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There’s no denying that the backstories to most haunted houses that are set up for Halloween are completely fabricated. However, one that has truth behind it, is Frightmare Manor, located in Talbot, Tennessee. The plantation once belonged to Jeremiah Lexer. That was until 1902, when he slaughtered his entire family inside the abode. He brutally hacked his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and his three grandchildren that were aged four, eight, and twelve, to death before taking his own life. When authorities arrived at the house, they were more than shocked to not only find the bodies of the Lexer family, but 30 other shallow graves. As it so turned out, the mass murder of his own family wasn’t the only murders he had committed. Over a number of years, Jeremiah had been killing unsuspecting citizens and burying them around his house. Unsurprisingly, after this discovery, the plantation sat untouched. Nobody wanted to live in a house that was marred with such tragedy. It was finally purchased in 2009, and turned into a haunted house.

So it appears we were a little premature with our congratulations. Whoops, our bad.  *kanye shrug*

Just a few things though for Grant and LA going forward: 

1. Once you volunteer information to the press, in the form of an interview no less, then you are in fact giving them permission to report said information. Maybe next time Mr. and Mrs. Chatter Box should clarify what they mean a little bit more clearly. And you know, find another media outlet to talk to, perhaps? 

2. We love how that entire full week that they spent at that resort turned into just a ‘few days’. Just another tip if Grant and LA are going to be a ‘team’ now they should really get in a huddle or something daily and decide what they’re going to say vs. what they post on social media. For instance, don’t tell the Malaysian press that you didn’t reveal where you were staying because you wanted privacy when in fact LA posted an IG story that pretty much pinpointed their general location and anyone with google maps could figure out where they were staying from there. Oh, and of course there was also the fact that she made a thank you post to the resort, tagging them in it, while they were still there because her brother posted an IG story from the resort that same day.  But you know…privacy. *RME* Given LA’s history we’re sure even doing that was a struggle. So God bless her for making an attempt. 

3. *sigh* Why must he always threaten us with photo dumps? Just post the pictures and go. He acts like he has to go back home to his old school dark room and develop each photo by hand before he can reveal them to the world. Somebody please remind Grant that his private vacation photos are for HIM to enjoy. Not us. Please. Also, if he stayed off social media all this time because he was having such a good time what does that say about all the other times he’s with LA and he lives on IG?

4. Just a general inquiry but if they’ve still been in Malaysia all this time then that means that the IG stories that LA have been posting the last couple of days of her exploring and learning about her culture and visiting her family in their humble abode with Grant seemingly nowhere around are all current? So unless she just didn’t feel like including him in ANY of her IG stories then that means he wasn’t there. Was that, like eating any of the Malaysian food: too much of a ‘culture shock’ for him as well? God forbid Musical Theater go to Malaysia and experience any culture, that would just be awful. 

5. Can we just say, for the record, that nobody cleans up a mess that they made themselves quite the way Grant does. There needs to be some type of award that acknowledges a person who draws attention to something, makes it bigger than it already is, and somehow includes information that makes it ever more suspect than it was before. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is talent. This was almost on par with the whole “maybe this screenshot was doctored…or maybe I actually liked a comment in Candice’s comment section where I had not business lurking…” fiasco over Thanksgiving. It always has to be something with him, doesn’t it? 

But yes, thank you Grant for setting the record straight. It’s all clear as mud now and our opinion hasn’t changed one little bit.

Flame Anon

Because I doubt we’re getting a separation announcement before award season goes into full swing I’ve taken some time to write up a few potential TCW talking points for Ben’s press junkets:

- My luminous wife is incandescent and our love is electric!

- My sons are the currents that illuminate my life.

- I can’t wait to sit down with Weirdo, have a beer and watch this movie bathed in the light of several energy efficient bulbs in our loving family abode that we both live in at the same time.

- Edison was married.  To women.  Like me!   Totally hetero that dude, in fact I don’t even know why Harvey is making me drag her around this time…oops, sorry forget that…she’s brilliant, like electric light, get it?  Hahahaha.  Sigh.

You’re welcome, PR.


Du'a for deceased - Muhammad Ali

With the passing of Muhammad Ali, let’s not forget to make du'a for him - saying “RIP” isn’t a du'a!

اَللّٰھُمَّ اغْفِرْلَهُ وَ ارْحَمْهُ وَ عَافِهِ وَ اعْفُ عَنْهُ وَ اَکْرِمْ نُزُلَهُ وَ وَسِّعْ مُدْخَلَهُ وَ اغْسِلْهُ بِالْمَاءِ وَ الثَّلْجِ وَ الْبَرَدِ وَ نَقِّهِ مِنَ الْخَطَایَا کَمَا نَقَّیْتَ الثَّوْبَ الْاَبْیَضَ مِنَ الدَّنَسِ وَ اَبْدِلْهُ دَارًا خَیْرًا مِّنْ دَارِهِ وَ اَھْلًا خَیْرًا مِّنْ اَھْلِهِ وَ زَوْجًا خَیْرًا مِنْ زَوْجِهِ وَ اَدْخِلْهُ الْجَنَّةَ وَ اَعِذْهُ مِنْ عَذَابِ الْقَبْرِ وَ مِنْ عَذَابِ النَّارِ۔

O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him and grant him peace and pardon him. Receive him with honour and make his place of entry (in grave) spacious. Wash him with water, snow, and ice and cleanse him of his faults like a white garment is cleansed of stains. O Allah, substitute for him an abode better than his abode, a family better than his family and a spouse better than his spouse. Admit him into Paradise and protect him from the torment of the grave and the torment of the Fire۔


There is a sprawling house across the road,
its garden wild and overgrown,
and of the family, in that dark abode,
hardly anything is said or known.

They come and go in the dark of night,
and no one has seen them in the light of day
and they seem to flourish in the dimmest light,
and in the dark, come out to play.

I have seen them from my upstairs room,
when my parents have both gone to bed,
they dance and sway beneath the moon,
and their voices swirl inside my head.

They know that I can see them dance,
they look my way and slyly smile,
and they dare and taunt me, to take a chance,
to come and dance with them, awhile.

Their daughter’s eyes are stony black,
and her skin’s as white as fallen snow,
and if I dance with her, I wont come back,
I will follow her, where e'er she go.

And every night I hear her sing,
every night she calls to me,
 for me to buy a wedding ring,
and be with her for eternity.

And I know someday, that I must go
that I must go when she doth call,
and that I will die in her flesh of snow    
and I will sway and dance you all.

And forever I’ll live ‘neath a cold, dark sky
forever dancing in her cold, cold arms,
forever and always I will live and die,
forever lost in her in her cruel, cold charms. 

Scattered Thoughts