family maters

So here’s something that annoyed me today:

My mother was criticizing my brother about his weight.

Now, my brother is quite tall and he is neither stick-figure thin or chunky.  In fact, I’d say his figure matches his height. But as he was stretching in the dining room after having eaten dinner, mum took the moment to poke him in the stomach and tell him that he needs to go on a diet!

I swear I had to check to see if I’d heard that right.

I mean, between the two of us, my brother has always been the one blessed to be able to eat enough for an army and never worry. On the other hand, I’m, well, obese.
If one of us needs to go on a diet it’s ME!

I certainly agreed with my mother when she said that my brother should spend more time away from the computer, however I agreed for a totally different reason.
There’s more to life than just a computer screen.

The reason that what my mother said irked me so much though, was that you’re always hearing about girls with things like anorexia and various other eating disorders because of the pressure the media and society puts on them to look a certain way, but you don’t often hear about the MEN/BOYS who suffer from the same things
And it’s not something that really should be forgotten either because it’s just as serious.

And yeah, okay, sure, my brother isn’t going to be the next Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth, or Tom Hiddleston.
But he’s fine just the way he is!

some fun medical au stuff

“i’m a phlebotomist and you’re a registered nurse coming in to get blood drawn for the first time in… 6 years? dude wtf isn’t that illegal somehow?” au

“i’m your anesthesiologist and i have the unique pleasure of trying to knock your ass out for some surgery but your family member just informed me that you drink 150 proof vodka straight and it takes about four shots in an hour to make you tipsy and now i’m trying not to kill you oh god” au

“i’m a pediatrician who accidentally went off on an anti-vaccer in the grocery store and you, a virologist, just came in as my backup” au

“we’re both professional nutritionists and that’s the last box of organic coconut milk in the store” au

“you were trained as a surgeon in the military and i went to my family’s private alma mater and you’re kind of terrifying me with your stories in the cafeteria” au

“we were both trained as surgeons in the military and we’re exaggerating to the rest of our colleagues because the looks on their faces are the best we’ve seen since boot camp” au

“i’m a chiropractor and you’re a massage therapist and we’re sort of in a rivalry because we work in the same office” au

“i’m a kindergarten teacher and this is the sixth time in four months i’ve had strep throat and as my doctor you’re telling me to get my damn tonsils out already” au

“you’re my new dentist and you can’t believe i’m over 30 and still have my wisdom teeth” au