short-fused.

Virgo: Selfless. The best at advice, funny and understanding. Won’t usually take sides and is quickly protective of friends. Pretty reserved and finds humour in the little things. Close to family and over-involved but in a good way. Simultaneously level-headed and turbulent.

Libra: Defensive. Chilled out, loving, lighthearted. Quick to take sides and judgemental but overall friendly. Prone to lying. Usually happy but there’s more to them than they let on. Very loyal, easily manipulated, gullible and understanding. Simultaneously two-faced and open.

Scorpio: Fun-Loving. Excitable, gullible and sarcastic. Loves attention but won’t deliberately seek it. Kind of shy with their feelings, but opens up to close friends. Confident and funny, will always be smiling. Protective. Simultaneously arrogant and shy.

Sagittarius: Conflicted. Social butterfly, is very loud and a little bit ditzy. Knows where they stand on most things. Is always joking around but can be serious when they want to be. Calculated, makes impulsive decisions but thinks about them a lot afterwards. Emotional. Simultaneously jokey and serious.

Capricorn: Laid-Back. Confident, especially among friends. Could talk for England. Makes a lot of jokes and lasting connections, good at long-distance friendships. Kind of flighty and struggles to commit. Wings it a lot. Simultaneously careless and precise.

Aquarius: Adaptable. Very lovable, has at least 2 different circles of friends. Good at cheering people up, hard to hate. Needs to connect more emotionally, tends to be reserved when it comes to personal stuff. Good at maintaining relationships, rarely argues. Simultaneously goofy and mature.

Pisces: Ambitious. Has huge dreams but is hesitant to chase them. Under-appreciates themselves, loyal, good to talk to. Is the kind of person that you call/calls you at midnight just to talk about life. Finds it hard to focus, thinks deeply, is good at relationships. Tends to have a bit of a short fuse but is very forgiving. Simultaneously down-to-earth and dopey.

Well, there’s only one planet where there is a beach, a pizza shack looking over the water, garlic knots…. my mom’s hugs.

“You can’t compare Moana to Frozen, they’re two completely different movies"

Actually I can compare Moana to Frozen, and here’s why:

  1. Frozen’s success was built by tearing other disney princess movies down: When frozen came out literally every article compared it to former disney princesses.  Frozen was popular because it was more feminist, more family oriented, deeper, more girl power, than other disney princess movies. It’s not fair to say that someone shouldn’t tear down Frozen when all Frozen did was tear other movies down. 
  2. Frozen didn’t actually break any barriers: Everything that Frozen claimed to be the first to do, was already done by another disney movie. We already had a movie about sisters (lilo and stitch), we already had a princess who didn’t fall in love (brave), we already had a princess who saved herself (mulan). Frozen doesn’t present anything ground breaking, Moana does. 
  3. Frozen is hypocritical: Frozen calls out other disney movies for featuring girls that get married two fast and always being about love. Frozen then gives it’s princess two love interests and Kristoff is deemed her true love towards the end of the movie. Frozen features plot lines and tropes it ridicules other movies for. 
  4. Moana has a lot of the same ideas as Frozen : Heavy focus on family, learning who you are and how you fit into society, emphasis on platonic love, etc. The movies aren’t exactly the same, but they are similar, which isn’t something other disney princesses movies have done before. 

TLDR; Moana honestly feels like a redo of Frozen. Now I don’t know if that was Disney’s intentions with Moana but it is very similar to Frozen and this idea that people shouldn’t compare them is stupid. Especially when you consider that Frozen compared itself, and deemed itself better than every disney princess movie before it. 

okay this is really why representation is important. My 52 year old, half filipino, half Polynesian mother went to see Moana with my little cousins and she cried through most of the movie because she saw her three daughters and herself in a Disney princess for the first time. We grew up in a predominantly white suburban town and she had to remind me and my sisters everyday that our brown skin, wide noses, dark features were beautiful and that one day we’ll get a princess like us. Not only does she look like us but she’s smart, kind, brave, family oriented and everything my mother has ever wanted in a Disney character. this is my thank you note to the people that took the time to accurately create a Disney princess that my 52 year old mother could finally look up to.


Trait number ten is finally out, sorry for the long wait >.< (I’m horrible I know) and the cover art picture  thing will be out soon I just didn’t  have time to make it. These sims love to be active, they’re music lovers, neat, family orientated, good and perfectionist (actual description under the cut). Hope you guys like it!

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sun signs

aries: adventurous. restless. energetic. they enjoy spontaneity, those with a good sense of humour and being the leader. an aries will make you laugh, stick up for you and introduce you to new things.

taurus: methodical. warm. sensitive. they enjoy challenge, giving advice and the materialistic aspects of life. a taurus will empathise with how you feel, have a terrific way with words and be honest.

gemini: witty. aware. adaptable. they enjoy change, socialising and stimulating conversation. a gemini will brighten your day, help you fix a problem and offer you a positive outlook on life.

cancer: family-orientated. sympathetic. withdrawn. they enjoy celebrations, seeing other succeed and time by themselves. a cancer will avoid conflict, offer you their imagination and will believe in you.

leo: playful. generous. loyal. they enjoy praise, getting their own way and motivation. a leo will be obvious with how they feel, work for what they care about and offer you their loyalty.

virgo: hardworking. observant. selective. they enjoy succeeding, appreciating the beauty that surrounds them and expressing their beliefs. a virgo will root for you, will remember important things about you and value a smaller group of important people rather than a bigger group.

libra: charming. animated. friendly. they enjoy entertaining, speaking up about their views and they look for the romantic aspects of life. a libra will make you feel at home, admire you and make you feel important.

scorpio: powerful. intuitive. dramatic. they enjoy achieving, expanding their knowledge and those who are genuine. a scorpio will treat you with respect, provide you with many inside jokes and are always thinking of the bigger picture.

sagittarius: independent. philosophical. explorers. they enjoy new experiences, meeting new people and setting new goals. a sagittarius will see the good in you, appreciate your different interests and share their dreams with you.

capricorn: ambitious. practical. wise. they enjoy success, those with wit and being right. a capricorn will encourage you to do your best, want to laugh with you and learn from you on how to be better.

aquarius: social. clever. humanitarians. they enjoy big events, expressing who they are and being slightly rebellious. an aquarius will want you to feel at home, encourage you to be bold and will always surprise you.

pisces: dreamy. imaginative. sacrificial. they enjoy helping others, relaxing with their thoughts and being noticed for their achievements. a pisces will show you romance, let you rely on them and will want to protect you.