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Armin awoke with a start to the sound of a ringing Skype call and a shrieking fire alarm. Jean had been gone for a week now, visiting family overseas, and every mealtime Armin and Eren felt the sting of his absence. Frozen (burnt) pizzas, takeout food, and cup ramen dominated every day of their lives now, and the second Jean stepped off that plane, Armin was going to force him to make them so much pasta that he would, perhaps, become pasta himself.

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anonymous asked:

The scene after Karma's fight against Grip, part of his torture involved spices and peppers- perhaps some of those spices were part of his treasured collection? Also do you think we'll see a flashback for Karma and Nagisa's older days during the war?

Oh yeah, the gentian tea and the ghost peppers. Neither of them are that rare though, I don’t think. I’m pretty sure that they can be bought at large supermarkets. Besides, if his spices are ‘treasured items’ I doubt that he’d use them for pranks; cooking, maybe to give a feeling of uniting his family at mealtime, but not pranks. 

As for Karma and Nagisa’s past, I’ve got a weird-ass headcanon about them. When I say ‘weird-ass’, it’s because it’s plausible, but at the same time not really. I’d love to see how Matsui makes them meet though.

In my headcanon, they probably first meet - they’re in the same class as first years, but they really meet - when Karma comes across a bunch of bullies picking on Nagisa for looking so much alike a girl (he still has his ponytail at this time) and doing the usual dumb sexual harassment stuff such as saying “Take off your pants so that we can check!” and such. 

So Karma being the bully-hunter he is kicks all of their asses and then they have this kind of conversation:

Karma: “Hey, are you alright… aren’t you from my class? Umm, Shiota Nagisa, right?”

Nagisa: “Oh, Akabane-kun… thanks for the help.”

Karma: “Why didn’t you fight back? You were just standing there like a statue?”

Nagisa: “……”

Karma: *decides not to press the matter* “But I can totally see why they were picking on you.”

Nagisa: “…?”

Karma: “You have a really cute face. If you weren’t wearing pants, I’d think that you were really a girl.”

Nagisa: “… Thanks for helping me. I’ll see you later.” *weak smile and leaves.*

Karma: *scratches head* “I guess I hit a landmine…”

Then maybe the next day or a few days later, the bullies come back to harass Nagisa when Karma suddenly shows up out of nowhere. The bullies freak out and run away. 

Karma: “Looks like they aren’t going to stop picking on you. Persistent, aren’t they?”

Nagisa: “It’s fine… I’m already used to it…”

Karma: “Really? … I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon though.”

Nagisa: “…”

Karma: “In that case, want to be my friend?”

Nagisa: “… Huh?”

Karma: “If we hang out together then they won’t come near you anymore. And if they do, then just give me a call or something. I’d always protect my friends.”

Nagisa: “… Akabane-kun…”

Karma: “Karma is fine. I’ll call you Nagisa-kun too. *holds out hand to shake* Please take care of me?”

Nagisa: *smiling despite himself and take his hand* “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?”

Karma: “What, so you can smile for real after all.”

Secretly I think that Nagisa is actually Karma’s very first friend, because the fanbook says that Nagisa is the only person he addresses with ‘-kun’ in a non-mocking manner. Maybe with Karma, honorfics are a sign of affection (then again, he address most of the girls with ‘-san’ or ‘-chan’ in Kayano’s case).

Sorry for such a lengthy answer, but I’d think that seeing flashbacks of when the first two met is very possible. Most infighting between main characters has that kind of thing in other manga (Beelzebub jumps to mind). 

[BMP Headcanon] Princes on Family

Sort of a continuation of my Princes on Fatherhood headcanon. This time, it focuses more on how the princes view family/spend time as a family. I think I ran out of juice by the time I reached Glenn + I still don’t have a very good handle on his personality. I’ve been working on this on and off for a week, so I’m a little tired of looking at it and just want to share it. u__u Coincidentally, I recently hit 100 followers so thank you all!

Sorry if there’s a drop in the quality of the writing later on. OTL Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

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We set the table and sat down to eat family dinner. I served food almost course style. Si tried pumpkin soup, feta cheese and mushrooms. I am so proud of her.

I told her she doesn’t have to like it but she has to eat it. I am trying to make meal times fun and festive like the French. we had a blast. I will buy table cloths to dress the table nicely with Si.

The book I just finished reading was very nice about blending French culture into north American culture.  I am guessing this next book will do the same!

Starting French Twist: An American Mom’s experiment in Parisian Parenting -Catherine Crawford.

My unschooling books are almost in. Super excited

fundeadasylum  asked:

Dunno if someone has thought of this before but Bill likes silly straws, right? What if Dipper picks that up after the Transcendence? Like he just starts collecting silly straws because they're FUN and makes piles of them and MAYBE you could make a deal with him if you had a silly straw he REALLY REALLY LIKED. Also consider Alcor showing up to a summons with a juice box and a silly straw stuck in it.

Whenever Dipper gets invited to join the family at mealtime, he always gets a silly straw (along with the triplets if they’re still young enough to enjoy it)