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Jack Gilinsky is a blessing


So it’s been a while since I’ve talked to anybody on here and that makes me sad. I used to have a lot of mutuals and I used to talk to people but I don’t really know what happened. There aren’t many “requirements” but we would probably get along better if you were interested in any of these topics :)
•Magcon (preferably old)
•Teen Wolf
•Dan Howell
•Phil Lester
•Bob Saget (jfg)
•The Maze Runner
•The Scorch Trials
•Almost every YouTuber
But if you aren’t interested in these thing still feel free to talk to me :) you can tell me things you like and we can grow from there. (You can use this if you’re also looking for friends!!)

He loves about you...

Jack J: How cutie you are but also how “bad” you could be. How sweet and caring yoi could be planting kisses on his face and stuff but contrasting with it how you could be a bad girl and stuff. He’d just love how he can have both sides of you.
Jack G: Your warm personality. How excited you could get and be playfull, how happy you look when you do something you like. How funny and sweet you are. You always hug him and stuff.
Sammy: Your changes. How sweet and adorable you can be in a moment and then to be totally sassy and smartass, or how stupid you can sound but in the next moment be the smartest one.
Nate: Your intelligence. How much you know, or even if you don’t know at all. He’d be totally mesmerized when you say something really intelligent. Not that he’s not but because it makes you different from the other girl who would just have sex with him and say things he wouldn’t be interested in. He’d know how to appreciate your type of intelligence.

I don’t usually do all the omaha guys! If you want just request. Sorry for the delay.

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Puppy, puppy. - Magcon serie

Jack J

(@Y/T/N): BRUH WHAT YOU MEAN WITH “NOT AS CUTIE AS YOU” Me: Calm down kids… or I’m gonna call Jack

@Jackjackjohnson: Obey your mom babies (@Y/T/N)

(@Y/T/N): Thank you dear @JackJackJohnson

@JackJackJohnson: And don’t let her find out I’m just pretending…

(@Y/T/N): @JackJackJohnson WHAT

@JackJackJohnson: jk baby I swear not serious (@Y/T/N)

(@Y/T/N): @JackJackJohnson u better be

@JackJackJohnson: or what?


@JackJackJohnson: shit…


“Puppy, puppy.” new part everyday

I just want you.

“Jack, no.” you say seriously.

“(y/n) hear me, I was just talking to her.”

“Jack, you know I don’t like to act like a jelousy girlfriend. But fuck this shit I KNOW WHAT I SAW.” you scream.

“No you obviously don’t know, because you are mad to ANYTHING. ” he states.

“Ok Jack, whatever.” you say angrily and walk away. You really didn’t want to fight with Jack. Because of this you decided just be alone. You were so mad at him and you couldn’t help.

What happened was… You and Jack went to a party and he met a girl who said they were friend or something like that. The point is that she was flirting with Jack like all the time, and he was acting like anything was happening when obviously it was.

You entered the bedroom taking your heels off and then trying to unzip your dress. You suddenly felt Jack’s fingertips across your back unzipping the dress for you. You turned around looking at him.

“Thank you. ”

” I’m so sorry babe. ” Jack mumbles and you butter up.

” It’s OK… ” you sigh.” even if I know you don’t really mean it. ” He smirks and kiss your nose.

” Sometimes I just have to do it… Because I rather to lose a stupid fight and don’t lose you. ”

You smile and kiss his cheek.

” I just want you babygirl. Don’t worry. ” he kisses you.

So in this one I got the same problem that was in the last Matt imagine, it was requested along time ago, and I don’t remember who was the one who requested, but here it is, so if you see this and know it was you then thanks for request and also sorry because I was supposed to do it before!



“Pack of beer or would you rather me smack you in the face? Answer that honestly.”

The fact that some of you think Gilinsky is drunk when he hit JJ annoys me. He was looking out for him trying to get him to stop drinking.

After a fight


Nash would be mad at first but few hours after that he would forget about the fight and if you ask him, he wouldn’t remember not even the reason why you fought. But if you still mad at him, he would be reluctant at first but then he would do anything to your forget about it. Like take you on a date to your favorite place, and buy you roses.


Cam would be sad. Really sad but he would be calm because he knows that you could talk about this. He would try to distract himself with work and when things are more comfortable he would call you and before you coule say anything he would tell you everything that’s in his mind and then ask if you could come over and cuddle with him and Jaxx.


