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A/N: Request from anon. A lot of depression and angst here but I’d say it’s fluffy too. It worked well with that idea I had in mind, so without further ado… enjoy!

Words: 1662
Warnings: angst, depression

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I Was Back At Arkham Asylum (part 2) - Jokers Daughter & Jerome

Joker x daughter!reader

Jerome x reader

Warnings: none

a/n: So this is gonna be a 10 part series, I did part 1. this is gonna be part 2, i have all of them planned out.I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you did the last one.i was amazed that it went up to 113notes overnight, my other Jokers daughter imagines usually take 2 days to get to that or higher i am so happy you guys are enjoying this, you can request as much as you want this account is for things that can be series and have more than one part. if you want to request one-shots go to my other blog @chloe-skywalker request anytime on either of them.

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“Hey princess” he said with his signature big smile on his face.

“Daddy, when can you come home?” I asked him as we detached from each other and sat down at the table in the room.

Truth was that being home with only Uncle Frost, yeah it was ok I felt fine I do consider Frost family. He is my dad’s best friend whether he admits it or not, and he has saved my dad more times than he should, which I’m grateful for.   But not having mom there and now not having dad either inside I feel alone like i have no one which if Frost wasn’t there I would be.

“Princess daddy plans on coming home in a couple of weeks.” he said in a shushed voice.

“Weeks?! Dad, I get things need to calm down before me and Frost break you out, but … Weeks” I basically yelled at him outraged.

“Calm down baby, I do not want to wait that long either to be home with my princess back in my arms causing mayhem. And under NO circumstances am I risking you being put in here, wherever your mother is, or worse. So yes weeks” he explained all serious. I rolled my eyes at most of it.

“Have you been givin them hell in here?” I said after a period of silence. Still pissed but calming down.

“You Know me, of course I have. They like to keep me in those annoying straight jackets” he said smiling trying to lighten the mood, to make me happy.

“Maybe they do that so ya behave, ever thought of that?” I said sarcastically, but smiling.

“Not behaving is something we have in common” he winked.

“True, I take that as a good thing means I’m just as stubborn” I stated and winked. He couldn’t hold back the chuckle that came out of him.

“And you should” he stated proudly.

“Killed any guards yet?” I asked generally curious.

“Four actually, one was a accident” he joked.

“With you killing, isn’t an accident” I said while smirking at him.

“Princess, they are gonna take me back to my cell any minute now. We should probably start wrapping things up” he said.

“Start saying goodbye visiting hours are up” the guard said peeking his head into the room.

“You are always good at timing” I said looking at him amused, considering not even a minute after he said that the guard says that.

“Love you princess, I’ll see you real soon” he said then laughed his famous Joker laugh.

“Love you daddy, be good so I can visit the terrifying Joker again” I said the last part giving him a smirk.

As I exited the room the guard escorted me down the hall, and my dad escorted by many guards down to the other end of the hall.

As i was walking to the stairs past the basically big cage where all the criminals in Arkham could take and hang out outside of their cells.walking past it me and Jerome caught each other’s eyes as i walked over to the door where the stairs are we kept eye contact once i opened the door to go down. I winked at him and he smiled that big creepy to some smile and i turned to go down the stairs.

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Joker’s p.o.v

 After being in my cell for awhile after they put me back in. all i could think about was my daughter. I miss her like crazy, she is my only sanity i have left and it’s driving me nuts not being her her. Being able to have her in my arms, watch her sleep.

But i was also mad that i heard the guards talking about my daughter and Jerome Valeska talking and being flirty. Thinking about that makes me outraged, pissed. I remember the name from the news.

The question running in my brain is what does he want with my Princess?

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part 3 

What We Built

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written by: S | @kinetic-elaboration

prompt: The 100 start calling Bellamy and Clarke “mom” and “dad” at the dropship camp, and the tradition continues even after the Ark comes down, causing confusion for @a-duck-with-herpes

word count: 8504

It started with Miller, which is the hardest part to explain later, after it’s spiraled out of control. But at the time it was really no more than a joke. A throwaway joke. 

