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Happy Holidays!!

Find yourself the nearest Light Bulb of Unusual Color and make a wish!

Hoping you’re surrounded by those you love and are staying warm!

You, the public, and boyfriend!Tom
  • tom’s very careful about what he reveals to the press and public about you because he fears that the downsides of this incredible life he gets to have will effect you negatively and he could loose you
  • so PDA is basically nonexistent 
  • okay, expect that one time at a London Fashion Week after party…
  • you were both pretty drunk and all over each other in the corner of the club
  • pictures of his hands on your ass or the two of you making out surfaced (the headlines were reading “SPIDERMAN’S SUPER SNOG” for weeks)
  • but since then, you keep you distance when out and about
  • the paps consider themselves lucky to even see his guiding arm around your waist or a hand to your shoulders to lead you into the car first
  • and fans shouldn’t expect much on social media either
  • occasionally, on his instagram stories, you can be seen in the back of a video or your laugh can be heard or sometimes even the spotting of your hair lying next to him in bed
  • the only real times he’s actually posted about the two of you was on your one year anniversary or your birthday or in a large group photo you happen to be in too
  • your instagram is that much different either, if it’s not on private. you’ve fluctuated between locking it and unlocking it. sometimes getting frustrated you can’t post an picture of your own boyfriend without hearing about how painful it is for those in love with him to see you together
  • and there was that one time someone was harassing you, and despite all of his brothers, Harrison, Jacob, and even Zendaya coming to your defense, the harassment persisted
  • and tom didn’t know how to handle it. they obviously want his attention and he didn’t want to give in to them so he felt like he himself couldn’t reach out
  • but a quick call to sony from him and the account disappeared forever. 
  • however, those who do some digging can find a picture of you two squishing together on the sofa with tessa in your laps displayed his mum’s personal instagram
  • or they can catch him leaving a “😍 😍 😍 “ on your photos
  • occasionally, they’ll see a sweet, stupid comment from you on his (“dang ur hot, u dating anyone?!!! or “holy moly who ever dates u is soooo lucky”)
  • off the internet, in interviews where he’s cornered and it’s harder to avoid questions, he still is pretty tight lipped.
  • if they ask, he’ll politely declare that you’re great, thanks for asking 
  • but beyond that, there’s not much
  • okay, okay, there was that one interview with his dad where he got a little too excited talking about his son and revealed that you two are very happ and very in love and very, very cheeky
  • (there may or may have been an antidote about some bum pinching during a family christmas photo)
  • there was that one time fans waiting outside his hotel spotted you two canoodling on his hotel room balcony
  • it wasn’t x-rated or anything, just some laying in each other laps, holding each other close and looking out at the view, even a quick kiss
  • (the screaming that occurred when you kissed is what told the two of you that you weren’t as alone as you thought.)
  • so there have been a lot of “one times” but its all those who are outside of your personal life have and honestly, despite the negativity, you two receive a lot of positive feedback 
  • some people tweet him that you’re really cute together and they hope you both are happy (he almost replies to those)
  • or at premieres, fans will ask for you to jump into pictures with him to which you blush heavily and respectfully decline 
  • and even though he feels too protective share how he really, honestly feels about you (these feelings would involve him screaming from the rooftops to everyone on the planet that he loves you), you know he feels this way and that’s what matters.
little things: next gen edition

teddy lupin. hufflepuff. loyal and outgoing. wears his hair blue 90% of the time. splits the remaining 10% between the weasley red and his cousin draco’s platinum blonde. likes snogging victoire all over bill and fleur’s house because bill’s face turns redder than his hair and it makes fleur laugh. kind hearted. sometimes at christmas dinners he changes his nose into all sorts of things to make the younger kids laugh. doesn’t understand why uncle harry looks so sad during this. he misses his mum and dad more than he could ever put into words. expert at potions. 

victoire weasely. ravenclaw. is fluent in both french and english. is extremely glad to be a ravenclaw because blue looks fantastic on her. head over heels for teddy lupin. loves her dad more than anything else except maybe her pet lizard. manages to keep up straight o’s all throughout her schooling. head girl. doesn’t care for quidditch one bit, but loves muggle football. is sick of people always being sad on her birthday. takes her coffee black. 

james sirius potter. gryffindor. loves quidditch as much as breathing. always jokes about being the protective older brother but he’s very much aware that lily luna could kick his ass. his coffee is more sugar than anything else. quidditch captain in his sixth year. sometimes feels like his chest will collapse at the pressure to live up to his namesakes. lives off pop-tarts. shamelessly enjoys muggle soap opera shows. wants to play for puddlemore united when he leaves school.

rose granger-wesley. ravenclaw. has never lost a game of quidditch to james sirius. has a big crush on padma patil’s daughter. can kick her dad’s arse at chess. always gets books for her birthday. loves visiting her mum at the ministry. allergic to cats. sometimes wishes she didn’t feel as pressured to do well in school. thinks her uncle harry’s cousin dudley is absolutely hilarious. can and will beat anyone in an eating competition of any sorts. witnessed a car accident on a street one day and has been able to see thestrals ever since. loves the colour pink even though it looks ridiculous with her hair. 