Matt would be so different… I mean, he usually is so sweet and cutie and warm with you but once you fight and he wouldn’t be mad and scream or something like that, he would be mad and sad and be quiet, as cold as the winter. Of course he wouldn’t stop loving you or caring about you but he would momentarily seems like to. After a few hours if it was a silly fight he would just shyly try to start talking to you as the usual with you and if you do it too you both would just cuddle and eat all the food in the house with Burnie.


Carter and fights means indirects all the way, godness, it would be like: The fight ends, you go upstairs and he sits on the couch take his phone and starts. Not because he would want to be mean to you, but because he’s just like that, when he’s mad, sad, he does things and just don’t think about it. When you go downstairs knowing what he was doing you would just say he’s stupid and go away before you fight again. He would stop for a second and realise he is being an idiot. And then he would just start to delete the tweets he was saying shit. He’d go talk to you no matter where you are, and try to get you to forgive him saying how stupid he is and that he’s sorry asf.


Aaron wouldn’t know what to do, especially if it is your first fight, he is so mad and so upset that he gets confused and don’t actually do anything. He just lay in his bed and is that. A couple of days after when he is no more too confusing he tries to talk to you and say he’s sorry and that he loves you, he’d also buy you chocolate.


Young Hayes would be really mad, he wouldn’t know what he did to get you angry at him, so he is like “she’s crazy” and kinda be away from you for a good time, after his angrily go down he would awkwardly ask you to go out with him and then things maybe are ok.


Jacob wouldn’t wait very long when he first sees you’re really mad he would just try you. He would sit with you on the couch while you try to ignore him watching some stupid TV shows. He is really tired of this fight even if it is like 5min you fought. He would sneaky over your side and lay down his head on your lap trying to get your attention. Then he would be the most cutie thing and do a pouty face making you smile softly because your madness doesn’t exist anymore and he would give you a smile that means “I knew you wouldn’t resist to this.” (Awww I want this ♡ sowwy Johnson)

Jack G:

Jack would love to get you angry, but he’d hate to be angry. Usually when he was angry he’d wait till he calm down and then talk to you like “Hey, do you want go out with me and the guys?”. But when you were mad and he wasn’t he would tease you mostly like to let you horny and then you’d have some great sex and after that he’d just hug you tight and keep repeating on your ear how much he loves you.


You hardly ever fight to Shawn, and he hardly ever gets mad and say stupid things. Usually Shawn would be quiet, while you’re fighting, he probably wouldn’t say anything and when he tries to explain you can hardly hear and when the fight ends he just walk away making you angrier, after a couple of hours he gets back and you’re also quiet, and it makes things really weird between you. He really doesn’t do anything when he’s not the wrong one, things get ok with time. But when he’s the wrong one he’d do anything that you want and sing for you of course.


Taylor would be annoying and confusing when you fight, at first he would just look at you and then go away, a couple of minutes after he’d start to tease you in sexual and non-sexual ways, he’d stay in front of the tv when you were watching, or jump in the bed when you are sleeping, he’d poke your nose and do everything that gets you madder at him but honestly he just want you to talk to him, it doesn’t matter of it is to fight again, but he doesn’t want to be ignored. When he notices that tease you doesn’t work, he’d start to do it in sexually ways what doesn’t work too, so when you are alone in the room praying to him not come over, he’d just sit in front of you in the bed with a sad face and his nose is red because he probably was crying and you didn’t see, he just looks down and “I’m sorry” comes out from both of you. You hug him and he kisses you and when you are cuddling he says “You know I cried because of onions right?” And you’d laugh. “You’re a dork Taylor.”

Jack J:

Jack in the most of times would let you “win” the fight just because he’d rather lose the fight and not to lose you, even if you’re mad you both you go through this . But sometimes he’d just be so mad and say things that would hurt you, but it is like he is acting without thinking before, he’s just saying everything he didn’t say before, when it end up, you’d be hurt and feeling bad because you think you’re bad to him , he would be mad and feeling bad because he said shit. Everything would be broke. He’d go home and you stay there, and probably you both would not talk for a period, but after this you both would just randomly meet and he’d be as broken as you and then he tries and sneaky back to you.

Part 2