kingstonmcbride GOD i watched watchmen last night and in the fucking CREDITS a lesbian was killed off and then like it’s all oooo sexual violence oooo heres a female character with like zero emotional depth whose biggest contribution is thru her relationships oooo heres a big blue man arent u thrilled and also its for AMERICA like shut the fuck up. Who cares. I dont tend to be one of those MISOGYNY IS OMNIPRESENT & OVERWHELMING ppl but superhero media brings that shit out in me cuz it’s always atrocious

Oh and the Male Gaze holy fuckin shit
femharel replied to your post:so i finished sense8[[MOR] idk this series left…

The thing I noticed too was that everywhere in San Fran had specific names and festivals and etc., whereas, in India, for example, we were just supposed to know that people danced at weddings & went to nameless/generic temples to worship Ganeesha

yes! this so much too! i forget to mention it but yeah like with will and nomi and even to an extend riley everything was detailed-oriented with where they/what the place was like but with capheus/kala/even sun it came off as ‘vague not-America/Europe place’. It was very western gaze-y. And if it does get its second season i truly hope it gets a better diversation in its writing team because you can differently see the different in wolfgang/will/nomi/riley’s arcs in comparison to sun/capheus/kala