albus severus potter. slytherin. is sick of people telling him that he has his fathers eyes. can’t decide if he thinks his namesakes were brave or immensely idiotic. despises quidditch with a burning passion. enjoys being his fathers not-so-secret favourite. falls asleep in front of the fire reading 5/7 nights. sneaks into the ravenclaw tour every wednesday night to spend the night with scorpius. thinks mr. malfoy is hilarious. is made up of ninety percent sarcasm. understands his grandpa’s fascination with muggles more than his cousins. loves going on late night drives.

scorpius hyperion malfoy. ravenclaw. his favourite christmas tradition is staying up all night watching movies with his mum. comes home for the holidays in first year to find his father has decorated his room in blue and bronze. ravenclaw win the quidditch cup the first year he’s on the team. sometimes when he looks at albus severus he thinks he’s in love. doesn’t like his grandpa much. loves unicorns. shares hair-care tips with victoire weasley. doesn’t want to have children. still sleeps with the stuffed dragon teddy lupin gave him when he was born.

molly weasley ii. slytherin. has never got higher than an acceptable in any of her classes. best friends with fred ii. proud to be named after her grandma. wishes her dad would let up about her behaviour. her uncle george is secretly her favourite. she was thirteen when she realised that if her cousins stood in a certain way for family christmas photos, they could spell dirty words with their sweaters. loves the pet chickens her grandpa gave her. hates cooking more than anything. wishes lily luna wasn’t so good at quidditch because she’s sick of being the reserve seeker. loves when her mum uses her eggs and bacon to make faces on her plate.

lily luna potter. slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair because she’s sick of looking like christmas with her red hair and her green robes. is a big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. her heart aches when she looks at the stars at night. cuts her hair shorter than albus’ in fourth year. grandma is furious but her mum loves it. opens the chamber of secrets in her third year, much to her dad’s confusion. likes boys and girls but mostly quidditch.

lorcan scamander. gryffindor. in love with lily luna. sometimes resents his twin for choosing gryffindor even after he went to hufflepuff. wants to work with dragons like charlie weasley when he grows up. his dad paints constellations on his bedroom ceiling and then spells them to move like the stars do. if it wasn’t for rose weasley in ravenclaw, he and james sirius would guarantee gryffindor a win every time. when he was very little he set fire to all his dresses and proclaimed he wanted to be a boy like his brother. manages to break something in every divination lesson he attends. 

dominique weasley. slytherin. has a pet snake that likes lily luna better than her. is very glad she didn’t inherit the family freckles. loves visiting her mum’s family in france. loves french food. loves french boys. refuses to learn french. wants to be a professor when she graduates. has her dad wrapped around her little finger. her patronus is a baby elephant and she can’t figure out why. always manages to wing her eye-liner perfectly. 

fred johnson-weasley ii. gryffindor. enjoys studying more than quidditch. spends every thursday night having dinner with molly at hagrid’s hut. wishes his dad didn’t see his dead twin every time he looked at him. has successfully introduced spelling to grawp. would eat cereal for every meal if roxy didn’t force feed him vegetables. hates being away from his mum during school term. spends his summer’s working in his dad’s joke shop. wishes the time turners weren’t all destroyed because he wants to take every class hogwarts offers.

hugo granger-weasley. hufflepuff. loves that school always feels like a big family outing. likes watching quidditch but refuses to get on a broom. has tea with professor trelawney on sunday mornings. wants to be an auror when he’s older. hates history of magic because he’s sick of hearing about the war his parents lived through. his dad gave him a white ferret to take to school in first year and mr. malfoy was red in the face at the train station when he noticed. gets away with every single prank he pulls at school. 

lucy weasley. hufflepuff. wishes that there were more out gay girls at hogwarts than just her cousins. loves her mum but she just doesn’t get her the way dad does. prides herself on excelling at school. is always up for a late night trip to the kitchens. doesn’t understand why her dad won’t let her have a pet rat. spends the weeks leading up to christmas helping her grandma knit everyones jumpers. befriends the finnigan-thomas triplets immediately even though none of them share a house. sleeps in her dad’s old gryffindor shirt.

lysander scamander. hufflepuff. thinks his mum is barmy. loves her anyway. glad his parents made a mistake when they bought home him and his ‘sister’ because he loves lorcan a lot more as a boy. is in love with louis weasley. a big fan of cheerleader movies. wishes his dad would stop bringing home weird things from work. spends summer between fifth and sixth year teaching himself french. flogs the marauders map from james sirius in term two of third year, and manages to keep it hidden for a solid week. loves to fly.

louis weasley. ravenclaw. loves being at school with all his cousins but sometimes wishes he’d taken mums offer to go to beauxbatons. was in love with teddy lupin between ages seven-ten. thinks his dad’s scars make him more handsome. secretly loves lily luna the most out of all his cousins. doesn’t understand why everyone obsesses over quidditch when there’s muggle sports like gymnastics. falls in love with lysander scamander in his sixth year. is a confused and impressed by luna lovegood. wishes victoire wouldn’t let her pet lizard roam around the house.

