family jewls

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What's your music taste???

idk how to describe it so imma list my favorite artists ;
Alison wonderland : basically electronic with sick base drops !!! good for drawing and being hyped up. her music is always black and green or yellow
alt - j : i think y'all know who they are. basically indie??? very colorful music, all their songs are greens, reds, yellows and blues
cage the elephant ; I’m pretty new to them but love their album tell me I’m pretty!! blue and yellow music, but it’s really good. love the lyrics and if you like twenty one pilots you’ll love their song “telescope”. also they write such good base lines and it’s aaaaaaa
Zolita: kinda like lorde and Hayley kioko together. her music is soooo awesome and it’s sapphic so !!!!! but don’t just listen to her cause it’s gay, it’s really good listening music and aaaa !! check out her music videos, that’s what got me hooked
marina and the diamonds : y'all know who she is. amazinf beaut, I love family Jewls (mostly cause I relate to it most and it’s the most fun to sing to RIP)
top: y'all.
artic monkeys/ the nbhd: black/grey music, artic monkeys sometimes has purple or blue or red but not often. kinda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bottom of the list for a reason. also you all know who they are already