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Dating George Weasley Would Include:

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  • He stole your heart the first time he hexed a boy who made fun of you in first year
  • Gentler then his twin, he makes you laugh and loves to read to you when you’re sad
  • He is incredible at reading your facial expressions, and always knows what to do
  • “Bad day love? Did someone hurt you, I’ll turn their dorm into a swamp”
  • You always encourage his pranks and hi jinks, just because it’s a little destructive, doesn’t mean he isn’t good at it, the boy is a downright genius.
  • You love sneaking up to the astronomy tower to get a little alone time together
  • He is the best big spoon, his entire body can wrap you up whole
  • You never quite completely escape the pranks, there;s always a few thrown in there for you. Although they are usual harmless, like the kissing junks he pulled last valentines day where random kisses would come out of nowhere and catch you off guard.
  • “I really hope those were your lips all day, and I gotta say I miss the real thing”
  • “Awe c’mere love, I’m never too far away”
  • The teachers had to split the two of you up in class after causing disturbances. It wasn’t your fault he cracked the funniest jokes in class
  • He still sends you notes from across the room when the teachers’ backs are turned
  • He is a big ol teddy bear half of the time and loves nuzzling his head into your lap
  • He likes being read to, as an alternative to reading
  • “Everything just sounds better in your voice love”
  • “George I’ve practically read this entire text book to you”
  • “Please…”
  • “…Okay”
  • You couldn’t say no to that face and those little freckles and dimples
  • He can be entirely too romantic sometimes, like the time he took over the Quidditch pitch to fly you around on your birthday.
  • “You’re too good to me”
  • “I’m the one getting the better end of this relationship darling”

enough - songs of confrontation and frustration

take me or leave me - rent // america - west side story // enough - in the heights // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // leave me alone - side show // bitch / slut / liar / whore - the toxic avenger // what the fuck now, lizzie? - lizzie // i hate you - if/then // see i’m smiling - the last five years // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // promise - bare: a pop opera // no more - see what i wanna see // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // why did i listen to that man? - urinetown // waiting - the addams family // if i didn’t believe in you - the last five years // solano avenue - here lies love // telephone wire - fun home // what is this feeling? - wicked //


I wanna write a 9000 page novel where Sirius raises Harry and they’re visited all the time by uncle Remus, who keeps trying to teach 6 year old Harry advanced magic despite the fact he’s six, talks to him like he’s also 28 and basically raises him to be the most anti-anti-humanist ever, the kind of kid who stands up for anyone who’s looked down on, because Harry’s favourite Uncle can’t even get a job because he’s a werewolf. So as if he’s going to stand back and let poor, near-non-magical Neville be bullied by Draco when people like Malfoy have been looking down on Harry’s family and loved ones for years.  Auntie Andromeda always has coffee with Sirius in Muggle cafes to rub it into her sisters’ faces that oh, look, she, the Blood traitor is having coffee with another blood traitor and also to bitch incessantly about the Black family with him. She leaves cool cousin Tonks to babysit tiny Harry; she entertains him by morphing into barnyard animals and regaling him with stories about her adventures at Hogwarts and the new DADA teacher who she predicts is going to go nuts before the end of the year. 

And Blood Traitors have to stick together, right? The Weasleys are frequent visitors to Grimmauld Place; the kids sometimes stay over because everyone loves Sirius, and Harry and Ron have been BFFs since when they could only speak in gargles and wails. Bill grows his hair long with Sirius as his fashion and coolness icon, and comes home grinning one day when he’s 16 because he just got a piercing while Sirius shamelessly egged him on. Percy is aghast, and is swimming in horrified disapproval. Well, even if Sirius is a terrible influence, he at least now has opportunities to harass Remus as to how exactly to become Head Boy. Sure, he hasn’t started school yet, but is he going to let that stop him? He needs to be prepared. (Is there an application? Does he need to become a prefect first? What does he have to do???!!)

And the twins, God, the twins. Sirius tells them literally everything there is to know about pranking the teachers, gaining Peeves’ respect, while Remus suggests that maybe, just maybe they should try to work a bit more on their grades, and, incidentally, have they worked out how to open that map yet? They are regaled with stories about the misdeeds of the Marauders (somehow, all the stories manage to leave out that other boy, Peter or something). Molly is disapproving of Sirius’s influence on the twins who, under his tutelage, are becoming even more of a pain in the behind than they were before. But at least Remus is there to stress the importance of getting good marks, even if they don’t listen. 

