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“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.”


House Reyne was a powerful family. Very wealthy. The second wealthiest in Westeros. Aren’t the Tyrells the second wealthiest family in Westeros now? Of course, ambitious climbers don’t want to stop on the second highest rung. If only you could take that final step, you’d see further than all the rest. You’d be alone with nothing but blue sky above you. So Lord Reyne built a castle as grand as Casterly Rock. He gave his wife diamonds larger than any my mother ever wore. And finally one day, he rebelled against my father.”

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What do you think about Sansa's crush on Loras? Do you think it means something that no matter how much she seems to grow as a character she still holds a crush over some pretty knight that never really seemed to care about her and she still imagines him when she kisses people (even if her thoughts get directed back to sandor)

Well… Loras is a very safe crush.

Loras plays the role for Sansa that teen heartthrobs do for many adolescent girls, a safe exploration of their growing sexuality.

The idolization of teen idols typically begins in early adolescence when girls start to become interested in romance and dating and more aware of social norms which suggest that they should have romantic feelings for someone of the opposite sex (Simon, Eder, & Evans, 1992). Rather than dating in real life, developing a crush on a teen idol is a way for girls to acknowledge their emerging sexual feelings in a safe, non-threatening way (Engle & Kasser, 2005). Because teen boys are viewed by girls as only interested in sex (McRobbie, 1991), teen idols are a preferable option. Further, they often project a feminine form of masculinity that is sexually non-threatening and thus accessible to young girls (Engle &: Kasser, 2005; Karniol, 2001; McRobbie, 1991; Sweeney, 1994).

Bitten by Twilight: Youth Culture, Media, & the Vampire Franchise

One of the most popular ways people like to hate teenage girls is to complain about their “insane” crushes on boy band members. Now, let me fucking tell you something: those big dumb crushes are what helps a teenage girl develop her sexuality in a safe environment that she can control. In her world, she can listen to One Direction and hear all these songs about how great she is, and how much these cute non-threatening boys want to make her feel special. Why is this so important? Because no one is pushing them. There’s no fourteen year old boy shoving his clammy hands down your shirt without your consent. These fantasy boys are not convincing a girl to send naked pictures, only to show all their friends and call her a slut. In the fantasy land of boy bands, the girl has all the power. And we need to stop judging them for wanting to escape into that.

–Meghan Harper, “Why I Fucking Love Teenage Girls”

ASOIAF is a medieval-style world, so it of course doesn’t have pop idols and movie stars, but it does have tournaments and tourney champions, who play that role for the adolescent girls of Westeros. (And the boys, too. Consider Bran’s idolization of knights, especially the Kingsguard.) And Loras Tyrell is not just one of the best upcoming stars of the tourney scene, but he’s so dreamy handsome, young, and from one of the best families of Westeros. (Even Robert Baratheon crushes on him, in a manly way.)

Now, the fact that Loras is actually gay (as are so many teen heartthrobs - George Michael, we miss you) makes him even safer, whether Sansa consciously realizes it or not. This is all the more important, since because of the close circles of Westeros aristocracy, Sansa Stark has far more of a chance of personally interacting with Loras Tyrell than your typical teenage girl has with her most beloved Bieber or Zayn.

So when Sansa actually has the opportunity to meet Loras, is even led to believe she might marry him… the expression of her sexuality, while very real, is also very safe:

The sight of Ser Loras Tyrell standing on her threshold made Sansa’s heart beat a little faster.

Sansa was finding it hard to walk and talk and think all at the same time, with Ser Loras touching her arm.

I am talking to him, and he’s touching me, he’s holding my arm and touching me.

Desperately she tried to think of something clever and charming to say to him, but her wits had deserted her. She almost told him how beautiful he was, until she remembered that she’d already done that.

Ser Loras in white silk, so pure, innocent, beautiful. The dimples at the corner of his mouth when he smiled. The sweetness of his laugh, the warmth of his hand. She could only imagine what it would be like to pull up his tunic and caress the smooth skin underneath, to stand on her toes and kiss him, to run her fingers through those thick brown curls and drown in his deep brown eyes. A flush crept up her neck.

–ASOS, Sansa I

Or, for a visual representation:

Now, the trouble (or not?) is that this safe crush of Sansa’s is no longer something she can rely on. Whether it’s because of her aging into womanhood, or because of her actual experiences with sexuality – the dark masculine danger of Sandor Clegane, her marriage to Tyrion Lannister (including seeing him nude and sleeping next to him in bed for weeks), the explicit rape threats of Joffrey Baratheon and Marillion, the disturbing attentions and unfatherly kisses of Petyr Baelish – when she wishes to escape into her formerly favorite safe fantasy of Loras Tyrell, it twists away from her into something else:

Before she could summon the servants, however, Sweetrobin threw his skinny arms around her and kissed her. It was a little boy’s kiss, and clumsy. Everything Robert Arryn did was clumsy. If I close my eyes I can pretend he is the Knight of Flowers. Ser Loras had given Sansa Stark a red rose once, but he had never kissed her… and no Tyrell would ever kiss Alayne Stone. Pretty as she was, she had been born on the wrong side of the blanket.
As the boy’s lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.

