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Theatre is so amazing actually like

You want a musical about revolting people because they can’t use the bathroom? Got it

A musical with puppets after they get out of college who have upbeat songs about racism, sexualities, and sex? Yep we got it

Maybe one about gay Mormons who love Orlando and Star Wars? You guessed it

Fucking Shrek the musical?? Yeah (and its actually not as shitty as it sounds)

Not two mention a musical that accurately portrays a dysfunctional family due to mental disease?

Rock musical based on presidents lives?

Addams Family and Mathilda the musical? Aight man

Anything you want there’s probably a show about it tbh

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I'm writing a character that doesn't sleep until she literally can't stay awake and passes out from exhaustion, because she's afraid of sleeping. Are there any conditions that cause this and if someone is aware of the problem, how can they help her?

Oh, boy, Anon.  You have finally given me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite diseases.

So there’s this thing called “Fatal Familial Insomnia.” (FFI)  In short, you stop being able to sleep.  You go crazy.  Then you die.  

There are four stages to this disease:

  • 4 months - First, the character gets chronic insomnia.  They start getting paranoid, develop phobias, and begin having panic attacks.  They start experiencing severe physical symptoms (excessive sweating, constipation, etc.)
  • 5 months - The character begins having hallucinations and their panic attacks get much worse.
  • 3 months - The character rapidly loses weight and is completely unable to sleep.
  • Over the course of the next 6 months, the character develops dementia, becoming completely unresponsive and mute.  
  • Then they die.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  

There’s no cure.  Taking sleeping pills doesn’t work.  In fact, being sedated makes the disease worse, and shortens the time until death.  The only thing that’s even slightly helped someone with this disease is spending nights in complete sensory deprivation chambers.  Even then, they still died within a few years.

FFI is an incredibly rare disease, and it’s only found in about 40 families in the world - hence the “familial” part of the name.  Only about 100 people in the world today have tested positive for this disease.

So what causes such a horrifying thing?


What the fuck is a prion, you ask?

Well, it’s something that can spread an infectious disease, just like bacteria or viruses.  But prions are different in that they’re made from something that’s usually normal inside the body - a protein - that has just been made wrong.  And it begins to spread its wrongness to other proteins.  These proteins basically begin to eat holes in your character’s brain.


Some prion diseases are fairly well known, such as Mad Cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, kuru, and scrapie. But FFI will always be my favorite.

This is probably not what you wanted, but I will take any excuse I can to talk about this disease. >_> Prions are terrifying and awesome.  But mostly terrifying.

Even still, looking at the symptoms experienced by people with FFI, who have severe, long-term insomnia, might help you writing your character.  If that still isn’t what you’re looking for, I should have the Demystifying the DSM for Sleep Disorders (including insomnia) early-ish next year :).

Get some sleep, y’all.  WHILE YOU CAN.

For more info:

The last known instance of residents of Rhode Island exhuming a body to perform a bizarre ritual in an attempt to kill a vampire took place in 1892. Tuberculosis struck the family of George and Mary Brown from Exeter, Rhode Island. It was believed that this was caused by the undead so they, along with the townsfolk, decided to exhume the bodies of two family members who had already died from the disease. These family members showed regular decomposition and were then re-buried. Next, they exhumed the body of their 19-year-old daughter, Mercy; she showed absolutely no signs of decomposition. The family took this as a sign that Mercy was undead and that she was a vampire. They removed her heart, burnt it, and then mixed the ashes with water for her brother, Edwin, who was sick, to drink. It was believed that if the sick victim were to consume the heart of a vampire then they would be cured. Non-surprisingly, Edwin died two months later. Mercy’s grave stands in Chestnutt Hill Cemetery.

Wally West/ Kid Flash X Reader- Still I Rise

The epitaph at the end is from Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise.’  Check her poems out, they’re amazing.


It was a fairly normal day at your house for your family.  Your mom and dad had left early in the morning to go to work and your siblings were with their friends.  You were glad that you finally had the house to yourself, knowing that you needed some time to think.  It wasn’t college or about your future, it was about how you were going to say goodbye.  Not even your family knew about it, you made sure that they wouldn’t.  The thought of them not being able to help you would tear them apart.  You had seen how cancer and other diseases affected families, and you were sure that your situation was worse.  Your only wish was to end it quickly, not to die slowly and painfully, like blowing a candle out.  You sighed and grabbed the full garbage bag.  Your death would still hit your friends and family hard, but you knew they would get over it.  You opened the front door, but jumped when you saw a fist in your face.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Sorry for the fist to the face,” Wally laughed nervously and moved his hand away.