She has nothing against Sirius really; for goodness sakes, somehow she always finds that there’s a bit more money in their Gringotts’ vault that she recalled there being, and all her children end up with new school robes and books and owls and wands, and she strongly suspects that Sirius - or perhaps Harry himself, she can’t work out who - has been sneaking money into the Weasley vault, especially as they’re terrible actors and are the worst at pretending they have ‘no idea what she’s talking about’ when she tries to give it back. The Weasleys aren’t the first poor family they’ve been charitable to -  she knows for a fact that that young Remus Lupin Percy is so enraptured by hasn’t been able to find a job anywhere because of his - unfortunate condition, yet he always seems nicely-dressed and well-fed despite that. And beforehand, Charlie’s ambitious future of working in Romania with dragons didn’t seem likely… at least, until it was financed as a ‘graduation gift’. 

But she doesn’t like how he’s so laid back when he’s raising a child. She yells at him. He yells at her. They argue. Sometimes they don’t speak to each other at all. But Sirius does start to behave a little more responsibly around Harry, and Molly does let her hair down a bit, and they don’t see eye to eye all the time, but one thing they have in common is that they love all those kids and they’ll adapt and try to change for them.

Arthur is enraptured by Sirius’s ‘motorbycle’, always asking how it works and if he can ride it and where can he get one of them, he needs it for… education purposes. Molly outright refuses to let him buy one of those dangerous machines, you have no idea how Muggle inventions work, you could get killed, we have no idea how Muggle currency works, and anyway, how can we possibly afford one? 

Sirius buys him one for Christmas. He grins at Molly when Arthur nearly has an aneurysm when he sees it. Arthur crashes it within a week, and Sirius admits that okay, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea but - Molly, stop glaring at me like tha- Molly - 

And worst (or maybe most entertaining) of all, Ron has been subjected to the Bad Influence of Sirius Black and the twins. As has Harry. By the time they start school, Ron and Harry’s snark and roasting factors have increased by 200%. Snape doesn’t stand a chance. McGonagall screams when they arrive at Hogwarts.

Sirius and Harry don’t just have each other, they have Remus and the Weasleys, and, unlike canon, they both get a new family. Sirius lost the love of his blood family, he lost James’s parents who adopted him as their own, and he lost James and Lily, but he’s gained the Weasleys and he’s always had Remus, even if there is that aching, angry spot that was Peter Pettigrew, that will probably never go away entirely. Harry has never known what it was like to be hated by his family, all he’s ever known was love and friendship and happiness.

I will do my best in my new town, so I hope you will live well too.
- From a worried Ankha

Ankha left my town, we didn’t even get to say goodbye. It was genuinely upsetting. 

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Do you have any Percy Weasley headcanons?

Percy Weasley Headcanons

  • Sleeps in full pyjamas even in the middle of summer
  • Uses hair curlers
  • And teeth whitening strips
  • Unironically listens to Cher
  • Once tried to charm his voice so he could reach the high notes and ended up with helium voice for a week
  • (You’d think this was in like second year, but it was after he left school)
  • Loves Karaoke
  • Has most definitely attempted to cover the bags under his eyes with concealer
  • Loves Project Runway with a passion
  • Lost a bet to Charlie and had to come to Christmas in full drag two consecutive years after he left school
  • Is closer to Bill than anyone else in his family
  • Loves Fred and George more than he cares to admit
  • Is actually dyslexic, which is why he despised being teased for his good marks; he worked harder than anyone, and shouldn’t need to justify himself to anyone.
  • Secretly keeps an eye on all his siblings, even when him and his family are estranged
  • Gets a tattoo of Fred’s name over his heat
  • Has a pensieve with all his family’s names carved into its side
  • As his siblings become parents, he adds their children’s names too, because they’re the most important thoughts, really
  • Ends up being really close with Harry
  • Quits his job at the ministry to teach History of Magic at Hogwarts, so he can make sure that no one ever forgets what happened because of Voldemort, and all the brave souls who died, and so his students could have a brighter future
  • And if his voice breaks when he mentions Fred Weasley, well, none of his students will mention that.

Holy crap do I love the Weasleys, what with their brilliantly timed sarcastic banter, garage full of Muggle curios, Daring Plans™, proclivity for explosives, and rather infamous shenanigans.

I just really freaking love the Weasleys.