–AFFC, Alayne II

Note that there are many analyses of “the unkiss” (link 1, link 2), Sansa’s imagined memory of being kissed by Sandor the night of the Blackwater, but what many point out is that it is again an attempt by Sansa of a safe fantasy, a subconscious attempt to control and understand and romanticize a frightening sexually-charged situation. It’s just several octaves away from her non-threatening fantasies of kissing and touching the “beautiful” Loras.

And though you say Sansa still holds this crush, please note that Loras is only mentioned in Sansa’s narrative once in AFFC (that scene above), where she recognizes that Loras’s attentions were nothing real, no kisses, just a rose. Also, when she thinks about the men who helped her in King’s Landing, Loras is not one of them. Furthermore, he’s not mentioned at all in her TWOW preview chapter – which, considering it focuses on an upcoming tourney and the young knights who wish to be its champions, should be a perfect occasion for the pretty knight Loras to stroll through Sansa’s head, and yet he does not.

So I would say that Sansa’s adolescent crush on Loras is something perfectly understandable… and also something she has outgrown. I hope that helps!

Jealous Lover

//the One Where Cersei is jealous of Jaime’s sudden drawl towards, Y/N Stark, the beauty of the Seven Kingdoms//

The celebration was filled with lively music, the cheer and chatter echoed through the walls of Casterly Rock. The woman twirled in their colorful dresses that represented their houses. Showing their support to the Lannisters was vital in for survival, one of the most strongest families in Westeros. They were Lions after all and Lions were rulers of the Kingdom.

The room had gone silent at the appearance of Y/N, she was absolutely breathtaking in the sunlit room. Her golden skin glowed slightly showing off the smoothness of her skin, no crater or blemish in sight. Her seductive eyes scanned the room before her, she demanded the attention of everyone in the room without even asking for it. Her unnaturally (eye color of choice) eyes scanned the room, a small smile rested on her features as her attention was turned to her younger sister whom brushed up against her shoulder. “They are all staring” Sansa remarked, her fingers gently brushing on the light grey material that was her dress.

“We are wolves Sansa, they stare because they fear” her voice was strong and soft. Holding so much power and authority but caressed your ears like a soft lullaby a mother sings to her dearest children. Sansa bore the house colors of the Lannisters, couldn’t tell that she was once a wolf. Sansa shyly moved from her sister’s side, her eyes examining the great hall they stood in.

“Y/N Stark” a voice stated behind her, peering over shoulder slightly she caught eye of the Kingslayer, a man who needs no introduction.

“Kingslayer” she speaks slowly, Y/N turns around and faces the man “Its a pleasure” she holds out her hand, he wrapped his hands delicately around her fingers before laying a soft kiss on the back of her hand. His lips lay there before he looks up at her.

“Jaime will do just fine” he responds once his lips aren’t occupied by her hand. “Please walk with me” He held out his elbow for her to grab, she watches him hesitantly before slowly dragging her hand through his elbow. The simple action makes the Kingslayer smile. “You look exquisite, you truly live up your to the title”

“Is that all I am to people, a title? A title that exemplifies my beauty. Am I only known for my beauty to men, what of my intelligence, determination, loyalty, leadership?”

“That’s the first thing a man sees, a man judges is the outer appearance of a woman. Never wants inside, he never knows what lurks in her mind.” She stopped turning in front of him, her eyes scanning him for a moment.

“What do you see Jamie?” She whispers, his finger slowly moving the strand of hair that blocked her face.

“A strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man to know her worth. A mesmerizing woman whom deserves the utmost satisfaction and respect” he whispers back.

Cersei watched the pair, her eyes burning holes in the Stark that stared loving into her lover’s eyes. Her face began to grow hot, her fist clenching and unclenching slowly. She tried calming herself but the more she watched the two, the more she could Jaime see him slipping from her and Cersei didn’t like that thought.

“The sight sickens me” she murmured to herself, she composed herself quickly before sashaying toward the couple, her eyes darting from Jaime to Y/N. They haven’t spoken anything, just gazing at each other. “Lady Stark, it’s a pleasure having here at Casterly Rock” Cersei gathered Y/N attention with a soft smile she bowed softly. “The pleasure is all mine Queen Mother” Cersei pressed a feigned smile on her lips before her eyes averted to Jamie whom been glaring at his twin, praying that she did do anything foolish.

“I think I’ll retire to my chambers it was great meeting you… both” she said with a smile, she gave a slight smile before sashaying away from the pair.

Jaime grabbed Cersei’s arm pulling her close to him “What is you are intentions??”

She snatched her arm away, glaring at the man “You with that woman! Do you find her attractive?”

“In more ways than one” he huffed before leaving his lover on the floor, he held unto his sword as he traveled the halls searching for Y/N. His eyes turning left and right as he scanned for her picturesque body roaming through the halls. He grunted softly at he pushing against the wall, his hand impelled by another.

