family is the most important thing

PS: Hook and Emma are definitely one of the most beloved romances on the show. What is the best part about working with Jennifer Morrison?

CO: I’m lucky that Jen and I have got a fantastic relationship. We get on so well and it makes it easy to translate that into the characters. Jen is friendly with my family and my wife and all of that is very important. Sometimes when you come onto a show, you don’t know if that’s going to work or if the chemistry is going to be there, and we just have a laugh. That’s the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We’re at ease working with each other, because if you have tension with someone, that translates on screen. Luckily, on Once Upon a Time, we get along so well, so it works.


There’s something intensely unhealthy going on when parents discourage age-appropriate independence. A 13 year old should probably be allowed to go see a film with their friends most of the time. A 16 year old should probably be allowed to drive/ride a bus/bike to a friend’s house most of the time. An 18 year old should probably be allowed to travel overnight with their friends most of the time. A 20+ year old should be allowed to come and go as they please, with some common-sense “Let’s talk this ‘move to Finland’ plan of your over before you follow through on it” exceptions.

Parents should want their children to enjoy going out and doing things on their own and with their friends. They should be delighted that their child wants to have a life of their own. A rich, fulfilling life outside the home and distinct from parents and family is important, and parents should want their child to have that.

20 things I learned at 20

1. You can have only one best friend and that best friend can only be you. Because you may come across a dozen lovely people but the only one who can keep the ‘forever’ promise is you.

2. Family is the most important. This is the only love that is truly unconditional and absolutely pure. They love you when you’re 5 and when you’re 18. They love you in your failure and your success. Their love doesn’t increase because it’s already at its maximum right from the beginning, it’s already infinite.

3. Cocktails and aerated drinks may soothe your taste buds but tea soothes your entire body. It’s warm and calming and well, healthy.

4. Your first kiss means nothing if it’s not with the right person. And the right person doesn’t mean your soulmate or someone who will never break your heart but someone who in that moment loves you as much as you love them.

5. You’ve written over 350 exams and you’ve got a perfect score in some and scored miserably in others but do you remember your 9th grade math score? Do you even remember 9th grade math? Education is so important but not the stress and competitive grading that comes along with it. If you get a low score or even fail, not much will happen – you will get a retest. But if you get ill – mentally or physically, it will have undesired long term effects.

6. In 8th grade your school psychologist told you that you’re one of the few people who walk in life with open arms loving and helping everyone, not because you haven’t bled but because you know you will heal and have the strength to do so. At that point you laughed at her but now, years later you’re loving, accepting and helping in spite of having both, actual and metaphorical scars.
You’re kind and admitting that doesn’t make you conceited.

7. Goodbyes don’t always have to be dramatic. Writing an 800 words message won’t make it hurt any less than an 8 words one. Closure usually has not much to do with the ones who wronged you but with taking your time in dealing with all the stages of grief. Some stage like anger may take only a month but acceptance may take years and that’s okay.

8. Jealousy is a basic human trait. They can be the closest to you and yet envy your happiness and life. Envy is something you too experience and you can be happy for them and be sad for yourself at the same time because so bitter it is to view happiness from someone else’s eyes. You aren’t a horrible human being if you feel like there are better shades of green your grass could be.

9. Read at your own desire and pace.
You don’t have to read particular books to qualify as a bibliophile or read a specific number of books to be a bookworm either. Read what truly interests you and take your time because reading was never a task, don’t make it one now.

10. Money is important. Money can’t buy love but it can buy happiness. But not blood money. Money honestly earned through hard work. That kind of money is good, that kind of money is required. You have a certain standard of living and if you want to maintain that after your parents stop financing you, you must make sure to earn the same. It doesn’t make you a snob or a spoiled brat, it only makes you a human aware of your wants, many of which have turned into needs by now.

11. There are somethings you just never grow out of like bubbles and glitter and your mother’s hot chocolate and hugs. Those are the kind of things that make life bearable when adulting gets too hard. Those are the little things that matter the most.

12. You cry. A lot.
But you don’t cry in front of people for their pity. You don’t cry to manipulate situations. You cry because you accept the pain. You cry because you don’t reject or lock away your emotions. You cry because your mental, emotional and physical self are in sync and that’s healthy. That’s so lovely.

