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it might only be 25th November BUT that doesn’t mean i can’t draw christmas art xD!!! haha so here you go! some happy sterek family christmas fanarts ;U;!

(i still need to figure it out how i’ll put this on a mug and all of that so i can post it on Redbubble as well xD! soon! i promise)

Boyfriend Keith Headcanons

I’ve seen a lot of Klance head canons in my day (you have to imagine me saying this whilst sitting in a rocking chair on someone’s verandah) and a lot of them seem to focus a lot on Lance, which is great! And I get it! Lance is more extroverted and probably does the BIG romantic gestures, but I bet Keith is also a really rad boyfriend. So here’s some boyfriend Keith head canons.

  • Relationships are very important to Keith because of how much time he has spent in isolation. He’s very sentimental and saves ticket stubs from movie dates. He hangs flowers upside down so they dry and he can keep them. There’s a box of these trinkets filled with cute notes Lance has left on his door, a cool rock Lance gave Keith because he said it was the same colour as his eyes, a band-aid (gross) that Lance put on his wrist before they started officially dating.
  • He starts wearing his hair up more because he knows Lance likes it. He even buys some matching bobby pins and Lance wears his set proudly around the ship.
  • Koala boyfriend.
  • Knows all of Lance’s most ticklish spots.
  • Does drills with Hunk in secret to learn all of Lance’s siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, etc. He gets Lance to teach him how to sew (“oh, I’m just getting some holes in my gloves and think it would be nice to repair them myself”) and he cross-stitches Lance’s family tree for christmas. 
  • He adds an additional branch for team Volton cuz they’re family too
  • Lance cries for an hour. 
  • When no ones around he’ll say HORRIFICALLY dirty things to Lance. Half of them don’t make sense. And it’s kind of a joke that Keith has no idea what sexual innuendoes are. Sometimes he’ll know he has the euphemism wrong, but he’ll whisper it to Lance anyway just to hear him laugh. 
  • REALLY likes Lance’s legs. 
  • And smooth tummy. 
  • Happily big spoons the night away.
  • Protective boyfriend.
  • Lance makes him a t-shirt with his own face on it as a joke…. but Keith… wears it? Like a lot?
  • Some alien - “The blue one is on your shirt?”
  • Keith - “… Yeah?”
  • Lance is both flattered and mortified. 
  • Someone once made a very inappropriate pass at Lance and kept touching him and cornering him. Lance tried to quietly slip away and not cause a scene when Keith just HEADBUTTED THE GUY. Gross dude dropped to the ground and didn’t get up for a while. 
  • Hugs from behind a lot.
  • Velcro boyfriend.
  • Will grow up to be that old man, who when he opens his wallet, a cascade of plastic sleeves filled with photos falls out.  

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You got any young pics of Ted? Pretty please!

My fav pictures of young Ted :

“Ted as a toddler, sniffing an iris at his grandfather Sam Cowell’s Philadelphia home in 1948.”

“December 1949, Ted poses proudly with his sled and snowman.”

“Vacations at a New Jersey beach with his much-adored grandfather and his mother in 1950.”

“In the fall of 1950, cowboy-clad Ted displays his two favorite sets of wheels, a tricycle and a red wagon.”

“By December of 1953, Ted is tall enough to help decorate the family Christmas tree in the house in Tacoma, Washington.”

“Johnnie Bundy and Ted roast hot dogs in front of the family fireplace in 1953.”

“Ted proudly shows off his catch of the day after a fishing excursion to Port Defiance with his grandfather during a family visit in 1954.”

“The Bundy family picture taken at Christmas 1960 shows, left to right, Sandra, Glenn, Louise, Linda, and Ted.”

More young Ted here

Source : my book, Serial Killer by Time-Life.

Stay Over?


Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader (purely inspired by @parkerroos love for him…)

Summary: you visit Sam for a catch up after a long day at work and you finally discover that you guys have fallen for each other.

Warnings: slight swearing

You blew warm breath into your hands and rubbed them together to keep them warm in the cold London air. It was coming on Christmas and the family run Christmas Tree Farm that you worked at was great until you forget your gloves one morning as you’re rushing out of the house. Sure, it was only seasonal work but everyone was so happy at this time of the year so customer service was a joy.

You turned and checked the clock behind you, noting that you only had ten minutes left of your shift before you could go and visit your best friend (and long-term crush). It wasn’t often that you got to see each other really. With the two of you finishing up your courses at separate schools, you only had the weekends you weren’t working and holidays to see each other.

When the clock hit 6pm, you threw your apron from around your neck and grabbed your bag from below the counter. Shouting a quick goodbye to your manager, you fished your bus pass out of your wallet and practically sprinted to the bus stop. Bouncing up and down on your toes, you waited impatiently for your bus to arrive and when you finally spotted it rolling around the corner, you leapt on quickly as it came to a stop.

The Holland’s road rolled into view and you pressed the stop button. Taking the few minutes’ walk along the pavement, you found yourself standing in front of the front door. You knocked on the door and heard Tessa bark behind it. A figure outlined through the frosted glass in the door ran towards it and flung it open.

“Y/N!” Paddy exclaimed, throwing his arms around your waist.

“Hey, Pads! What’s up?” You returned his hug, stroking his hair softly before leaning down and kissing him on the cheek, making him go slightly pink. You giggled slightly at it and ruffled his hair.

“Hey!” Paddy scowled at you causing you to laugh even more.

“Oi, Pads, let her get in the front door first,” a hand tugged Paddy away by the hood of his jumper, “Hello gorgeous,” Sam said, folding his arms tightly around your waist. It was a good job he did too, as your knees weakened at the nickname he gave you.

“Sammy boy!” You exclaimed, breathing in his cologne, “God, I’ve missed you.”

