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“I’m just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. It’s just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.Pt. 1:X | Pt: 2: X | Pt: 4:X


Rick Sanchez Keeps It Real

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Me: its just- so interesting to note that throughout ALL of Act 1 that anytime the whole tight knit family is singing or harmonizing, Whizzer is the only one to deviate and hit a Sharp or have his voice noticably stand out. From the first time everyone sings ‘His name is Mendel’ he holds out a belt/flat no one else does- its just so accurate to his character. He is, in every sense of the phrase, the Odd Man Out. He’s the one who was the outsider, the one who initially 'caused’ this whole epidemic (of course this was really Marvin,) and it shows the whole 'he wasnt a part of the Tight Knit Family yet. He sings the parts no one else does, hitting notes or sharps or flats and it STANDS OUT. He is meant to be noticed, meant to be seen as an outlier. In 'I never Wanted to Love You’ you clearly hear his voice, its how much he stands out and is different and is so important! Hes that character! The one Marvin left his Family for! The one who turned his whole world upside down! And his voice emulates that! Then, in Act 2, that leaves. There’s no song in which he outwardly has a Sharp or Flat or Belt no one else has. This is his 'Full Transition’ into the Tight Knit Family. He’s a part of it now, harmonously a part of the unit and it’s so important to note the change, from Loud and Brash and Hurt in Act 1 to Happy and Whole and Him™ in Act 2. I dont know, I’m just glad Whizzer finally got to have what he deserved. A Tight Knit Family.

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TIME TO SEND IN YOUR NAME’S FOR ALLY’S SURPRISE CARD!! Please spread this shit out of this. I apologize again for the late notice which is why I need you guys so much to help make this as successful as possible. REBLOG, RETWEET, SHARE! Let’s go!!

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Guys this is URGENT!! I need you all to spam every possible social media account you have with news of this project. I apologize for my stupid mistake but I know that this fandom is amazing and can still pull this off.

If you want your name added message me now! If you’ve been involved in my past projects from the other girls send me a message saying you want to be included again! I may go and look through and add your name if you’ve participated in the others so if that’s the case please just be aware. When you post this please make sure to @ me so people know who to contact!!.

Operation Birthday Surprise for Lauren is in full effect!! As Lauren would say “We can still kill this shit”!


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5 years of happiness, sadness, triumph, drama and scam!
5 Girls looking for a dream come true!
Although there are now 4 that form Fifth Harmony don’t forget Camila Because the CAMILIZERS and HARMONIZERS ARE FAMILY &
No matter what happens, always support the 5 Girls❤