13. Bake cakes. They don’t have to look pretty as long as they taste delicious. Paint canvases. They don’t have to be a master piece as long as all the paint in your hands and face and jeans makes you feel complete. Write more. It doesn’t have to a novel or even be posted online as long as it lets you breathe a little lighter and smile wider.

14. Go for walks alone, sit on the beach without your headphones, look up at the sky without a lover, buy flowers for yourself. Nature is legit free (for the most part). And it’s the richest thing that the world has. Le it bring you peace, let it help you survive.

15. Make home feel home. Sometimes you won’t have your family to make it home. Sometimes you will have to make it home by putting a part of yourself and that means investing the time, energy and money in making it feel yours, in making it feel right. It may not be your ‘dream house’, it may just be a tiny room but it’s yours. Your surroundings play a major role in affecting your mood and vibe.

16. Energy is real.
You may not know much about Science beyond 10th grade but you do know this, e=mc ² which means everything is energy, you are energy and there is positive and negative energy and you can feel it and you experience it in every person you meet, every place you visit, every room you step inside. You can and you must choose to surround yourself with positive energy. What you attract, you do get; what you attract you become.

17. Spend time with yourself. It’s some of the best time you will have. You need to unwind, you need it to re-energize, you need it to focus and you need it for peace. You can go to a cafe by yourself, write, read, meditate, talk to yourself out loud, dance in your underwear, cook and just be.

18. Take care of yourself- no one else can, no one else will. Drink loads of water, there’s a reason why more than half your body is made up of water. Sleep well because staying up all night isn’t something to be proud of, it’s stupid. Don’t skip breakfast because skipping breakfast makes you crave fatty foods for the rest of the day. Stay healthy not because you want to look a certain way but because you want to feel strong and energetic and have an active mind, body and heart. Staying healthy emotionally and mentally is just as important. So let those who want to go, go and never say yes to something your gut wants to scream ‘NO’ to.

19. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will look for other people to love you. If you don’t accept yourself, you will keep seeking other people’s validation and the moment they withdraw it or walk away, you will crumble. And you don’t want to crumble. You want to enjoy the one person’s company you have to live with forever – yourself. Work on being a person you’d love to spend your life with because let’s face it, you don’t have a choice. It’s a long term investment and the only one that will never fail you.

20. In Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. In order to love yourself, knowing yourself is very important. And knowing yourself doesn’t mean the adjectives that people use for you or what your zodiac sign says about you. It means what you know in your heart to be your truth.

One more for good luck?

21. You laughed and thought it was very witty when you came across the quote, ‘Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.’
but god. Can it be any truer? Most things you’re stressing over now won’t even matter 3 years from now. But good days will turn into heart-warming memories that will stay with you even 2 decades later.
Happiness and success are two different things but remember, they aren’t mutually exclusive. At least they don’t have to be.

—  creatingnikki 

Finn does a lot of reading, when he wakes up. He burns through article after article of history, of linguistics, of culture. He may be strapped down to a bed and fresh from a bacta tank, but he wants to learn more about what it means to be human, and more about what it means to be this human. About the choices he’s made. 

In the first 48 hours, Finn comes to learn two particularly important things.

One: that surnames mean where you come from, mean legacy.

Two: that there was a man called Bodhi Rook, and that he was very, very brave.

Later, after he’s finally discharged from med bay, he has to fill out paperwork. Registration, medical history, next-of-kin sort of stuff. Most of it he has to leave blank. He hovers over one little box in particular. Family name. He hesitates. Poe has already offered him his. The admin assistant leans over the desk, nonplussed expression on their face, and suggests he just pick one at random. Neither feels quite right. Neither feels like a history, or like a legacy.

He takes a breath, puts pen to paper, and writes Finn Rook in a wobbly but determined script.

This Thanksgiving, it’s important to show appreciation for the most important things in your life. Like friends, family, and the little razor-toothed gremlin who lives in your stomach and helps digest your food for you. You see, if it weren’t for that gnashing, devilish grem, whose name is Hungo Bungo, your stomach would fill to the brim with turkey and mashed potatoes this weekend, until your throat was full, and you fell blue faced and contorted smack in the middle of the dining table horrifying the rest of your family and scarring them for years to come.

