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“My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases. She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.”  -  Billie Lourd.


My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it.  She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases.

She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.” - Billie Lourd (June 18, 2017) x

My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases.

She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.


Billie Lourd on her mother Carrie Fisher’s autopsy results.

My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases.

“She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.

—  Billie Lourd’s statement re: Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report [x]

Theatre is so amazing actually like

You want a musical about revolting people because they can’t use the bathroom? Got it

A musical with puppets after they get out of college who have upbeat songs about racism, sexualities, and sex? Yep we got it

Maybe one about gay Mormons who love Orlando and Star Wars? You guessed it

Fucking Shrek the musical?? Yeah (and its actually not as shitty as it sounds)

Not two mention a musical that accurately portrays a dysfunctional family due to mental disease?

Rock musical based on presidents lives?

Addams Family and Mathilda the musical? Aight man

Anything you want there’s probably a show about it tbh

The last known instance of residents of Rhode Island exhuming a body to perform a bizarre ritual in an attempt to kill a vampire took place in 1892. Tuberculosis struck the family of George and Mary Brown from Exeter, Rhode Island. It was believed that this was caused by the undead so they, along with the townsfolk, decided to exhume the bodies of two family members who had already died from the disease. These family members showed regular decomposition and were then re-buried. Next, they exhumed the body of their 19-year-old daughter, Mercy; she showed absolutely no signs of decomposition. The family took this as a sign that Mercy was undead and that she was a vampire. They removed her heart, burnt it, and then mixed the ashes with water for her brother, Edwin, who was sick, to drink. It was believed that if the sick victim were to consume the heart of a vampire then they would be cured. Non-surprisingly, Edwin died two months later. Mercy’s grave stands in Chestnutt Hill Cemetery.

Here are the fics that I have either been tagged in, or I caught up on this week.  I love each of these writers so much and I just want to say thank you to all of them for writing such wonderful stories for us all to enjoy! This list is so long because most of these are fics that I missed while I was on hiatus.  Give me about another week to catch up and then this list will only have fics that were released between Sunday and Saturday. These are listed in alphabetical order to make my life and your life easier! 

Fics that are NSFW have been removed!  Thank you for understanding!

@annadierSame Patterns Part 4 -  You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work? Bucky x Reader

@asseret-sarimThe past, the present… The future.  -Part 8 -  In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state. Bucky x Reader

@aubzylynn - Control [Part 2 of 2]@blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!” Bucky x Reader

@aubzylynnRoad to Schkeuditz Masterlist -  So much has changed with the Sokovian Accords. The team is divided in half, and you’re not sure where you stand. You know you should sign the Accords, but it doesn’t feel right. After a conversation with Sharon, Steve, and Sam at the prison, you realize that you don’t want to sign them. Now you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on a mission to get to the Leipzig airport…in the tiniest car imaginable…so you can clear Bucky’s name. Bucky x Reader

@avengerofyourheart  - Cheap Thrills -  A bet within the Avengers becomes a battle of the sexes, with you at the center of it. Who will be victorious and could it somehow help you snag the man of your dreams? Bucky x Reader

@avengerofyourheart - Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist -  Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life, along with his adorable, matchmaking daughter. Steve Rogers AU. (fluff)

@avengerofyourheart - You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] -  Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS) Steve x Reader

@bionic-buckyb - Remember Me: Part 1 -  This is something that just came into my brain literally today, and I got inspired so I decided to write the first part. Bucky is not in this (yet) so I don’t want to trick anyone, but he will be. You’ll see! Let me know if you like it, and if you want me to continue. I love hearing from you all! ♥ Bucky x Reader

@bovaria - By Royal Decree - Masterlist -  Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all? Bucky x Reader

@bovaria - Hallelujah -  Through Bucky’s eyes, he falls in and out of love with you. Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights - For Your Convenience Masterlist - To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU) Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights - Roommates (New Beginnings) -  When your friend moves out to pursue a career overseas, you find yourself sharing your apartment with a handsome stranger [Modern AU]. Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhair - A Lesson in Love Masterlist -  (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance. Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhairMinor Details (ALiL Deleted Scene) -  (College!AU) In which a walk with T’Challa makes you aware of some minor details that you missed. Bucky x Reader

