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Being Friends With Eric Harris

Dylan: “Hey Eric, do you wanna go s-”

Eric: “That’s not my name”

Dylan: *Sighs* “Hey Reb, do you wanna go see a movie?”

Eric: “Okay”

I love it when you are searching for stock images on deviantart you will never find a natural pose??

you can search for “sitting” and get people with one leg stretched into the air while balancing on a rock or people who think standing is boring so they’ll pose with their entire steampunk outfit and a giant sword

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some resources for beginners to learn more about astrology and interpreting charts? Especially houses, asteroids, aspects, etc? I already have the Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need and I'd like to understand my chart better

Aspects in astrology: a guide to understanding planetary relationships in the horoscope by Sue Tompkins; contains interpretations of aspects for every planetary combination.

Planets in transit by Robert Hand; delineations of the planets transiting & aspecting your natal chart.

The ultimate asteroid book by J. Lee Lehman; self explanatory.

Dynasty: the astrology of family dynamics by Erin Sullivan; explains how astrology is the only system that demonstrates the complex nature of families as a whole.

The twelve houses by Howard Sasportas: explores situations related with each of the houses and describes their associations and also more the more subtle meanings of each different sphere of life.

Sextrology: the astrology of sex and the sexes by Quinn Cox & Stella Starsky; you know why 😉