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I'm curious about what procedures you think need to change in the livestock industry?

Practically, or philosophically? There is so much that can be talked about in this field

From a practical standpoint, there are a number of areas where current livestock practices are far from ideal. Farming has a huge history behind it, and many of these practices are ingrained and so difficult to change.

Before I go through the list, I should preface that if you’re not comfortable with the fact that farmed animals die for human benefit, if you just want all farms to stop using animals, then you’re not going to find this list satisfactory. If you’re fundamentally uncomfortable with livestock industries, and you haven’t already questioned why you consume the products it produces or what your alternatives are, then it might be worthwhile.

For now, these industries are not going anywhere. They’re certainly not perfect but we could improve them. Regardless of whether you personally believe all these industries should be ‘just stopped’ you have to agree that will not happen overnight, and that other welfare improvements could happen today.

  • Pain relief being more widely used. There has historically been an aversion to using pain relief medication in livestock due to expense, drug residues and the lack of products made for and tested in the species. This is beginning to change so there are not more options for pain relief at castration and mulesing , for example, but this needs to be more widely used. Another hurdle to this is that they are prescription products, and in order for a veterinarian to prescribe them they must have been out to that farm within the last year and be familiar with their set up and stock. Not every farm will call out a veterinarian on a regular basis.
  • Minimize transport time. Transport, whether by road, train, boat or plane, is incredibly stressful for livestock of all kinds. We can measure their physiological stress, so this is definitely not just anthropomorphism. Livestock are more stressed in transport than they are by witnessing death, which is the opposite to what many people would think. 
  • On-farm slaughter and refrigerated transport. Following on from the previous point, we have the technology to transport chilled carcasses. Performing slaughter on farm removes or eliminates a large percentage of the transport an individual animal needs to be exposed to, and will improve their welfare. Animals don’t perceive death the same way we do, having a mini abattoir at the farm entrance isn’t going to bother them.
  • Using genetics instead of procedures. It astounds me in this modern day that we still have breeders of hereford cattle that breed the horned version, and then de-horn the calves, instead of selecting stock with the polled (no horns) trait. If you want horns then fine, but if you’re going to cut/burn/cauterize them off anyway when why not remove them genetically? The polled gene exists! Similarly there are a small number of merino sheep with a ‘bare breech’ trait, which don’t need mulesing. It would be ideal to spread this trait through the Australian sheep population, but with millions and millions of sheep and a ram only about to impregnate about 60 a month, that will take time.
  • Enrichment. Toys. Something for animals to play with, to investigate, to do. This has been historically neglected for a long time because originally animals weren’t though to have souls, or to be thinking, feeling entities. We know differently now. Enrichment only improves the lives of these animals, and often reduces unwanted or destructive behavior, like piglets biting off each others tails.
  • Dam-neonate bonding in certain industries should be reconsidered. In some situations, the dairy industry in particular, neonates may be taken from their mothers within 24 hours to reduce disease transmission in eradication of certain diseases, like Johnes disease, but in other situations it’s because for some mind boggling reason it is more cost efficient for a farm to sell the mother’s milk and feed the neonate on milk replacer.  
  • In a similar vein, giving sows enough space to nurse their litter would be great. They’re kept in sow stalls (basically a cage that they can stand up or lie down in that the piglets can run through) so that they don’t squash their piglets and kill them. That’s great and all, except you can accomplish the same thing by giving the sow more space to turn around it and slopes on the wall of the pen.

So, the important question I hope you’re asking is why don’t we do these things already?

There are lots and lots of reasons someone could grab, but the short (and I dare say more honest) reason is this: Money.

Granting an animal more space costs you money because it reduces the number of animals you can stock in your space. Using more pain relief medication costs you money. Calling out a vet costs you money. Providing enrichment costs you various amounts of money. On-farm slaughter and refrigerated transport is more expensive than the current system.

So if this is all about money, is it the fault of greedy farmers? Well, generally no.

Most farmers actually like the species of animal they work with. And most of them, especially with recent droughts, the current political climate and monopolization of the companies that buy their products, are not making big buckets of cash. More and more farms are selling up and small producers are not keeping up.

They are under constant pressure to lower the prices of their animal products because there’s only a few big buyers, and right now it’s the buyers that dictate what price they’re willing to pay. Because these animal products are perishable, you can’t save them for a rainy day if you don’t sell them, and these buyers are big enough, they can hold out and only pay what they want to pay. This severe downward pressure means farmers get paid progressively less, and these companies make more profits while claiming it’s good for consumers.

^ Look familiar?

So we get cheaper food, the company makes more profit, and the individual farms get screwed.

Especially with milk, there was a huge crisis recently where one of the big milk buyers suddenly declared it had been overpaying dairies, and that not only was it now going to pay them much less for the season (on contract mind you), but that all their dairies now owed them thousands of dollars. After years of downward price pressure on their product many farms could not, and can not, afford this. You can get an overview here.

The point I’m trying to get to is that if these industries are gong to improve, then we need to value the individual animal and its experience of life more than we currently do. 

If we value the experiences of the individual animal, and consequently put our money where our mouth is when it comes to their products, then there should be both motivation and financial ability to improve their lives. We could progress from mere ‘prevention of cruelty’ and minimum standards towards animal welfare and good welfare states.

