My parents and I were hiking by their house in Arizona when we came up to a mini version of Mount Rushmore. It was on a hill and about a hundred feet tall. My dad explained that the neighborhood had just installed it and that it required special expensive paint and no one was allowed to climb it. So we decided to break that rule and hike up on right side of the statues’ faces. Then I looked down at my feet to see the face-down body of a girl in a plaid in the boulders we were climbing. I screamed and jumped back and my mom and I were freaking out and were scared that we had discovered a dead body. My dad was not phased by this and said, “Oh yeah, that’s just part of the mountain.” Horrified, I began to worry that I stepped on the girl, when her head flipped around to tell me I had in fact stepped on her. She was alive and crying in pain. I apologized multiple times as she cartwheeled away from us down the mountain. Then I woke up.

Recently I’ve been questioning my sexuality and I think I might be aro–ace (or something like that), though I’m scared to come out. I really like how Disney is now focusing on love that’s not romantic, like how Coco and Onward emphasizes family. Considering how there’s little representation for aromantic asexual people (especially women, because all the representation seems to be male), I’ve started to like Merida and Moana more because they never show interest in dating.

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Advice I always give to parents seeking astrology for parenting advice

I get this question a bunch among all the platforms I partake in.  The question brings up a VERY important reality to parents. 

One must observe and understand the 2nd house to help their child more then anything else.  The 2nd house in astrology “supports” the 1st house of identity.  As a parent your job should be working to strengthen the child’s identity so they are strong and feel they have a place in the world.  You do this by looking at the “2nd house” and supporting them.  This is why the 2nd house is assigned “family” because “family” should support us to be strong.

Furthermore If you want to help a child you need to understand the 2nd house represents Values.  These Values “Support” a person’s identity and keeps their identity strong in the world.  A strong identity increases the potential for more income through the 2nd house.

If you want to really a support child teach them values according to THEIR 2nd house and not according to YOUR sense of values. The reason is if you install teachings of their 2nd house upon them, they will grow up and be strong to support their own identity. They will always be able to fallback on their values to support their 1st house which has numerous benefits. 

The child will have a stronger sense of resolve when things don’t go their way in life.  This happens because a parent you took responsibility to be supportive of the children’s individual needs; not yours.  When you take on this kind of parenting approaching you are ingraining children with the values which are supportive of their own karmic destiny (which is the rising sign or 1st houses role.)

They will less likely feel lost in life and be more apt to be independent and be more productive overall in their life mission.  This instead of losing their way and feeling like they have no “legs” under them which can cause all sorts of problems in a child life in adult years.

Also by studying your child’s 2nd house you also give the child a stronger sense of the importance of family.  This because you are the “family”of the child’s 2nd house; thus you are teaching that family should be supportive of the individual.  They will be more loyal to family and more apt to have a good opinion of family life and seek to create one them-self based on their values..  In their adult years they will continuously have good support of who they are which improves their quality of life

As much as I enjoy some of the freedoms of being back in London, in my own flat, I really miss my family in Scotland. My family’s an odd one and for various reasons I don’t see some of my family very often. I haven’t seen the people I was staying with for years. I didn’t expect to feel so happy with them and I’m really sad to not be around them anymore. Just sitting watching TV together in the evenings was lovely 


Happy @shikakuweek !  Here’s my little contribution to celebrate OG Daddy Shika!  Uhm no huge notes, Shikaku is alive becuase I have no patience for canon and it’s utter BS (that’s for another post….) Anyways enjoy some fluffy, family stuff :D 

Prompt: Family 

Summary: Shikaku teaches Shikadai about the Nara clan curse.




“Shikadai? What are you doing here?”  Shikaku asked surprised seeing his grandson sitting on the porch.  

Shikadai sighed looking up at the clouds.  “Mom was being a nag, I started mouthing off and she started saying some things back so I left.  I just needed a break.”  His grandparents’ place was always somewhere that he could run to.  His grandfather was the best person to turn to for advice. 

Shikaku nodded, appreciating that his grandson knew that this was a safe place for him.  His mind was already at work.  

“I see, come on let’s go take a walk.”  Ever since he was a toddler they would take walks together through the clan’s forest.  He would love watching his grandson running around and chasing the deer. Shikadai started to feel better immediately walking through the greenery and feeding the deer along the way.  Life seemed much more simple out here.

“Has your father ever told you about the Nara clan curse?”