“You following me Jaime” a soft voice whispered against his ear, he chuckled lightly as his face was smushed against the extravagant designs of the wall. “Trying to protect me or have your way with me?”

“Would you believe me if I said protect?” He hummed, he watched the Wolf in his peripheral. A small smirk written on her face, her hand slowly retracted away from him. He turned around slowly to face her.

She pushed him against the hall her hands stationary at his abs while her body was pressed against his. Her tempting eyes running over his. “I have to admit Kingslayer, you… are…very easy on the eyes.” Her lips parted while they moved over of his slightly brushing against his quivering lips

Jamie’s hand slowly pulled up Y/N’s leg, pressing their hips together. His eyes running over face.

He leaned forward to connect lips only for her to pull back, her hands slowly running up his armored chest, he regret not wearing thinner clothing to feel her touch. Her index pressed against his lips, slowly dragging it down. “See you tomorrow Ser Jamie” she whispered before removing herself from his touch

“That is one hot piece of ass” he heard a familiar voice let out, he turned his head to Hand of the King, Bronn. He didn’t have any words. He nodded breathlessly before he was left alone.

No Man’s Toy

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but ive kinda been busy. I do hope to get all the requests done by this weekend but that may not happen. I really have been trying to improve my writing, too. I wrote an imagine the other day so I could get it done but it came out crappy cause I was doing it fast just to get it done and it didn’t turn out well so it will be redone. I hope you guys like this one because I would have to say its my favorite.

Khal Drogo x reader

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25. “I’d kill a thousand men before I let one make me his slave.”


warning: Cussing, mention of rape, mention of sex

It was a calm, cool day. Not a cloud in the sky, all was peaceful. Well, it should have been. Being the time that it was, families always married their children off to ensure security and freedom. As was the case with Y/n’s family. Her family left Westeros when she was just a little girl at the mere age of four, she could hardly remember what it was like. Now she was 18 and could only remember the place she now called home. She was a fully developed woman and in her mother’s eyes, fit to be married. Her mother always said, “ You know when a woman needs a man when her breasts need a hand to hold them up and fingers to keep her core calm.”

Due to her stubbornness and quiet voice, very few were willing to marry and if so, didn’t afford what the family was looking for. It made things rather tough for Y/n. She wouldn’t get to marry for love but rather wealth in anyway her family saw it. They had just ran out of luck, much to the girl’s delight, when news came the the Dothraki warlord, Khal Drogo, was looking for a wife. This brought much excitement to the family, but very little to the soon to be wife.

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SomethingLikeALawyer, when you say that Daenerys doesn't deserve to survive or succeed, what exactly are you talking about? Her behaviour so far in books, or something else? Thanks (:

grottoofregrets: What has Daenerys done that’s so terrible that you say that she doesn’t deserve to survive or succeed, and even hope that she dies?

lesmotsincompris: I second the question about Daenerys. I don’t want to see her sitting the Iron Thrones, but why you think she doesn’t deserve to succeed or survive?

Alright, I know since I said it, I was going to have to elaborate on it. So here it is, why I don’t like Daenerys, why I don’t think she’s a good queen, and why I wouldn’t want her to rule Westeros. I’ll warn you already that a lot of this bases on my own value system, so you might (and many of you probably won’t) agree with some or all of my rationale. So anyway, here we go:

Daenerys does not value her word, nor does she see her obligations as binding. This is disastrous for any political leader, but especially for one looking to rule under feudalism. Under feudalism, the feudal contract and the vassal-overlord relationship are key, and both must be abided by. Daenerys proved at Astapor that she is willing to enter into bargains that she has no intent of fulfilling, when she dealt with Kraznys. She identifies the Dothraki as her people, accepts and acts with the power of a khaleesi (even authorizing Viserys’s execution), yet as soon as the position requires her to do something she does not desire, she abandons the responsibility most handily. As a potential feudal vassal, this would concern me. Feudalism’s basic premise is that your forsake autonomy in exchange for protection. If Daenerys does not see her oaths to me as binding, how am I to rest easy if I am under attack and require her to fulfill her end of the bargain? If she enters into arrangements in deliberate bad faith, how am I to feel comfortable that she has any intent of honoring them? Will she take my troops to fight her wars and not defend my lands? Will she take my taxes but snatch up holdings in my fief to please some other vassal? If I am not a vassal, but a foreign power, this still looms large. Will she abide by peace or economic treaties? Is she receiving me in her court to discuss matters of diplomacy only to execute me? There’s always an uncertainty when dealing with an arbitrary ruler that erodes faith in the monarch, and that is something I strongly condemn in leaders of government.

