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We reached 200!!! Yayyy!!!

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Thank you so much guys!!!

I can’t thank you all enough! This makes me so fucking happy you don’t even know! Sadly, I won’t be doing something big to celebrate this milestone but I have a cool idea for the next one ❤️

Since I’ll be finished with my exams this week I’ll be able to finally get back to writing! So you can all expect more content from now on. I already have a few ideas for new fics and you can always send in ideas you may have!

And I also wanted to say this: I’m not someone who gets a lot of asks on tumblr (or any at all really) so I just want you guys to know that if there’s ever something you want to talk about and have no one to go to you can always come to me! I’m always here to talk and I love all of you so much so please don’t be shy ❤️

I can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys and thank you for tagging along! ❤️

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