Thanks Hungo Bungo!

The Results of S2 of Voltron on the Fandom so far/What We Got

Ok guys this will be spoiler heavy so don’t read if you aren’t caught up

The Characters:

  • Lance fans are mad at his lack of screentime
  • Allura fans are glad at her amazing screentime
  • Prety much everyone is annoyed that Hunk?? Seemed to only be into food??
  • L E T  H I M  E A T
  • Everyone is happy that Keith is happy and knows more about himself now
  • Pidge was awesome this series she’s so much more comfortable with the paladins and herself and she’s so close to finding her family i’m just so proud of her.
  • Coran was great this season 10/10, would not change a thing
  • Shay’s cameo was the most important thing that has ever happened in history and honestly she’s the reason 2017 is going to not kill us all SHay you are perfect.
  • Tbh all the Galra commanders seemed pretty great this season, even without Sendak we still got that cool short guy, that scary cyborg guy, I promise I’ll learn their names eventually.
  • And Keith…hasn’t got a galra dad?? Why did we all assume that?? I guess because Haggar was the only female Galra??
  • bye zarkon no one will miSS YOU

The Shipping:

  • I’m only gonna cover the ones that I know a lot of people are behind so sorry I don’t address every ship
  • Suprisingly little Kallura activity so far, considering their interactions
  • Klancers being salty at how little we got BUT AT LEAST WE HAVE TWO BROS CHILLIN IN A HOT TUB
  • Hance are happy and pure like their ship is happy and pure
  • Sheith got a load of screentime so they’re happy
  • Sidenote-the klance and sheith seem to be fighting again. Sheith just want to ship it and ignore the problematic aspects of the ship, Klance seem to be bullying Sheith for enjoying their show. I’m kind of scared to discuss this in case either side send hate.

The Art/Fics:

  • It’s been all good so far
  • Keep it up
  • Don’t stop working
  • Your stuff is appreciated
  • If someone sends you shit for your art/fics then they’re shit don’t listen to them
  • I saw a neat one of Lance with nail varnish that was nice you guys are great

The Memes:

  • Paul Blart Mall Cop is the antagonist to an episode. Just him. No one else. He’s enough to chase 4 Paladins+Coran off an entire moon. A Meme on a space Swegway.
  • Space Dad Lives 2k17 > Space Dad Lives 2k16

What Don’t we Know?:

  • So who was that guy Keith rescued? He never said anything?
  • What’s Prince Lotor gonna be like?
  • What happened with the past paladins all we know is there was a ‘dark past’ and Zarkon betrayed them
  • What’s the deal with Keith’s family? Are they Texan? Alien?
  • What happened to Lance and Hunk? I mean they aren’t hurt but where was their character development I did say we were salty
What I've learned from each sign
  • Aries: People born under this sign have taught me to be bold and live like there's no tomorrow. But also to govern this with order and leadership.
  • Taurus: It's okay to treat yourself. Even when you feel like you don't deserve it. One of the most important things any sign has taught me.
  • Gemini: To learn and explore. These people have taught me to love learning and to know all that you can. There's so much we don't know about the world and people born under this sign made me expand my horizons.
  • Cancer: In the end, family is all you have. Cancer people have taught me to love my family unconditionally even in their worst times. This sign will do anything for their family and their loved ones.
  • Leo: To be kind and loyal. Leos have shown me that it's okay to trust people and not everyone is bad. They will do anything for anyone close to them and go to the end of the world for them which is admiral.
  • Virgo: They've taught me to better myself even when I thought I didn't need fixing. We're not all perfect, but this sign can point out something and possibly make you realize something you never realized before.
  • Libra: That love can be a amazing thing. These people have taught me that love doesn't have to be a terrible thing and can be quite wonderful. These people are also really well rounded in general and you can learn a lot from them.
  • Scorpio: That it's okay to express your emotions. These signs are the embodiment (or water signs as a whole) of emotion and expression. Scorpios have taught me to express my emotions in a beautiful way.
  • Sagittarius: To be adventurous and explore new horizons. This sign has taught me the world is way to big to not see and we only have so much time. So we should take advantage of it and see all that we can.
  • Capricorn: To achieve excellence. People born under Capricorn are born ambitious and always strive for excellence. Even when something is pretty good, they'll find a way to make it even better. One of the most admiral traits of Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: This sign has taught me to think outside the box. People born under this sign have great critical thinking abilities and can think of anything in a whole new way. Aquarius people can see the other side of the coin and not even realize it.
  • Pisces: Pisces people have taught me to be creative in what I do. This sign is one of the most creative and possesses a beautiful and colorful personality that's full of life. They've taught me to be creative in everyday life and what I do.
ML Christmas Special
  • Santa Claus: Remember Adrien, the most important thing about Christmas is staying with your family.
  • Ladybug: STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU ?#@*&%! AKUMA!!!!!!!!!!

