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Because the fauna and flora are different, it follows that food is different. Humans are still more or less humans though and still like their sugary salty and umami tastes, so the culinary conclusions they draw are similar but made out of different stuff. For example, Verdamt has very American approach to food with their love of heavy grease and salt, but because they don’t have cows to make their burgers, they have to use a meat they do have… like dragon.

“Dragon” was once used to refer to a varied category of animals, but presently its main association is the cattle analog widely farmed in Tartra. (Their larger wilder relatives, closer to the kind of creature you might dub a “dragon”, are rarely seen and their range on the continent has shrunk to the point where they’re all but extinct.) They’re highly omnivorous and can grow large and fat on just about any food source as long as you have enough of it—a good meat and milk source if you’re keen on putting up with the danger of herding a bunch of massive lobster rhinos. Smaller creatures in the dragon category called cockatrices similarly fill a poultry niche.

(side note: most non-Verdamt countries domesticated things a little more… easy to domesticate. Verdamt just looked at all the towering lumbering dragons in their territory and was like “h/o lemme get my fork.” Sam’s family are also dragon farmers by trade and tradition…)

However, dragon meat is only available in places where they’re actively being farmed or places with enough money to be worth importing to. Cockatrices are easier to keep and therefore more accessible, but less viable/efficient as a staple protein source. So, even though farming is a thing there’s still a lot of supplementary hunting for edible bushmeat.

Luckily, almost everything on the planet is hardy so the farming of fruit and veggies and fungi doesn’t have so many hurdles. Genuine food scarcity is mostly a problem in settlements without an established farming or trading presence. Man-made food scarcity still exists as it does in the real world, though…

Processed food is a big thing too, VERY big. It’s much more widely available and accessible than anything fresh. Food expectations are kind of low because of it, and there are some pretty weird and unpleasant social ideas about food and under what circumstances do you deserve to eat a real food and not some shitty tasting astronaut nutrient bar… not that Sam gives a fuck she’ll just eat an entire dragon.

(I wanted to draw more of the actual FOOD instead of just the livestock but I’m running out of the time I allot myself for each of these posts… trust me though you’ll see it later because I do like drawing food)

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Updated: May 2, 2016

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Don’t Go Where The Upir’s Play

I’m Sorry It’s Another Roman Fic But I Am Team Leter <3

Being best friends with Letha Godfrey came with so pros and cons, while she and her family had happily forked out on lavish gifts for you since you’d first met Letha in nursery school, cooked your meals and helped you study, you still had to put up with the infuriating Roman.

When your parents passed the Godfrey’s won custody of you, but that just meant that Roman’s odd possessiveness of Letha, was simply passed onto you to. Obviously you were incredibly grateful but Olivia and Roman were still dark figures in your life that silently loomed over you.


“Hey (Y/N).” Letha hummed as she skipped into the room, her hand running over her slightly swollen belly.

“Morning Letha, you want French toast… it’s better than skipping breakfast?” You hummed wiggling the frying pan in your hand towards her.

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I Can’t Swim 2/? (Boys Suck)

@beccashaf123 asked: (An extension to ‘I Can’t Swim’) Can she end up making out with Carl somewhere when they didn’t realize Ron was there, and Ron and Carl get in fight.

A/N: Part two in the ‘I Can’t Swim’ series. Also I’m switching this to first person just because it flows better, sorry. I hat doing it, but I must. 

Also sorry it’s short, I wanted to make it short since the first part was long. Tell me what you guys want to happen next, this journey will be lead by you guys (we can even crash the car here if you want.) 

The Rarl fanfic will be out soon btw, just have to put it off. Sitting on it as I think.

A week has passed, Carl and I have not left Alexandria since I nearly drowned. I haven’t talked to Ron at all, and I’ve been hold up with the Grimes family. Fortunately, Jessie did fork over my belongings after she realized I was no longer coming ‘home’. She handed my a duffel bag of my clothes with a, “I’m sorry, my boy is not exempt from the whole ‘boys are stupid thing’.” I really don’t know what she meant by it, but I’m sure it was supposed to be something nice considering she gave me all my clothes back. Now I can stop stealing Carl’s clothes, not that I want to though. His clothes are way more comfortable than mine. Plus, they smell like him which is oddly reassuring. 

