Family Reunion! ♥

Hey! Jonas Here! Today was the day of the family get together! I learned that my family has more races in it than I knew was possible, Dad really has no specific preferences.

This is my older sister, Jannett, and older brother, Ethan. They both are pretty quirky, which is kind of weird because The rest of the family is pretty mellow.

This is my only younger sibling, Lylah. She’s just the cutest, isn’t she? That is a baby bump, by the way, she’s expecting a little one, soon! I’m gonna be an uncle.

Here’s all the siblings, in order by age.
Jannett, 47, Charlotte, 45, Ethan, 42, Aria, 39, Jackson, 36, Luke, 36, Aubrey, 31, Matthew, 31, Gabriel, 31, Madison, 27, Me, 23, Lylah, 18.

It was so cool to see all of my siblings!

Keep Dreaming!