Daenerys confuses justice with vengeance, which is something that I’ve talked about at length in this tumblr ask. She approaches justice completely arbitrarily, rendering verdicts out of a desire to satisfy the self rather than uphold a unified form of law. We see this when she crucifies the 163 Great Masters without finding out who was responsible for the crime, not even a cursory examination. Her inner thoughts are revealed in this chapter, and we see her weak rationalization. Crimes have to be punished, so she thinks, but she already confesses that her reason for doing that was to make her feel better for being unable to protect the 163 children crucified along the wayposts. This is wrong. The offices of government, especially in the execution of justice, aren’t vectors to satisfy the ego of the person in charge. Crime and punishment is a serious thing, and it cannot be treated as a bandage for wounded pride. Daenerys is deliberately misusing her office and duties for self-gratification. We finally see this at the end of A Dance With Dragons, where Daenerys fully embraces the mantra that dragons plant no trees. She does not desire to bring stability, peace, or growth either to Westeros or to Meereen. She wants to hurt the people who made her powerless. She wants to kill the ones who shattered her ego, by forcing her to compromise, by evicting her family from Westeros, one and all. It’s that cycle of vengeance I’ve talked about all over again. She’s lost any high-minded concept she may have had. She wants her opponents to suffer so she can feel like the glorious queen she imagines herself to be.

Daenerys confuses her office as a queen with herself as a person. This is evidenced most clearly when she deals with the wineseller and his daughters. She authorizes torture for information, which is barbaric on its own, but for the time period, I can’t criticize it as much as I would. Torture for information important to the state was a standard practice, as we see with Tyland Lannister and the position of the Lord Confessor. As disgusting at that practice is (not to mention that empirical research indicates that torture simply doesn’t yield accurate data, which Martin hints at numerous times throughout the novel series), the characters of the setting understand it as a standard practice of government. What I can criticize, however, is that she authorizes torture because she finds out that Rylona Rhee, a harpist she was particularly fond of and a leader of a former-slave committee. She is not acting in respects to the murder, nor is she acting out of doing so because the victim was an agent of the state (the Unsullied are actors of the state, and she refused to authorize the Shavepate’s torture when she learned there were Unsullied among the victims). She only authorizes the torture because she personally knew the victim. Impartiality is a key component of justice, and if a judge cannot be impartial, I cannot have faith in justice. We see this also when she judges Jorah and Barristan for collaborating with Robert’s court. She considers both equally guilty of the same crime, but she pardons Barristan and exiles Jorah not because of their crimes, but because she felt Jorah was not contrite enough. Had she judged Jorah’s crime more severely, because his information led to her attempted assassination, that would be one thing, but we clearly see in her chapters that she was angry that he did not immediately beg for forgiveness. She sees the state as the extension of herself and cannot separate the two, thus her judgment must always be called into question. I cannot have faith in the judgment of the monarch if I can reasonably expect her to judge differently based on her own personal investment in the case. Corruption of the court is the reason why King Jaehaerys I abolished the Faith’s right to conduct trials, and Daenerys’s judgment is equally corrupt and impure. Even Henry VIII, bloody-handed tyrant that he was, said he was not above the law. Dany, however, views her personal desires and opinions as superior to the law, and I cannot respect nor swear fealty to a monarch who does such a thing.

Daenerys is a petty, arbitrary tyrant exemplifying some of the worst traits a monarch can have. She views monarchy primarily as a sense of self-gratification, that only her own desires matter (damn what anyone else thinks), and that’s what’s good for her ego is good for the state. She abandons her obligations when they inconvenience her, and now justifies further destruction of the innocent and guilty alike because the throne belongs to her. There’s no high-minded concept here, just: “I deserve to be queen.” The notion that there are limits to a king’s power, the notion that a king who violates his lordly obligations and the social contract is no true king, all of the faults that Robert’s Rebellion addressed, go away under a Targaryen restoration spearheaded by Daenerys. In their place, Daenerys leaves the idea that the state exists wholly with the selfish whims of an absolute monarch, one who believes that guilt and innocence are secondary to feeling powerful and dominating all dissenters, and one who believes that lordly obligations are second to personal satisfaction. Daenerys’s ascension means that Robert’s Rebellion was wrong, that the Targaryens are answerable to no man or justice. Westeros needs a monarch who will treat the position with the gravity and honor that the position deserves, and respect the heavy burden that it requires. All of the people who labored to make Westeros a better government, Jaehaerys I, Good Queen Alysanne, Septon Barth, Viserys II, Aegon V, Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, Davos Seaworth, all of them, deserve to have their efforts pay off.

Thanks for the question Grotto, Compris, and all of the Anons who were waiting patiently for an answer to this.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

My 2 cents on the whole incest thing since everybody keeps bringing it up in ship wars.

Before I say anything, I would just like to point out that shipping an incestuous relationship in fiction, whether it be Jonerys, Jonsa, Jamie x Cersei or any other, by no means indicates that one condones incest in real life. So ship and let ship people. Also, I’m basing my opinions on everything we know about these characters and the universe they live in, I’m not trying to say what is wrong or right, I’m trying to point out what I believe makes or doesn’t make sense for certain characters based on their personality, upbringing and character development so far.

Having said that, I would just like to explain why some of these ships make sense to me personally and others don’t, even though they are all incestuous.

I keep hearing that incest is normal in this universe and therefore it shouldn’t bother anybody, but I don’t really agree with that statement.