Changing consumer patterns is probably the only way to do this, and it’s quite hard when you’re already paycheck to paycheck, but a in depth rant/discussion about politics/policy/economics etc is beyond my scope, though I would happily add veterinary and industry specific detail to a discussion if someone wants to tackle that side of it.

 so some fun facts about working in carpentry (from someone in the field) that probably no one wants but could be fun for writing about julia and mags with:

  • it is so so important to maintain a positive relationship with your clients and that’s probably why mags is so proud of his rustic hospitality and wants to use it at every corner because your relationships and reputation is half the job
  • for one you get returning clients and tends to be the best and most reliable source of income and you also usually will end up getting gifts from them too which is, sweet
  • if they’re doing pretty well off during a year i’m almost certain that they offer discounts for their services for the poorer members of raven’s roost, mangus in particular has a “doggy discount” that if they own a dog and they let it work with him they get a good discount
  • both of them (+plus stephen) are probably ambidextrous to a degree as when working on repeat projects, you tend to get really tired and sore and continue working until that arm gives out and then switch to the other to be able to continue working
  • going with that, you get paid by commission or project usually and so hypothetically you could pick up as many as possible (or as many as the union will allow) and probably will do that a couple times and you could literally blow out your entire body but be set for the year in a couple weeks
  • going with the stress on the body, the physical labor definitely means that they have bad knees and probably a bad arm as well not to mention if there is a lot of heavy lifting you can get multiple hairpin fractures along your spine and legs causing intense pain that cannot be treated 
  • also if they’re working with saws (which i’m pretty sure trav did say were in the pocket workshop) then i have no idea why mags reacted so badly to losing a finger because everyone i have ever worked with has or has almost cut off their finger once a week
  • also you get a very high tolerance for pain (which probably helps mags as being a sword for hirer)  like i have literally sliced my entire forearm open and just wrapped it up and continued working
  • since raven’s roost has a carpentry district, that most likely means that they have a lumber sister town that provides all of the resources
  • and again, going with the importance of rustic hospitality, if you’re friends with the lumber providers then you will get first pick on the quality wood and quality literally will save you days of work
  • if there’s a bad harvest one year then it will fucking suck because people don’t stop needing furniture or buildings and you as the carpenter have to pick up the slack for the shitty warped wood and most projects will take about double the time
  • woodworking is a skill trade and has to be learned over years so most likely by the time mags came along julia was already extremely skilled and is able to do commissions and bids on her own and has her own reputation in ravens roost (which…tbh mags could have very well apprenticed under her) 
  • it is extremely hard to go from apprenticing one carpenter to another because even the basics get muddled with your own style to the point where most people measure in different ways and cutting something wrong (especially cutting it short) will waste so much material thus mags being brand new to apprenticing under stephen probably takes years while jules just laughs each time he fucks up a leg of a chair

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“Greening the Cube" thoughts (p3)”

He’d be a pretty strange child, wandering out of the desert with only a few possessions -including a strange knife. It could have left him somewhat isolated, especially if he ‘acted out’ whenever an adult tried to confiscate his knife for the precaution of safety. Lack of interest + isolation from your peers can be the only two things needed for someone to not know about popular culture.

None of this explains his motivation for fighting the Galra tho

Even in season 1 Keith is pretty quiet the entire time they arrive at the castle, and unlike the other paladins, doesn’t seem to be too fazed by the Galra.

And for some reason gets his own separate window here (to emphasize something I assume)

Infact I think the first time he speaks is when they need to decide if they’re fighting or running away. He’s all like “We have to fight these guys!”

Lance and Hunk want to run away, Pidge wants to stay because she wants to find and free her family, Allura and Coran obviously have a thing against them, so does Shiro, he knows what they do. Why Keith insists on fighting them?

Why Keith cares? So much? (even before Allura says the Galra will get to Earth, and like he’s even got something on earth to begin with..)

Why this?

Facing Zarkon by himself was not a rational decision, getting the black lion ASAP was, but when he understands who it is exactly he’s facing, suddenly it is all emotion for Keith.

Where does it come from? Why he seems to care more than all of them about putting an end to the Galra empire?

More than Allura even

What goes through his mind in this shot?


A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Pokemon History

Can we talk about Wooper for a moment?

Originally posted by nidoqueen

I was the target audience when Pokemon Red and Blue were first released. I grew up with the original 150 Pokemon, with the debate about whether Mew counted or not as the 151st.

While we might imagine and draw ‘new’ Pokemon, in our minds the number of Pokemon were fixed. The 150/151 was all that there was, through there were conspiracies about missingno and the bird Ash saw in the anime, Ho-oh.

Then rumors of a new game circulated. Images started appearing of ‘new’ and ‘real’ Pokemon. Specifically, Wooper.

This arm-less, weird looking creature looked like a fake. It didn’t look like it could be quite real. Of all the Pokemon you could make, that were made, this was the first new one we saw?

When it turned out to be real, that we were getting a hundred new Pokemon to catch and train, and genders, and breeding, and happiness, and time, it was a game changer. Pure and simple. There were so many things added to that game, and the opportunity to see the old, familiar map after the Elite 4 battle was refreshing. That game was so good. I can’t explain just how many of the things I’d hoped for were given.

And this little Pokemon was water and ground type! Immunity to electricity for a water type was a big deal. You can imagine how much our little minds were blown when lanturn was revealed. .

This goofy, nearly featureless face was the herald of our Pokemon world expanding.

I’m reminded of all of this playing Pokemon go again, and seeing this blue blob pop up. All that hope an wonder.

Back home in Sydney! Thanks for being patient, everyone who messaged me; I should be getting through everything over the course of today :)

Harry Styles - Romantic Night in Hotel Imagine

[Happy Harry Styles Day! ]

