familial homicide

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Do the creepies have any weird habits (besides killing) or guilty pleasures?

I’ve already answered habits so I’ll do guilty pleasures!

Jeff: He freaking loves Powdered Donets!

BEN: Secretly loves Gravity Falls and watches it all the time

Toby: Red Bull and other energy drinks

Masky: Secretly loves Michael Jackson

Hoodie: Surprisingly loves breakfast foods

EJ: Any type of scented candles

LJ: Loves vegetables but keeps it a secret to keep up his ‘image’

Jane: Slut for the color pink

Sally: Really enjoys coffee for some reason

Clockwork: REALLY enjoys PewDiePie

Slenderman: The smell of tea

Homicidal Liu: Nilla Wafers

“Richard Ramirez is one of the Most Infamous of all Condemned, a Kind of Homicide Superstar… the Mick Jagger of Murder”

— Philip Carlo Author of The Night Stalker.

Family HC #5

Each of the serial killer pastas have a specific type that they enjoy killing.
For example:
Jeff and Liu enjoy killing known bullies and neighborhood thugs.
Ben and Toby enjoy killing abusive parents.
Sally, Clockwork, Zero and Luna enjoy killing rapists and sexual predators.
Etc. Etc.

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Do you have any other headcannons about Liu?

Liu was actually a little bossy when he was younger especially towards Jeff who half the time, didn’t listen.

Liu looks like a normal person. (No scars or stitches and stuff)

When Jeff, Jane, and Liu were younger, Liu found Jane slightly annoying because she was judgmental.

Christmas Mystery of the  Lawson Family Murders

Christmas is supposed to be a time for cherishing precious moments with family, but Charlie Lawson believed otherwise: On Christmas day in 1929, he brutally murdered his wife and six of his seven children. To many, the Lawsons seemed a very successful family. Charlie worked as a sharecropper, and eventually earned enough money to build his own farm where he could raise his family. His motives for the awful crime remain unclear, but detectives are certain it was premeditated and that Mr. Lawson didn’t just “snap”. One of the reasons for this is that shortly before the murders, Lawson took his family into town to have their picture taken (The original photograph is shown above). This is an unusual thing to do for a working-class rural family of the era, as it was typically the upper-class who would have a Christmas portrait. It’s clear that Lawson wanted one final memory of his family before he killed them.

On the afternoon of December 25th, just after the family had eaten their Christmas Dinner and opened presents, Lawson hid behind a tobacco barn and shot his daughters, Carrie and Maybell. He then ensured that they were dead by bludgeoning them. He dragged their lifeless bodies into the barn and covered them with hay. Afterwards, he returned to the house and shot his wife, who was on the porch. Marie, James and Raymond hid from their father, but were found and shot at close range. Lastly, he killed the baby, Mary Lou by smashing her head against the side of the crib. The only survivor was his eldest son, 16-year-old Arthur, whom he had sent on an errand just before committing the crime. It is unknown as to why he spared his life. After the murders, he went into the nearby woods and shot himself. Footprints in the snow indicate that he was pacing around a tree for several minutes before committing suicide, perhaps in confusion or grief about what he had just done.

Several theories emerged as to why Charlie killed his beloved family. One, and probably the most likely, is that he had developed frontal lobe disorder from a head injury he suffered. This particular disorder is common in many disorganised killers, as it takes away rational thought processes and the ability to empathise with others. It also makes the sufferer highly impulsive and violent. Another theory is that he had an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Marie, and she was carrying his child. Even more plausible is that, earlier that year, Charlie had witnessed an organized crime incident. Some believe that he feared for his family’s life, and that he killed them quickly so they wouldn’t suffer at the hands of callous criminals. All in all, the true motive for this shocking Christmas crime remains a frustrating mystery.