family guy: season 10

seasons 2 thru 10 are genuinely, thoroughly, REALLY fucking good. i get so much shit for saying this but if u go to basically any hardcore cartoon fandom space that doesn’t have tumblr’s Sith levels of absolutism, people will talk very openly about how fun and well-crafted and socially conscious it is, and how hard it is to convince the show’s highbrow target audience that it’s a highbrow show since they assume it’s ‘family guy 2’.

season 1 IS by the family guy crew and the co-creator left after season 10 (which consists solely of 3 roger episodes he headed as a sort of swan song), but everything in those 9 years inbetween is fucking solid tv

there’s a few (like seriously surprisingly few) shitty offensive jokes and mishandled issues but i don’t think there are any episodes in that time period with bad central themes.

one of the things i like to cite is that their second episode about The Gays turned out NOT to be a boring “hey straight ppl, gays are ok” episode, it was actually written FOR gay people ABOUT a gay character, the theme being “family who don’t accept you aren’t really your family, and you don’t need them.”

also i think their (surprisingly sparse) jokes about gay stereotypes and lifestyle are actually safe and funny and well-informed, to the degree that i’m pretty confident the show had queer writers. i’ve heard similar things from black fans about the show’s treatment of black characters but obvs i can’t personally weigh in on how that’s handled, tho i can definitely say the show has more black minor and supporting characters than most adult cartoons

the show dropped most of its political pretense in season 2 and a lot of the show’s meat consists of sci-fi concept-driven situational comedy reminiscent of rick and morty or futurama. the humor is also driven primarily by character interaction, which the show excels at. frankly, any two characters from this show are funny together, bc the 2nd writing crew gave everyone a lot of secondary characteristics and it all Just Works. the voice cast is also fucking 10/10. i love them.

it also has much better art than family guy, they share a superficial style but their design and animation philosophies are very different. compare how jesus and w bush are depicted on each show, american dad consistently has much better designs. also compare how detailed american dad’s backgrounds are, and how often they choose to shoot things from unconventional angles

i know im ranting but i hate hatedoms that stem from ignorance and refusal to give media a chance in the first place, and the vast majority of people who hate american dad have no idea what theyre talking about and act snooty as FUCK when it’s suggested that AD isn’t completely terrible, and im so not here for it. ive had friends insult me for saying the show isn’t that bad, if you’ve seen 2 episodes how the fuck would you know????

like yeah mcfarlane is an irredeemable person but this show he barely worked on evolved into a well-crafted work of love by a ton of talented and socially conscious artists and it has a lot of merit to it


So admittedly demon!dean was fun, Annddd sexy… But then you see Sam’s face, and you see how he goes crazy looking for his brother, and you feel how broken he is. Then you feel that sadness sink into your stomach, and you really realize just how awful it is, Dean taken by the darkness he always fought.
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