Bellamy had been distributing guns and handing out guard assignments, looking over his misfit crew of teenage criminals like they were the real deal, because they had to be, because the enemy was out there, somewhere, beyond the gate. The atmosphere was understandably tense. Some of the new guard squared their shoulders and gritted their teeth, and tried to seem bigger than they were. Others just stared at their weapons like they hardly believed the guns were real. And some, like Miller, pretended this whole thing was a joke. Pretended they were in control and not afraid. So when Bellamy told him he was on the night shift, and then dismissed him with the others, he just smirked and said, “You got it, Dad,” as he slung his gun over his shoulder. 

It was a little weird. But at least it broke the tense atmosphere, the looming threat of war and death that had tied up everyone else’s tongue, so a few of them laughed anyway, uncertain and with obvious unease, before they scattered to their various posts. 


“Why dad though?” Bellamy asked, as he finished his second circuit around the dropship ground floor.  

His tone said rhetorical but his face, when Clarke looked up from organizing their medical supplies, said explain this right now. So she thought for a moment and suggested, “Nervous joke about authority figures?” 

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And this is why North is never allowed to introduce Jack. Ever again.

I love all of the family relationships between the Guardians but I’m partial to North and Jack’s father/son thing. It warms my heart (love family stuff, man. Gets me every time)

Flash Rant/S4 expectations:

Though TF is one of my favorite shows, this last season was not the best: The pacing of the episodes was off, the savitar reveal came way too late and people had already figured it out making it anticlimactic, Savitar was underdeveloped and more time could have been spent on him and of course EmoBarry. But there were individual things that rubbed me the wrong way, so here we go:

Star labs:I am so sick and tired of star labs. I am sick and tired of seeing the set. Why tf is 80% of every episode in star labs?!? there is an entire city to use and all we see is Star Labs. I know I wasn’t the only one happy to see it get destroyed in the finale. Yes, I get it is the focal point of the show as far as locations. That’s where team flash comes together, thats where the Flash goes. BUT, its been 3 seasons. We get it. We saw it. Lets move on. Allow the characters to have lives outside of Star Labs. They deserve it. 

BARRY: LET BARRY BE GREAT. LET BARRY BE SMART. PLEASE. Barry Allen is a genius but the show has stripped so much of that away from him in order to give importance to *drum roll* STAR LABS. That’s bullshit. Show him being smarter, on his own. Let him make decisions. On his own. He doesn’t need 80 people telling him things he should already know. 

What I want for Barry in S4: I want to see him using his brain. I want to see him do his job. CSI stuff. I want to see him happy and excited about being the Flash like in S1. He’s been through a lot. Let him thrive now. Let him have a stronger connection to the speed force. Let him be FASTER than everyone else. Let him be the one giving the pep talks, not receiving them. He’s learned a lot. He’s grown as a man and a hero. Lets see it. 

IRIS: Iris did more reporting in S1 and S2 than this entire last season. We never even saw the CCPN set ever again. Let her do her job. Please. In the comics, Iris is not only a brilliant reporter but her research and investigations directly help Barry in some of his work as the Flash. LETS SEE THAT. Again, in order to give Star Labs more to do, Iris has been stripped of many opportunities where her journalism could of come in handy. I may be alone in this but I feel like S3 took some agency away from her character by not allowing her to directly influence her fate by the hands of Savitar. She is not a damsel in distress and though we may know this, sometimes I feel it could of came off stronger.

What I want for Iris in S4: I want to see badass journalist Iris. I want to see her contribute more than we have seen her do in the past. It makes no sense in a city like Central City reporters are not used more in the main story lines. Use her. Also, Let her have emotions. She was preparing to die and we barely got a few scenes of her coming to terms with that. wtf. She is the leading lady of the show. Treat her like one and recognize how effective she could be. Also, I want to see her happy. Candice Patton has a great sense of humor. Allow her to bring that to the character more often. Let her be silly and fun, especially with Barry. And, give Iris a female friendship. Sometimes I feel like this show wouldn’t pass the bechdel test. 