Incest is normal for the Targaryens, it’s how they have been living for thousands of years and people all over Westeros seem to accept it when it comes to them only, even though they probably think it’s weird. When it comes to everybody else, it’s frowned upon.

Jamie and Cersei are a good example of this. Everybody thinks it’s weird that the two are romantically involved. That fact is thrown on Jamie’s face as an insult quite a lot throughout the story, it’s also mentioned to Tywin by many people, again, as an insult. When Ned finds out Jamie is the true father of Cersei’s children and confronts her about it, she feels the need to explain herself in some way and even uses the Targaryens as an example as to why there’s nothing wrong with it.

The Lannisters keep that incestuous relationship a secret primarily because nobody could know that Cersei’s kids were not Robert’s, obviously, but also because it is something seen as shameful and a joke by most.

So, in my opinion, the show has made it pretty clear that, unless you’re a Targaryen, incest is not something that is perceived as ok by most within that universe.

However, given what we know about Cersei and Jamie and the life that they had, I understand how these two characters could form that connection, and it is made pretty clear that they never had sibling like feelings towards each other. Also, Cersei is known to sleep with other members of the family, like cousins and such, so it has clearly never been a problem for her. I still think it’s weird for such feelings to develope between two people who were raised as brother and sister, whether they actually are or not, but when it comes to these two, I can understand how it would happen. It makes sense for those two characters specifically.

When it comes to Jon and Sansa, that’s a different story and here’s why people seeing a romantic connection between them doesn’t make sense to me. It’s totally cool if you do, btw, I’m just saying it doesn’t add up to me personally and based on my understanding of the story.

First of all, I think it’s safe to say that the Starks are pretty much the only normal family in Westeros, incest is not something that they practice and it’s definitely not something they see as normal. They see their siblings as nothing more than siblings. The love that they feel for each other, is that of siblings. Whether incest is right or wrong is not the issue here. What I’m saying is that it is not something considered normal by the Starks.

Jon was raised as a Stark. He shares all of their values and beliefs. He was raised as a brother to Sansa, even though they are not actually brother and sister, they both grew up viewing each other as such, that is all they will ever be to each other. Even if they find out that they are actually only cousins, those feelings are not going to change because of that. Anybody who has a sibling can attest to that. Hell, if you have a very close cousin you can attest to that, since a sibling like love is also what you usually find among close cousins. 

Jon is protective of Sansa, he’s not jealous of her. Of course he loses his shit when Littlefinger starts talking about her in the cave. If a creep like that started talking about my sister in the same way he did, my reaction would be the exact same as Jon’s. Jon would react the same way if he talked like that about any of his siblings. Of course he worries and cares for her, she’s his sister, he worries and cares for all of his siblings.

So Jonsa doesn’t make sense to me (again, my own personal opinion, you are entitled to yours) because I simply don’t see how it would be possible for these two characters to see each other as anything other than brother and sister, even after Jon’s true parentage is revealed, because of how they were raised.

As for Jonerys, the incest part doesn’t bother me because, for one, these two characters had no idea about each other’s existence until recently. When they meet, they are two completely new people to each other. They don’t see a family member, they see a complete stranger.

They have no idea about their blood ties and even if they did, again, they are only just meeting each other for the first time, they are still two strangers. I find it hard that they would immediately feel a family like connection.

They are the same age. It’s not like Dany is 20 years older as tends to be the case with uncles and aunts. If she was much older than him I can see how they could develop a relationship as that of an aunt and a nephew, even a mother and child, regardless of any blood connection, btw. But they’re the same age, so these are just two young people coming together for the first time. And I’ll venture that even if they had grown up together, theirs would still not be an aunt and nephew like relationship, precisely because they are the same age. They would probably have the same relationship that cousins would have. So “aunt” and “nephew” are just empty designations for them, given that they are just now coming together, it’s meaningless.

When they do find out about Jon’s heritage, I don’t think it will affect them in any way, I can honestly see them making jokes about it, but it will bear no actual weight on their relationship other than the fact that it means Jon has a rightful claim to the throne.

It would be different if it was a mother/son or even brother/sister situation that we were talking about, those are much closer blood relations, and like I said, Jon was raised in such a way that it would bother him if he found out. It would bother Dany as well, because even though she is a Targaryen, it doesn’t seem to me like she would view that as ok. I can see something like that affecting them, but aunt and nephew? Not so much.

For all intents and purposes they are two strangers who just met. They have no history, so there’s no reason why the blood tie should hinder them in any way.

I’ll say again, I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m not trying to say what ship is better, I’m not trying to say what is right or wrong, I’m trying to explain what makes sense to me within that universe and based on those characters’ personality traits and how they were raised.


“‘Then I will spoon your eyes from their sockets and let my dogs do the rest. Come and see. Ramsay Bolton, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.’”
“… ‘Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North’?”

(aka tfw you’ve had it up to here with your shitty brother-in-law’s shenanigans)


Some family trees from the noble houses of Westeros

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Unpopular Opinion

The Stark siblings weren’t all BFFs

Sure, it’s nice to think that they’ll all get along great and stuff and become a close, badass power family in Westeros. But GRRM doesn’t do nice, he does realistic.

