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Schlieri & Sevi back in the days having a pleasant talk with a finnish interviewer

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I wasn’t raised Christian. But I see my boyfriends family and how central Christianity was and is to the foundation of the family. The kids are 20, 25 and 27 and still the family does s conference call at the beginning of the week to pray and fellowship together. I hear the way his dad and mom speak the word and speak life into their kids. You can see God’s love in the way they love their kids and in the way their kids feel loved
Definitely a model for how I’d want to raise a family



Evolution of “She needs to sort out her priorities”

I love his “PRIORITIES“

Why you should read Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (Please read):
So lately on tumblr It seems that our fandom has been trying to recruit more fans to enjoy the story (more than usual I mean). I have seen quite a few variations of “please read Umineko” and laments that there aren’t more people in the fandom. What I have not seen, however, is anyone offering up any arguments or reasons of as to why you should devote your time and energy to read this story, so I’ve decided to take on the role of story salesman to explain why Umineko is amazing and worth your time. Setting: The story of Umineko primarily takes place on a private island known as Rokenjima in the year 1986.

The Ushiromya family is holding a family conference in which the adult siblings intend to decide how to split up the assets of their dying father. Upon receiving a challenge letter that appears to be from the witch of the forest Beatrice, a gruesome mass murder takes place involving 13 characters being killed in a ritualistic murder game, in which the only way to stop the killings is by solving the mysterious epitaph that is said to reveal the location of 10 tons of gold. However, if the epitaph is not solved, “On the 9th twilight, the witch shall revive and none shall be left alive.“

The Story: The story of Umineko is easily the most complex and beautiful work that I have ever read, this thing is a true piece of art. I honestly think that I will never read a story that will surpass it in depth. If each medium of art were to be represented for it’s form of beauty by one piece, Umineko would be the piece I’d choose for the written medium. I could probably fill up several pages waxing poetic and singing the praises of it, but that would probably just bore you. There is a reason that the paragraph above you is listed as “setting” instead of “story”. You see, the tale repeats itself several times, each with various alterations (such as who dies and in what order) and additions of new information. 2 beings oversee the unfolding of each tale in a place that we fans call “the meta” in which our protagonist Battler argues with the Golden Witch (or perhaps I should call her the concept of the witch) Beatrice, over whether the tale being told is mystery or fantasy, human culprit or non-human culprit.

                       (It’s like an intense sword fight with logic)

 The ultimate goal of the story and the readers is to discover the truth, the underlying truth of all game boards. What truly happened those 2 days, and why? Who is the culprit? Is there a culprit? Why do these deaths occur?  The Layers- One of the greatest things about Umineko is what I think of as the layering of stories in each game (Each story showing what happens on Rokenjima is called a game board by the characters inhabiting the meta).  It is my to my understanding that, not including the neigh endless number of culprit theories one can create per game so long as they can work around the restriction, in each game there are 3 stories being told: The fantasy story shown to us which requires only acceptance.

The main human-culprit story per game board (the angle the mystery side is playing).

(this is not an image involving a Rosa culprit theory, I just can’t find any images for culprit theories) and the truth: that which hides quietly in the shadows of the story which you can only see if you understand everything

(Of course, some fans deny the particular answer the author places in front of us believing it to simply be another of his many, many attempts to mislead, trick, and deceive. I wouldn’t doubt him to be the sort to hide the truth of his own story from his readers honestly). Everything is interwoven ridiculously tightly, and only going back and rereading it have I realized exactly how much doublespeak goes on throughout the novels. There is no doubt in my mind that if you were to read Umineko alongside someone who had already read it before, you would find yourselves reading completely different stories. The Music: The music of Umineko is some of my favorite, it’s what pushed me to finally read the story in the first place, which would eventually cause me to write this very post. There are somewhere around maybe 200 different pieces total plus unofficials and character songs. The music accurately depicts and enhances the mood of each scene splendidly, shaping something unnerving into something truly horrifying. There is so much variety in it, and I would urge you to look up some Umineko bgm on youtube and give it a taste. The Mysteries, A Challenge- One of the funnest (and simultaneously most headache and tear inducing) aspects of the story are the mysteries presented to us to solve.

The confusion and doubt when hit with something you can’t explain, the feeling of wonder when you finally grasp what the correct answer is (and then bewilderment when that possibility is crushed) are feelings that any reader will feel intimately familiar with.The challenges given to us by the author usually come in the form of impossible closed-room murders, which the protagonist (and readers) are charged to explain without magic. Many of the mysteries occur outside of closed rooms however, and often more subtle, less easily placed into words. Still, if you want a challenge, then this story is perfect for you. It is not just something that is meant to be read without thought or pondering, it is a direct challenge issued by our author to his readers. If you do not think, you will not understand, and you will not enjoy nearly as much. The Characters- Umineko is a story with a VERY large character cast. With the 1st game board you start out with 18 human characters, and with each new game the character count increases, usually with a fantasy character (or seven) . Despite the large cast everyone has at least a few scenes where they play in important role, and all of them have a great level of depth to them. Each of them are unique with interesting perspective and opinions, and their own problems. Their character designs are also quite nice.