JOE: again, let Joe do his job. Yes, hes a detective and we see him doing some things. But its not enough. He should be Captain and will have more influence at CCPD. You can’t have a talented actor like Jesse L. Martin and utilize him mostly for pep talks and musical numbers. 

What I want for Joe in S4: A story line consisting of his work at CCPD. He also doesn’t need to be at Star Labs so much. Lets see him do his badassary as detective. We know hes a great father. But I would like to see more about Joe outside of his kids. He deserves that much. Also keep Cecile and dont ever hurt Papa Joe. Ever. 

WALLY: He’s freaking Kid Flash and yet, he barely had any screen time in the last few episodes of the season. I hope this is because they are saving it for his bigger role in S4 but still, Wally is underdeveloped as a character and needs more focus on him as Wally and as a superhero. 

What I want for Wally in S4: Same as Barry, I want to see him thrive as the Flash but also go through growing pains. He has a lot to learn and S4 can deliver a great coming of age type of story arc for Wally as he learns to make mistakes and become a better hero.

CISCO: I love this character. And as much as I love him, I need him to back off a little bit as inventor and creator of all things team flash. Cisco has way too many jobs. Many of which as I mentioned can easily go to other characters. Now as Vibe, Cisco has other greater things to learn and develop for himself. Let him. 

What I want for Cisco in S4: Strengthen that Vibe power. Develop it, harness it. Vibe is extremely powerful. Let him get there. I want to see him work on his abilities with Gypsy and be an active hero, not just one who sits in front of a computer. He’s too useful for that. I also want to see him Happy. Give us funny, lighthearted Cisco we love. Allow him to go on a date. Flirt. Get a GF (preferably Gypsy) and overall be unstoppable. It would be great to learn more about his backstory as well, such as his family. 

KILLER FROST: Let KF be complex. The one thing this show is too afraid to do is go too dark. I get that with some characters but not with KF. She is canonically a villain. Let her be one. She’s more interesting that way.There is a way to do that without going over the edge. Right now, KF is helping the Justice League in the comic books but is still considered a villian. She has a Harley Quinn like thing going on and it works. 

What I want for KF in S4: Let her balance the line between good and bad. Let her explore her KF powers and figure out who she is. Please don’t let her be bad one episode and have her be good the next and return her to star labs. She needs to feel the full weight of her actions as KF. Show those conflicting emotions. She can be a bad guy and still have good in her. She doesn’t need to be Caitlin again. Let her be a new version of KF. Develop her powers, and explore more of her backstory. There are deeper and darker things in Caitlin’s history that we still dont know about. 

HARRY: Just bring back OG Wells. That’s all. 

TEAM FLASH: Lessen up the team. There are wayyyy too many characters on this show. And the more characters, the less time can be spent developing them. Tracy is cool but we dont have room for her on the team, at least not as a regular. Julian is cool but outside of being Dr. Alchemy, we don’t really need another person with the same skills as Barry as a CSI. Its just too bloated and needs to be shrunk down. 

THE VILLIANS: Speaking of Julian, I hope the show has bigger plans for him because if not, Dr. Alchemy was completely wasted. He was supposed to be an interesting character and one of Flash’s biggest foes but instead was used very little and then almost forgotten about.I hope the plan is to revisit that at some point. No more speedsters. At least not for a while. Suicide Squad, if possible would be a phenomenal additions for S4.  

Thats all. I’m sure theres more stuff but this is all I can type up. And remember, these are just MY opinions and feelings about the show and what I hope to see in S4. No matter what, TF is insanley popular, I just feel sometimes writers and showrunners take advantage of that and get kind of lazy. Unforunatley, I feel that happened this season. 

Here is hoping for the best in season 4!

