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Taylor Swift exhausts herself for fans on every single tour and even outside of tour. She’s found more ways to get in touch with fans than any other celebrity. She has invited fans to her house, she has a 13 hour meet and greet, she has free meet and greets, and even interacts with fans on instagram and tumblr. She’s used tumblr to actually have conversations with people. 

Outside of interacting with fans she donates loads of money to various charities, and visits sick children in the hospital. She has donated money to fans for heart surgery, cancer treatment, and even gave money towards college. One boy was raising money for a service dog and she donated to that cause too. She donated to Louisiana flood victims and also donated to the Dolly Parton Telethon when fire was evacuating people from their homes and essentially making people homeless. Let’s not forget giving $250,000 dollars to Kesha for court fees and you pathetic people actually complained and shamed her for this. (If beyonce, or any other singer had donated you all would have praised them to this day. And if a MAN donated that moeny you all would have been on your knees crying)

The charities she has donated to include: 

Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, ALS, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Economic/Business Support, Education, Environment, Family/Parent Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Mental Challenges, Miscellaneous, Philanthropy, Physical Challenges, Poverty, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Refugees, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Substance Abuse, Unemployment/Career Support, Women

I’ve seen people say Taylor is selective in what she supports and that is bullshit. Never has Taylor ever made any comments that would say she support selective groups. The bolded causes above also combat this claim. 

Stop acting like Taylor Swift sits back and does nothing. Before the Women’s March none of you had a real reason to be mad at her. Even now you still don’t have a real reason to call her these names or claim she is selective in her feminism. 

And to the people who said Taylor voted for Trump when she voted for Hillary, now you’re just blatantly lying to support you misogyny towards this woman.

Women who did not go to that march are not defined by a march. If Taylor had gone to the march you all would have called her attention seeking and you know it. I saw people saying that Beyonce couldn’t have gone because there would have been too much attention drawn to her but someone who is as equally famous, if not, more, can’t have they same kind of understanding?

Stop with your double standards just because you don’t like a woman. Just stop. 

And stop using these pathetic, untrue excuses to not support Taylor Swift during her Sexual Assault trial. The word feminism holds very little weight when women have just as many double stands as society does. Open your eyes.

The fact that Jughead is only 16 and is handling pretty much everything going on in his life by himself is the reason I can’t sleep at night

        Transgender Day of Visibility is an important and vital day to celebrate those of us who are living as our authentic selves.  We can stand united in pride rather than shame and show the world our strength through our vulnerability.  As Laverne Cox said, “It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we shouldn’t exist.”  As our community gains more visibility, the hate and misunderstanding of who we are becomes more visible as well.  Murder rates and hate crimes against our community, especially trans women of color, have risen each year.  Rejection from friends and family often leads to homelessness.  Children face bullying, harassment, and high suicide rates.  Many of us experience workplace discrimination, live well beyond the poverty level, and we can still legally be fired in 32 states simply because we are transgender.  Lawmakers are introducing one bill after another that marginalize and attempt to exclude us from society.  Now, more than ever, visibility is necessary to help change hearts and minds.  

        I remember when my parents bought a computer and set up an internet connection when I was in Jr. High.  I was finally able to research why I felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body.  I learned about the term transgender and that I wasn’t alone.  For the first time, I no longer felt like a freak or outsider.  I gained hope and strength through the stories of those who had chosen to be visible.  However, I still lived in fear of what my family and friends would think.  Suicide was a constant thought in my mind because I was tired of pretending to be who I wasn’t meant to be.  Societal norms and expectations weighed me down and I became an introvert.  I fought who I was and lived in shame and fear until I was 29.  I had been married for 7 years and when that ended I was broken and defeated.  In my mind, I had two options, suicide or transition because I could no longer go through the motions and pretend to be happy.  

         Five years ago, I chose transition over suicide and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Even though I lost friends and family who disagreed with who I am, I gained so much more.  Truly loving myself for the first time allowed me to connect with others like I had never been able to before.  I was finally happy and free!  I chose to document my transition online and share my story with the world because I knew how important visibility was for others who were going through similar struggles.  This gave me the opportunity to inspire and encourage people to live their lives authentically and to love who they are.  The response I received was amazing and, in turn, it gave me the courage and confidence I needed to be more visible offline.  I began sharing my story with almost everyone and the friendships I developed have been rewarding and eye opening.  

          Over the years, I have been asked why I do not move past saying I am transgender and live my life as a woman.  My response, is that visibility is vital and I am proud of who I am.  To me, the term transgender doesn’t define my gender identity, it defines how hard I have fought to be the woman I am today.  Sharing our stories and our struggles truly opens hearts and minds to change and acceptance.  I have learned that most people, when given the chance, do not care about labels.  They care about the person that is front of them and the connection that is developed.  I’m thankful for a day that celebrates who I am despite the fear and hate directed at us but we need to celebrate who we are every day.  Life is a gift and can truly be amazing if you allow yourself to love who you are with unapologetic authenticity.  Together we can make a difference in this world and slowly we will make it a safer, better place for those following in our footsteps.  