“It’s fine,” you smiled weakly, “and it is not the first time I got a punched by you.”

You walked around him and placed the garbage into the garbage can.  Once you turned around, you saw a blonde girl with long hair standing near Wally.  Your heart ached at the sight.  You leaned up against your house and gave Wally a look.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce me?” you asked Wally.

“Oh, (Y/N) this is Artemis, Artemis this is (Y/N).  We’ve been friends since…. forever,” Wally said and rubbed his neck.

“Nice to meet you, Artemis,” you stated and waved.  

“Likewise,” she responded.

“What kind of person am I?  Come on in,” you said and opened the door for them.

“Where is everyone?” Wally asked and instantly made his way towards the kitchen.

“Out,” you replied and followed him into the kitchen.  “You better not eat all of my food, West.”

Artemis chuckled and stood next to you, watching Wally raid your refrigerator, “So I’m assuming you have some questions?”

“Yup,” you replied.  “Wally keep your hands off of the cookie dough!”

Wally retracted his hands from the fridge and smiled innocently, “I wasn’t going for the cookie dough!”

“Yeah, and I’m Batman,” you said sarcastically and rolled your eyes.

Artemis snorted, which caused Wally to shoot a small glare to Artemis.  He grabbed something out of the fridge and ran out of the room, leaving you and Artemis alone in the kitchen.

“So…. You and Wally?” you asked, attempting to start a conversation.

“Yeah,” she replied, “he wanted me to meet you.  He said he wanted your blessing.”

It was now your turn to snort, “You have it.  You seem like a girl who can deal with him.”

Artemis smiled and sat down at the table, “Yeah, he was unbearable at first.”

You chuckled and joined her at the table, “Can you promise me something?”

“Depends what it is,” she replied.

“Take care of him, even if this doesn’t work out.  He won’t understand, but I just need someone to be here for him when I’m not here,” you explained.  “Just promise me that.”

Artemis pursed her lips and nodded, “Should I be worried about what you’re going to do to yourself?”

“It’s not in my control,” you sighed. “I can’t tell him.  I bet you know him well enough to guess what he would do.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you can support him in ways I can’t, especially with the condition I am in,” you admitted.

“You love him, don’t you?”

“I do, but you don’t have to worry about that.  I know when it is time to let go and move on,” you confessed.

Artemis nodded and broke eye contact with you, “Is there anything else I can do to help you?”

“There’s nothing you can do for me to save me from my fate.”


Wally stood alone at the foot of your grave, repeatedly wiping away the tears that dared to escape from his eyes.  Your parents and siblings had left as soon as the funeral ended, heading to your home to be surrounded by grieving friends and family.  The doctors said that the disease that took your life was unknown, never seen before in the medical field.  There were no identifiable symptoms that could have warned anyone of your fate, but somehow you knew.  There were letters placed on top of your desk addressed to your parents, siblings and him.  He hadn’t opened it yet, but he decided that he would open it when he was home, away from the looks of pity and sympathy.  He jumped when a hand slid over his shoulder, and looked over to find Artemis next to him.

“I’m sorry, Wally,” she apologized.

“Why are you apologizing?  It’s not your fault that this happened,” Wally mumbled and once again wiped the tears from his eyes.  

His attention returned to your grave, the stone he never imagined to see.  The epitaph of your choice echoed in his head:

Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I’ll rise.

Omg omg omg omg k hear me out brotzly soulmate au where your soulmate feels everything you do! This would be so angsty though like when Todd told his family he had the disease the first time it was cuz he thought he did because Dirk was being abused right?! But things weren’t what they had always been described as being and seriously whose soulmate was being injured like this (sideways glance at Dirk) then Amanda got sick so he lied and said he was cured when he was just keeping things to himself and the treatments never worked anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Then tada! Dirk escaped and all was well(ish)! Todd wasn’t having ‘attacks’ and Dirk was buying colourful leather jackets it was all good~ sometimes Todd would feel strangely drained of drained of energy (thanks Rowdy 3) and Dirk would get random shocks when he was going about his day but it was good! Fast forward to when Dirk gets taken and suddenly his hands are burning he can’t see what’s wrong but his hands are burning and everything is on fire his face, his legs, everything what the hell is going on?! Todd isn’t much better laying in the floor in fetal position screaming out in pain with Amanda screaming at him through the phone but this can’t be right! He didn’t have the disease it was Dirk but everything was supposed to be fine now because Dirk was safe right!?! Apparently not because he was seeing his skin and smelt the flesh burning!