@cnoppswrites - Arranged (V) -  You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong? Bucky x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Picture Imagine #23 - After the Avengers’ Civil War, you find Steve one day and rip him a new one about how much pain your dad Tony is in because of how Steve took the Accords. Steve Rogers Imagine

@dabblinginmarvel - Picture Imagine #24 -  You go march for science on Earth Day with Tony and Bruce. Tony Stark Imagine, Bruce Banner Imagine

@hellomissmabelLumen (part 13/ ): Mad intentions -  Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.  Bucky x Reader

@imaginingbucky - Prompt 41 -  “I came to this city to mend my broken heart. Never imagined I would find you to help me piece it back together.“ Bucky x Reader

@imhereforbvcky - Mirror for the Sun - Masterlist -  (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. Bucky x Reader

@imhereforbvckyWhen Quiet Is Violent - Part 3 (End) -  You’re retired, living a quiet and secure life when your ex, Steve Rogers, turns up on your doorstep with his best friend, seeking refuge.   Bucky x Reader, enhanced reader   

@iwillbeinmynest - A House Divided -  When the team split up again only one will survive…Who will it be?  Avengers x Reader(f)

@iwillbeinmynest​ -  An Owed Debt -  Chapter 16 - When Steve brings Bucky a new assignment, things get a little heated. But he’ll do it to repay an old friend. May might not know the full extent of her powers but she doesn’t think having a babysitter is going to help. Can these two put aside their differences and help each other out? Or is this just an accident waiting to happen?  Bucky x May(oc)

@iwillbeinmynestCool Down - Chapter 6 -  Steve slips up and makes a confession. How will you react? And will it last?  Steve x Reader(f)

@knittingknerdy - Knitworthy -  A little something for all of my knitters out there (and crocheters) Bucky x Reader

@marvel-lucy - Cosplay Confusion -  52 words too long but shh.  I dunno what the point of this is, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever written anything, about 15 minutes, so it’s crap, but have a nice picture of Sam’s biceps anyway.  Sam x Reader

@marvel-lucyROOM MATES AND DOUBLE DATES - CHAPTER 1 -  I started this (and abandoned it) last autumn. Resurrecting it now in the vain hope I can resolve the plot hole I worked myself into!  For info, May looks like Lupita Nyong’o, because oh god she’s beautiful! Bucky x Reader

@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - All My Friends are Heathens (Part 7) - In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems. Bucky x Reader

@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes - Worth Fighting For Masterlist -  When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. 40s!Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.  Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement.   You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice.  Bucky x Reader

@softcorehipposMasterlist → Chamber of Secrets -  After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state. Bucky x Reader

@tatortot2701 - The Nanny Part 4 -  Hey guys! So here is chapter four. It’s a bit of a filler kinda? Idk it will make more sense next chapter. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. Bucky x Reader

@you-and-buckyHold Me?Wanda is a very important member of the Avengers, and I haven’t written much for her yet, so this one is for her. I hope you like it, and if you have any feedback, please let me know!!! Bucky x Reader

@you-and-bucky - (Y/N) Barnes Series Masterlist -  You are a woman out of time. You fought in WWII with your husband Bucky and best friend Steve. Your empathic powers and strategic brain were an asset. Until Bucky died, and you and Steve sacrificed your lives, waking up in the 21st Century. Bucky x Reader

Ethan’s Huntington’s

I keep seeing a lot of posts about how they feel Ethan’s Huntingtons disease is being neglected in current storylines, and I just can’t help but feel that it’s okay that it is? My mum had the predictive test for Huntington’s disease about 5 years ago and found out it was positive, and it’s rarely, if ever, mentioned.

