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She’s long and lean and has glossy red-brown fur and she’s absolutely gorgeous, but it’s Sherlock’s face when he sees her; anything that makes Sherlock’s face do that is something John wants to keep.

hey all i saw some people were posting their ficlets from the @johnlockfanzine and thought we could all do with a bit of fluff this week. so here’s mine!

i hope this brings a smile to someone’s face. please consider purchasing a digital copy if you can! it’s a wonderful collaboration and proceeds go towards LGBT charities! thanks always to bruna @moriarty and ashleigh @kinklock for all their work and dedication putting this together <33

Okay but please consider that if Kaz Brekker ever gets his act together enough to marry Inej Ghafa he is definitely gonna take her last name. 

a) he adores her and everything about her

b) he stole the name Brekker off a machine it’s not something he’s super attached to

c) he’s never going to be comfortable reclaiming his original last name

d) on the other hand, Ghafa is a name that connects Inej to her family and which she’s proud of 

e) it’s totally her idea. Kaz just figures they’ll both keep their own last names but Inej is just like no you’re taking mine you idiot here you go. Kaz maybe definitely cries.

watching the Proud Family’s Kwanzaa episode and man were they on some  cultural awareness shit.

first they celebrated Kwanzaa, a holiday Disney hadn’t covered yet.

then they talked about homelessness

then they had vegan characters who took the time to explain what that meant

all in a show already progressive for it’s time.

man disney needs to crank out shit like this nowadays.


cartoon characters re-imagined as millennials

1. Pokémon 
2. Ed, Edd n Eddy
3. Power Puff Girls 
4. Vanellope, Boo, and Lilo 
5. The Proud Family
6. American Dragon: Jake Long
7. Scooby-Doo
8. Totally Spies
9. Sailor Moon
10. Danny Phantom

created by Taisa

So I basically googled “Christmas family portrait” and picked the first one with a dog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!