The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident,

One would think that by the end of the 19th century, understanding of science and nature would have overcome superstition, and mankind’s historical tendency to make rash, if not bizarre decisions based upon it.  However, as late as 1892, vampires were afoot in New England.  At the time tuberculosis was the most common deadly disease in North America, inflicting a slow death on tens of thousands of victims.  Called “consumption”, the victim would often waste away until the moment of death, giving the appearance that something was sucking the life out of the person.

In the 1880’s an Exeter, Rhode Island woman named Mary Brown contracted TB, passing away by the end of the decade. Then her eldest daughter, Mary Olive, died of the disease in 1880. The younger brother of the family, Edwin, contracted the disease in 1890, and tragically, the younger sister, Mercy, died in the winter 1892. In the span of only a few years tuberculosis had swept through the Brown family, leaving only the husband and Edwin, who was deathly ill. To the people of Exeter, the Brown family deaths was more than just a tragic coincidence.  Many suspected that the Brown family was a victim of a vampire, who was draining the life out of the family members, including the still living Edwin.

Thus, before the end of winter in 1892, the bodies of Mary and Mary Olive were exhumed, and found to be in a natural state of decay. The body of Mercy had not been buried yet, as the winter ground was frozen solid, and thus the body was stored in a casket until spring thaw.  When the casket was opened, it was revealed that her body was in pristine condition. Upon further examination it was found that the body was still filled with liquid blood. Modern science can explain that because the corpse was stored aboveground in the cold of winter, the body had been naturally refrigerated. However, to the people of Exeter, this was proof positive that Mercy was an undead vampire. Mercy’s heart was removed and burned to ashes.  The ashes were then mixed with water, and fed to Edwin as a cure.  The cure failed to work, and Edwin died a few months later.  The body of Mercy was later buried in spring of that year.

Babe: every time I see you, my heart skips a beat

Roe: how often does that happen?

Roe: do you feel heaviness in the chest? do headaches come and go? does the pain reach the neck?

Babe: Gene, I -

Roe: how about shortness of breath?

Babe: well, you certainly take my breath away too, but that’s not the-

Roe: dear God, I need to take you to the hospital

Roe: this could be atrial fibrilation-

Babe: Gene

Roe: …or premature ventricular contractions-

Babe: Gene

Roe: -…i don’t know your family history on heart diseases but you should call your father and-


Roe: -…I need to take blood tests as well as cardiogram- 

Babe: oh my god

One day one of Newt and Tina’s children gets dragon-pox and is admitted to St. Mungo’s for treatment immediately.

Tina is inconsolable, of course, because no she cannot lose another family member to this disease, she can’t lose one of her children. Newt responds to it by spending time with the beasts when they’re not visiting their child in the hospital, and when he’s not with the beasts he’s having to hold Tina whilst she cries - he’s never seen her like this, not in all the years they’ve known each other, and he worries for her as much as he worries for their child, as much as he worries for their entire family (beasts and children)

A cure is administered and their son/daughter makes a speedy recovery, though they still have scars. Gradually they recover enough to come home, and then enough to help look after the creatures again. Slowly the family recovers and they go back to an almost normal existence.

But Newt remembers. He remembers the petrified look on his wife’s face when they saw the green-and-purple rash, the bumps on the skin. He remembers how she locked herself in their room and wrote to Queenie frantically. He remembers her quiet sobbing in the night when she thought he wasn’t listening.

Newt doesn’t need to be able to read minds to know what she was thinking about the entire time.

I’m so excited and worried about season two. Mostly about Todd. In season one he was just this eternally perturbed guy who had made a lot of mistakes and was trying to make up for them.

But now he has pararibulitis. The disease he lied to Amanda and his family about. The disease that he could never really imagine. The disease that is now infecting him. And he won’t have Dirk. He won’t have the Rowdy 3. He won’t even have Amanda (at least, not at first.) He’s going to have to figure out how to deal and how to keep going, because his best friend needs him.