I could understand if Ethan was in a stable enough relationship that he was considering having children and was worried about the probability of passing it on to his child, or was displaying symptoms of the disorder, but while he remains symptomless, it’s not really something that needs to be brought up time and time again. Huntington’s disease is not a defining character trait.

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I'm writing a character that doesn't sleep until she literally can't stay awake and passes out from exhaustion, because she's afraid of sleeping. Are there any conditions that cause this and if someone is aware of the problem, how can they help her?

Oh, boy, Anon.  You have finally given me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite diseases.

So there’s this thing called “Fatal Familial Insomnia.” (FFI)  In short, you stop being able to sleep.  You go crazy.  Then you die.  

There are four stages to this disease:

  • 4 months - First, the character gets chronic insomnia.  They start getting paranoid, develop phobias, and begin having panic attacks.  They start experiencing severe physical symptoms (excessive sweating, constipation, etc.)
  • 5 months - The character begins having hallucinations and their panic attacks get much worse.
  • 3 months - The character rapidly loses weight and is completely unable to sleep.
  • Over the course of the next 6 months, the character develops dementia, becoming completely unresponsive and mute.  
  • Then they die.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  

There’s no cure.  Taking sleeping pills doesn’t work.  In fact, being sedated makes the disease worse, and shortens the time until death.  The only thing that’s even slightly helped someone with this disease is spending nights in complete sensory deprivation chambers.  Even then, they still died within a few years.

FFI is an incredibly rare disease, and it’s only found in about 40 families in the world - hence the “familial” part of the name.  Only about 100 people in the world today have tested positive for this disease.

So what causes such a horrifying thing?


What the fuck is a prion, you ask?

Well, it’s something that can spread an infectious disease, just like bacteria or viruses.  But prions are different in that they’re made from something that’s usually normal inside the body - a protein - that has just been made wrong.  And it begins to spread its wrongness to other proteins.  These proteins basically begin to eat holes in your character’s brain.


Some prion diseases are fairly well known, such as Mad Cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, kuru, and scrapie. But FFI will always be my favorite.

This is probably not what you wanted, but I will take any excuse I can to talk about this disease. >_> Prions are terrifying and awesome.  But mostly terrifying.

Even still, looking at the symptoms experienced by people with FFI, who have severe, long-term insomnia, might help you writing your character.  If that still isn’t what you’re looking for, I should have the Demystifying the DSM for Sleep Disorders (including insomnia) early-ish next year :).

Get some sleep, y’all.  WHILE YOU CAN.

For more info:

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I think there's two major influences to the societal shaming of picky eaters.One of them is how people get their pride so bound up in having PROVIDED, turning your nose up at what they serve is DISRESPECT. Then there's families like mine, with many different food allergies. You don't have like it, but you must try it before you give an opinion. Our diets would be severely unhealthy if we weren't willing to find new foods as old favourites are stricken from the list.

Just adding, I think we’re doing something right with the girls and their diets. Strange, but right. The oldest likes to munch on green onions dipped in peanut butter and the youngest wants to capture a lot of snails from our garden to prepare as escargot. Next rainy day she gets to try and capture enough to be worth preparing as a meal. Yes, both girls have food they turn their noses up at, but they’re not stuck in a rut.

IDK, can you just up and eat snails from the garden? I suppose that’s how people have always done it but I’d be a bit, possibly irrationally, concerned about disease.  

While families do shame their own picky eaters, I’ve found it much more common in peer groups while eating out. Most of the attention I got over my dislike of foods came in college at the dining hall. I think it’s most often about people being really uncomfortable with the idea that our senses experience the world differently, combined with the general trend of our culture to attack anything seen as sitting outside an ill-defined “normal”. People get really insecure and upset over the idea that “I don’t want to eat what you’re eating because I think it doesn’t taste good.” 