talking to characters and examining things even though they aren’t necessary for story progression actually reveals a lot of interesting information in SDR2. such as:

  • Sonia thinks of Souda as her stalker
  • Peko and Nidai are often harassed by people who think they are cosplayers from a fighting game
  • Saionji and Koizumi like to hold hands
  • Hinata and Koizumi both think mothers are the most important family members
  • Tsumiki had never played a video game before Nanami showed her, but ended up really liking them
  • after Komaeda blew up the hotel lobby, Nanami was most sad about the arcade machines being destroyed
  • Kuzuryu doesn’t think tattoos are something to be gawked at
  • Hinata doesn’t actually know how to read/pronounce the name “Izuru Kamukura”

favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Next to Normal is a modern masterpiece. The heart wrenching show is truly one of the best of its age. It is one of the most moving and interesting musicals anyone could watch. It’s modern and honest take on mental illness and how it affects a family is SO IMPORTANT, not to mention the music is extremely likable. Alice Ripley’s performance in this show is absolutely breath taking. The way you can hear the pain in her voice can bring me to my knees in prayer. Her character demonstrates what it means to suffer from severe mental illness that you feel you cannot get away from. Aaron Tveit as Gabe Goodman is one of the best things on this planet. His voice is completely orgasmic. The way he lets his character play with your mind so that you’re almost rooting for him is completely genius and its a sheer demonstration of his endless talent. Also Jennifer Damiano is so beautiful and talented. Her character is so smart and is a perfect demonstration of what it can feel like to live in a dysfunctional family. Next to Normal is truly everything and needs to be cherished like the beautiful musical it is. 

'Logan' Breakout Dafne Keen on Audition Embarrassment and Her X-23 Future

1. She comes from a film-friendly family. Keen is the daughter of British actor Will Keen (The Crown, Wolf Hall) and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Ache, with multiple directors and writers in her extended family. “I remember spending entire school holidays in rehearsing spaces, watching my mum and dad working, and followed them around on tour or on film sets all the time,” she tells Heat Vision. “I went to see Hamlet, which they directed about 10 times, and I always loved it. I remember I used to listen to the actors rehearsing and try to remember all their lines while I played with the color filters they put in the lights.” From her parents, she says, she’s learned about “being truthful, and the most important thing being telling the story, and all working together for the same thing. I love that.” (x)

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literature asks (part 1)

fyodor dostoevsky: if you could commit one crime and get away with it, would you? (if yes: what would you do?)

jane austen: are first impressions important to you? 

oscar wilde: describe your aesthetic in three words

franz kafka: do you prefer long novels or novellas?

george orwell: what do you consider to be your political alignment?

emily brontë: do you believe in ghosts/the supernatural?

tove jansson: what do you consider to be your most influential childhood memory?

sappho: what is the most important thing you have ever lost?

sophocles: do you get along well with your family? 

virginia woolf: what is the most unconventional thing you have ever done?

gabriel garcia marquez: do you believe in magic? 

haruki murakami: do you prefer complete solitude or the company of others?

homer: would you rather travel the world but never stay put in one place for more than a year, or spend the rest of your life living in your place of birth?

mary shelley: do you consider yourself to be a creative person?

henry david thoreau: do you prefer to live close to nature or more urban surroundings?