I need season two now.

Lumen (part 1/ ): Good intentions

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 1: Fury orders your extraction.

Warnings: one swear word.

Word count: 553 (without background information).

A/N: This is my first fic, so bear with me. It’s a short introduction to the series I have started to write. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated!

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I watch you.
Slowly you get worse and
what am I?
Helpless. I am useless.
With my hands I cannot fix you. With my knowledge I cannot heal you. But with my words I can write for you.
So what I do is write. I write everything I feel. From nothing to everything.
I try. Oh I try.
It pains me to see you like this. My heart aches at the sight of you. Because never have I felt a love so strong for someone. And you cannot return it.
You are unable.
But your heart is why you are here. For if you heart not so filled, He would have no place for you.
Because for every morning you wake so do I. For every day you live so do I.
I cannot be without you.
So when the day comes, the day when you leave I hope I have written enough.
For I live to please you, the way you please me.
—  fix you
Fight Song

Title : Fight Song

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 3,168

Prompt : You have always been a hunter, and gosh darn-it, you were one of the very best despite your chronic disease. You had been working with the boys for months now, but when a shapeshifter takes on your body and all the complications that come with it, Sam goes into an over-protective mode that you don’t particularly enjoy. Song Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Dedication : @adream78 <3 you girl! Keep being an inspiration!!

“You weren’t this ugly when you asked me out…” You ground out, your teeth clenched in pain as you scrambled to pry the man’s fingers from your throat. You looked up into the golden flecked eyes, puffing as you struggled for air.

“Oh come on now, sweet heart,” The charming, velvet voice rasped out, a handsome smirk on his lips. “You know you love this face.”

“Yeah.” You coughed with a groan as your vision began to waver from lack of air as he choked you out. You clawed at the fingers that you knew so well, the calloused hands were always admired by you most of all. You loved them. They were lovely hands, really.

Sam had the best looking hands in the world, and you weren’t just saying that. Literally everything about him was freaking gorgeous.

You probably would have forgotten you needed to shoot him in the face if he wasn’t reminding you by choking you to death. It was the little reminders that you really appreciated. But at least this shapeshifter had been a little considerate. After all, he had given you an opportunity to slap the crap out of someone who looked like an identical copy of your boyfriend.

“I love the face,” You hissed out, your fingers clawing behind your back. “But it doesn’t mean I won’t stab it.” The shapeshifter with Sam’s face’s eyes widened in shock as you swung up the silver blade you kept in your boot. The knife hit the creature in the chest, causing its eyes to glow white in the light as it let out a groan of death. The weight of the shapeshifter suddenly weighed down on you and you let out a grunt of frustration as you shoved its body aside.

“Y/N! Look out!” You whipped around a second too late, as a new arm wound around your neck, yanking you around, only to have a gun pressed into your temple. You grit your teeth, frustrated at yourself. You really should have seen that coming…

Your eyes flickered up to see Sam and Dean standing at full alert in the doorway, blood spattered across their features, their eyes wide and full of protective rage. Sam’s face was full of quite rage as he took a half-step toward you.

“Ah-ah-ah…” You heard an achingly familiar voice purr in your ear. You heard the gun cock in your ear as the shapeshift behind you tapped the barrel against your skull lightly. You didn’t need to turn around to see that the shapeshifter had morphed into one person that you really didn’t want to have to fight today; yourself. “Take it easy there, Sam. You wouldn’t want me to hurt myself now would you?”

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Lumen (part 2/ ): Honest intentions

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Read up here - Part 1: Good intentions

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 2: Steve and Bucky orchestrate your escape from the asylum.

Warnings: one swear word.

Word count: 1.747 (without background information).

A/N: This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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The room was dimly lit, the late afternoon shadow falling gracefully over your face, softening your features and darkening your hair just a little. You sat on your bed, a hospital bed with crisp white sheets that smelt like disinfectant. No decorations and no personal items were allowed and it was as if a certain gloomy sadness constantly hovered over your room.

You took solace in the book a kind nurse had brought you earlier today. Her perfume reminded you of freshly mowed grass and her eyes had been a lovely shade of chocolate brown. But their beauty had been overshadowed by the one emotion you despised the most: pity.