The “you have to try it before giving an opinion” technique is a good one, but it also requires a fair amount of scaffolding (I say this more to the general public than to you, since it sounds like you’ve got that structure in place). Once they do try it, if they don’t like it they need to know that there will be an alternative offered so they don’t “eat or go hungry”. They also need to know that they won’t be berated or doubted when they express an opinion; if someone browbeats you into withdrawing an opinion on the food, you very soon stop giving an opinion, or stop trying it altogether, because you know you’ll be forced to eat-or-starve no matter what. And at restaurants I think this rule needs to be suspended because if you try a dish and don’t like it, there’s a necessary guilt and shame involved in asking for an entire new meal, especially since it won’t be brought out until others have already eaten a significant portion of theirs. 

And once you’re an adult, “try it first” stops being legit. Adults have a right to choose what they eat and refuse to eat something for any reason at any time, full stop, because we are considered responsible for our own decisions, which also means we get to make them ourselves. 

Wally West/ Kid Flash X Reader- Still I Rise

The epitaph at the end is from Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise.’  Check her poems out, they’re amazing.


It was a fairly normal day at your house for your family.  Your mom and dad had left early in the morning to go to work and your siblings were with their friends.  You were glad that you finally had the house to yourself, knowing that you needed some time to think.  It wasn’t college or about your future, it was about how you were going to say goodbye.  Not even your family knew about it, you made sure that they wouldn’t.  The thought of them not being able to help you would tear them apart.  You had seen how cancer and other diseases affected families, and you were sure that your situation was worse.  Your only wish was to end it quickly, not to die slowly and painfully, like blowing a candle out.  You sighed and grabbed the full garbage bag.  Your death would still hit your friends and family hard, but you knew they would get over it.  You opened the front door, but jumped when you saw a fist in your face.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Sorry for the fist to the face,” Wally laughed nervously and moved his hand away.

“It’s fine,” you smiled weakly, “and it is not the first time I got a punched by you.”

You walked around him and placed the garbage into the garbage can.  Once you turned around, you saw a blonde girl with long hair standing near Wally.  Your heart ached at the sight.  You leaned up against your house and gave Wally a look.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce me?” you asked Wally.

“Oh, (Y/N) this is Artemis, Artemis this is (Y/N).  We’ve been friends since…. forever,” Wally said and rubbed his neck.

“Nice to meet you, Artemis,” you stated and waved.  

“Likewise,” she responded.

“What kind of person am I?  Come on in,” you said and opened the door for them.

“Where is everyone?” Wally asked and instantly made his way towards the kitchen.

“Out,” you replied and followed him into the kitchen.  “You better not eat all of my food, West.”

Artemis chuckled and stood next to you, watching Wally raid your refrigerator, “So I’m assuming you have some questions?”

“Yup,” you replied.  “Wally keep your hands off of the cookie dough!”

Wally retracted his hands from the fridge and smiled innocently, “I wasn’t going for the cookie dough!”

“Yeah, and I’m Batman,” you said sarcastically and rolled your eyes.

Artemis snorted, which caused Wally to shoot a small glare to Artemis.  He grabbed something out of the fridge and ran out of the room, leaving you and Artemis alone in the kitchen.

“So…. You and Wally?” you asked, attempting to start a conversation.

“Yeah,” she replied, “he wanted me to meet you.  He said he wanted your blessing.”

It was now your turn to snort, “You have it.  You seem like a girl who can deal with him.”

Artemis smiled and sat down at the table, “Yeah, he was unbearable at first.”

You chuckled and joined her at the table, “Can you promise me something?”

“Depends what it is,” she replied.

“Take care of him, even if this doesn’t work out.  He won’t understand, but I just need someone to be here for him when I’m not here,” you explained.  “Just promise me that.”

Artemis pursed her lips and nodded, “Should I be worried about what you’re going to do to yourself?”

“It’s not in my control,” you sighed. “I can’t tell him.  I bet you know him well enough to guess what he would do.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you can support him in ways I can’t, especially with the condition I am in,” you admitted.

“You love him, don’t you?”

“I do, but you don’t have to worry about that.  I know when it is time to let go and move on,” you confessed.

Artemis nodded and broke eye contact with you, “Is there anything else I can do to help you?”

“There’s nothing you can do for me to save me from my fate.”