And the reality is, they weren’t all equally close. And that’s how siblings are sometimes. You love them, but it’s more so because they’re your family than anything else. That’s not a fault on any of the Starks.

The most obvious relationship this is seen in is Arya/Sansa. I’ve seen whole metas written about how close they really were, but it’s kind of a weak attempt to get Badass Stark Sisters™. The fact is they just weren’t close at all, they had a negative relationship if anything.

There’s hardly any sisterly bonding that was in Present time chapters, and you can’t trust memories. There are several times when Arya or Sansa think of something nice that happened between them, but isn’t a kind happy moment exactly the kind of thing you would choose to think about after having horrible things happen to you and your family? In the actual interactions we see, there’s not even much friendliness, let alone anything more.

And looking at the actual memories (which are far and few), they do not seem like things that happened regularly. Perhaps that’s why they stood out and were remembered. They also seem to be from when the sisters were younger, like the snowball fight. Could you imagine the Sansa we met tackling Arya to the ground and putting snow in her hair? This is clearly from when Sansa was not yet old enough to have as many lady-like requirements. Basically, the sisters are simply sisters, but they do care about each other.

One relationship that hardly gets mentioned is Robb’s with the rest of the Stark children. I’m sure he loved his siblings a lot, and they got along well, but his main companion was Theon, and also Jon slightly less.

Although Arya and Jon definitely have the closest relationship, Bran was the one she played with most often. Rickon was too young, Jon and Robb too old, and Sansa was interested in other activities. She likely spent much of her free time with Bran, and I wish people talked about their bond more.

I’m mainly only going to talk about Jon and Sansa because of the shippers, but they DID NOT GET ALONG. Sansa followed Catelyn and didn’t think much of Jon because he was a bastard. They wouldn’t have spent hardly any time together, except for meals. Arya was the one Jon felt closest to and loved most, and it’s been established that when she was sad or angry or crying (usually because of something involving Sansa, like sewing or ‘Arya Horseface’) she would go to Jon. Yes, I know Sansa has changed, but I don’t think Jon would forget about it. The point is, they weren’t close.

Jon and Arya even had an inside joke of saying “Don’t tell Sansa!"        

I wish we had more about Jon and Bran, but it’s obvious they love each other a lot. Jon stood up to Catelyn to say goodbye to him, something he’d never done before, because Bran meant that much

*But they still all loved each other and will get along fine. Let’s just not pretend everything was peachy and there won’t be tension*

Another Life - Jon Snow

(Takes place during Season Five of GOT) (Words : 3131)

 Y/N has been traveling with Stannis’ army, acting as caretaker to Shireen. When the army finds itself in Castle Black, Y/N meets the famous Jon Snow. But with a coming march on Winterfell, will there be enough time to fall in love?

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Castle Black was no place for a woman, let alone a ward like yourself. You felt the prying eyes of the rapists and killers as you went to simply fetch water for Shireen. Some of the eyes you didn’t mind as much. You had only managed to catch glimpses of the man named Jon Snow since your arrival with King Baratheon’s army. Even in those small glances, when you’d meet his eyes, you felt an unexplainable, overwhelming sense of fondness towards him.

Afterall, he was Ned Stark’s bastard son. Honor flowed through his veins, as obvious as his good looks. You found yourself staring at him whenever he was around. The new Lord Commander had even caught your lingering gaze in rare moments. Sadly, these moments were few and far between. Shireen had taken it upon herself to teach a wildling girl, Gilly, how to read. You were thankful to stay inside and away from the bitter cold for most of the day; but part of your longed to watch Jon practice combat with the other Brothers of the Night’s Watch.

You had only seen him practice fight once, with a little boy that was new to the Watch. Jon moved with an unmatched strength, while also holding back his blows for the younger lad. It was breathtaking to watch how he moved. Sure you had seen soldiers in Stannis’ ranks quarrel, but nothing like the way Jon moved.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Images of Jon Snow left your mind at the sound of Shireen’s soft voice. You looked at the little lady who, against her mother’s wishes, was holding up a book for Gilly to peer at.

“I’m fine, my Lady,” you said quickly, “just a bit tired is all.” Shireen nodded and looked back to Gilly who was struggling to remember the letter ‘Y’. The little girl aided in jogging Gilly’s memory and rejoiced when the woman sounded it out. You watched as the finished the alphabet, marveling at the girl’s intelligence.

“She’s a smart one,” said a voice behind you. You turned your head and quickly stood upon seeing two men clad in black. You recognized Samwell Tarly and next to him, the one and only Jon Snow. You felt a blush rising to your cheeks before you realized it was Jon that had spoken. You nodded quickly, glancing at Shireen as she continued with Gilly.