“Hey, (Y/N), wanna go hang out by the gazebo?” Carl peeps into my room (well technically it’s his too since the Grimes house only has three rooms).

“Sure just let me change into some of my clothes,” I smile, sliding from our bed. 

“Why? You look fine in my clothes,” he scoffs. I feel my cheeks heat up as I stand.

“Yeah, okay,” I can feel a timid smile play on my lips, “Lets just go then.”

As I pass him I feel his hand link with mine and I blush again, but I know he doesn’t understand why. Carl has never had a girlfriend before, he doesn’t get it.

“Sooo, why the gazebo of all places? We could have just stayed home,” Ii laugh lightly nudging his shoulder as we sit.

“I dunno, thought you might like to leave the house for a bit,” Carl grins, “Carol is watching Judith today so we can have some time to ourselves.” 

“Okay, well what do you wanna do?” I ask, leaning over to rest my head on his shoulder. He tenses beneath me, but I ignore the sensation as he easily relaxes.


I sit up straight again, giving him a confused eyebrow raise. My head tilts to the side as I quickly study his face with growing confusion.

“What do you mean ‘talk’ Carl we can do that inside-,” His lips press to mine before I can finish, and my eyes widen. I did not expect him to be this bold, since he had never kissed before. Relaxing into the inexperienced boy, I lift a (s/c) had to cup his cheek and lean forward. Honestly, for a first timer Carl really isn’t a bad kisser. Plus his lips are really soft despite their chapped appearance. I lean into him as I climb into his lap legs on either side of his waist. Our lips move in sync and in this moment the only thing on my mind is the feeling of Carl’s lips against my own and the butterflies bouncing in my chest.


The clearing of someones throat snaps me back into reality and I pull away from Carl. My (e/c) eyes meet his momentarily before I glance over my shoulder to look behind me. I don’t like the sight I’m seeing.

Ron is standing behind us, arms crossed. He looks like he is on the verge of throwing a hissy fit, not that it’s really my problem anymore.

“Why the fuck are you making out with my girlfriend, Grimes?” Girlfriend?

“Last time I checked you kicked her out. Guys don’t do that to their ‘girlfriends,’” Carl sasses from beneath me. I look back to him, cringing as he motions for me to stop straddling him so he may confront my ex. 

As much as Ron deserves it, I really don’t want to see his ass get handed to him today. I’ve got better stuff, things.

“Why don’t you say that to my face,” Ron yells, hands balling into fists. The brunet looks to me apologetically before he stands to face the other boy.

“I just did, dumbass.” Carl states, rolling his eyes.

This is where all hell breaks loose. Ron jumps on top of Carl and they both go rolling down the stairs of the gazebo, shouting things at each other that I can’t comprehend. By the time I am able to run down and catch up to them Carl is on top of Ron and they’re both struggling with each others hands. I can’t tell who did what first but Carl has a busted lip and Ron’s eye is starting to go red. Amazing, it hasn’t even been three minutes and they both damaged each other.

“What the hell is going on,” Rick is next to me now, looking for answers. I try to explain, but he doesn’t waste time on that and instead goes to pull his son away from Ron who is scooped up by Glenn (woah didn’t even see you there Glenn). Once separated Ron continues struggling to get to Carl who has let it go now.

“(Y/N), what was going on here?” Rick looks to me again, Carl’s gaze drifting to me too.

“Ron wanted to fight Carl, I dunno why.” Hey, if I told him I wouldn’t be able to share a room with Carl anymore. No thanks, he’s really warm.

“Ron, why don’t we go have a chat,” Rick states releasing Carl and moving over to Ron who glares at me for lying, “Mind helping Carl clean his lip up (Y/N)?”

“No problem Mr. Grimes.” I smile.

I bend down to dab at Carl’s lip as he sits on the toilet seat. His eyebrows are furrowed with confusion as I work, but I choose to ignore the confusion. He looks fairly fine aside from the lip, he must’ve gotten Ron good.

“Why did you lie to my dad, (Y/N)?”