Parenthood {Hijack PNAU}

     A wail pierced the air, startling both males from their sleep. Feeling his pale-haired partner shift beside him, Hiccup rested a hand on a heavily tattooed arm. Jack moved his gaze, still slightly blurry with sleep, to his beloved, managing to see a tired smile through the darkness of the bedroom.

     “I got it, Jack,” Hiccup murmured as the crying continued, high-pitched and distressed. He pressed a single kiss to the older boy’s temple and rolled over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling around the nightstand for his glasses. Finally, he found them and slid them onto his face, now using his improved vision to find his prosthetic leaning against the end of the bed. He grabbed it and strapped it on, then pushed himself into a standing position. He stretched with a small yawn, then walked over to the crib that stood in the corner of the bedroom, a delicate mobile hanging over it. Though his eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, he was able to make out the small form of his child, tiny fists clenched and arms flailing.

     He reached down and gently lifted the baby, blanket and all, into his arms, bouncing him lightly and cooing softly. The child smelled fine, so he could assume that he didn’t need a diaper change, and he had been fed well before they had all settled for bed. “What’s wrong, Stoick?” He whispered as his eyes adjusted more and details began to become evident. His son’s face was scrunched up and pink, tears pouring down his face and a small tuft of copper hair atop his head. Hiccup sighed, pressing a gentle kiss to Stoick’s forehead and continuing to bounce him, whispering and clucking softly. Finally, the child began to calm, tears reduced to sniffles and wails silenced by the thumb he had deposited into his mouth, slightly watery blue eyes peering up at him.

     Jack, not able to fall asleep again without Hiccup by his side, rolled over and looked over at the two of them. He took in the form of his newlywed husband, outfitted in one of Jack’s large t-shirts (the logo of some band or other imprinted on the front) and his boxers, auburn hair a mess and his prosthetic glinting in the moonlight that peeked through the crack in the curtains. As Jack watched him soothe their youngest back into a sleepy state, he couldn’t help but marvel at just how lucky he was. With the thought, Jack pushed himself to his feet and walked over, wrapping his arms around his partner’s thin waist and stooping to rest his chin on a shoulder that was the opposite of broad, looking down at their once-again-snoozing son.

     “Just look at him,” Jack muttered affectionately, beginning to nuzzle at Hiccup’s lightly freckled neck, “Was he worth the nine months of pain, mood swings and cravings?” Hiccup gave a soft chuckle at the question, tilting his head back a bit with a sweet smile as Stoick gave a little snore, just like the man he was named after used to, but far quieter. Hiccup’s father’s snores had been absolutely thunderous, while his son’s were soft, barely even audible.

     “Oh, he was well worth it,” Hiccup responded quietly, his emerald gaze flickering to meet the icy eyes that Jack had passed onto his son, “But let’s wait a bit before we plunge into that again, alright?” Jack gave a sheepish chuckle at the tease, pulling Hiccup back just a bit, loving the warmth that radiated off the scrawny boy.

     “So, we’re going to get into that again?” Jack asked, enjoying how Hiccup’s face flushed, quickly looking back to the little boy in his arms. He loved it when Hiccup blushed, the rosy color spreading from his cheeks down to his neck, and appearing at the very tips of his ears. He absolutely adored how it made his freckles stand out all the more. It broke his heart to know that Hiccup despised himself for all the things Jack adored. The insecurity that lived inside the boy made no sense at all to Jack.

     “I-I was just…I mean, if you don’t want -” Hiccup stammered, trying to find the words to explain what was on his mind. The warm chuckle against his neck helped him to relax a little bit, his ivory-skinned companion pulling back a bit to meet his eyes, a loving smile on his face.

      “I’d love to have more, Hic,” Jack murmured, pressing a delicate kiss to Hiccup’s lips, left to reassure, “As long as you’re up for it. After all, you’re the one that’s going to be carrying them. As long as you’re ready to go through the morning sickness and fits over the fact that none of your shirts will fit you anymore again, I’m perfectly content with the idea.” Hiccup relaxed with a sigh of content, leaning back against Jack gently.

     “…Good. I love you, Jack.”

     “I love you too.”