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Title: Long Live the King

Fandom: Fire Emblem: Fates

Pairing(s): Leo/Ryoma with background Camilla/Keaton and F!Corrin/Silas.

Word count: 2600~

Warnings: It’s a fat kink/stuffing/weight gain kink, but there’s also plot and relationship development, so it might be enjoyable even if that’s not your cup of tea. You do you.

SummaryAccording to Hoshido tradition, now that we are allies and are at peace, I have an offer to make you. I am Hoshido’s king. As such, I am the head of and represent our army. My body is a weapon, but during times of peace, weapons are not needed. It’s an ancient tradition. As a sign of trust, I offer you to quell Hoshido’s wartime state through my body. In other words, I request you help me gain weight until I no longer have the body of a soldier.

Leo stared at the letter in shock.

A weight gain fic that’s 2/3 romance and 1/3 tragedy.

Chapter: 1/? (Next)

A/N: Post-Birthright. Everything is the same but Keaton survives. I beat Birthrights and Conquest like a year ago and wrote this half-way through my replay of Birthright, but hopefully that doesn’t show.

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