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Lightwood-Bane Family/Sizzy Headcanons
  • Max and Rafael call Isabelle “Aunt Iz.”
  • Isabelle is the indulgent aunt who spoils her nephews rotten.
  • She’s also (without question) the “wine aunt.” She and Magnus trade labels back and forth like the pretentious wine connoisseurs they’d always known they’d become.
  • For a while, Rafael doesn’t really express a lot of interest in becoming a shadowhunter, except to Aunt Iz, since she’s got all the weaponry knowledge, which is all Rafe is really interested in as a young boy.
  • At first, Max and Rafael don’t like Simon.
  • Mostly because they genuinely think that their dads don’t like Simon.
  • “Papa calls you the ascended blood-sucker idiot-rat boy with a broken brain who likes comic books and Star Wars too much.” 
    “That’s a load of hoo-ey. One can never like Star Wars too much.”
    “Dad always rolls his eyes when Aunt Iz talks about you.”
    “…I get that a lot.”

  • But after Alec sits them down and explains that he’s only teasing because Simon is married to his sister, the boys eventually start to warm up to him. Simon slowly becomes the weird, entertaining uncle who’s shown them the wonders of manga and lightsabers.
  • (Max, especially, cannot contain his love for Star Wars. Magnus and Alec groan and gripe to Simon about the obsession they blame him for, but they find it totally endearing. Max is definitely a fanboy and his parents definitely help him dress up as a jedi for the next two halloweens.)
  • The first time Isabelle takes her nephews to see Simon’s band play, Max is totally enraptured. He loves the chaotic sound of the garage-band music.
  • Rafael isn’t into the music much at all - but he thinks it’s cool that Simon plays the guitar so well and wants to learn to play, too.
  • After the first performance, Max hangs the band’s poster on his wall.
  • When Aunt Iz and Simon babysit, the boys are in for space-movie marathons, video games, and Aunt Izzy’s PB&Js. 
  • Isabelle and Simon never put the boys to bed, though – they all always wind up passed out on the floor together in a heap of limbs and tangled controller chords. 
You know what shout out to me for wanting to give up 3 years ago but staying and fighting and changing who i was. I was 15 all alone. Yeah mom was there but was she really? No. It was me myself and I. I was left fighting for her and I. When i was alone the monsters came out and they didn’t leave. I had to make them. I had to pick myself up off the ground and fight for me. I had weak moments, times when i was close to giving it all up. But i couldn’t do it. I needed to fight. Not only for me this time but for my friends and for my family who would be devastated if i left. Life is fucking hell some of the time. But when you find that one thing that makes you happy, stick with it. Never give up on it. It will be your reason to stay when you need it most.
—  ( @aaroncarpenterbae )