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happy birthday, Harry


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater


Rookie, rookie…rookies of the year dancing to Rookie 😂😂😂

Since I was only 6 until today. I think they (his family) have helped me to be the person I am right now and I have to thank them for it. To my brother, to my cousin, who have always been there for me, the two of them. [Dries tears away]. To my girlfriend who deals with me everyday at home, winning or losing, she’s always there as well. And thanks as well to the club for trusting me, for trusting in my feelings for this club, and well… Special thanks to my parents for making me and my brother the people we are today. First to my father for taking turns with my Grandfather to drive the two of us to training [Sighs. Dries tears] to fulfill this dream, even though when at the end just one of us could make it, but he’s for sure proud of the two of us… And my mother [he stops. Crowd applauds. He smiles.] 

“The author of the journals… my brother.”

Kinda late to the anniversary but better late than never. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.

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Head-canon Question: Sterek Refrigerator(s) and evolution. What is in Stiles' refrigerator when he lives with the Sheriff, when he lives with Scott, when he lives alone? Does Derek have a refrigerator in the burned out Hale house? In the railcar? What is in his refrigerator in the loft? Does it change to reflect him learning to love himself and accept that he deserves good things? What about when Stiles and Derek live together? It is divided down the middle with a split personality?

Huh… This is an interesting question. I’ve never thought about it but let’s see. With the Sheriff, Stiles would have obviously kept the fridge stocked with healthy foods, nothing greasy, too sugary, or cholesterol-heavy. There’d probably always be a few precooked meals or leftovers (vegetable lasagnas, salads, chicken dishes) for the Sheriff to grab and eat whenever he happens to end up home after his odd-hour shifts.

If he ever lived with Scott I feel like that would devolve into a lot of fast food and frozen meals to keep up with their hectic lifestyle – probably a lot of college classes/internships/job training, not to mention surviving the monster of the week. And alone, I feel like, would probably a lot of the same (along with a few bags of frozen curly fries to bake because awesome).

Derek definitely wouldn’t have had a refrigerator in the burnt out Hale house. He probably survived off whatever he could scrounge from 7/11 or fast food places during those few weeks. Comfort wasn’t a high priority for him. In the rail yard I’ll generously assume Derek had a few coolers lying around – the kind you’ll bring along when you go camping. But considering the boot-camp nature of Derek’s mindset that season, I picture the pack surviving off protein bars and water, maybe sandwiches or some ordered pizzas if they needed something more meal-esque. I definitely don’t see Derek cooking for them at that point (even if he wanted to, where would he? A fire pit?) Once he moves into the loft, though, I see Derek falling into a slightly more normal eating situation, because he’s gentled at that point and he’d want things to be good for Isaac. I see him buying staples like pasta and bread with a sense of nervous finality, settling into a place for the first time since Laura. He’d stock up on foods he noticed Isaac enjoying, not really indulging in anything for himself. And when Isaac left… and Cora left, I think he’d slip back to basics again. Not the same bare minimum of the rail yard, but nothing really indulgent, sticking to healthy and cheap and mostly boring.

And I think Stiles would pick up on that fast once they moved in together. On the days they went shopping together, the places where Derek’s eyes lingered before he went back to practical things. And eventually, Stiles would start doing something about it, dropping that box of brownies or Derek’s favorite fruit in the cart without a word, slowly filling their home with things Derek wanted but wouldn’t let himself have until it became almost natural to have them. And Derek would start cooking again –– something he used to do all the time growing up, and in New York for Laura, but hadn’t done in years. Making meals for Stiles with love, the way Stiles used to make meals for his dad, filled with a mixture of his favorite things and healthy things (using some of his own dad’s recipes).

And basically I think once Sterek started living together they would fill their refrigerator and cabinets with things for each other, not themselves.


I thought it was a party for the artificial heart implant. Of course I should be here. We are the heroes and heroines of this surgery.


Grattis på första födelsedagen, Prins Alexander!   

“On Tuesday April 19 at 6.25 pm, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia had a son at Danderyd Hospital. Weight: 3595 gr. Length: 49 cm. Both mother and child are in good health. Prince Carl Philip was present at the birth.” - Official Announcement by the Marshal of the Realm, Royal Court.

“For my wife and me, this is obviously a great day with a lot of emotions. Words are not able to describe the feeling. (….)  It has been a very tumultuous day. Getting to see Sofia go through this; I have admiration for what women go through.” - Prince Carl Philip announcing the birth of his first child on April 19, 2016

Video: Expressen; SVT.

Shoutouts to people who like winter and cold weather.