I swear, I’ve seen homeless people take better care of dogs than people with stable jobs and lots of money.
I just saw a homeless dude with 4 dogs, all of them clean and with collar, he was carrying some bags and blankets (his home) and collecting recyclables to sell and take care of the dogs.

I usually think people without resources shouldn’t own pets, but to see them adopting stray animals and MAKING the resources to care for their pets. They take homeless dogs and cats and they are a family, they have a home now, a moving loving home.

I’ve seen dogs in worse situations with “rich” people that don’t even bother buying a collar or forget to feed them.

For the conditions of the dogs I could swear his dogs eat before him and he works what he can selling the recyclables to keep his dogs in good health.

I asked him if he could wait a moment, rushed to the nearest dog and bought a 700gr bag of dog food for his dogs, he was so damn happy, he didn’t even ask me for anything for himself.

I bet if he could he would let the dogs go to a better home, I bet he wants what best for them, but he really does his best and he dog’s were so damn happy, it mover me.

Really, I’ll punch in the face anyone that “can’t afford” something for their pets, if these guys can, everyone can.
It’s about love and determination.

Writing Commissions

Hey! My name’s Yah Yah. I’m 18 years old and right now, me and my family are homeless. We’re living in one room in the basement of some very kind people, but I think we’d like to be out of here … soon. I don’t have much to offer in terms of drawing or art, but I am a good writer. I’m hoping you all could do me a favor and spread this around. Likes are appreciated, but reblogs help me get some money to help get my family out of this situation.

I Can Do:

Original writing including short and novella length stories. You can either leave the plot and characters up to me or give me your own ideas to run with. Like a ghost-writer who’s getting paid to do the fun stuff.

Poetry/Prose. It can either be your run of the mill, beautiful poetry to ogle at or I can write poems/prose for your muse. I know a lot of roleplayers like to have something that reflects their muse well. A specially made poem or line of prose would do just the trick.

Editing! Which I know is a big deal for a lot of writers. It can be very hard to critique our own writing, so I’m offering to become your beta reader. I’ll look it over, edit any mistakes and help you fix any character issues/plot holes!


$15 for every 1k. So fifteen bucks will get you a thousands words and thirty will get you 2k and so on with the pricing. I will not charge an extra free if I write over what you paid me for. ( So if I fall in love with your character and lose my mind with the writing and word vomit something up, I won’t make you pay for it. )

For poetry I’m going to be charging $30 per poem as this is one of my strongest areas.

I’m going to have to ask to have the money upfront and you’ll get your product afterwards!

Do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes a long time and as much as I love it, it takes a lot out of me. Not only are you paying for my art, but you’re paying for my time too.

FOR EDITING, I charge based on the whole work. $20 for ten pages or less and $30 for anything after that.


I reserve the right to turn down a request. Keep your money if you want to write smut, pedophilia or rape. I will not do it for any price.

You will not claim my writing as your own. If you use my writing anywhere, you must credit it to me.

If you don’t like the finished product or would like a revision, please send me an IM or an ask. If any revisions can’t be made, you’ll get your money back!

If you’d like to contact me for a job, you can contact me here on Tumblr.

Right-wing women have surveyed the world: they find it a dangerous place. They see that work subjects them to more danger from more men; it increases the risk of sexual exploitation, They see that creativity and originality in their kind are ridiculed; they see women throw out of the circle of male civilization for having ideas, plans, visions, ambitions.

“They see that traditional marriage means selling to one man, not hundreds: the better deal. They see that the streets are cold, and that the women on them are tired, sick, and bruised.

"They see that the money they earn will not make them independent of men and that they will still have to play the sex games of their kind: at home and at work too. They see no way to make their bodies authentically their own and to survive in the world of men.

“They know that the Left has nothing better to offer: leftist men also want wives and whores; leftist man value whores too much and wives too little. Right-wing women are not (page 69) wrong. They fear that the Left, in stressing impersonal sex and promiscuity as values, will make them more vulnerable to male sexual aggression, and that they will be despised for not liking it. They are not wrong.

"Right wing women see that within the system in which they live, they can not make their bodies their own, but they can agree to privatized male ownership: keep it as one on one, as it were.

“They know they are valued for their sex-their sex organs and their reproductive capacity-and so they try to up their value: through cooperation, manipulation, conformity; through displays of affection or attempts at friendship, through submission and obedience, and especially through the use of euphemism- "femininity” “total woman” “good” “maternal instinct” “motherly love”

“Their desperation is quiet, they hide their bruises of body and heart; they dress carefully and have good manners; they suffer, they love God, they follow the rules. They see that intelligence displayed in a woman is a flaw, that intelligence realized in a woman is a crime.

"They see the world they live in and they are not wrong. They use sex and babies to stay valuable because they need a home, food, clothing. They use the traditional intelligence of the female-animal not human: They do what they have to, to survive.

—  Andrea Dworkin Right Wing Woman

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Are you really gonna end TribeTwelve if your house is damaged? Why not make the best of this situation and incorporate it into new videos for production value? Maybe update your Twitter temporarily saying your footage was corrupted and you need to relocate for a while? Sorry, I really just don't want TT vids to end.