Wally stood alone at the foot of your grave, repeatedly wiping away the tears that dared to escape from his eyes.  Your parents and siblings had left as soon as the funeral ended, heading to your home to be surrounded by grieving friends and family.  The doctors said that the disease that took your life was unknown, never seen before in the medical field.  There were no identifiable symptoms that could have warned anyone of your fate, but somehow you knew.  There were letters placed on top of your desk addressed to your parents, siblings and him.  He hadn’t opened it yet, but he decided that he would open it when he was home, away from the looks of pity and sympathy.  He jumped when a hand slid over his shoulder, and looked over to find Artemis next to him.

“I’m sorry, Wally,” she apologized.

“Why are you apologizing?  It’s not your fault that this happened,” Wally mumbled and once again wiped the tears from his eyes.  

His attention returned to your grave, the stone he never imagined to see.  The epitaph of your choice echoed in his head:

Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I’ll rise.

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things you said when you met my parents, thanks :)

Hello anon! I wasn’t sure about posting this fic but then I wrote it and changed my mind. It’s my first prompt, I hope you like it, and thank you for sending it! :)

Also, thank you so much to the wonderful @xfile-cabinetx for helping me with perfecting it! Thank you so much!!

“Sooo..?” she asked curiously, wondering about the lack of words from her usually talkative partner as they were driving away from her parent’s house. 

“Sooo what, Scully?” Mulder simply replied. 

“Well, you just met my parents, and my sister, and you don’t have anything to say?” she asked,  a bit frustrated about his lack of communication. He was silent a moment before talking.  

“I feel like some sort of magic trick has just been revealed,” he muttered through his teeth as he chewed on his sunflower seeds. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she said rather tensed, already regretting her tone as she wasn’t interested in arguing. 

“Nothing, Scully. Nothing,” he said in a sluggish manner, focusing on the road.

“Well, I’m sorry I asked you to come. Had I known it would make you feel like this, I-”

“I’m fine,” he stopped her. 

“Yeah, just like you’re fine when you call me at 2:00 AM to go through cases?” she countered, as she stared at him, wanting to shake him in case it would make him snap out of his brooding frame of mind. He didn’t answer but she could see and feel him thinking as he parked in front of her building. She didn’t want to get out, not like this, and he didn’t ask her to.

“I’m not sure where I fit in, if I fit in at all,” he said thoughtfully, gripping the steering wheel hard enough to make his knuckles turn white. 

“My family isn’t like yours,” he continued. “I don’t have a supportive father who, despite being disappointed with my life choices, still finds it important to be loving and encouraging. I don’t have a mother who finds it natural to greet me with a hug and a genuine “how are you?”, and.. I don’t even have a sister.” 

“Is that what’s bothering you? That you don’t have a family like mine?” she asked puzzled, wondering if it had been a mistake to kiss him just a few weeks prior this evening. 

“Yes. No! Scully, I don’t want to ruin anything. You’re too good, you know? And I just feel so stupid. Of course, of course, you’d have a lovely family. You don’t end up like this if your family is a complete mess like mine. Tonight just made me see things more clearly, like the magic trick has been revealed,” he said airless, without meeting her eyes. “It isn’t bothering me that my family isn’t like yours, not anymore. I’m used to it.”

“Mulder, you have to understand that I would never have asked you to come with me tonight if I didn’t want you to be there, to let you in, and to be part of my family,” she reassured him. “But I can’t help but wonder if it was a mistake to kiss you,” she continued as her mind wandered to that night they had kissed. She’d lie if she said she hadn’t been thinking about him for some time in ways that weren’t work related, but she hadn’t planned that night in the car at all. 

