familial homicide

anonymous asked:

Do the creepies have any weird habits (besides killing) or guilty pleasures?

I’ve already answered habits so I’ll do guilty pleasures!

Jeff: He freaking loves Powdered Donets!

BEN: Secretly loves Gravity Falls and watches it all the time

Toby: Red Bull and other energy drinks

Masky: Secretly loves Michael Jackson

Hoodie: Surprisingly loves breakfast foods

EJ: Any type of scented candles

LJ: Loves vegetables but keeps it a secret to keep up his ‘image’

Jane: Slut for the color pink

Sally: Really enjoys coffee for some reason

Clockwork: REALLY enjoys PewDiePie

Slenderman: The smell of tea

Homicidal Liu: Nilla Wafers

We’re told, everybody, that all things are bad. Bad is not good and good is not bad. Bad and good go together. You have to accept one to understand the other. You’ve got to accept yourself as God. You’ve got to realize you’re just the devil just as much as you’re God, that you’re everything and you’re nothing at all” -Charles Manson

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What are all of their favorite bands?

Jeff: Doesn’t have one because he can’t choose

BEN: Pentatonix

Toby: Green Day

Masky: Queen

Hoodie: The Beatles

EJ: The Rolling Stones

LJ: Doesn’t have one…

Jane: Hollywood Undead

Clockwork: Fifth Harmony

Sally: Maroon 5

Slenderman: Doesn’t have one

Homicidal Liu: Twenty One Pilots


On 26 November, 1985, 28-year-old nurse, Deborah Wolfe, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, didn’t show up for work at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre where she had worked for the past 18 months. Her family and friends became worried and called by her isolated cabin but there was no answer so they broke in and immediately noticed that things were amiss… There were beer cans strewn across the garden, her dogs had not been fed, and her nurse uniform was laying on the floor, all of which were extremely out of character for Deborah. They also discovered her purse seemingly hidden under her bed.

After searching the home, they then noticed that she had a message on her answering phone. They decided to play it to see if it offered any clues as to where Deborah could be. The message was from a man that worked at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre and implied that Deborah had been off work for a number of days when she had only been off for one day. This struck them as odd because it was untrue. An investigation ensued and unhappy with how lax the investigators were being, Deborah’s mother hired a dive team to search the pond behind Deborah’s cabin herself.

On 1 January, 1986, the dive team discovered Deborah’s body; she had been stuffed into a barrel and had drowned. Regardless of the fact that she was discovered in a barrel, the medical examiner could not determine if she had accidentally drowned or was a victim of homicide. Her family even reported that she had a barrel on her property which was now missing but eventually, her death was ruled as accidental. Investigators theorised that she had somehow fallen into the pond while walking her dogs - a very unlikely scenario. Even more bizarre is that when her body was discovered, she was wearing clothes that did not fit her and did not belong to her - even the shoes and bra she was wearing were the wrong size.

Deborah’s family have always contended that the man who left the bizarre phone call is the man who killed her. He was questioned by authorities but nothing ever came of it and he moved out of state.

“Richard Ramirez is one of the Most Infamous of all Condemned, a Kind of Homicide Superstar… the Mick Jagger of Murder”

— Philip Carlo Author of The Night Stalker.

Jeff and Liu HC

When they met back up after the incident. Jeff burst into tears, happy and regretful.
Happy because his big brother was alive.
Regretful because of what he done.
Liu wasn’t mad. He understood that insanity had control of his brother. Liu just embraced Jeff as he cried and reassured him that he was there and wasn’t leaving him alone ever again.