family home

cute date Idea: we finally go visit your hometown. you show me all of your favorite places to eat and to see. i try to imagine you here, when you were younger. we visit your parents, and they love me. you think it’s cute. at night, we curl up, and i know that home is wherever you are.

Happy ever after looks good on you. I can see you now, walking down the aisle, smiles and tears all over the room. I never believed in this fairy tale kind of love, but when I’m around you, it all becomes real. Just your smile makes my heart stop beating, but your laugh brings me to life. You alight fireworks inside me, and as cliche as it sounds, it’s true. I can’t wait to spend happy ever after with you.
—  K.E.F

I don’t care that this is not “fangirl” account, but I just wanted to share my memories with One Direction. Today, July 23rd One Direction turns 7! And I’ve been Directioner for 4 years and I love them truly. I don’t know how did I found them, probably because Kiss You video that I saw on MTV, but I searched them up and first song that I downloaded was Over Again and I remember how I had only 2 songs on the phone and I always listened to Over Again and I fucking loved it. Even tho I didn’t really understand English back then, I loved them. I remember Zayns blonde streak in his hair, I remember Louis’ red trousers and his stripy shirt. I remember Liam’s shaved hair and Niall’s braces and Harry’s big, curly hair. I remember when One Way Or Another came out and I was jamming to it. I still do. I remember watching One Direction’s funny moments and video’s BTS on youtube and I was so happy. Also, I went throught that phase where I had my walls full of their posters. I remember when they went to Stockholm, but I couldn’t go and I read about that in the magazine and I cried, cause I wanted to experience something like that. And I still haven’t seen them live. I remember when You&I came out and I watched it on MTV and told my mom about them and she listened to me and asked questions. I remember when Zayn left, I cried, but I was okay with that after some time, cause now we all know how it actually is. I’m happy, if they all are happy. When I heard that they were going on break, I wasn’t that sad, cause, you know, I thought that it’s only normal, tahat they’re taking a break and, after all, it’s only supossed to be 18 months. Now it’s been more than 18 months and I understand that they won’t come back till like 2019., cause Niall and Harry has already annouced their tours. But I have supported, I am supporting, and I will support them all no matter what. I love them with my heart.

But sometimes it gets a bit hard, cause there’s always drama happening, expecialy around Louis, and I really don’t understand why. And I’m sad that he felt insecure cause he has always been my favourite throught all these years. His voice is unique and his sassiness level is higher than Zayn in that weed video. He has inspired me in so many ways and I now use some of his sassy sayings and I’m just heartbroken that he felt like that. And Louis is the strongest person I know, do you know many people who performs after 2 days of his mother? I don’t think so. Jay was so loving and caring and beautiful and I don’t even know how to describe her. She was just… Jay. Rest In Peace, Jay, you’re missed.

Liam. My Lima Bean. He is so full of joy and happines, he always tries to make everybody smile. He tought me not to give up. He didn’t give up in X-Factor and look where he is now. He is truly inspiring person. And I’m happy that he has a child now, that’s just, I don’t know. Liam also tought me to face my fears, because, you know. that spoon thing. I remember when I discovered that and I thought that it’s so stupid, but I guess everyone has something a little bit weird about them.

Niall tought me to always be happy. I remember when I first discovered One Direction I watched Niall laughing compilations and I always laughed along. I remember when chonce and #ohnoniall happened. And when Niall dyed his hair purple, I loved that hair colour. Also, can’t forget when he hit himself in the face with that basketball ball. There’s just so many memories about him. My lovely Irish boy.

Harry. Harry tought me to be kind and loving. Love is love and we like to celebrate it. This whole thing was the hardest for Harry, I think, cause he was so young when he auditioned on X-Factor, but he did it well and he’s so open minded and he understands things. He’s so, I don’t know, he just understands. Even if he’s goofy on stage, which others maybe doesn’t understand, I love him with all my heart. I remember “Get out of my kitchen” once in a while and I just smile at that.

Over all, I’m thankful for these 4 years in my life, cause I’ve made so many friends because of them and I’ve laughed with them, cried with them and I’ve voted my ass off and I’ve stayed up till 5am for award shows and I’ve felt proud when they won something. I’m proud of their solo songs and Dunkirk. And you know, somewhere there’s still that stereotype that Directioners are just 12 year old girls and that boys are still in that wmyb era, and it’s hard for someone to say it out loud that they’re Directioner, but honestly - there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I may lose my friends in real life, for some stupid reason, but I’ve got the biggest family here! Directioners - the biggest family ever. And I hope I could be friends with everyone, cause that would be cool.

One band, One dream, One Direction.

And also, One family.



YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

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okay so disney released detail’s about “raven’s home,” the new “that’s so raven” spin-off, and is it just me or does this sound suspiciously gay…..

“Best friends Raven and Chelsea, both divorced mothers, are now raising their children in a house together.”

look at them!!!! look at this gay family!!!!!!!


…I feel like there’s a story here.