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❛ I thought you had a Bachelor’s from Columbia? ❜
❛ You know what makes humans different from other animals? ❜
❛ We’re the only species on Earth that observes Shark Week. ❜
❛ People can find the good in just about anything but themselves. ❜
❛ Look at me. It’s clear to all of you that I am awesome. ❜
❛ There’s a card for that? ❜
❛ Could you please go as my friend? My really good friend? ❜
❛ Well, I didn’t realize we were really good friends. ❜
❛ Yeah, I’m going to write this down too, actually. ❜
❛ Oh, shut your pompous vortex of overlapping fangs! ❜
❛ I’m saying, you’re a football player. It’s in your blood! ❜
❛ If I stay, there can be no party. ❜
❛ I’m out in the night, staying vigilant. ❜
❛ No, I can’t sleep. You sleep. ❜
❛ Am I bird? No. I’m a bat. I am Batman. ❜
❛ Candy corn looks like tiny traffic cones. ❜
❛ It’s cool to know other people think about this stuff, too. ❜
❛ I mean, don’t you ever want anything more out of life than cereal? ❜
❛ You can do whatever you want, you just have to know what that is. ❜
❛ I’m going to assume that’s sarcasm. ❜
❛ I have this weird pain right above my eyebrow. ❜
❛ Some mysteries solve themselves, don’t they? ❜
❛ It’s just little a nose bleed. I get ‘em when it’s dry and when my face gets kicked. ❜
❛ You keep a list of everyone based on how good-looking they are? ❜
❛ So you’re familiar with two sins… how about a third? ❜
❛ I don’t think we’re allowed to smoke in here. ❜
❛ I’ve got self-esteem falling out of my butt. ❜
❛ You can’t do surgery on yourself. It’s illegal. ❜
❛ Well, excuse me for trying to sneak you into heaven! ❜
❛ You want my advice, pork her/him and move on. ❜
❛ Who cares if you’re sorry? We’re still screwed!  ❜
❛ How much time before we take revenge? ❜
❛ I can’t believe I made out with both of you. ❜
❛ I don’t need to know which dracula I am to be a dracula. ❜
❛ God, are you charting our menstrual cycles? ❜
❛ You’re not the least bit curious how that happened? ❜
❛ I attack them using my… additional notes. ❜
❛ What’s in the briefcase? ❜
❛ I was just another jerk trying to win a contest. ❜
❛ If you’d like, you could come visit the set. ❜
❛ You can call a phone sex line. ❜
❛ I’m scared that if I were overweight that no one would like me. ❜
❛ The world is a sick place, full of sick, sick people. ❜
❛ I had a three-way in a hot-air balloon. ❜
❛ I’m turned on by how logical you are. ❜
❛ I am comforted by your shiny hair and facial symmetry. ❜
❛ I’m no sociopath. I always know what I’m doing is wrong. ❜
❛ I’m really proud of you, you’re growing up as a person. ❜
❛ Are you by any chance familiar with stockholm syndrome? ❜
❛ What, you’re anti-weddings now? ❜
❛ This was as ugly as things could get… while still being a pillow fight. ❜
❛ I think I’ve heard enough, and I don’t see what choice I have. ❜
❛ I wish there was a way we could make it up to people. ❜
❛ I thought I told you to stop reading my emails. ❜
❛ I thought I told you to stop keeping secrets! ❜
❛ I am an activist, that’s always been my choice. ❜ 
❛ This secret inside me, was trapped beyond a doubt.  ❜
❛ Oh, I know we said no gifts, but I couldn’t resist. ❜
❛ Oh, who couldn’t have seen that coming? ❜
❛ I wish I had the capacity for sentimentality like you do. ❜
❛ I wish I could switch places with you for just one day. ❜
❛ We were destined to meet, like a team of superheroes.  ❜
❛ I came to see if you wanted to get some frozen yogurt. ❜
❛ Have you ever masturbated in the study room? ❜
❛ Don’t listen to me—or anyone. Just listen to yourself. ❜
❛ If I come over there, there’s going to be two sounds: me hitting you twice. ❜

His Cinderella

Summary: On the run from a crazy ex, Y/N runs up and kisses this random yet handsome guy. Oblivious to the fact that she’s capturing her greatest hero, The Flash’s mind, she goes on with her life. Though what happens on their next meet? Will Prince charming finally find his Cinderella?

Category: Falling in love
030: “Can I kiss you?”

Pairing: Barry Allen x doctor!reader
Words: 3155
Warning: none that I’m aware of… I used the word hell?

A/N: So just found out I’m gonna do my English exam next Friday. For both practice and pleasing you lovelies, I thought I’d try to write even more this upcoming week – though I’m not sure how this brilliant win/win idea will work out IRL, so don’t hold your breaths…:/


Can I kiss you?!” A girl popped up in front of Barry. She was out of breath, her forehead shining from the sweat after a what-seemed-like-a long run. Just when Barry was about to answer, her lips met his. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had taken him by surprise, he would have noticed so much more about her. Like the way her eyes sparkled when their gazes met, the way her hair seemed to perfectly frame her head, the way her chapped lips glowed in the daylight.

But she did take him by surprise, and all he could think of, were how those chapped, yet soft lips felt against his. It wasn’t an ordinary setting for Barry (to have random girls coming up kissing him). Though for some reason, it felt natural. So he closed his eyes and started kissing back – a very un-Barry and bold move, that he instantly regretted when the warm feeling disappeared not long after.

“Thanks! You’re a real hero!” It was just by pure luck, that Barry managed to get a slightly better look at her before she ran. The last thing he saw being a pair of red cheeks and Y/E/C eyes. It certainly was a way to brighten up his day – who wouldn’t have liked to get kissed by a girl? Though at the same time, Barry still felt something fishy about what had just happened, and he was dying to know why the sudden urge for the beautiful girl to kiss him: it wasn’t like that happened on a daily basis in Central City.

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 9)

Hey guys! Here’s chapter 9! 10 is on the way I swear! Also there is some Spanish in this chapter, I’m pretty limited when it comes to Spanish so I’m sorry if I made some mistakes! (Special thanks to @ we-are-broken-from-the-inside who helped correct some of my mistakes! You’re the true MVP!) I did put translations in so don’t worry if you only speak English! Enjoy! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!




Lance and the team get back into their routine but things don’t go well for the paladin in blue when in a routine sweep he runs into Prince Lotor’s fleet. 

Chapter 9: Well, Crap.