“She is indeed Lord Snow,” you turned your head back and locked eyes with his. They were such a dark shade of brown, his irises appeared black in the light. You had heard other maidens and wards whispering about the ideal man; tall, dark, and handsome. How jealous they would be to know that you stood in the presence of such a man. You must’ve been looking at him for too long because Samwell cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“I wanted to be sure that all of the King’s family was settled,” Jon said, looking at past you at Shireen; before looking back at you. “It seems that you have everything covered…” You stepped forward and dipped your head respectfully.

“Y/N, maiden to Princess Shireen.” You offered up a smile, hoping beyond hope that it didn’t appear forced. Jon’s lips quirked upwards slightly when he noticed. He took your hand gently in his gloved one and brought it to your lips. You felt a wave of heat rise to your cheek at the tickling of his beard against the skin of your hand. He pulled away, shyly meeting your eyes once more. Who knew a man such as him could be bashful.

“That’s a lovely name,” he said. Your blush deepened a little at his words. Before you could speak, you felt a small hand pull at your sleeve.

“Y/N have you seen An History of Aegon the Conqueror and His Conquest of Westeros? I can’t find it anywhere and I want Gilly to try reading from it.” You met Shireen’s eyes and nodded.

“I’ll help you look,” you glanced at Jon, “if you’ll excuse me Lord Commander.” You turned around and helped Shireen look for the book. As you searched, you heard Jon and Sam exchange a few hushed words before the sound of fading footsteps hit your ears.

“I’ve found it,” Sam said, holding up the larger book. Shireen smiled at the Night’s watchman and grabbed it from his hand.

“Thank you, ser,” said she before returning to Gilly. You looked over and felt saddened as Jon’s absence. You had hoped your ears had fooled you, but you no avail. You settled back down into your seat and looked over the old books Shireen had brought with her. She had already read them all. You had no idea how she found the time.

“Jon’s right,” Sam said, taking the seat beside you, “she’s the smartest child I’ve ever seen.” You smiled and nodded as you sorted through Shireen’s reading material.

“I don’t think there’s a book she hasn’t read. At least, the novels she brought along have been read all over again.” Sam gave you a cheery smile before speaking again.

“Princess Shireen is more than welcome to what Castle Black’s library has to offer. I know it’s not much but the records are rather fascinating.” You thanked him for his generosity.

“I think my ladyship prefers the like of war stories and adventure.” Sam nodded and looked over the many shelves of scrolls. You wondered if Jon had perused the same reading materials.

“There’s actually a few books of that ilk in the Lord Commander’s quarters. After Jon finishes his meeting with the wildling man we can go to ask for his books.” You blushed at the thought of entering Jon’s room, and Sam noticed. A small chuckle escaped him when he noted your expression. You looked up at him, questioning on why he was laughing.

“You like him, it’s easy to tell.” You were about to open your mouth to deny it but Sam shook his head. “It’s alright. Everyone thinks he’s pretty. Even the wildlings think so, but there beauty standards are probably a bit different.” You laughed, causing Gilly and Shireen to look up. Your blush deepened and your turned back to looking at the books.

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                        Arya Stark and Gendry Baratheon are dating!

After nearly a year of speculation Arya Stark the second daughter of the powerful businessman Eddard Stark finally confirmed her relationship with Gendry Baratheon oldest son of Robert Baratheon and his short lived marriage to ex-wife Alys Waters. Mr Baratheon, 24, the heir to the super-car franchise Storms End Stags was seen accompanying Miss Stark, 19, to the latest release of her sister in law Margaery Tyrell’s fashion line The Rose of Highgarden. Miss Stark bassist of the critically acclaimed Rock band The Direwolves along with other members her brother Robb Stark, 24, Theon Greyjoy, 24 and cousin Jon Targaryen, 24. Miss Stark and Mr Baratheon seemed to be showing a large quantity of affection around each other. Let’s hope that this is the joining of the two most powerful families in all of Westeros. 

Ros Winters reporting for the Westeros Chronicle.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Love your blog! Just wanted to ask if you think Dany and Jon will stay together for season 8 after he finds out about his lineage? I'm hoping they do, it would be sad if that would tear them apart.

I do believe they will stay together. Listen, Jon is an angsty young man haha. He is going to have a momentary fit. So I think that Dany’s reluctance right now while Jon is seemingly the aggressor/the confident one will be balanced out by Jon briefly straying/feeling strange at the revelation of his Targaryen blood.

But unlike many other people, I don’t think Jon’s conflict is going to derive from the revelation that Dany is his aunt. As I’ve reiterated again and again, marriage within families is not at all uncommon in Westeros. Yes, the series does its job to make sure we know that Jaime and Cersei are a scandal. But they are twins. Lannister twins. 

Targaryens on the other hand married brother to sister for generations without physical consequences as a necessity to keep their magical Valyrian blood pure. This is what was necessary to maintain control of their dragons. And sure enough, as the Targaryens began making alliances with and marrying other families in Westeros, dragons got smaller and died out. So already the fact that Jon and Dany are Targaryens makes their incest something that wouldn’t be problematic. 

But even if they weren’t, cousin and aunt/nephew or uncle/niece marriages are common in the other families. This is not something that would be creepy, icky, or weird.

