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i don’t know why i thought clicking on a suggested family guy clip would do anything but ruin my day but then i looked at this top comment and it ruined my day twice


So Adam West just died. Here’s a video with lots of my favorites scenes from Family Guy with him in it.


Good Behavior | 1.05 |  Javier & Letty

You don’t have a picture of her?

It’s new. It’s a new thing. I don’t have one.

i can remember the exact final straw that led to me actively trying to starve myself in high school and that was a family guy clip where someone lifts megs shirt up and brian like projectile vomits, i was like “oh my stomach looks exactly like that” & that on top of a bunch of other shit “inspired” me to try just not eating anymore. and when i inevitably felt like shit as a result i told myself i deserved it for even existing. this shit does matter especially for young people and i know so many people have done far worse to themselves and have died over this bullshit. fuck anybody who thinks fat people should be shamed into losing weight youre all fucking garbage and i hate you.

Family Guy clip: Down Syndrome Girl Song

I know for some people (*cough* Sarah Palin *cough*) this episode was super controversial, but I still liked this song, because it was so Broadway-ish. Seth co-wrote it (in collaboration with Walter Murphy) and it even got an Emmy nomination in 2010.

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have YOU heard the word???



me rofl-ing

Seth MacFarlane Finally Addresses Those Caitlyn Jenner 'Family Guy' Clips

Earlier this month, Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world with a 22-page Vanity Fair photo shoot. Jenner had only publicly come out as transgender back in April in an interview with Diane Sawyer, which led many to wonder: Did “Family Guy” actually know about this years ago?

Recently, “Family Guy” clips have resurfaced that some are saying predicted Jenner’s transition. In one clip from 2009, Stewie Griffin calls Jenner “an elegant, beautiful Dutch woman.” In another, Jenner dances provocatively for a crowd while Peter Griffin says, “Just wanted to remind you fellas what you’re all fighting for.”

Read on for his response here. 

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0:23: Oldest joke in the book.
0:32: Thank god.
0:37: MAD Magazine did it.
0:58: Bart hasn’t prank called Moe’s in about ten years, but sure, let’s dust this one off. What could go wrong?
1:33: I appreciate this nod toward Family Guy’s cutaway bits, but instead of doing a cutaway bit, I would have liked to have seen this scene from Homer’s perspective, watching Peter stare off into space, imagining something. Also, doesn’t Family Guy get self-aware about these types of jokes a lot now? What’s the point?
2:02: This is a nice little nod to the programming block. The mildest of kudos to you.
2:15: I don’t get what’s funny about this bit. Is the joke that babies can’t skateboard?
2:31: And we arrive at the inevitable “Family Guy is a ripoff of The Simpsons” jokes. To be honest, I’ve never felt that way. From the beginning, Family Guy was more crass, more blunt, more referential than The Simpsons, and only ripped them off in that Peter is fat and Lois is a nag (and in that case they’re ripping off nearly every family sitcom that’s ever existed). Shows about dumb dads are nothing new, and the two shows pull their story ideas from such different places, the comparison isn’t apt. They’re like Mario and Sonic, or Conan and He-Man: it’s a riff on an established concept, but in a big enough different direction that it’s not quite a rip-off, or a parody, or an homage, it’s just its own thing.
3:11: Oh, good, a drawn-out fight scene. If Family Guy put more money into these things, they’d be fantastic. As they are, I’m just waiting for an actual joke.
3:34: Come on, Ralph Wiggum is one of the best characters on the show, you can’t come up with a better line than that?
3:49: WE GET IT.
4:40: Seeing Springfield Gorge is… honestly comforting. If anyone’s gonna bring this classic back, this is the time to do it.

Conclusion: I’ll probably watch this dumb bullshit when it comes out to point out how unnecessary it is and complain about it on the internet, as is my right, decreed to me by the great Jeff Albertson.