Eventually they did leave the planet of Kann, Lance thankful and disappointed. They had stayed the night in the palace because everyone got drunk on whatever they were drinking. It had no effect on the human paladins but Allura and Coran got pretty hammered as well. So they couldn’t just leave them all passed out in the middle of the grand palace so the paladins took turns to be on watch while the rest slept until the early morning.

Allura and Coran woke with headaches and grumpy attitudes but otherwise seemed coherent. So they said goodbye to the Noo and Goo and continued on to save the universe. They continued to help those who had their distress beacons on. That’s when it happened.

Again things went to crap a lot quicker than Lance had anticipated and he barely had time to react. Lance was doing a routine sweep of an area of space, like they normally do. Usually they split into three groups, two in each group and someone back on the ship. However both Hunk and Pidge needed to help with some maintenance on the Castle, leaving Lance, Keith and Shiro to split and do the sweep. Keith and Shiro discussed how to split up, the only way was to have two go in one direction and one to go alone in the other.

Lance offered to go by himself.

“Lance that could be really dangerous.” Shiro said, “Not that I doubt you but I’m not sure…” Shiro trailed off before being interrupted.

“Well if you’re so worried, I’ll take quadrant 41, it’s not nearly as dangerous so I’ll be fine. Plus that way you guys can handle everything in 42, since Galra seem to be everywhere. If you need back up you can let me know.” Lance said.

He couldn’t see Shiro or Keith since they were talking through the comms but he heard Shiro sigh.

“Alright. Keep in contact at all times.” Shiro said sternly.

“Yes, sir!” Lance said, even saluting although he knew Shiro he couldn’t see it.

So the lions split up, Keith going with Shiro and Lance going by himself in the other direction. He should have known it wouldn’t have been that easy.

For the most part the sweep was going well, aside from an asteroid that tried to knock Blue on her ass. Things were going smoothly and he was nearly done with it when an entire Galra fleet wormholed right in front of him. Lance recognized that ship anywhere. Lotor.

Lance moved fast, practically yelling into the comms.

“Prince Lotor is in Quadrant 41! I repeat Prince Lotor is in quadrant 41!” Lance shouted, dodging debris and flying as fast as he could but where would he go?

He couldn’t go back to the Castle, he wasn’t going to lead Lotor right to Allura which he knew that’s what he wanted. Maybe he could wait for the rest of the team to come to him. They could form Voltron, fend him off while Allura and the Castle got ready to wormhole.

He then realized that no one was replying, all he heard was static. Great. Really fucking great. Lance breathed, all he had to do what lead him away or lose him. Lance could do that. Right?

So Lance continued to run, like he was desperate to get back to the Castle and the fleet followed quickly behind.

Shiro and Keith had made it through their sweep and were heading back to the Castle when they heard something strange. The comms had made a loud shrieking noise and went completely dead. The sound almost blew out Shiro’s eardrum.

“Keith? Can you hear me?” Shiro asked insistently. After a moment of trying to get the connection back Keith answered.

“Yeah, but what the hell was that sound?” Keith asked sounding irritated and concerned.

“I-I don’t know.” Shiro had a thought, “Lance, LANCE! Come in!” Shiro insisted.

Nothing. Just static.

“Shit!” Keith said, trying his own comms, “Lance, buddy are you there?” Keith asked really worrying now. Nothing.

“Allura, can you hear me?” Shiro asked.

“Yes! What’s happening?” Allura asked, hearing the worry in Shiro’s voice.

“We can’t get in contact with Lance! He- the comms just cut out for a moment and when they came back we couldn’t- couldn’t hear him!” Shiro said, panic rising with each word. He wasn’t about to lose Lance after all of this, not a chance.

“Hold on, Hunk and Pidge are on their way to the lions, I’ll look for his signal and give you the coordinates.” Allura said, stoic.

There was a slight pause while Allura worked and Shiro grew more anxious with each silent beat.

“I-I found him but…” Allura sounded like she was choking, her voice very tight, “He’s surrounded by Galra forces. He’s surrounded by Lotor’s forces. They appeared out of nowhere! How did they find him?!” Allura questioned, her own panic rising in her voice.

“Allura! It’s alright, we’re all going to get him. Send me the coordinates we need to move fast.” Shiro said.

“Lance is here.” The coordinates appearing on the screen in front of Shiro, “But he’s moving quickly away from us, far away. He’s headed…” She gasped, “He’s headed right into an asteroid field. Lance is in grave danger, you must get to him before he enters it!” She insisted.

“Understood.” Shiro said as Pidge and Hunk emerged from the Castle the four of them moving quickly to save their friend.

Lance saw the asteroid field and he knew two things. One, that this was about to get really complicated. Two that Lotor didn’t have a chance of getting through this field. Lance didn’t have much of a chance either, but he didn’t have a choice. He was going to protect everyone for as long as he could. So he entered the field without a second thought.

He and Blue were flying together but it was getting easier to distinguish who was who. He felt himself inside her (not in the creepy way get your minds out of the gutter) and they were one but distinct from one another. Lance had a thought. It was something that was probably dangerous, Coran had come to talk to him about his bond, the dangers of it several days before.

“There are somethings you need to know my boy. Flying Blue through your bond is a very powerful and wonderful thing. However it is also very dangerous. Paladin and Lion become one, intermingling essences, quintessence and even their soul. It can be wonderful, flying is easier, you become better at forming Voltron but it is extremely dangerous melding minds like that. So don’t ever, ever go deeper than necessary or else there may be consequences.” Coran said.

And look what Lance was doing, going deeper. Sorry Coran, he thought to himself and the kind Altean. But otherwise there was nothing else he could do, he was not going to get captured again because that fucked him up enough the first time. He wasn’t going back to the Castle because Lotor would not get his hands on Allura as long as Lance was alive. So Lance sunk deeper and deeper into his bond until he was barely there and Blue’s body truly became his, not just her eyes, everything.