Shikadai’s eyes shot wide open.  “Curse? No!”

“Well since the beginning of our clan it seems that Naras tend to marry very strong people.  They are beautiful but fierce, demanding, and sometimes nagging types.” 

Shikadai looked utterly confused.  “Grandma Yoshino isn’t like that.”  His mom was though. These arguments often caused him to wonder how his father and mother could have ended up together. 

Shikaku couldn’t help but grin at the defense of his wife.  “That’s because you are her precious grandbaby. She’d never do anything to upset you but with your dad and me she had more things to worry about than our feelings. I had to chase after him after he ran off into the forest a few times.”

“So you’re saying that I’m destined to marry some nag.”  Shikadai’s mouth curved into a frown.  

“No of course not. But if you do in the future, I promise you’ll consider yourself lucky.  Even the most strict and overbearing person can be gentle towards the ones they love.  Your father has always been smart, just lazy, and unmotivated. As a kid, his goal in life was to be a cloud.”  Shikaku smiled to himself remembering that small boy crying in the hospital.  He’d grown into so much more than he could have imagined. 

“Really, dad?”  It was hard to believe that his father, the Hokage’s adviser that often worked late into the night could have ever been like that.  

“Yes but your mom came in like a hurricane and it changed his whole life. He found his motivation through her.  She pushed him and demanded more from him because she always knew that there was more to him.  He rose to that challenge and became who you know today.  A person that was worthy of her.  Worthy enough to be your father. Your mom means well. She just knows that there’s so much potential in you and it comes across a bit harsh.”

Shikadai sighed feeling some clarity.  “I know that but sometimes I wish she’d leave me alone.  I’m still a kid.” 

“I think that the older generations forget that.  We all grew up fighting wars and battles as children. We sometimes forget that we fought so hard so that you don’t have to. She’s probably just a little scared and wants to make sure that if anything ever happened to her or your father you would be okay.”  Shikadai was silent, allowing Shikaku to continue.  

“She loves you more than you’ll ever know.  And right now she’s probably sad and a little hurt.”   

Shikadai felt terrible, he never wanted that. He needed to apologize. 

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Shikaku ruffled his hair before he wrapped an affectionate arm around him.  He was thankful that he could be there for him just like this.  “Anytime Dai.” 



By the time that Shikadai returned home, it was already dark outside and his home was still and silent.  He found his mother pacing back and forth at the doorway.

“Shikadai…”  The worry and remorse were clear in her eyes.  The hurt look forced his gaze to shift to the floor. 

“I was at Grandpas.  I’m sorry I got upset mom.  I know that you’re just looking out for me.”    

She kneeled down to come eye to eye with him. Now, she didn’t have to lean down so far.  It was a stark reminder that he’d grown up so quickly right before her eyes.   “I’m sorry too Shikadai.  I know that I can be hard on you.  I really just want the best for you.  I love being your mom but you know I didn’t have anyone to learn from and I’m terrified I’m doing it wrong.”

He felt himself pale.  He knew that she had to raise herself and his uncles when she was his age all in the midst of war and chaos.  Shikadai hugged her tightly, thankful that despite it all he still had his parents.  He knew that he was in far better circumstances.  

“You are the best mom I could ask for. Don’t change a thing. I love you.”

Temari sighed returning the hug.  As he’d gotten older he shied away from affection.  She cherished these moments.  She knew that they both had so much to learn and space to grow. They’d figure this out as a family.  

“I love you too my Little Fawn.”



“Did Shikadai come by today?”  Yoshino asked her husband curiously seeing him clean up.  

“Yes, he needed a break from Temari. Apparently she was nagging him.  I had to intervene like I used to do for you and Shikamaru.”  He replied with a grin remembering those epic arguments. 

Yoshino rolled her eyes.  Her grandbaby was the world to her but he was just like his father,  thankfully he had Temari’s genes in there too.  “Ugh, you Naras don’t appreciate how hard we have to work to keep this clan afloat.”   Shikaku just laughed pulling her into a hug. 

“I know my love, so thank you.”  Yoshino grinned up at him before capturing him in a kiss. And he relished in the gentle sweet side of her that only he knew.  Thankful to be cursed like this.



The Naras are a gift.  I will always be mad that Shikaku and Inoichi were unnecessarily killed off and never met their grand kids! Okie, I have one more quick story for this week (maybe 2) so I’ll see you tomorrow!  Thank you my deers!  <3 you all!