roxanne johnson-weasley. gryffindor. sometimes forgets the names of all her cousins. is responsible for starting the lgbtq safe space club at hogwarts. thinks uncle charlie had the right idea about not having children. sometimes when she’s flying she wonders how high she could go, wonders if she could just leave earth behind. punches a fifth year hufflepuff in the face when she’s twelve because he made a racist comment. wishes it was acceptable to put gravy on her pancakes. her detention record finally overtook her fathers in sixth year, and she’s making it her goal to overtake james potter and sirius black by the time she graduates. watches the beauty and the beast movie at least once a week when she’s home.

Having Babies With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

I went so overboard with this and I could have written more because babies and Hank McCoy are my favourite things, he would make such cute children!! 

Originally posted by lovelyactors

·         All the fun of trying for kids, cos he’s a man with a plan! (don’t worry I’m totally gonna do a whole other set of head cannons for trying for kids ;) )

·         Not being able to take the grin off his face when you tell him your pregnant

·         Lots of nuzzling into you for the next few months because even though they’re not showing as much yet, he knows what’s in your tummy

·         Waddling around the mansions with a massive belly

·         Hank has a permanently proud face whenever he sees you coming

·         Surprisingly its mostly the boys who are cooing and asking to touch your belly when the baby kicks, Peter getting over excited at the possibility of tiny kids running about, Scott trying to be macho about it but laughing when the baby kicks against his hand and Kurt just being adorable and asking loads of questions

·         Hank swaying you from side to side when you cuddle, daydreaming about your little family

·         Giving birth and Hank insisting on being there for you, only for him to faint momentarily when you start pushing

·         Regaining consciousness just are your little boy arrives

·         Both of you crying when holding your little bundle for the first time

·         Parading the little bundle around, but being protective af when it gets too loud

·         Having a few more and all the kids just using his giant ass as a climbing frame

·         Him being scarred at first to go beast mode in front f them in case they hate him

·         Them loving best mode because he’s all blue and furry!! ( think boo in Monsters Inc.)

·         Them shouting Kitty when he’s blue because they just wanna pet him

·         Nursery Rhymes when he’s putting  them to bed

·         Alex suggesting reading science books instead to send them to sleep

·         Hank being disgruntled that works just as well

·         Cute family photos at Christmas (lets crack out those awful Christmas Jumpers!!)

·         Every time the youngest one grows out of being a baby, Hank suggests making another

·         No one can tell me you guys don’t have at least three/ four kids

·         Giant cuddle piles that turn into sleeping piles when you build a fort

o   Hank using his knowledge of physics and geometry to build the best forts !

I can’t draw it right now but imagine Patten forcing the others to take family photos for Christmas and they all have to wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters that he KNIT HIMSELF and he made sure that Virgil’s was black and Roman’s has glitter on it and just look okay I have a lot of feelings about Dad

Merry Christmas, y’all! I wasn’t able to draw anything decent since I’m sick right now, so I hope this really lame quick sketch of the RFA squad will do.

Bless all those awkward family Christmas photos.

  • Ryuko: Tell me again why I'm dressed as a reindeer?
  • Satsuki: I have always wanted to dress up and do a family Christmas card, but as I'm sure you could tell Ryuko our family was not the type to do things like that.
  • Ryuko: *sighs* Ok, Whatever. Still doesn't explain what you're supposed to be then?
  • Satsuki: *smirks* The sexy santa of course. You should've expected nothing less Ryuko.
  • Ryuko: *scoffs* Please, if anyone has the body for the sexy santa costume it's me. But you do know Santa has an elf right, hence santas little helper, if I'm the reindeer and you the sexy santa who's going to be the elf?
  • Satsuki: *looks away* Well, while she may not be an actual part of our family, I consider her close enough to be.
  • Ryuko: *scratches head* Huh, what are yo- Wait you don't- Oh my god you actually got Nonon to dress up as well! *sees Nonon in an elf costume*
  • Satsuki: She pulls it off quite well.
  • Nonon: Don't say a word delinquent.
  • Ryuko: Wasn't gonna.
  • Nonon: *smiles* Okay then, good.
  • Ryuko: *chuckles* But uh one question, how's Satsuki's toy shop doing?
  • Satsuki: *covers smile*
  • Nonon: *tackles Ryuko* That's it you're on the naughty list!!!

anonymous asked:

idea: lindholm family annual photo, but every time they take the photo (on christmas) theres more members of the family. at first it was just torb and wife, then there started being Children, then cat and turret, then bastion/ganymede, rein and brigitte, other old ovw members, New recall members (cough cough dva lucio) and it just keeps growing until their "lindholm family christmas photo" includes about 50 ppl, including world famous celebrities and several internationally wanted criminals

That’s really sweet, and I can imagine it as a montage which makes it even better.