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Telling George

Jack is nervous when he knocks on the front door of George’s house. He’d wanted to have this conversation in person, but it’s not one for public consumption, and he feels like he owes it to her to let her be the first person in the Falcs to know since she’s the one who scouted him. He doesn’t know a lot about George, aside from the fact she’d played in juniors, then for a couple of the few professional women’s hockey teams they’d had prior to the NWHL, and she’d played in the Olympics. He doesn’t know anything about her personal life except that she wears a wedding ring, he realises.

And the door opens. The woman on the other side is not George, but she looks familiar. It takes a moment for Jack to place her due to the weird context, but he realises she’s Thirdy’s wife Carrie.

“Oh hey Jack,” she says, sipping the wine she’s holding. “George said you were coming by. Come on in. Everyone’s in the kitchen.”

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Tokyo Mew Mew Settei (Model Sheet)
Character Height Comparison Chart

I love to think that Elrond and Elros learned the importance of family values from the Feanorians. After their abandonment and being neglected for a jewel, I don’t think the twins had a clear image of family, or the importance of it; their conceptions of family values were flawed.

But I think the brothers fixed that. Because no matter what qualms the brothers had with one another, no matter their urge to go look for the silmaril, not only did they stay together, but they also willed themselves to care for the twins. Even if Maglor and Maedhros had gone through hell and back tearing apart their family, they were in little ways trying to fix and repair it by caring for the twins. And in that way, they healed one another.

The brothers taught Elrond and Elros that no matter what, family should come before all material things. Families break, and they have their hardships, but at the end of the day, family should be revered above all. And as the twins grow older, they hold tightly to their families. Never forgetting a day when the Feanorians struggled to go on, but no matter what they stuck together and provided for the twins. Elrond more specifically carries their words to heart, and sees everyone he holds dear as his family.

Yet, this makes it difficult for Elrond to, in the end, let his loved ones go.

George Harrison’s Mini and John Lennon’s Rolls Royce, 1967; screen capped from Living in the Material World

Excerpt 2 from Thank U Very Much: Mike McCartney’s Family Album:

“In the carefree, couldn’t care less, psychedelic LSD, day tripper London period, I would leave our kid’s St. John’s Wood home in my khaki coloured Scimitar sports car (the first one bought from Reliant at the 1967 Motor Show and not at all ‘flower power’… more ‘tank power’) to drive down to ‘Kinfauns”, George and Patti’s [sic] Esher home.

With explicit ‘secret’ instructions from George how to get lost, I soon arrived outside the high walled superhome and gave the ‘secret’ horn beeps. Before you could say ‘open says me’ the door had swung open and I was overt the moat and inside the low slung castle.

After pleasant reunions I was shown around the ‘bungalow George’ home by Patti [sic] [Note: Elsewhere in the book, Mike recalls: ‘I once had a crush on her.’], through the Dali inspired extension, complete with huge round window, and out to the heated swimming pool.

We enjoyed a peaceful day lounging round the pool and a quiet Ravi-Byrds evening in, with large whisky and Cokes (Jim Macmeasures [As Mike notes earlier in the book: ‘Pour quadruple, four-finger measures of neat alcohol for each and every guest.’] poured into the early hours. By this time I was quite drunk (for the second time since August 1961, or was it the third?) and staggered to my bed.

In the morning (sorry mid-day) I shakily presented myself to the company, and after breakfast cum dinner brunch, George asked if I’d ever been to John’s house. As I hadn’t, he offered to drive me over to Weybridge after my Alka Seltzer.

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Moon in the 2nd house natives crave comfort and possessions yet they always need to feel financially secure and stable. Moon in the 2nd house can fluctuate like the moon when it comes to saving money or spending money. They love to buy things that make them happy and comfortable though they will usually always keep money in a savings account just to be on the safe side. The moon placed in the second house may give the native low self-esteem or self-worth and they may try to find this in others. They will want/need compliments and adoration in order to gain self-esteem until they learn how to find it inside. Natives with this placement are not that open with expressing their feelings. The moon in the second house may make the natives collectors or hoarders as they place value on material possessions. Family and home are also really important to people with moon in the second house and they likely want a family of their own to pass down their legacy and money/possessions they’ve cultivated. Moon in the second house natives try to feel empty holes or voids inside of them with possessions, money, and objects. They must realize that true value lies inside of them and can’t be found in the material world.

“I’m glad you got a pit bull,” my mom said when I adopted Evie. “It’ll keep you safe.”
Evie just got scared because I blew my nose.
Real security guard material right there.

There she is. The biggest idiot in the Steel Ball Run.

This is Anna because i’m extremely creative. She grew up in a pretty poor, and large family. She wanted to become an inventor to help support her family, but was better at taking things apart and repairing them than she was at building. Frustrated, she turned to mugging, and occasionally accidentally murdering, people for money, both for her family, and for building materials. Eventually, her parents found out, and certainly did not condone her actions. After being disowned, she lived on the streets for a while, and was in and out of jail. When she heard of the Steel Ball Run, she decided to participate. What could be more exciting and romantic than a cross-country trip? She plans on using the prize money for a dowry, and possibly meet a nice man to marry in the race.

Also, she stole the horse she’s riding on. She has no clue how to ride a horse.

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WWE for Fandom Ask


  • Favourite Female:

  • Favourite Male:

  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:
    Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose + Seth Rollins and Cesaro!

  • 3 OTPs:
    Sami x Cesaro (Look, idc much for Sami/Kevin tbh)
    Seth x Roman
    Cesaro x Natalya

  • Notp: 
    Hardy Boyz incest, wth wrong wit yall. 

  • Funniest character:
    New Day as a whole!

  • Prettiest character:
    Lana and Becky Lynch ;~; 

  • Most Annoying Character:
    James Ellsworth. 

  • Most badass character:
    I’d say Cesaro. He dresses, drives and has the core strength of one. He’s practically Jason Statham and the WWE’s sleeping on him. 
    No, idc about Goldberg or Brock so miss me with that. 

  • Character I’d like as my BFF:
    Sami Zayn and Bayley!

  • Female Character I’d Marry:

  • Male Character I’d Marry:
    Roman is so much family material and such a good papa. 

  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:
    I’m so eh on Dolph Ziggles.