He thought the feeling would be different, more mechanical since in reality Blue was a robotic magic lion. But instead he felt the way she moved like muscles, she was completely alive and Lance realized now that this had only gotten stranger. However he ignored everything and focused on where he was flying. The fleet was following him quickly. But no one attacked him, he was sure that Lotor simply wanted to follow him so that the real battle can start when they got to the Castle. On some level Lotor must had known that Lance was leading him away and not to, but for whatever reason he followed Lance anyway.

So Lance flew right into the asteroid field, he had done this before but this field was made up of the blue crystals that had a tendency to explode. Yeah those ones. And they were closely packed together. The Blue lion was observant, knowing one false move would send not only the Galra fleet but the lion up in flames with it. So she flew quickly but carefully between the beautiful but dangerous crystals turning slightly to see if the fleet dared to follow. They did. Lance looked back, they were crazy but maybe this could work. He knew he didn’t have any other option, so he prayed to god that he’d somehow make it out alive. He moved in further, luring them in until they were closer to the field. Then he shot up, turning around and shooting the large crystal closest to Lotor’s fleet. The explosion was spectacular.

They flew as fast as they could, however each second was agony. Shiro saw the dot that was supposed to be Lance move its way into the asteroid field. Shiro sucked in a harsh breath and practically screamed when the dot disappeared completely. This could not be happening, there was no way.

Lance!” Shiro cried.

What?! What happened?!” Hunk asked, desperate.

“We just lost Lance’s signal, we need to hurry!” Shiro said voice cracking.

So they moved even quicker if that was possible and as they drew closer they saw the huge fleet. The ship so familiar and not in a good way and the asteroid field behind them, the blue and green crystals some in mid explosion. Lance flew into that. Lance was in that explosion. Lance.

Shiro’s rage blinded him for one second but that was all it took, wings sprouted from the back of his lion and he was destroying everything in sight literally cutting a path to Lance. Lotor’s ship moved out of the way, already taking damage from the explosions of the crystals, moving to flee. But at the moment Shiro nor the rest of the team cared, they cut and destroyed everything to get to Lance.  

Shiro looked everywhere for something, anything that even remotely looked like the Blue lion.

“There!” Keith shouted, drawing Shiro’s attention.

Floating above the asteroid field was the Blue Lion, unmoving and black on one side but mostly intact or at least he hoped.

Lance!” Hunk shouted.

The Red lion raced forward, being the quickest among them with Yellow following close behind. Between the two of them they were able to bring the Blue lion back. Shiro kept his attention on the Galra fleet, the explosions had done a number on them. But they weren’t here for the fight, ships and weapons too damaged. So he watched as they formed a wormhole and escaped leaving Voltron behind.

They contacted Allura, telling her their coordinates and the Castle wormholed there quickly. The Red and Yellow lions escorting Blue inside.

As soon as they landed everyone ran out of their lions, like they had when Lance was first back from capture, the events being all too similar. Why was it always Lance? Hadn’t he had enough? But they ran as fast as their feet could carry them but the mouth of the Blue lion would not open at first.

Blue!” Hunk shouted, “I know you’re hurt but we need to get to Lance! Please! Blue?” Hunk called.

Blue eyes glowed slightly, just barely and the mouth fell open before the eyes stopped glowing completely. Without the ramp they were focused to climb Blue in order to get inside. The inside of Blue was relatively unharmed, however sparks of electricity crackled and when they got to Lance they sighed a breath of relief for he too appeared unharmed but unconscious. Allura arrived inside with Coran following behind.

She pulled off Lance’s helmet. Revealing blood that painted the back of Lance’s helmet a vibrant shade of red.

“That’s a lot of blood.” Pidge stated in shock.

Allura looked pale, “It looks like a lot but thankfully it actually not all that much. However I’m more worried about his brain.” She took Lance’s face in both hands, “Lance! Lance can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes!” Allura commanded. As she called to him, Coran pressed a rag to the back of his head, stopping the bleeding.

Nothing happened at first but slowly Lance blinked, Allura held his face because he seemed to have no energy to hold up his own head. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief until she saw his eyes. They were glowing blue, an extremely vibrant shade of blue that she could see vividly through the crack of his eyelids.  

Coran.” Allura said, slightly panicked.

Coran stepped forward and swallowed hard at the sight.

“Oh no.” He whispered, taking Lance’s head with his own hands Allura stepping aside to let him.

“What’s happening?” Shiro demanded.

There was a long silence until Lance said something.

“Espera, estoy confundido. ¿Dónde estoy?” Lance said groggily, his voice did not sound like his.

“What?” Keith asked, he knew that was Spanish but he didn’t know how to speak it.

“He’s confused, he doesn’t know where he is.” Hunk stated, of course he knows Spanish, Keith thought.

Hunk stepped forward, patting Lance’s shoulder.

“ Hola, socio. Estás en el espacio, ¿Sabes quién eres?” Hunk said.

“What are you saying?” Shiro asked.

Hunk turned slightly, “I’m telling him that he’s in space, I’m asking if he know who he is.” Hunk stated.

Lance looked at Hunk and then away, shaking his head despite his injury as if he couldn’t feel the pain. Coran moved his hands from his face to support the back of Lance’s neck so Lance’s head flopped to the side.

No, estoy muy confundido. Estoy aqui y allá, ¿Qué está sucediendo?” Lance asked, voice very very soft.

Hunk looked a little shocked before he told the rest what Lance had said.

“He says he’s too confused. He says he’s here and there and asks what’s happening but I don’t know what that means.” Hunk said panic rising in his voice.

Coran shock his head, “Lance has gone too deep into his bond. He doesn’t know who he is because he went too deep.” Coran stated, “I tried to warn him-“

“What do you mean too deep?” Shiro asked.

“When you pilot your lions your bonds become, well there are levels. So bonding in order to see out of the eyes of a lion is rather simple in terms of how much of the lion you can use. I told Lance to never, under any circumstances to delve deeper into the bond to say, use Blue’s entire body as his own. Lance’s mind and Blue would become so entangled in one another that it is possible to get lost. It’s why his eyes look the way they do because Blue is in his body too. Here and there, he in his body and there in Blue’s body.” Coran stated.