Snufkin is one of the most iconic and popular Moomin character. He first appears in the book Comet in Moominland (1946) and if one of the characters who appears in almost all media; comics, animations, additional stories… Snufkin is the child of Joxter and Mymble, which makes him a younger half-brother of both Mymble’s daughter and Little My. Some adaptations remove his relation to the Mymbles, such as comics and 1990s animated series.

Snufkin was created when Tove Jansson was in a relationship with Atos Wirtanen, a left-wing politician, journalist and cultural critic. Snufkin’s wide smile, pipe and hat are modeled after Atos. Snufkin’s independent and bohemian way of living is similar to both Atos and Tove but it’s also apparent that Tove’s little brother Lars was also a model for Snufkin. Lars has been said to have been the family member Tove was closest to right after their mother.

Snufkin values freedom above all else. Tove herself stated that “freedom is the most important thing”. She described Snufkin’s loneliness as “the good kind”. This is in contrast with Fillyjonk’s “wrong kind” of loneliness. Snufkin’s loneliness is something he chooses for himself. Snufkin does not attach himself to places, possessions or people. He can throw his tent away and is happy just looking at beautiful things rather than taking them with him. Snufkin values his own space where he can concentrate on his melodies. He can sometimes come off as unfriendly because he has a habit of being rather curt with people who invade his peace. For better or for worse, Snufkin is very charismatic and people flock to him to hear his wisdom.

The strongest attachment in Snufkin’s life is Moomintroll. No matter how hard Snufkin tries, Moomintroll and how he misses him will always come to his mind. And Moomintroll will always miss him and wait for him. This is clearly similar to the relationship between Tove and Atos. For Tove, Atos was the center of her world. She was entirely dedicated to their relationship, while Atos was preoccupied with his career and political ideals. Like Moomintroll, Tove was always waiting for Atos to spend time with her.

After Tove’s love for Atos cooled down, they remained good friends until the end. She was able to see his faults in a more critical light but also understood them with humor. Similar friendship after love can be seen between Snufkin and Moomintroll in later stories. It’s still good to remember that Tove Jansson’s style was to write characters and themes inspired by her life rather than actually insert them in her books. Snufkin and his relationship Moomintroll are more likely meant to reflect themes about admiration, dedication and waiting. With some small exceptions, characters in Moomin books are independent and more inspired than based on actual people. This is why Snufkin also is inspired by more than one person.

Snufkin’s character changes a bit as the books go on. This is most likely affected by the stories becoming more mature and Tove’s relationship with Atos changing. In the first books Snufkin is a passionate artist. He tells outlandish stories about himself and is actually happy to meet people. In later publications, this was among the things Tove Jansson fixed. She made Snufkin’s character more consistent and made him more quiet and distant to match his characterization in later books. He is the contrast to Moomintroll’s naivety and has a great effect on Moomintroll’s personal growth.

In Moominvalley In November (1970) Snufkin seems to let go of his aversion to the company of others. His character arc is about realizing that he was always free with the people who loved him because they actually let him do as he pleases. This realization leads him to return to the Moomin’s house even though it’s getting close to winter.


@victuuri-week - Day Five: Domesticity - Yuuri: Family

“The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t. But, in the end, they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.” -
Sex and the City

In retrospect, Critical Role is pretty much all of my favorite things in one package, so it’s no surprise I got into it the way I did. Like, here’s a story that’s entirely based on a rejection of the grimdark fantasy tropes, that’s about hope in terrible times and love and rebellion and the family you make for yourself, that’s about well-meaning fuck-ups finding strength in each other and doing amazing things. It’s got the hilarious behind-the-scenes cast stuff built into the structure of the show. It’s got three female leads with deep and varied and complex motivations who’re allowed to be angry or upset or happy without getting punished by the narrative. It doesn’t give in for long to the temptation of lazy storytelling or characterization; assumptions get flipped on a regular basis. The most important-to-the-story and fan-adored recurring NPCs are a gay sorcerer, a bisexual wizard, and her paladin girlfriend. And the fanbase volunteers to do amazing stuff like calculate running statistics throughout the show or transcribe whole dang episodes just to make the show deeper and more accessible and more fun for a wider audience. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s improving steadily, and there are 265 hours of just straight-up gameplay to watch, with another four hours or so every single week. It’s absurd. What a cool thing that exists.