So why will Jon care? Well, I think he will have an identity crisis. He has made it a point to say he’s not a Stark, but he has also made it a point to say that the North is and will always be a part of him. His Targaryen roots will remove a large part of that. Yes, he’s Lyanna Stark’s son, but in this culture the father is what is important here. Jon is a Targaryen, born in Dorne. A Southerner in every way when it comes to lineage. 

This season has already planted the seeds for this to upset the Northern lords. They did not want Jon going South and have no love for Southerners. What’s more, there was a reaction of agreement with Yohn Royce proclaimed that one can never trust a Targaryen. In light of all of this, I think that Jon is going to be shaken and worried about how he will be perceived by his people–and rightfully so. As stupid as I think it is, I expect there to be minor insurrection and conflict surrounding this subplot in season 8 and the hint/idea of a Northern rebellion against Jon. It will be prevented by the WW advance South of The Wall and the loyalty of Arya and hopefully Sansa. 

But I think the Targaryen reveal will ultimately matter to Jon because he will learn that Ned is not his father. This will probably upset him a lot as he loves Ned dearly and models himself after him in many ways. 

But Jon might also be happy because in a small way (I know he is far more confident now) I think Jon is still bothered by being a bastard. But he’s NOT a bastard. We know that now :) So this might be a small consolation to him? And he will also get the confirmation that his mother loved him dearly and the only reason she wasn’t there for him was because she died. He can stop wondering if she is some shameful fling of Ned’s. 

I have seen many people assert that this information is included to create conflict between Jon and Dany since his claim will now rival hers. But I don’t believe that. Jon has made it clear he has no interest in ruling. If anything his claim will matter in terms of getting people to follow them and help with the WW, and will help him support Dany if she wants the throne down the line. But it would be radically OOC for Jon to suddenly discover he’s a Targ and just as suddenly decide he wants the Iron Throne. Even if for some reason he did do that, his relationship with Dany that will likely include a child would prevent them from fighting over it. They could seek it together.

So overall there will be some tension and moments that give us anxiety I’m sure but Jon and Dany will weather this storm. I strongly believe the only thing that can separate these two now is death :/

Stark Words and Stark Obligations

There are several questions in relation to the Starks and Winterfell and I think I have an idea how they are all connected.

First, the questions.

  • Why are the Stark words the ominous ‘Winter is coming’?
  • Why doese there always have to be a Stark in Winterfell?
  • What is the significance of the crypts?

I think, I have an inkling, and here is my crackpot (?) idea.

The Starks are the only family in Westeros that has no house words connected to their family or their family pride. Nothing like ‘High as honour’, ‘Hear me roar’ or something like that. No, for the Starks it is a prophecy, a warning of the war for the dawn that is to come, of the White Walkers and perpetual winter. All the house words carry a strong obligation, but the Starks’ obligation is to stay alert and to brace for what is to come. Why?

I think, it is because the Night King was a Stark. Old Nan told Bran about the Night King, how he fell in love with one ice-cold fairy queen being, who must have been one of the White Walkers. Only a combined force of the wildlings and Starks unseated the Night King and destroyed his reign of terror. As a result, the Starks as a family have an obligation to stand ready for the next attack of the Others/White Walkers and perhaps to reforge old alliances. Guess, who has an alliance with the wildlings? Jon Snow, currently King in the North. As a family redemption the Starks have to cling to their words and fulfill their duty once winter comes again.

And I think, that’s the reason why they are all buried in Winterfell and why they are buried with weapons and why they all have statues is connected to the duty of the Starks to stand for humanity in the war for the dawn. Their duty does not die with them.

I think, that in the hour of greatest need the current Stark can call upon the kings of winter of old to help the cause of humanity. And that is the ultimate reason why there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

The Stark in Winterfell is the only person who can call for help, and imagine how very useful an army of Stark kings’ statues would be against Undead Wights. This might even be the reason why the Three eyed raven reached out to Bran. Bran has to know this. And isn’t it nice foreshadowing that Bran is not only a Stark, but also half Tully and the Tullies of Riverrun are the only other family whose words carry a strong moral obligation to do the right thing: Family, duty, honour.

Since Jon is Rhaegar’s son, the next lord of Winterfell in line, is Bran, and just imagining Bran calling out for the old kings to help give me shudders. Wouldn’t it be super-cool, if he would call out with his new powers to wake the Kings of Winter from their sleep to fight against the Others/White Walkers?


Great Houses of Westeros

   ↳ House Martell

House Martell is the ruling house in Dorne, in the far south of Westeros, their seat being the castle of Sunspear. Dorne is peculiar to the rest of the continent, as all lands and titles pass to the eldest child regardless of gender. At present, Doran Martell rules over Dorne, but is rarely seen in public due to a severe case of gout. His sister Elia was killed in the Sack of King’s Landing, along with her two young children; his brother Oberyn - commonly known as the Red Viper - was killed in a trial by combat against Gregor Clegane while acting as champion for Tyrion Lannister.