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Day 31: I can’t wait for what the next month will bring or me. Working my butt off, working on have a family, get finances squared away. #mynextadventure #me #selfie #life #family #pretty #prettyselfie #photoaday #photochallenge #augustphotochallenge #bandana #sweatshirt #white #blackhair #shorthair #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #smile #dimples #happy #adventure

To Do List - Almost done! :D

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OQ - Queenie and Robbie Around the World:

Brazil (for isazozo) and  Argentina (for lala-kate‘s laddie!) - Done!

India (Holi festival) - Done!

Japan (Under the Cherry Trees for apieceofwhatyouneed) - Done!

London (Family Holiday with Roland and Henry + Mary Poppins AU) - Gorgeous.

Russia (for dorabellatrix)  Done!

Netherlands (for algeblah

China (for ncis-tiva-2ne1)

Italy (for onherarms)

and finally a last minute request (from i-was-always-the-queen, if I’m not mistaken), Cracow - Poland with the Wawel Dragon.

I must remind you that I’m not taking anymore requests for “Queenie and Robbie around the World”.

New aside requests!

- Robbie winning Queenie a Panda Stuffy for  @love-static-rain (with extra sugar and candy cotton candy).

- Queenie - The Beggining (more or less a comic)


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Queenie, Robbie, Appleby and Co. revisit Disney/Fairy Tales! That Mary Poppins Au kind of unveils the thing’s spirit. But that’s only after I’m done with Queenie and Robbie’s adventures around the World. 



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The Croods

(2013) Rated PG - 1hr 38m

When an earthquake obliterates their cave, an unworldly prehistoric family is forced to journey through unfamiliar terrain in search of a new home. But things for pessimistic dad Grug go from bad to worse when his daughter meets a clever cave boy.

7.3/10 - IMDB

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Film)

(2008) Rated PG - 1hr 38m

In this animated addition to the Star Wars franchise, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker fight to keep the republic together on the battlefield of the Clone Wars, against formidable opponents led by Palpatine, Count Dooku and General Grievous.

5.7/10 - IMDB

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Brother Bear 

(2003) Rated G - 1hr 25m

In this animated tale, the brother of an Indian brave killed by a bear vows revenge but is transformed by the Great Spirits into the very thing he sought to slay. As he attempts to regain human form, he begins to see the world from a new viewpoint.

6.7/10 - IMDB

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