famicom selecta

sometimes i think about what yuri and beka’s text messages to each other must be like and then i just…spiral?

because i really do think they like to keep the things that happen between them pretty low-key. these boys are fucking EXTRA, don’t get me wrong, but i think their relationship is so precious to them that they like to keep their interactions pretty hush hush.

-even when they’re not talking about anything all that romantic, they want each other to know how appreciative they are to have the other, so they say i love you ALL THE TIME. sometimes, yuri will find the most hideous blingees he can send.
-they definitely try to find the ugliest animal pictures and send them to each other and just say, “look it’s you.”
-i really don’t think they would say good morning and good night; i think they would develop a greeting out of an inside joke. like, yuri’s angels are obsessed with the idea of him as a cat, so I feel like otabek would text him in the morning like, “I HOPE COMRADE KITTEN RISES WELL THIS MORN” and yuri would just answer with the middle finger emoji.
-look up ‘famicom selecta’ by sabrepulse. that’s otabek’s ringtone for yuri because he thinks it’s hilarious.
-look up ‘spicy boyfriend’ by shawn wasabi. that’s yuri’s ringtone for otabek because he thinks it’s hilarious.
-they definitely have an sos code word. we’ve already decided that they’re star wars nerds, so when they’re frustrated, they deffo text the word 'sand’ to each other, and they know they need to call i m m e d i a t e l y.
-whenever they’re thinking about buying something, they’ll text a picture of it to the other with no context, and either get a thumbs down emoji or an all caps TREAT YO SELF.

after two weeks, they delete their convos just in case anyone gets nosy.


The Famicom Selecta.

As debuted at Brick Fiesta 2013, the MOC card reads as such:

“The second mecha in the Skyfire Ace line, the Famicom Selecta is a high-mobility frame with an impressive chin-mounted cannon and Thunder Thighs missile launchers. however, due to its size and capabilities, it requires two pilots to properly operate it.”

Like the Skyfire Ace, this one was also inspired by the Sabrepulse song with the same name.