       (This is just the fantasy side btw, there are still 18 people missing) Have I interested you at all? I hope so. If even one person reads this post and decides to try it out, I will be extremely happy. The only information I have left to give is it’s format, a preview, and some advice. This story comes in three different forms: A visual novel, a manga, and an anime. I will beg of you now: please, do not watch the anime, it is mediocre at best, is missing vital clues, and is mssing the entire second half of the story. You will just be spoiled in the most boring and anticlimactic way possible. Both the visual novel and the manga are great, although I’ll warn you now that the manga adaptation isn’t finished. Now for some friendly advice if you miraculously read this boring looking post about a fandom you probably aren’t in and decided you wanted to join: doubt. You will be neck-deep in illusions, and you do not have a gods-eye view of the situation most stories give, so doubt. If you need help finding the novels (because they are hard to acquire) please ask me and I’ll gladly help you. And if you decide to try out the story because of this post please tell me, it would make me glad to know that my words have been heard by someone. Anyways, this person put the entire first half of the story on their youtube account, so perhaps you could check it out~ and here is a sample of the story, also from their account (sorry it’s so long, but the story is really long and it’s best to let the suspense build up)~ Good luck :)

               Please give it your best shot

Queen Fawzia - From princess to empress to a royal forgotten amid Egypt’s transformations

In 1939, when Princess Fawzia of Egypt married the crown prince of Iran, Mohammed Reza, the teenagers united two great Muslim lands. Each side had political and personal motives for welcoming the union: for the Egyptian King Farouk, the princess’s brother, the marriage asserted a constitutional monarch’s power in a region lorded over by the British. For the shah of Iran, formerly an ordinary soldier, the century-old Egyptian royal family conferred aristocratic legitimacy on his own. At the wedding in Cairo, guests received bonbon boxes made of gold and precious stones; flower-filled floats paraded down the wide avenues; fireworks were set off over the Nile.

The 17-year-old princess grew up in sophisticated, exclusive Cairo speaking French, English and Arabic. She was a knockout: a more luscious version of Hedy Lamarr, a softer Vivien Leigh. Cecil Beaton photographed her for the cover of Life magazine. Her life was chronicled in newspapers worldwide, which referred to her as “one of the world’s most beautiful women.”

When the crown prince became shah, Fawzia became the empress of Iran; their daughter was Princess Shahnaz. Yet rumors of Fawzia’s marital unhappiness reached Cairo. A member of the Egyptian court was sent to Tehran, where he discovered Fawzia to be neglected and gravely ill: Her shoulder blades, he reported, “jutted out like the fins of some undernourished fish.” King Farouk demanded that the two divorce. Princess Shahnaz stayed in Iran.

In time, Fawzia married again, in 1949, to a royalist officer named Ismail Cherine, and had two more children. The Egyptians, most of whom were poor and disenfranchised, had by then turned against the royal family. King Farouk was viewed as a corrupt and incompetent playboy, a monarch beholden to an occupying foreign power. In 1952, a military coup led by Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser was widely heralded among Egyptians (and much of the world) as an act of emancipation. Farouk boarded the royal yacht and sailed to Italy, never to return to the throne. Fawzia, unlike most of her relatives, stayed in Egypt with her family. They settled in a villa in Alexandria, where she lived a quiet, almost anonymous life in reduced circumstances, melting into the background of a rapidly growing city. (Read more)

anonymous asked:

Doc, I wasn't sure who to turn to about this but I felt like asking somebody.

It's my girlfriend, she's in a coma. I know, I know, it's serious. It's just , there were times when I could have strangled her but I'd hate anything to happen to her, you know? Is it really so strange?

t's all because of a stupid punctured bicycle on a desolate hillside and some jumped up pantry boy who never knew his place. And now she's in a coma. It seems so unfair and I want to cry, don't want to end up at the cemetary gates. I keep thinking 'she'll get better now, it'll change now', but how soon is now? Maybe it's just some miserable lie.

I hate all this. I'm half a person these days. It's all wait wait wait wait now. Then you go and you stand on your own and you leave on your own and you go home and you cry and you want to die. And she doesn't even like me! I don't want to wake up on my own anymore. See, I'll already waited too long and all my hope is gone. Do you really think she'll pull through? Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body? Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Hello, Tortured Tortoise – I am so sorry to hear about the awful situation you and your girlfriend are in. You obviously have a lot of conflicting emotions battering at your mind and heart. I don’t have any magical or prophetic answers for you, but I strongly encourage you to find a family member or close friend with whom you could share and explore these feelings.

Also, your post gives the impression that GF has been in the coma for quite a while. If you haven’t yet, ask her family and her doctor(s) to hold a family conference so that everyone can get a better handle on her prognosis. Sometimes, when you aren’t the spouse or blood-relative of a patient, the doctors will hold back from giving you any information about her, even though you have quite a vested interest in her health. If her family will allow you to sit in on a family conference with the doctors, you may be able to put some of your questions answered.

God bless you, friend.

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EDIT: I should’ve totally listened to Mrs. Cranquis’s gut instinct about this question – as soon as I read it to her, she said, “Those have to be song lyrics” – and they are. Oh well, perhaps someone out there will still find my advice applicable. :)