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Imagine Promising Tate Forever...

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You knew all about the history of the murder house, you went google crazy when your parents said that was going to be your new home. So you knew about Charlie Montgomery, The gay murder-suicide, the mass shooting, the spot on the haunted tour, the Harmon family and Tate Langdon. However you knew nothing of the ghosts haunting that house, so imagine your surprise when Tate Langdon revealed himself to you, along with the other ghost. 

Soon the two of you were best friends, telling your mother and father he came home with you to hang out, and then you would fake his departure, just to find him moments later in your room again. You found yourself though falling for the murderous ghost, who seemed so sweet to you, unaware he was also doing the same. And then he said it one night, “Stay with me?”

You were shocked, and looked into his teary eyes as you rested your hand against his face, “For as long as this world lets me.”

His face seemed to sadden as the realization of your mortality set in once again, the realization that you had a whole other life to live,that you were expected to move out one day, go to college, get married, have babies, and die an old woman warm in your bed surrounded by the photographs of the past, none in which involved him. 

And you knew it too, you were aware that unlike Tate you had a number associated with your days, and the freedom to leave this place 365 days out of the year. You knew he would stay loyal if you stayed, but that you would die an old maid here, while he forever remained young, and then you would forever old and trapped in this house, with a boyfriend who is far more attractive then old, wrinkly you. Plus what would that do to your mental state, living for years in a house, never leaving, and socializing with the dead. You would probably lose your mental stability by the age of thirty five. So you made a plan, which was fully developed by the time you removed your hand from his face.

That night as you closed your book to go to bed, you heard Tate sit next to you on the bed that was once his, “Can I stay tonight?” 

“Tate you ask me that every night, and every night I say the same thing.” 

“I want to hear you say it though?” 

“Yes Tate, you may stay here. Now before bed, I have to go to the bathroom, I shouldn’t be gone long.” You leaned over and kissed his head before jumping up and walking to the bathroom. Once there you shut the door, and opened the medicine cabinet…..

“Ok, so do you want to be the big spoon or little one tonight?” you asked as he watched you walk back in and look at him with so much love in your eyes.

“I’ll be the big spoon for tonight, tomorrow we can switch if you want.” you smiled as you started towards the bed, your steps a bit wobbled as you sat on the bed, hoping Tate wouldn’t notice. As you both laid there, your arms wrapped around him, you felt the darkness set in, and whispered to him, “I love you Tate.”

“I love you too.” He replied as the darkness completely swallowed you up.

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When you woke up you felt hands grasping your shoulder, shaking you. The faint yells of Tate as he cried filled your ears, “[Y/N]! [Y/N]! Wake up.Please baby wake up.”

“Tate.” You faintly said, but it was loud enough to make him stop, his hands going from your shoulders to your face as you slowly opened your eyes, and weakly smiled at his face, which was mixed with grief and joy.

“I thought…. I thought….”

“Tate…. ask me what you did a couple days ago?” you requested as a tear fell onto your pale skin.

“Stay with me?” 

“Forever.” you whispered as he pulled you into a hug, happy that you were still here with him.