It was his birthday. They’d been out for dinner at a restaurant Mulder had picked out. He didn’t drink that night because he had insisted on driving her home. When they got to her building, he had reached in for a quick peck on her cheek to say thank you. As he lingered there, his stubbles lightly brushing her jaw, her face flushed, like every blood cell were trying to escape through her skin. She was paralyzed, his intoxicating, familiar scent overwhelming her. She had whispered his name, let it linger on her lips for a second or two before he had reciprocated a breathless Scully. Then he had turned his head slowly, brushing her cheek with his soft lips, as his hands had put a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. With her eyes closed, she had felt his lips delicately on hers, barely there at first, but then fiercely as his tongue had lightly touched her upper lip. She had let him in, had dragged him closer with her hands on the back of his head, no longer unable to move. She had wanted all of him right then and there and yet she had stopped. Or he had. She couldn’t remember and it had made her doubt herself in the following time up to now. It had made her invite him home to join her for a family dinner. It had put her in this unbearable situation. 

“Do you regret it?” he choked. 

“No,” she replied. 

“But I regret not having this talk before I invited you home to meet my parents.” 

“What would you have said then?” he asked, finally meeting her eyes with his.

“I would have told you that my home is your home. I would have assured you that I’m not saying yes to anything my heart isn’t in. I would have kissed you again,” she answered, her voice shaky as self-doubt overpowered her. 

“What’s stopping you from kissing me now?” he asked.

“Doubt,” she whispered. “That you’ll regret it.” 

“I don’t regret anything, Scully,” he simply said, touching her little finger with his. “I just don’t want to hurt you or your family, like a cancerous disease,” he whispered. 

“You won’t,” she whispered against his lips before kissing him once again.

My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases…She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.
—  Billie Lourd, statement to People Magazine, June 19th, 2017
Ozark Encyclopedia – D – Dandelion

Dandelion - Taraxacum sp.

Parts used: root, leaf, flower

Traditional uses: Greens eaten. Poultice of steamed or wilted leaves applied to indolent ulcers. Greens eaten to purify the blood. Decoction of roots taken for stomach pain. Infusion of root used for blood. Infusion of herb used to calm nerves.

“Diuretic, tonic and slightly aperient. It is a general stimulant to the system, but especially to the urinary organs, and is chiefly used in kidney and liver disorders…Dandelion is used as a bitter tonic in atonic dyspepsia, and as a mild laxative in habitual constipation. When the stomach is irritated and where active treatment would be injurious, the decoction or extract of Dandelion administered three or four times a day, will often prove a valuable remedy. It has a good effect in increasing the appetite and promoting digestion.” ~Grieve MH

For coffee substitute; to keep away disease - “One old man said that he had kept his family free of disease by putting ground dandelion root into their coffee, but many hillfolk use dandelion root as a coffee substitute or adulterant with no thought of tuberculosis.” ~Randolph OMF 94

Flowers eaten as a spring tonic – “Remedy for a spring tonic: make salad of dandelion blossoms and eat daily.” ~Parler FBA II 1355

Greens and root used to purify the blood – “Use dandelion for greens of boil the roots for medicine. This is to purify the blood.” ~Parler FBA II 1514

Grieve, Margaret A Modern Herbal (MH)

Moerman, Daniel E. Native American Ethnobotany (NAE)

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

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Doctor/Nurse AU Masterlist

All for you by Soulsong26

Summary:  After his grandma dies, Yuuri get attached to a nurse assistant named Viktor and becomes a nurse in hopes to see Viktor again.

Art of Medicine, Art of Humanity byFaramirsBlessing

Summary:  Little Yuri gets himself injured and in the emergency room and is under the care of nurse Yuuri Katsuki and Dr. Viktor Nikiforov.

Butt Stuff by Plumpie

Summary:  AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances.

Chemistry of a Car Crash by super_queer

Summary:  Katsuki Yuuri gets into a car accident and the doctor caring for him is Viktor Nikiforov. Features fluff, and a Viktor that doesn’t know how to ice skate.

(TW) Enthrall by poppysicle

Summary:  No one knew something was wrong with him. No one cared to even ask the competitive figure skater. Not until it lead to him laying in the bed of a hospital room, feeling absolute regret that what he did couldn’t be finished. But maybe it was for the best, Victor doesn’t know that yet.