  • Because it’s tiresome being stared at like you grew an extra head when you say as much
  • Because countless people can say “I’m so glad spring is right around the corner!” and be praised with endless agreement, but I’m asked what’s wrong with me if I express the same thing about winter
  • Because the maintenance guy came in to fix something in my apartment, took one look at my thermostat, and wouldn’t believe me when I said there’s nothing wrong with my heater because it’s 65°F in my apartment and I’m happy 
  • Because if there’s a disagreement over the temperature, the person who likes the cold will always be outvoted 5 to 1
  • Because summer and the warmer days of autumn are mourned for their passing but winter’s end is celebrated
  • Because our endless discomfort in the summer is overlooked and brushed off because why wouldn’t we love this hot weather
  • Because winter is never long enough, summer is always too long, and no one will agree with you
Narrative structure as Dean/Cas possibilities/viewpoints in Dabb Era

I’m sitting here trying to remember the “lesson” of all the cases this past season and really I do think it’s all going to point to what’s coming next for Dean and Cas. Besides some mirrors that portray Mary against Sam and Dean’s histories, there’s been a few cases of one sided love (12x07 and the one with the camping couple where the girl was leaving but the guy loved her more than she loved him) , one of a lover “saving” another by dying with them (12x13), one accidentally getting a best friend killed (12x06), two settling for a reanimated sibling instead of living without them (12x11 and 12x20). I’m sure there’s more (but since I mostly stopped caring deeply where Dean/Cas was going I stopped looking at this show through the meta/predictive lens). It all feels like possible depictions and shades of Dean and Cas’ relationship as it has now found itself. Which situation are they most like? We can’t really tell… for one, because the season isn’t done, and for two because we are given multiple relationship avenues/labels for them while simultaneously committing to none. We see no definitive outcome/depiction for Dean and Cas in a way that can be deemed consistent.


This right here is why it has looked like there’s no narrative structure this season (well, this and the fact that the few Mary mirrors we have been given have just seemingly been shown with no greater purpose than to recap old history, PLUS with no brotherly conflict this year the show hasn’t focused any structural efforts towards the Dean/Sam relationship depiction so when it compares Dean/Cas to siblings it’s a bit jarring). In Carver era, for example, the Dean/Cas relationship was ALWAYS depicted by interspecies/interracial relationships or same sex relationships, or sometimes both. Because of this CONSISTENT defining structure you could always tell the “status” of Dean and Cas’ relationship by looking at these particular “C” plot character mirrors/folds.

In Dabb era this is no longer the case.

My mind compares it to a car now being put in reverse (exclusively romantic being dropped for mixed ones), that has hit the metaphorical gas, but is miraculously being dragged forward by something stronger, a narrative burnout if you will. And that something is the text. The mirrors no longer need to be so precise because Dean is being fairly verbal to Cas this season, and Cas’ problems (the main two being he’s still probably suicidal in his need to clean up his messes while protecting Dean and Sam and he’s feeling eternally “put out” by Heaven by which this season human/Angel interaction “rules” gets an extended highlight and a full episode) are what is driving half the story and have been given a fair bit of text/dialogue themselves.

The whole thing feels like a now blended label of what Cas is specifically to Dean. But since the text is creeping towards being more clear, the subtext and structure can theoretically, therefore, be more loose if the storyline was still a possibility on their radar. Really, I don’t know how I feel about it. As many of you know (or hell, might not know since I mostly converted my blog into an art blog), I was a loud canon supporter and structural meta writer who supported Carver hard (I thought we were headed fast into canon text in S9 before I realized Sam’s “cure” was going to derail the storyline), but became fairly jaded because it became increasingly clear that he was going to leave the subtext as subtext. Like Korrasami, Destiel was canon because of the narrative mirror comparisons (which told the story where the characters would not put said feelings into actual words/text), but easily ignored if it wasn’t your thing. Text is harder to ignore, obviously. So here I am making this post because I’m beginning to see talk of canon again.

While the structured narrative subtext is no longer romantic exclusive for Dean and Cas, the text is, somehow, amazingly, getting closer for Dean to either tell Cas explicitly some feelings in text, or for Dean to give Cas a big romantic gesture (whether this will be healthy is unlikely, but let’s face it… Dean loves in unhealthy ways) of some sort (most possibly in a way that “saves” Cas and/or mourns him in death). I always said I’d be honest with how I felt the show was portraying Dean and Cas and this is currently it. This is what it looks like they are currently doing and setting up. But make no mistake, without a cohesive romantic mirroring structure the whole thing looks narratively weaker and all together more unlikely to lead to canon (regardless of SPN’s history with this storyline’s execution or rather lack there of). But on the plus side, those that want/discuss canon will no look as “delusional” when discussing this possible narrative scenario because it’s definitely no longer being told mostly through wardrobe cues/lighting and other characters. Dean and Cas are using words and actions. We just don’t know yet what *exactly* is going to be said/done between them and we still likely won’t know the true extent for some time.