family in the feud

This is why I love Jared’s acting

The whole time while he was doing this scene, when he says the memorable, “Broken ribs and burnt feet,” all I could do was stare at his eyes. He looks truly betrayed.

The slight shimmer of light on his eyes as if he’s going to cry, his mouth twitching because he can’t find words, a faint bob of his adam’s apple as he tries to swallow his disbelief, and most of all the constant darting and avoiding her gaze- it’s like he’s truly remembering the process of torture again and again.. essentially his overall vibe is enough to give me chills.

It’s like his actual mother honest to god betrayed his trust, and you might be thinking “Mishasaurus, that’s what you call acting.” But these little things he does makes the whole picture a bit more clearer, even if they go unnoticed.