Fight me? by theaceangel

Summary:  Yuri pretty much sucks at flirting. It’s a good thing the hot nurse doesn’t mind.

Glasshouse by Potato_man

Summary:  AU where Yuuri is a doctor and has no knowledge in skating whatsoever.

Hi, Screw Me? by queeravocado

Summary:  Victor Nikiforov is New York’s acclaimed doctor, nationally famous for his work. He gets a call one day to fill in for Dr. Yakov Feltsman, the main doctor who’s out sick for the day. Victor’s not too happy to be working on his day off, but when he gets to the office he happens to meet Yuuri Katsuki, an overseas fashion designer from Japan and a professor at FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology.) Not to mention he’s hot as fuck and those glasses are driving him insane, so when Victor messes up his words and says the wrong thing while giving him a check-up, will everything turn out all right for him?

it must be the caffeine by cyanoscarlet

Summary: “If it’s any consolation, I only got hot water from this thing,” Viktor admits, tapping a hand over the button for the 3-in-1 coffee. “It cost a quarter, too.”Katsuki lets out a sound between a snort and a laugh. “Wow, that sucks, Doc.”Let it be known that The Doctor Is In (Love).

Paging Dr. Katsuki by katsudon_s

Summary:  Night shifts are never particularly fun for Yuuri, but a certain patient might be able to change that.

oxytocin and serotonin by half_n_half

Summary: Yuuri loves being a surgeon.He understands that the hours are long and the immense responsibility that comes with holding a human heart in your hands is nearly crippling, but something makes it all worth it.Little did he know, the years put into medical school would wield something greater than adrenalin.Victor Nikiforov.

The Remains of War by mooseholmes

Summary:  Yuuri Katsuki is left alone after his family and home are destroyed in Hiroshima. His road to recovery is long and arduous, but with the help of nurse Victor Nikiforov and other survivors he meets along the way, he finds that he isn’t really alone after all.

seven months by doubletan

Summary:After Yuuri’s crippling loss in the 2015’s Grand Prix Finals, he decided to retire from his ice skating career and finish up his nursing degree. Now, he and Phichit works at Tokyo National Hospital as he tries his best to live a new life, even when his past failures continue to haunt him.However, at the World Figure Skating Championships 2016, ice skating legend Victor Nikiforov was found vomiting flowers onto the ice right before his performance. Contracted with Hanahaki, Victor was immediately sent to Tokyo National Hospital, and placed under the care of both Yuuri and Phichit.As his nurse, Yuuri attempts to maintain a professional relationship with Victor, but his presence causes Yuuri to constantly question his decision to retire as Victor tries to relight his passion for ice skating once again. What was more troubling, was why Victor’s friends, even Victor himself, refuses to contact Victor’s love or tell Yuuri who it was that could have stolen the internationally most desired bachelor’s heart. Nonetheless, Yuuri vows to find her (or him, Yuuri wouldn’t know would he?) to save his life. But will he ever find out before its too late?

shaky when i came to be by apollothyme

Summary: He goes for another triple axel just as his breath is about to run out again, only this time something is wrong. He knows it as soon as he jumps into the air, but by then there’s nothing he can do.His body moves almost by itself, sluggish and mechanic. Driven to the point of exhaustion, Yuuri can’t pull himself in anything fast enough; he can never do anything fast enough. His left foot falls first, too hard to stand upright. Before he’s got the chance to hold himself steady, he feels something snap, loud and clear in the air, this resounding crack that could just as well be a bolt of thunder. Yuuri’s ankle gives in, pushing to the right as the rest of his foot moves inwards towards the left.