“Wait, you’re saying that Lance and the Blue lion are literally both in Lance’s body right now and in this body?” Pidge questioned, pointing at the Blue lion they were standing in, growing pale.

“Not all of Blue just part of her in Lance’s body anyway.” Coran stated, “Right now they’re too close to distinguish who is who. But we can try to help Lance realize who he is. If we talk to him he might become aware of himself. Memories, things shared, things unique to Lance. We might be able to pull him out of it.” Coran said but his face was grim.

Hunk nodded, determined and began to speak Spanish to Lance.

“¿Recuerdas cuando nos conocimos? Yo era muy timido y tu demasiado extrovertido. Pero nos hicimos amigos enseguida porque me dijiste que debo temerle a todo. Soliamos robar comida de los cuarteles cuando tenía hambre. Solia decirte que no pelearas con otros chicos, pero igual lo hacias. ¿Lo recuerdas, Lance? Ahora defendemos el universo de chicos malos. Aún te metes en problemas aún cuando te digo que no. Lance, necesito que vuelvas conmigo, amigo.”

Do you remember when we first met? I was very shy and you were very outgoing. But we became friends right away because you told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of everything. We stole food from the barracks when I got hungry. I told you not to pick a fight with the other kids but you did anyway. Do you remember Lance? Now we defend the universe from bad guys. You still get into trouble even when I tell you not to. Lance I need you to come back to me, buddy.

The rest of the team had no idea what Hunk was saying, none of them fluent in Spanish. But the words seemed to affect Lance, slowly his eyes were growing dull, the glow dissipating until by the end of the speech Lance looked normal again. He blinked still confused.

Hunk?” Lance asked.

Hunk grabbed Lance in a hug that was crushing his lungs.

“LANCE!” Hunk shouted.

“Lance!” Everyone else shouted, laughing with relief.

Allura pushed her way passed Hunk and Coran examining Lance, seeing if he was concussed.

“Do you feel ill? Confused? What’s your name and who are you?” She asked, inspecting Lance’s eyes carefully.

He answered dutifully.

“No, yes, my name is Lance and I am the blue paladin of Voltron.” Lance said.

She nodded, staring a bit more before letting him go.

“I think you are concussed but only slightly. Half an hour in the healing pod and you should be as good as new!” The Princess said with a smile.

“Alright but while we have you here, what happened?” Shiro asked seriously, taking a knee in front of Lance so he could look at him carefully, watching his eyes.

“I-I was sweeping the quadrant and it was going well…” Lance took a moment to think, “And suddenly Lotor’s fleet came out of nowhere. They just wormholed right in front of me… I knew I couldn’t go to the Castle. He wanted Allura and wasn’t going to lead him right to her. So I ran. I tried to call for help but the… the comms were off. Nothing but static. So I lead them away…” He paused again, shaking his head trying to concentrate at the task but his head was so fuzzy, “The asteroid field was my only chance, so I went in but I had to go deeper in my bond with Blue. I know Coran warned me. I knew seeing through her eyes wasn’t enough. So I went just above the point where I disappeared completely, coming together right at the edge. We… we went into the field and the fleet followed me or us I don’t know. So I drew them in and flew up at the last second to aim at one of the crystals that was closest to the fleet. But the crystals were so close to one another and they all blew up and I… I was too close.” Lance admitted, “But for some reason, I hit my head and I… I slipped. I dipped too deep into Blue and I got lost. I couldn’t tell what was me and what was her. I was here in my body and in her eyes. I was everywhere and nowhere it was… really confusing. But I heard Hunk talking to me and I just followed his voice and I kind of came back to myself.” Lance said finally.

Shiro blinked, he wasn’t sure understood everything Lance had said but he was sure going to try.

“I want to know…” Allura began, “How Lotor found us.” Allura wondered.

Lance was shaking his head.

“No they didn’t find us they found me.” Lance said.

What?” Allura said shocked when she realized he was right, “But how?” She asked.

There was silence before Lance spoke.

The quintessence.” Lance said his eyes widening with realization. “Like how Zarkon could sense the black lion through their bond and quintessence. It must be…” Lance trailed off.

That… yes that’s quite possible.” Allura admitted.

Lance looked at the ground, looking tired and ashamed. Shiro put a hand on his knee, grabbing his attention.

“Hey, don’t worry about it for now.” Shiro said.

“No. We have to. If we don’t do anything then he’ll just keep coming and eventually he’ll be close enough to the Castle to get Allura and I am not letting that happen.” Lance said seriously.

Allura was a little shocked, not shocked about how Lance wouldn’t let anything happen to her but how sincere he was. She had not realized how much Lance had grown to care for her.

“Lance, I appreciate you trying to protect me but Shiro is-“ But she was cut off.

“NO! You do not understand what he is capable of, you think you know but you don’t!” Lance shouted, tears escaping his eyes, “I will NOT allow any of you to be captured or even interact with that guy! He’s sick and cruel and none of you need to experience that.” Lance said, softer now.

Honestly he wasn’t sure they were ready to know what exactly happened. He hadn’t remotely told them the details of his time of Lotor’s ship. They should know and it wasn’t that Lance wasn’t ready to confess, he wasn’t sure he wanted them to know. What would it do to them? Were they ready? But they needed to know to understand.

