family matters

Family Matters: Part 4

Pairings: Chibs x Reader, Clay, Tig, Jax, Opie & Gemma. Mentioned: Donna, Half Sack & Tara

Warnings: Swearing, mention of character murder

Word Count: 2,186

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“… Look, I understand if y’all can’t trust me after this. I am more than willing to pack up and leave Charming again, get far away from here if that’s what you think is best. But I swear to you on Donna’s grave that I am not working for the DEA or ATF or anybody now or ever again.” You said as looked at the members of SAMCRO as they sat in a special chapel meeting.

“I can back her whole story.” Ope said. You purposely left out the information that him, Jax and Chibs knew anything about your past so if there was any backlash, it wouldn’t come back at them. “I’ve known all of this since the day she got back into town and visited me in lock-up.”

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But Looooook at protective Wolfgang.
I had always respected Wolfgang as a character. But this gives me a whole new level of respect for him.
His definition of a family was so tainted that I get why it took a while for him to warm up to the other cluster members.
And now he is coming in as soon as one gets insulted, or rushing head long into something dangerous or even a harmless empty threat to an eventual member of family. Making it not so empty.
This boy now bleeds family. He’s learned that from the very best.


There is nothing scarier than something that is out of your control..

Like cancer consuming someone you love so dearly and not being able to take the pain away..

It’s these types of situations that make you stop and realise how cruel life can be..

I’m so scared to lose you..

Whether that be soon or in years to come.. Just keep fighting and I will always be here to support you

I usually don’t do this…but today I need someone to just be there.

I feel awful today. Some totally messed-up family matters that I had thought I’d long ago left behind.

Most of the time, I’m the one who’s there for my friends. Today, I’m asking my Tumblr friends to just send me a smile and virtual hug. Thank you, you all mean so much to me though you’re far away.