famicom 3d system


Whether you consider yourself a Nintendo fan or not, you have to admit that the company has been extremely innovative throughout its years.

Nintendo’s always tried to incorporate as many senses as possible to immerse the player into the game. They’ve had motion controls, games that became more difficult as your heart rate went up, and several attempts at making 3d gaming a reality.

You might already know that the 3DS wasn’t Nintendo’s first attempt at 3d gaming, but you may be surprised to find out that the Virtual Boy wasn’t either.

Before either of those, there was the Famicom 3D system. Released in 1987, the Famicom 3D system was a set of big “glasses” that when plugged into the Famicom (that’s the Japanese Nintendo system) would turn select games into 3d. They worked on any tv back in the day but like the Nintendo zapper, it don’t work well on today’s LCD/plasma tv’s. Although the glasses worked well, the size made them unappealing and sales were low. Nintendo’s next attempt at 3d wasn’t until 8 years later when they made the Virtual Boy. It was another commercial flop. Nintendo continued to experiment with 3d, incorporating it into the GameCube and the Gameboy SP. Neither one made it past the prototype stage due to cost and technical limitations.

Now that the technology has finally caught up with the idea, and with the help of face tracking on the New 3DS, 3D gaming has finally been mastered and is available to anyone.