“He put needles in every patch of skin he could find, deep. Sometimes he would electrocute me, for hours. It was painful. But the quintessence was worse. It burned like fire in my body I would be in agony for hours, seizing and barely being able to breathe like being suspended in the moment before you die. He would enjoy my reactions. Somethings he did it for answers, which I never gave him although that made him more excited. But sometimes he came and did things to just get a reaction. Stab me to see me in pain, talk to me to confuse me, try to convince me to betray you, promising to end the pain. I never said anything but I admit I was tempted… but it wasn’t the pain that made me want to talk. The hallucinations. He knew I was having them. I’d see him first, sometimes he turned into other people like Shiro, or my mom or really anyone I knew. They’d tell me I was better off dead. They told me to give up. It’s hard to fight against your own mind when it’s trying to make you give up… I must have said something when I was delirious, so sometimes he could play the role of my hallucination and I would talk to him. I thought he was my mind but it was so hard to tell what was real and what was fake. Mostly I begged him to let me die, to let me go.” Lance said, he looked at the ground at that last bit, shame clear on his face.

“He didn’t and I don’t think he ever intended to let me die. He’s twisted and under no circumstances will any of you experience that, especially you Allura. What happened to me, I’m glad it happened to me and not to any of you. I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. So no, we will deal with this now even if that means I leave temporarily.” Lance said finally.

Everyone was still processing what he said but then they realized.

No you are not leaving, we will find another way Lance.” Shiro assured him.

Lance shook his head.

“Unless there’s a way to remove or… change the quintessence so he can’t track me, this is our only option for now.” Lance said with a smile to Shiro.

There was more silence but then Allura spoke.

“There might be a way.” She admitted quietly, but her face said she didn’t like the idea.

Really?” Lance said, surprised.

“Yes but it’s extremely dangerous.” Allura said.

“Wait, Princess, you can’t be referring…” Coran began with look on her face he had his answer, “Quiznack that’s… NO we can’t it is simply too dangerous!” Coran said outraged.

“Whatever it is let’s do it.” Lance said.

“You haven’t even-“ Allura began.

Doesn’t matter. I’m a part of this team and I don’t want to leave but you guys are important. Just tell me what I need to do.” Lance said.

There was an anxious silence while everyone looked from Lance to Allura.

She set her shoulders and took a breath.

“Well first you’ll need to die.” She said seriously.

caldera599  asked:

You shouldn't even bother to engage animal rights cultists. They don't care about animal welfare, they just want to destroy all zoos. They're unreasonable and they cant be convinced.

I actually don’t agree, and that’s not really a fair way to approach a group of people. 

Like, yeah, it leads to a lot of repetitive and frustrating conversations and the engagement with people who generally prefer to attack rather than engage in factual dialogue, but taking the effort to do it anyways really does have a chance of working. 

Animal rights folks care about the animals they’re advocating for too, just like we do - they’re approaching it differently, and while part of a culture that is steeped in mythology and misinformation so deeply they often aren’t even aware of it. There’s a huge amount of cognitive dissonance when you believe in something so strongly and yet you find out you might be wrong, or approaching it incorrectly, or advocating for something that doesn’t actually help those animals. 

When people are faced with the pressure of cognitive dissonance, the general reaction is to cling tightly to whichever side is more familiar - that’s literally just human nature. So in order to actually do good education about any topic, you have to build a relationship with the people you’re hoping to reach before pushing them to see things differently if you want to have any chance of success. 

It does work if you put in the time and you’re reasonable and you don’t fall prey to the arguments and the fallacious logic and the tendency to want to defend yourself rather than educate. And I think that’s entirely worth it, because people deserve to be interacted with with the assumption that they are intelligent, rational humans who can change their thinking over time. 


EXTENSION: This is an idea of what I want but I just want to add on a little piece to the end. Make it like he can’t stop thinking about me & he post it on ig & ask the belieber’s to help find me and they couldn’t & then 1 day we randomly met & we had a cute date an hit it off from there.. 😊

That’s a long request. But the longer the better! Right?!

Water flooded my senses. Every sound - every sight, all drowned out by the deathly force of nature. And although the ripples were calm - the waves soft and harmonious - the kicking and thrashing of my legs beneath me had havoc running in motion, disrupting the peacefulness. 

As the surface breached and my head broke through the blanket of water, a deep breath of air was taken through my mouth, relieving my lugs of the oxygen they needed. 

My eyes clouded with water, forcing my arms up towards them. The palms of my hands, swiped the line underneath, ridding my vision of the blur, finally allowing me to peer around my surroundings. 

But there was really nothing to look at, other then a sudden figure that had miraculously popped up in front of me, scaring me half to death once he had broken through the water directly in front of me. 

The boy jumped back also, chuckling slightly as I peered down at the chlorinated water beneath me. “Woah! Hello!” I giggled.

A chuckle escaped the boys mouth, leaving my heart throbbing at the sound. That chuckle was so familiar. “Sorry.” 

So familiar.

I just couldn’t place my finger on it.

“It’s all good.” Was how I replied, brushing the moment off. “It was honestly a bit amusing.” 

“Yeah, it was a little bit funny.” 

That’s when my head shot up, the smile on my face morphing into an expression which expressed my exact emotion inside. Dumbfounded, shocked, maybe a little starstruck. 

I knew he was here in Bora Bora as well, but I didn’t think I would run in to him! Especially not like this.

“Wow. Oh My God! Y-Your….”

“Justin Bieber? Yeah, I know.” He sighed. He seemed slightly disappointed, or maybe a little saddened by my reaction, causing my heart to throb in my chest. I knew how much he hated it when people recognised him as someone different, and I just made this situation a whole new level of awkward. 

“Uh, no! I-I wasn’t going to say that, I was going to say that you were….Hot?” 

Really Y/N?! Hot?! I am seriously - mentally face palming right now.

There was no hesitance in Justin smirk, curling smugly across his face in delight. he was obviously amused by this whole situation, leaving me in an embarrassed position.

“Really now? You think I’m hot? Well If I’m hot then what are you?” 

“A troll.” I scoffed jokingly.

Justin frowned, swimming forward slightly to place a hand on my shoulder. “You’re not a troll, you’re beautiful.” 

This is not happening right now.

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Its nothing. I was only expressing the truth. Just like you were.” He winked.

