family island

Animated stereoview portrait of a family in a house near Newport, Rhode Island, c. 1850’s/1860’s.

Source: New York Public Library.

Concept: Jack is traded to the New York Islanders (which we know wouldn’t happen but roll with me here). The Islanders share an arena with the Brooklyn Nets. Who are part-owned by Jay-Z.

Very shortly into Jack’s first season, Jay-Z hears about another JZ who plays on the hockey team. That’s amusing, thinks Jay-Z, so he brings the family to an Islanders game. Afterward they decide to stop by the locker room to introduce themselves. Bitty, who is always there after home games to drive his husband home, turns a corner and runs directly into Beyoncé, and then proceeds to die on the spot, his life now fulfilled.

For me, the thing that resonated about Moana the most was that notion of a calling, of something that you’d be doing if no one was looking. You’d be doing it if no one cared. For Moana, that’s the ocean. Every path on her island leads her back to the ocean, and it’s not that she doesn’t like where she lives. She loves her family. She loves her island. She loves her way of life. And yet there’s still this calling.

That resonated with me, as someone who was always writing, always creating and always writing songs, even though the common sense is ‘don’t go into the arts.’ They tell you - the odds are very long and if you’re Latino it’s even harder. But I just kept walking toward the water.

@DisneyMusic: See how @Lin_Manuel discovered #Moana’s inner voice in “How Far I’ll Go,” nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards.

“Yes, Sanji is a kind man, that’s why I suspected that he would never return to us.I have no idea what kind of trap you all may have waiting for us all, but because of how incredibly kind-hearted he is…  HE WILL REFUSE TO BUDGE ONCE HE’S DECIDED TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS…

On the other hand,  we also have a captain who breaks through any and all walls in order to persue his beliefs and ambitions. How things end up with Sanji… wil be decided solely among these two!

Young Lady… What kind of fool… WOULD EVER PLAN TO DIE?!”