Sam pulled away from you slightly, unwinding one arm from around your waist to push the front door shut and locking it again. Keeping one arm slung around your waist, he led you towards the lounge where Tom and Harry were sat playing video games.

“Hey, look who’s here,” Sam announced.

Tom paused the game and stood, turning towards you. “Hey, well look who it is! Long-time no see, darling. How’s life treating you?”

Tom wrapped his arms around you and you hugged him back.

“Not too bad,” you replied.

“Mmm, you smell like Christmas trees. God, I love when you work at that farm,” Tom joked causing you to laugh.

“How’s showbiz, movie star?” you teased and laughed when he frowned at the nickname you gave him.

“It’s good, tiring but so rewarding. I was saying to Sam earlier, when he next flies out to see me, he should bring you along too.”

“I’d love that! When can we do it, Sammy?” You turned expectantly towards your best friend who was leaning against the back of the couch, secretly admiring how well you interacted with all of his brothers. Sure, you’ve grown up around them but for you two to be friends, it wasn’t exactly a requirement for you to enjoy the company of his brothers. It was just a really good perk that you did.

“Whenever you want, love.” Sam smiled at you before swatting Harry around the head for saying something you didn’t quite catch.

“And how’s my favourite twin?” You asked wrapping your arms around Harry and earning a “hey!” of protest from Sam. “Kidding Sam, obviously,” you winked at him.

“I’m good thanks, Y/N. Getting on with that portfolio, I told you about.”

“Yeah? It’s going well?” you questioned.

Just as Harry was about to respond, Sam cut in. “While I’m sure Y/N would love to hear about your portfolio, she’s my best friend and we’re going to go up to my room and spend some time catching up.”

“Oh, piss off, Sam. You’re only going to watch La La Land again!” Harry called after you.

Sam took your hand and began to drag you away causing you to laugh. He dragged you all the way up the stairs and into his bedroom where he sat you down on his bed before tackling you in another hug.

“Hey, hey, you okay?” you asked him, carding your hands through his soft, wavy hair. His face was buried into your neck and his hot breath was leaving you trying to refrain from shivering in delight.

“I just missed you,” he mumbles into your neck and this time you really do shiver.

You keep carding your hands through his hands until he finally straightens and stands to switch the TV on before tugging you beneath the covers with him. You sit and watch La La Land (just as Harry predicted) together and you hum or sing along to every song. When the movie is over, you swing your legs to reach the floor and stand, stretching.

“And where are you going?” Sam questions cheekily.

“Toilet, I’ve needed to pee for the last half hour. Wanna order some dinner while I’m gone?” you groan slightly as you stretch out your back.

“Mhmm, pizza or Chinese? Actually, I already know the answer. Wanna run downstairs while you’re up and ask the others if they want in? Mom and Dad won’t be back until later tomorrow and if they don’t eat when we do, they’ll probably all starve.” He added chuckling.

You pad off to the bathroom before heading downstairs where you find Tom and Paddy watching one of the Marvel movies. You laugh quietly to yourself before they see you when you hear Tom giving anecdotes about each actor that he’s worked with.

“Hey losers, Sam’s ordering pizza for dinner, want some?”

Paddy’s eyes lit up at the thought of pizza, “Yes!”

“Yeah go on then. Tell him to get the usual combo with extra sides because you’re here too. I’ll pay,” Tom offered.

“Cheers Spider-boy, I’ll let him know.”

You made your way back upstairs, slowing down when you heard the voices of the twins sounding like they were in the middle of an argument.

“Just tell her,”

“No! Harry, there is no way I can do that and you know it!”

“C’mon Sam! You fell for her years ago. Now’s your chance!”

“Harry, I said no.”

“Sam, tell Y/N that you fancy the pants off of her.”

You gasped, feeling like you’d heard too much. Retreating quietly down some of the stairs you’d already ascended, you climbed them much louder this time shouting, “Sam, the boys are in for pizza, Tom says he’ll pay.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. I’ll order the usual.” He grinned at you as you walked back into the room. You shot a grin at Harry and one back at Sam too so nonchalantly, you even surprised yourself at your will power to stay calm while your insides were practically screaming with joy.

“Remember to order—”

“Some sweet chilli sauce for the potato wedges, yeah, yeah, I know, Harry.” Sam called to Harry’s back as he retreated back downstairs.

You laughed softly and curled yourself back into the cushion and blanket cocoon that you and Sam had created around your bodies. Sam, unbeknownst to you, gazed at you from near his doorway, a smile settling on his lips and lighting his features. You looked up at him to catch him staring and patted the gap next to you, beckoning him back over. He sat back down, back resting against the headboard, legs outstretched and you leant yourself back into his chest as his arm came up to softly stroke your hair.

“I heard you talking to Harry…” now or never, you thought, “I fancy the pants off of you too.”

You looked up from where you were positioned to see the gawping, freckled face of the boy that you really did fancy the pants off of but when he said nothing, you began panicking. Worrying that Harry had misread the feelings of his twin brother, you tried to back track.

“Of course, unless he was joking in which case obviously I’m doing this for comedic value because you know me, I love a good joke, ha ha ha… Sam, say something ple—”

Your sentence was suddenly void of sound as Sam’s lips came down to connect with yours. The kiss was soft, gentle and completely Sam. He was careful with you but not hesitant as he held your head in his one hand while his other arm was tightly wound around your waist. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours and ran his thumb along the top of your cheekbone carefully.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been thinking of a way to tell you that,” Sam breathed, “and my own brother beat me to the punch.”

You laughed softly before pecking his lips again. Sam pulled back slightly to look you fully in the eyes, “Stay over tonight?” he asked.

“You’re sure?”

“I’ve never been surer of anything.” Sam replied as he leant back in for another kiss.


The Armstrong family is precious ~