She took pity on you, the star student with straight A’s and every professor’s favourite research assistant. You, the brilliant student who was now stuck in a psychiatric facility awaiting your final judgement as it were. Oh, how bitter did the sweet irony taste on your tongue.

You were completely overtaken by your thoughts that you almost didn’t hear the soft knock on your door nor the crack it made upon opening. When you lifted your head to see who had entered, your eyes fell upon stormy blue ones. They were an exceptional kind of blue, pale and vivid, white rays around the iris reminding you of electricity.  Dark brown hair brushed his shoulders ever so slightly, gently framing his razor sharp jawline, a physical trait you had always appreciated in men. He was ruggedly handsome and that was obviously an understatement.

But there had been another man present in your room as well. You averted your gaze from the attractive guest and your eyes widened in surprise as you took in the second stranger that had come to pay you a visit. Blond hair, muscular body and eyes resembling the clear tropical seas of the Pacific. He was extremely handsome and that was obviously an understatement.

Besides, he wasn’t just anybody, he was Captain America.

It then slowly dawned on you who the first good-looking man had been. Although you hadn’t immediately recognised him, that metal arm pretty much gave him away. James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, his name merely a whisper on your lips as your brain was working overtime trying to evaluate the situation. You turned your head towards Bucky once again, your analytical gaze piercing, almost demanding him to return it. He had a peculiar energy around him, his body always on high alert and his mind never quite at ease.

“Pleasure to meet you both,” you said whilst extending your hand, your eyes never leaving Bucky’s.

“I’m Iona, but I prefer to go by Io. I’m a sucker for Greek mythology.”

You tried to stand up from your bed as elegantly as possible but failing miserably when you almost tripped over your own feet. You had neglected to notice how the bed sheets had slowly fallen onto the ground when you had switched positions to get a better view of your two guests. They had tangled themselves around your feet, causing you to loose balance.

In an attempt to break your fall, you stretched out both hands and prepared for the worst. But you did not hit the cold floor, instead you thumped into another fairly hard yet strangely comfortable surface. You repeatedly thanked your lucky stars for not making a complete fool out of yourself before your realised what – or rather, who had caught you.

Both your hands rested against Bucky’s chest and as you slowly looked upward to meet his gaze, you felt his muscles tense under the touch of your fingertips brushing against his pectorals. You started blushing uncontrollably, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Bucky chuckled, thinking you were rather adorable in your attempt to keep a straight face.

After putting you back on your feet, he carefully tucked a strand of hair behind your ear with his flesh hand. You were a tomato by the time you were able to steady yourself again. The skin on skin contact had you beaming with energy, almost bursting at the seams by the way it swirled deep within you. The lights in the room started to flicker slightly, a warm breeze roaming through the room.

“Sorry about that, I’m clumsy as fuck.” Your right hand covered your mouth once you realised what you’d just said. Was it appropriate or even remotely acceptable to cuss around America’s golden boy and his sexy sidekick? Or should you start apologising profusely at once?

“I am tremendously sorry, Captain. I understand this must come across as very un-British of me,” you rambled nervously. But when you were only met with an amusing smile on Bucky’s end, it seemed like the Captain himself hadn’t paid much attention to it so you quickly dropped the subject.

“We’re out of time. We have to go, now!” Steve said while looking down at his watch, cringing as he saw the time. The Quinjet was set for departure any minute now so there was no time to waste. He prayed nobody had alerted the hospital staff, which proved to be idle hope when he heard distressed voices approaching from across the hallway.

“If you would just be so kind to take this rarity off for me, we’ll be out of here faster than you can say babbling, bumbling band of baboons.” You gestured towards the bracelet you had been given upon arrival. It was made of the finest materials, or so they had claimed, and they had listed a few for you but you hadn’t really bothered listening. Your name was engraved upon it in tiny, sharp letters, like a name tag of sorts.

Both men shared a bewildered look and you quickly understood they didn’t quite catch your reference. “Never mind that,” you shrugged, a little disappointed.

“This thing is designed to prevent me from working my magic. Remove it and we’re good to go,” you explained calmly, holding up your arm as to illustrate your point.

Steve started examining the combination lock on this unfortunate choice of accessory, sighing in frustration as he saw it required a thumbprint to confirm the 5-digit combination. But Bucky took one quick look at the armlet and decided that the best approach was to simply break it off with his metal arm rather than to figure out how to crack the code.