This is it. This ask was the last straw that broke me. The dream home that my parents built 20 years ago for our family is likely going to be destroyed in several hours by a direct landfall of a Category 4 hurricane, nearly the strongest storm ever to hit the continental United States, due to 130+ mph winds, flooded by a 10 - 15 foot storm surge, leaving my family Nimby and I homeless. I was set to take my medical school entrance exam on the 28th and moving up north next month. I had been studying for months, and when the track changed from a Miami hit to a direct west coast hit, I broke down. Been having varying degrees of panic attacks since, barely eaten. Nimby has been hiding for days, he doesn’t have the luxury of understanding what’s happening and he’s barely eating or drinking because he’s so confused and scared. My family and I are still in the direct path of asthe storm’s eye and we’re not sure if we’re guaranteed safe. Do you have any iota of what I’m losing? I’m potentially losing my home, my car, my town, my possessions, my chance to get into the Optometry school class of 2022, decades of memories, our main source of income… and me ending my stupid video series is what you decide to message me about right now? Really? REALLY? How dare you. How fucking dare any of you send me those heartless asks right now. My nightmares have become reality and life as I know it is basically over. I really can’t handle any of this anymore so I’m going dark. I’ll post updates here or my twitter accordingly. I hope you sleep well tonight. See ya

If you can please help

Hi guys, so my parents decided to kick me out of my house, and now I have to find a place to stay for me and my cats (just two). I can stay with my friends but only for a few days. So if any of you knows a cheap, cat friendly room for rent in Warsaw please let me know. Also if you have any money to spare my paypal is I’d be eternally thankful.

Riverdale In a Nutshell

Cheryl: my family hates me and my brother was murdered

Betty: my pregnant sister went to live with her dead boyfriend’s family

Jughead: I’m homeless and my dad is a drunk

Veronica: my dad made someone attempt suicide

Archie: hey guys, check out this new song I wrote!

David Rovics

Landlord - David Rovics

Yes they overthrew this feudal system but
It’s replaced now by speculators and banks
And you can still hear the homeless families asking
Of all the landed gentry in our ranks

Who gave you the right to be a landlord?
To live a life of ease while others toil?
Who gave you the right to be a rich man 
While the rest of us pay you so that we can work this soil?

Sitting here in almost catatonic shock over Chester Bennington being dead, and knowing that he died from suicide, and that it happened on Chris Cornell’s birthday on top of everything else. I was a huge fan of Linkin Park as a baby bat/mallgoth teenager and even though their music didn’t stick with me as an adult, I still had respect for them as a band and especially for Chester. He went through so many horrible things growing up, from being repeatedly molested by a family member to being homeless, addicted to drugs, etc. and managed to overcome all of that pain and make something of himself. Every time kids made fun of “Crawling” for being a “whiny emo song” I reminded them that that song was about how he still felt alien in his own skin because his body had been violated so many times growing up. It was never a funny song and it is especially NOT funny now.

I feel guilty over making my last post because I was so wrapped up in my personal experiences with men taking advantage of me that I didn’t stop to think that men suffer from sexual abuse, too. Especially in the music industry, there are a lot of men who are rape and sexual assault survivors that are still dealing with the trauma of what happened to them through drug addiction and destructive behavior to this day. Many of them, sadly, couldn’t handle the pain anymore. Chester Bennington was one of those people. So was Scott Weiland, who Chester had replaced in Stone Temple Pilots (who I thankfully saw two years ago with Chester on vocals) - both victims of sexual abuse. The list goes on and on of men in hard rock/metal bands who had their bodies, their minds, and their hearts violated by disgusting predatory people, and the more I think about it the more sick it makes me feel.

Just please keep Chester’s family in your thoughts and prayers. I’m probably going to break out Hybrid Theory and Meteora for old times’ sake tonight and maybe invite my friend Nicole over to do the same. Nicole was so obsessed with Linkin Park and had a huge crush on Chester when we were teens, so this must be especially hard on her right now. Also, please don’t follow Chester’s example, Chris’ example, Scott Weiland’s example, or any other musician’s example in this sense - get help. Seek help from professionals and take care of yourself. 

Since Ozzy got arrested and I got kicked out, it’s been a daily struggle to make ends meet. Between food, motels, dope, daily expresses and unexpected set backs; I have become extremely stressed and worried. Currently all I own is a purse and a string backpack. I’m desperately in need of food and clothes because the harsh reality of being a call girl again is fastly approaching. A good friend of mine is selling dope to try and keep both of us from sinking. If anyone in the Orange County area needs any; message me and we’ll work something out! If anyone has any suggestions or ways to help… Please I’m drowning

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if you wanna donate toys/stuffed animals, lack of such is often a problem in women's shelters cause the mothers who stay there often don't have the time to pack all their kids toys while escaping dangerous situations. also, homeless shelters, since there sadly are homeless families

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Also local holiday charities will be collecting soon as well, things like Toys 4 Tots and the like.