Square Jaw Nurse by Zoodan21

Summary: Yuri hadn’t meant to get sick but it happened anyways.Though if it ment getting the number from one of the nurses he might not complain so much.Aka: Otabek as a nurse and Yuri admiring him with a fever

Take Your Vitamins by vriskittles

Summary: “Normally, these exams wouldn’t be necessary until middle-age, but according to your family history you have great uncle who’d had a brief battle with prostate cancer, yes?” He posed the question.He raised his brow at the question before it dawned on him why they’d be asked. A family history with a disease generally called for early examinations of those in the family if they shared a close enough relation with them. And an examination for this particular ailment was…“Dr. Nikiforov, what are you trying to say?” He asked, face and voice portraying the wariness he felt.He was met with a light-hearted, apologetic expression. “Ah, I’m afraid it calls for a prostate exam.“

safestsephiroth  asked:

I'm writing a novel about a character with debilitating sleep problems (I haven't decided on a disorder yet) who consistently ends up unable to sleep before the point of absolute exhaustion. What is a feasible length of time for this to be on a consistent basis while not being completely life-threatening in the short term? (I'm accepting that it'll knock years off her life in the long term.) Also - I've found conflicting answers, do you know a good resource to use to research sleep disorders?

Hey there! Thanks for the question, and sorry for the (extreme) delay. This is currently the oldest ask in my inbox.

Sleep disorders are common, and are problematic, but it sounds like what you’re describing is some pretty gnarly insomnia.  

Your character will have a number of effects to keep in mind. First, decreased performance at whatever task is at hand. Their thinking may become muddled or clouded. They’ll likely “space out”, or may even have bursts of micro-sleep during other parts of the day. (This can be fatal while driving, and exhaustion is as much or more of an impairment to drivers as alcohol is.)

They’ll also have lower LONGER (thank you to @scriptautistic for the correction) reaction time, which contributes to driving injuries or deaths, and may come into play if your character is the actiony type (gunplay, for example, will be impaired, as will their tumbling / climbing abilities).

Sleep is a critical part of a character’s life and livelihood. They may be very tired during the day, make bad decisions, or fall asleep when they shouldn’t. Irritability is also a huge thing. They may gain, or lose, weight. DOverall they’re likely to have some significant issues.

The good news is that, outside of driving fatalities, insomnia is rarely fatal (with the exception of the helpfully-named Fatal Familial Insomnia, which is a genetic (familial) disease in which the victims stop sleeping (insomnia) until they die (fatal). Hooray!

Mayo Clinic has a pretty good overview of regular ol’ insomnia here:

In terms of your actual question, when it comes to duration, “months” is an extreme but accurate example. I probably averaged three to four hours a night during the weeks in high school, for most of the time; I slept in on weekends and during holidays, so it wasn’t necessarily true insomnia so much as the whole “teenagers stay up late and SHOULD be able to get up late” thing.

I hope this was useful, even a month or two later :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Lumen (part 13/ ): Mad intentions


Previously: part 12 & epilogue to part 12

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 13: You and Bucky take care of each other in the aftermath of an unexpected explosion and something bad happens, something really bad happens.

Warnings: language, angst, cliffhanger!

Word count: 2.276 (without background information).


Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

Keep reading

Omg omg omg omg k hear me out brotzly soulmate au where your soulmate feels everything you do! This would be so angsty though like when Todd told his family he had the disease the first time it was cuz he thought he did because Dirk was being abused right?! But things weren’t what they had always been described as being and seriously whose soulmate was being injured like this (sideways glance at Dirk) then Amanda got sick so he lied and said he was cured when he was just keeping things to himself and the treatments never worked anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Then tada! Dirk escaped and all was well(ish)! Todd wasn’t having ‘attacks’ and Dirk was buying colourful leather jackets it was all good~ sometimes Todd would feel strangely drained of drained of energy (thanks Rowdy 3) and Dirk would get random shocks when he was going about his day but it was good! Fast forward to when Dirk gets taken and suddenly his hands are burning he can’t see what’s wrong but his hands are burning and everything is on fire his face, his legs, everything what the hell is going on?! Todd isn’t much better laying in the floor in fetal position screaming out in pain with Amanda screaming at him through the phone but this can’t be right! He didn’t have the disease it was Dirk but everything was supposed to be fine now because Dirk was safe right!?! Apparently not because he was seeing his skin and smelt the flesh burning!