His flesh hand hastily took your elbow whilst his metal one carefully ripped the device off of your wrist. The material bent easily under the pressure applied by his metal fingers and you marvelled at how seamlessly the material blended together in that singular motion. It wasn’t until Steve coughed loudly that you were torn away from your little moment of admiration.

“It seems you’ll be able to work your magic now, ma’am,” Steve said, unsure of what your magic exactly was. His question was quickly answered when with one snap of your fingers all the lights in the room went out and a tiny orb appeared in your left hand. When you caught the two Avengers staring at the source of light soaring around your fingers, moving from one hand to the other, you figured you at least owed them an explanation.

“I can manipulate and control any type of energy, whether it’d be fire, light, electric current or human energy, although I’m still working on fire.”

You closed your eyes as all of a sudden you felt three bursts of energy outside your door – the energy of three armed men. One was the nervous type, suffering from acute anxiety and you reckoned this must probably be his first encounter with a foreign enemy. The second one had a cold and calculating vigour about him, a cruel man that revelled in the pain he inflicted upon others. The third one was considerably younger than his colleagues and seemed to have the vivacity of a toddler in a playground. He was just aching to barge down the door and shoot every living being that crossed his path.

You opened your eyes as the newfound knowledge found its way to your lips. “There are three of them at the other side of that door. Now, I can only take on one of those men. So when they decide to enter, mister America here shall take on the anxious soldier. As for you, sergeant Barnes, you will take on the trigger-happy fighter. You’ll immediately know who’s who, trust me.”

Steve gave you a questionable look and wanted to ask how exactly you were going to defend yourself with a light bulb as a weapon. Yet there was no time for questions and so he decided against it.

Bucky, too, didn’t like it very much that you were handing out orders when there was no proof whatsoever that a girl like yourself could eliminate a trained soldier without even blinking an eye. But then he remembered what Fury had told him a couple of hours ago. He was here to help you, defend you and protect you no matter what. And he did not take this request lightly, so he remained silent as well.

Only a moment later, the three men kicked in the door that led to your hospital room. You snapped your fingers again and the light returned to its rightful place and with a second snap, you rapidly broke every single bone in the body of the soldier you had assigned to yourself. Wincing at the sound of his shoulders popping, you watched as his knees gave way and his fingers bent at an awkward angle. Never had you enjoyed this side of your powers and you knew you never would.

On your left, Bucky had taken down the youngest soldier. Disarming him went fairly easy and within a few seconds he was down and out on the floor, Bucky having held him in chokehold long enough for him to pass out cold.

On your right, Steve had taken advantage of the man’s inexperience and had knocked him to the floor with his shield. All in all, it had proven to be an easy fight but you knew more men were on their way. You silently hoped the Avengers had come to you with one hell of an escape plan.

Part 3: Dark intentions

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The Signs as Fatal Diseases

Aries - Familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Taurus - Necrotising Fasciitis (Flesh-eating virus)

Gemini - Fatal Familial Insomnia

Cancer - Meningococcal disease / cerebrospinal meningitis

Leo - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Virgo - Bubonic plague (Black Death)

Libra - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Scorpio - Diarrhea

Sagittarius - Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker Syndrome 

Capricorn - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

Aquarius - Ebola 

Pisces - Cholera

The Babymaker Slave || Daniel & Adam

Daniel had put in an order for a specific type of slave six months ago with the biggest slave market in the world. He was excited to get the phone call this morning that a slave had come in with all his requirements and he was being reserved for him. He smiled as he drove to the upper East side of Manhattan. The slave was named Adam and was a carrier. Carriers were men who could become pregnant and carry a baby to term. He had been educated in a carrier school to be a companion slave as well as the father of Daniel’s children. He was also a virgin which was another of his requirements of his carrier slave. The biggest thing however was his carrier slave didn’t have any family history of genetic diseases. Unfortunately Daniel had already lost two children due to complications of a genetic disease. Hopefully this time will be better.

Daniel parked in front of the head office of the slave market before walking inside. He signed the paperwork and wrote the check for the slave to be turned over to his custody. Soon he was led into a room to wait while they went to get Adam. He sat fidgeting hoping that he was doing the right thing while he waited for him. A few minutes later he stood as the door opened and a slave master led Adam into the room. “Adam if I have them take off the collar and handcuffs will you be a good boy for me?”, he asked the young man.