“Did you not want me to?”

arriviaderci  asked:

Do you think it's odd that Rhaenys Targaryen as in The Queen Who Never Was didn't have the Baratheon look (from her mother Jocelyn) despite it being made out like it was some sort of super gene in the first book?

Well, you have to realize that Jocelyn was only half Baratheon herself – her mother was Alyssa Velaryon. (Widow of Aenys Targaryen, and thus also Jocelyn’s husband’s grandmother.) And for all the talk about the Baratheon “strong seed”, Valyrian genes seem to be pretty powerful themselves. Consider the family of Daeron II and Mariah Martell, how we only know one of their sons looked like his mother. And consider how only one of the sons of Aegon V and Betha Blackwood seems to have the Blackwood coloring. (I really wish we had descriptions of their daughters Shaera and Rhaelle– Shaera I’d suspect looked Targaryen, but I wonder if Rhaelle had black hair and thus reinforced the Baratheon “power” when she married Ormund.) Mind you not every Targaryen outcross has a Valyrian appearance, but the silver hair and purple eyes do seem to breed true more frequently than you’d expect.

Anyway, this is Rhaenys’s family tree:

Note that Jocelyn’s father Robar Baratheon was at least 1/8 Targaryen through his grandfather Orys. (Based on the belief that Orys Baratheon was a bastard brother of Aegon the Conqueror.) With his wife Alyssa Velaryon (presumably a full-blooded Valyrian), that would make Jocelyn 9/16 Valyrian – so less than half Baratheon, really. And so Rhaenys Targaryen was 25/32 Valyrian – that’s 78%. (And her children with Corlys Velaryon would be 89%.)

Against that power, even the Baratheon “strong seed” wouldn’t stand a chance. So the coal yielded to the silver, and Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen Who Never Was, had the look of the Targaryens, as did her children.


Ephraim Bales Cabin by Zack Huggins

anonymous asked:

yay ur ask box is open! i want a luhan scenario where your parents want you to marry him but you don't want to, luhan keeps trying to make you love him and in the end, you fall for him :) pretty please and thank you! :)

Love Me ~Luhan~ ✶

Ohh I got so into this one but then Chen and Baekhyun’s teaser pics got released and I freaked out, but then I got back to it and I hope you like it! ~Admin S

“You’re kidding, right?”

         Your mother’s smile faltered at your words and your father’s eyes widened. Neither of them expected a reaction like that from you.

         “Well yes,” your mother said, glancing over at your husband-to-be, Luhan. “_______, he’s such a sweet young boy. I think the two of you would live very happily together. We’ve all been-“

         “We?” You stood up and glanced around the room. Your parents, Luhan’s parents, and Luhan himself were all sitting on the couches around you, staring at you as if you were on the verge of a rebellion. “Who is we? Who’s idea was it for the two of us to get married?”

         “It seems like everyone but you, dear,” your father said gently, knowing your temper. “You have to see past-“
         “See past what? His arrogant exterior? His know-it-all personality? His obnoxious attitude?” You spit insults at Luhan one after another, not caring much if you hurt him. After all, they were all true, Well at least, to you they were.

         Your mother’s eyes now widened at your behavior, and she stood up. “______, stop being so rude!”

         “Well then stop forcing me to marry him when I don’t want to!”

         “______, nobody’s forcing you to do anything! We just want you to-“
         “No, I’m not considering it.” You stomped right past your parents, leaving everyone in shock. Luhan remained in his seat the entire time, awkwardly taking small sips of his drink, trying to act like your insults didn’t hurt him in the slightest.

         Luhan didn’t know of the whole marriage thing at all either. Your parents and his parents got you all together tonight so that they could all share their opinions on the topic, since they all strongly felt that the two of you were meant to be.

         Your parents had all gone to high school together and been friends ever since, which is why you and Luhan were so close as well, much to your disliking.

         Now your parents wanted to bring the two families together by having their kids marry each other.

         And you were completely against it.

         “Oh, Luhan.” Your mother gave him a small smile and sat down right beside him. “She didn’t mean any of that.”

         “I know,” he muttered, even though he knew you felt strongly about your words.

         Luhan didn’t understand why you didn’t really like him, but he was determined to change that.

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