“Alright,” I laughed. “Lets not get too cocky.” 

“Who said anything about being cocky? I prefer the term, self confident.”

“I think you got it confused with self loathing.” I smiled mockingly.

Justin looked down with fake shock, but impression was clearly written across his little facade.

“Wow, you got quite the mouth on you, eh?” 

“Watch it boy, your inner Canadian is showing.” I said. 

“Well, I happen to like my inner Canadian.” He smiled.

“Really now? Well you wanna know a fact?” 

“What?” He asked, a smile present on his face.

“I’m Canadian as well.” 

Justin’s face morphed into one of surprise but also excitement. “Really?!”

“Yeah. I’ll prove it ready….” I cleared my throat. “That was a total gong show, eh?” 

Justin laughed, obviously finding my imitation of a Canadian terribly sad, but amusing. “You’re not really Canadian are you?” 

“…No.” I chucked shyly.

He was honestly really funny, a lot different then I expected. I loved him, yes, but behind a screen, he seemed rather confident and flirty. Not what I was seeing right now. A sweet, normal and funny boy, looking for a nice conversation.

“You know-” Justin began.

“Hey!” The sudden voice had me spinning around, a beautiful, blonde girl with a wide, pearly white smile, accompanied by a few more girls, all outstandingly pretty floating besides me in the pool. But it was obvious there greeting was not directed towards me, but rather the idol pop singer besides me.

“Hi! Oh my God. Sorry to bother you but we saw you when we walked in, and we just wanted to say that we’re really big fans. Do you mind if we swim around with you for a bit?” 

Justin’s mouth was slightly a gape at the girls request, parting a few times as if he was scavenging for words before his eyes trailed down to meet mine. At the moment, I swear he almost looked desperate and was about to mutter a response but was once again interrupted by the blonde girls squeaky voice.


“Great!” The girl squealed, swimming closer to Justin. 

The rest of the girls all began doing the same, crowding around him. It wasn’t long until I was pushed towards the back, swimming, dumbfounded by the situation. If I really wanted to, I could just swim back towards Justin and bother him for a little while longer, but I’m sure he doesn’t want someone like me trying to take his attention away from a beautiful group of girls swooning at his feet.

Besides, these girls where intimidating, making me feel uncomfortable. I was lucky enough to even catch sight of the boy, let alone have a small conversation and be called beautiful by him. But that’s what he calls all his beliebers, it’s not as if he actually meant it. I think It was about time I went back to my hotel room.

I made my way out of the pool and dried my wet body as best as I could with a white, fluffy complimentary towel. After wrapping the material around my damp body and grabbing a hold of my keys while slipping on my flip flops, I began making my way towards the exit of the pool, before a sudden unexpected voice pulled me to a stop. 

“Hey! Wait up!” 

My eyes flickered back, settling in shock at the scene before me. The girls in the pool all looked back at me with jealousy and disbelief in there eyes. And best of all, Justin, In nothing but a pair of board shorts, power walking over in my direction.


“No, the receptionist behind you.” He commented, causing me to blush in embarrassment. He wasn’t talk to me! God that’s embarrassing!

“Oh.” Was all I said, turning to walk away.

Justin chuckled at my reaction, reaching a hand out to grab my wrist. ‘”I was being sarcastic. There is no receptionist behind you.”

“Oh!” This time I was more enlightened. 

“I was just wondering…do you, maybe…wanna photo?” 

I was flabbergasted “A-A photo?” 

“Yeah, you know. For memories?” 

The boy who literally told the whole world that he would rather be considered a douche then be forces to take a photo with a fan, is now offering me, of all people a photo. 

But I knew that underneath the fact he was trying to be sweet, he really wasn’t comfortable with this. So who was I to make him believe his worst nightmare was a reality? That people care more for the photo then the memory of him.

“Thank you Justin, really but you don’t have to do that-” 

“No! it’s all good.” 

“Justin, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortab-”

“Please.” He interrupted. “It’s on me. My offer. It really doesn’t bother me.” he assured me.

Silence for a few more seconds. Thoughts of responses all battling each other throughout my head before finally, a sigh of defeat escaped my lips. “Okay. But I don’t have my phone on me.” 

“It’s alright we’ll do it on mine.”

“Oh alright, we’ll do that– Wait, your phone?!” 

“Yep, say cheese!” 


I decided to do a separate part to this. The Instagram can be a real Instagram imagine. Stay tuned!

EXO Reaction when a fan they met at a fan meeting becomes a new idol year later

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Composes something for you* “She supported me so much, I should do the same. I hope she likes this song… would be nice to hear her sing it”


*Always shows his support and admiration* “You did it man! You made it so far, I’m proud of you!”


*Enjoys the music so much* “Woah~ So good… that face looks familiar tho… wasn’t she.. an EXO-L? Woah… our fans are so talented.. this is amazing”


*Hugs him every time he sees him at events* “Look at you! I still remember when you were a baby. Now let me hug you my friend!” 


*Become friends real fast* “Hey! Are you practicing? Do you want to practice together” *And he always helps*


*Has been there since she told him she wanted to become a star* “Wow! Look at you! You look like an idol now! No… you are an idol now!”


*Gets ready for his fan and meet* “I wonder if this is okay… will he recognize me? I hope he does, it’s my turn to support him now.”


*Gives him advice from man to man* “And this is how manly man look even manlier”


*Who’s the fangirl now* “Ahhh she’ so pretty! I want to talk to her more… her music is everything!”


*Even though they aren’t that close, he knows it’s hard the way to become a star. He he is always silently supporting and slowly becomes like a mentor*


*Really excited* “Omg it’s you!!! We met remember?! I’m so happy that you are here, we’ll be best friends!”


*Everytime they ask him about you in interviews he says how proud he is of you* “We met a while ago but she never told me she was auditioning. Now that I see her here I’m so proud that she made it so far…..”

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