family guy season 11

The X-files is shooting for 11 days and so far these are the things we got excited for:

  • Fox Mulder looking fine as hell, aka *fluffy hair, arm porn, dat body😳*
  • Dana Scully looking bruised, but fine as hell, aka *awesome wig, nice makeup, Mulder will take such a good care of her*
  • One of Brick’s paw
  • Filming Notifications
  • Cars being moved to THE BRIDGE
  • Car chase in the dark
  • Trailer Doors and Tents
  • Stunt Doubles shooting said car chasing scenes in the dark
  • Chris Carter being educated about bees and flowers
  • The FEET of Mulder & Scully (Gillian & David) with Brick sitting right in the middle
  • Basically Brick is the star of Season 11

All I’m saying is, that we haven’t got much just yet but we are all here, being super excited, sleep-deprived already, ready for spiralling and sharing lots of fandom love. This is gonna be one long ride, and I’m just so happy to share it with y’all. We survived a lot of shit, we needed this and we are here for it. This is one great fam and it’s ready to welcome more! ❤️️ 

Hello, there BabyPhiles! Fasten your seatbelt, take the crazy pill and join us! I must warn you that this will be one hell of a unique experience which will definitely stay with you and might change your life forever…

I would just like to say that we have had the brother line before. We’ve had the family line before (remember Goodbye Stranger?). It’s not new. Dean has never been able to tell anyone that he loves them. What does he say instead? He tells them they’re family because family is the most important thing to Dean Winchester. It’s what he was raised on. Sure, the build up was a little shafted, but there is only one person that can help him to learn to love and open up again, it’s his mother, the only person he’s ever said the L word to. With her back, he can now begin to really heal and reconcile with the event that clogged his emotions in the first place. And that could lead to so many possibilities.


So admittedly demon!dean was fun, Annddd sexy… But then you see Sam’s face, and you see how he goes crazy looking for his brother, and you feel how broken he is. Then you feel that sadness sink into your stomach, and you really realize just how awful it is, Dean taken by the darkness he always fought.
Supernatural season 10 premiere “Black”
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